Election 2020: “It’s Going To Be Hell No Matter What”

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    This election is filling voters with a sense of dread. Many feel that the entire election is going to be “hell” no matter how they vote, or who wins.

    Politics in the United States has been divisive for a long time but never has the country been more divided than it is today and closing that gap seems impossible.  Americans who participate in national surveys have said this election “matters” but it’ll also be “hell” regardless. The highest share of Americans in decades, more than 4 in 5, believe the outcome of the election “really matters,” according to a report by the Chicago Tribune. 

    Based on the predictive programming being done by the mainstream media, we should all be expecting something horrific surrounding this election. It really won’t much matter who wins this time, because it’s the aftermath that we need to be concerned with.

    Manipulating The Masses: Edward Bernays & Why The System Needs Your Compliance

    A secret model was already conducted and it has shown what will be the most destructive and chaotic outcome.  If they choose to go that route, Trump will win the electoral college and Biden will win the popular vote. However, it won’t much matter at this point, as neither side will accept the other side’s win.

    More Evidence: The Plan Is To Commit “Election Terrorism” This November

    Three (3) Reasons Why Elections Don’t Matter

    One voter from Erie Pennsylvania reportedly said “[this election] is going to be hell no matter what.” Politico is reporting that Joe Biden is looking like he’s “sealed” the election after “Trump’s week from hell,” alleging the coronavirus was more devastating to Trump’s health than was the reality. Anyone paying attention knows that the coronavirus is not that severe and a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean there was a positive case, as the tests are highly innaccurate.

    With this planned chaos, the best thing you can do to prepare is to make sure you have enough food and water to get you through this winter, and stay alert.  You need to know what’s going on without falling victim to the mess they are creating.  Don’t live in fear, but stay alert and watch for what could come.


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      1. Stock food and water, really? What an absurd article! Ridiculous.

        • Atleast shtf isn’t saying to buy gold and silver like normal

      2. October “Surprise”

        DNI director releases document of FBI, CIA, Clinton, Obama Russiagate conspiracy! Hillary Clinton signed a document that proves that she was involved in an orchestrated conspiracy that has jeopardized national security and reignited a cold war with Russia?! The woman that had her own server and destroyed devices with a hammer and bleachbit that never used State Department email signed that?! That is totally shocking!!!!

        Of course everyone knew that she was doing it, but it is shocking that she signed a documemt admitting that she was! So basically the FBI and CIA said, look Hillary, this peace thing is just destroying us, sign this document and blame Russia so that we have an enemy and we will win the election for you if you blame Russia!



        Andrea Iravani

      3. Hey M. Lopez, Stock food and water, really? What an absurd article! Ridiculous. Do you know something we here don’t know, I doubt it. Are you an non-believer of world events. Denial. normalcy bias is that the best you got, if so pathetic.

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