Three (3) Reasons Why Elections Don’t Matter

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    In so many ways, elections in America have become just another manifestation of bread and circuses; like watching a reality TV show when your house is on fire. It’s why this article was almost named:

    “The Inevitableness of Reality Requires Honesty and Acceptance”

    Of course, the 2018 Midterm Elections will be analyzed ad nauseam, with other writers and pundits parsing it better than this blogger. However, suffice it to say:  There was no Blue Wave and Trump has now solidified leadership of his Republican Party; at least more so than during the last two years of his administration.

    In a raucous press conference the day after, Trump claimed victory and said his party “defied history to expand our Senate majority”. The president also said his focus in the days prior to the election remained on the senate and pointed out that most of the candidates for whom he campaigned had won their respective races.

    Now, with Never-Trump  Republican senators like Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), along with Democrats Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) all gone  – Trump has solidified the senate so as to be in a much better position to navigate any cabinet and court appointments. Obviously, the bloodletting has already begun, starting with Mr. Magoo himself, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Again, there was no Democratic Party political tidal wave in spite of the non-stop and breathless Blue tsunami warnings of the Orwellian Media which, for a few short weeks, replaced their ceaseless fake-news reporting on Russian collusion.

    During midterm elections of America’s past, it was quite common for the non-presidential party to gain fifty or sixty seats in the House of Representatives, yet the 2018 results yielded near half of that. This, in spite of scores of Republican incumbents retiring this year.

    Just like prior to the 2016 Presidential Election – the Orwellian Media, the pollstersObama, and Hollywood, all look like bumbling fools once again. In fact, Trump even called the pollsters vote suppressors in his November 7, 2018 press conference and for good reason. In the month’s preceding the election, the Democrats were said to have had double-digit leads. And, in the Florida’s Governor’s race, Democrat Andrew Gillum was shown to have a 7 point lead the day before the election, before losing to Republican Ron DeSantis the next day.

    Moreover, the senators who voted against Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court lost their races and the senators who voted for the slandered judge won; as the soon-to-be Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives will be divided between old and young; or aging liberal fossils versus amateur socialists, as Trump bangs them all like bongo-drums over the next two years.

    Pass the popcorn.

    No doubt the Crucifixion of Kavanaugh, the poor timing of the Honduran Mob, as well as the tireless tenacity of the campaigning Trump helped Republicans to win in some races, but the supposedly “strong economy” failed to impress many Democrats. Perhaps, it’s because near half of the American Body Politic now receives socialist hand-outs of sort or fashion; and this, in turn, affords the aspiring socialists the daily sustenance required to pursue the politically correct orthodoxies of their Globalist Masters.

    To be sure, the Orwellian Media and fascist online corporations also did their part to inflame the budding collectivists via propagandic narratives of Russian election-hacking, combined with the selective censorship of contravening facts and fact-tellers; even as fortuitously-timed conservative terrorism raged in the few days leading up to the election.

    There will be those declaring the 2018 Midterms as a mandate for compromise; as long as any consensus and compromise consistently trends toward progressivism, of course. At the same time, no one will question how, over the past four decades, America’s federal educational system has immunized previously fertile young minds against common sense and self-reliance.

    Sadly, many, if not most, Americans have become immunized against reality, too. This is because facing reality directly, requires honesty and acceptance. Without these, were all on a fast train going nowhere good, and quickly.  Certainly, we are now like passengers choosing Uber drivers with no GPS capabilities, who instead follow their own directions while failing to even question why we’re so lost.

    Anyone with any sense understands America, as founded under the United States Constitution, no longer exists. The decline, which began in earnest at the beginning of the twentieth-century, accelerated exponentially decade after decade as the seeds of fractional reserve banking and Cultural Marxism yielded their wicked fruit. In the new century it was the Patriot Act and political correctness that killed the Fourth and First Amendments, respectively. And by the time Barack Obama and the political left were done fundamentally transforming America via the Cloward-Piven advancement of the welfare state, Norman Rockwell’s America, like Elvis, had exited the proverbial building.

    Here are three reasons why elections don’t matter anymore:

    1.) The Swamp Will Never Be Drained

    Internet search “Clinton Body Count”, or “Gandy Baugh”, or “Arkancide” and the results will yield scores of links listing friends, co-conspirators, acquaintances, and body guards of Bill and Hillary Clinton who all died in apparent defiance of normal actuarial tables. It seems the lists and sites accrue faster on the net than the so-called “fact-checkers” can effectively debunk. Yet nothing ever quite fits into the Overton Window, for some reason. Therefore, it must be false conspiracies, right? Yeah, and Seth Rich died of natural causes.

    Will anyone ever be prosecuted for Uranium One, FISA Abuse, Spygate, bleach-bitted servers, smashed blackberry phones, or missing e-mails? Will James Comey, John Brennan, Bruce Orr, James Clapper, and so many others ever see the inside of a jail cell? Will the Clinton Foundation, and the Federal Reserve, ever be audited?

    Not even close.

    But now that Adam Schiff  (D-CA) will soon take command of the House Intelligence Committee, maybe we’ll get to the bottom of FISA Abuse and Spygate, right? Don’t hold your breath, because he seems more interested in Trump’s tax returns, treason with Russia, and money laundering schemes than pursuing any real justice.

    In the meantime, and for the near future, factual reporting will still surface on the free internet regarding past corruption – like, for example, Hillary Clinton’s previous conversion of the U.S. State Department into her private arbitrage firm:

    Hillary Clinton’s emails as secretary of state have revealed that her longtime friend, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, lobbied her heavily on behalf of Symbion Power.

    Soon after Wilson began contacting Clinton about Symbion, a foreign aid agency chaired by Clinton awarded the company $47 million in contracts to build a power plant in Tanzania.

    Of course there will be no investigation or prosecution. It’s always the same.

    There are those who would argue that Trump has made a difference over the last two years, even if, in the end, it only amounted to exposing the hypocrisy of Snowflakedom. Others would argue that Trump has made real progress, and has at the very least stalled the inevitable – and, therefore, has gifted the nation with the precious commodity of a little more time.

    But the truth is this:  The national tree has rotted from above and below simultaneously. Just as the highest offices of the U.S. Government has been wrought with corruption for decades, a fine example of the lower rot was more recently witnessed in the recent Arizona senate race between Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally. Seventy outside groups spent $55 million to “influence Arizona voter opinions” and the outcome, at the time of this writing, is still too close to call.

    The Sinema / McSally contest is a snapshot of everything wrong with the country. There is absolutely no comparison regarding the character and integrity of these candidates. McSally is an amazingly accomplished and formidable contender. Sinema, on the other hand, is the quintessential representation of the modern Democratic Party: A featherweight, lying globalist scumbag; complete with thick-rimmed glasses and a snotty attitude.

    The fact that this Arizona race was even close is a sign of the times. A flashing neon sign, actually, with bright red letters screaming: THE END IS NEAR.

    2.) The Inflating Debt Bubble & the Imploding Financial System

    Nobody can fix the current global financial system. Not even Trump. The next ten years will be insane. Forget about Blue Waves and, instead, focus on economic Grand Supercycle Waves. Interest rates will rise, unemployment will increase, and we will see large defaults on public and private debt. As recession becomes depression, there will be slowing consumer demand, inventory oversupplies, and decreasing production. After the global debt balloon pops, corporate bankruptcies will propagate around the globe like dominoes falling.

    Just as the race to 2020 began after the final 2018 Midterm polls closed, economic cataclysms, war, and societal upheavals will soon cross time’s horizon right on schedule. The global economy is a mile-high sand-castle on a beach, in the path of a Category 5 Hurricane.

    The horizontal line-graphs showing debt to equity ratios of nations all around the world, over the last three decades, now appear as colorful ski-ramps before the edge of a dark abyss; and, so far, Trump has only drawn America’s debt-ramp taller and steeper:

    As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to get rid of the entire national debt “over a period of eight years.” When this promise was made, the national debt stood at $19 trillion; it has since risen to $21.7 trillion. In the fiscal year ending September 30, it grew by $779 billion, up 17 percent from $666 billion in fiscal 2017. This year, after the Trump tax cuts take full effect, another $1 trillion worth of government IOUs will be issued.

    Once again, when sovereign defaults turn the economic San Andreas into the Grand Canyon –  into the breach will flow printed money like a raging river. As the ground shifts, hyper-inflation will deliver political and social unrest as societal structures collapse faster than the Twin Towers on that fateful Tuesday morning. Although it will more likely be on a Friday afternoon; but, hopefully, not this Friday.

    Regardless, be confident of this fact: The Global Debt Bubble will pop and the paper pyramid will fall, revealing a high-tech monster smiling in the chaos.

    3.) Technocracy Rises: Big Brother Cometh

    Beginning in the spring of this year, this blogger conducted an online experiment whereby internet headlines from various link-aggregating websites were recorded and arranged into catalogued anthologies. The categories consisted of “The American Experiment”, “Capitalism & Marxism”, “Global Geopolitics”,  “Sex Crimes”, “The President & the Porn Star”, “The President, Lawyers, Spies, & Media Lies”, “Guns R Us”, and “Big Brother Cometh”; with the final installment posted on September 1, 2018.

    The idea was to track real trends, instead of political spin and empty promises. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most chilling and comprehensive revelations occurred under the category of “Big Brother Cometh”. The headlines included topics such as social media censorship, Mainstream Media cover-ups (i.e. memory-holing), biometric fingerprint scanners in sports stadiums, facial recognition software, the Surveillance State, authoritarian government proposals for regulating digital platforms, and so much more.

    And the hits just keep on coming. For example, on the day before this week’s midterm elections, the reporter Sharyl Attkisson again revealed the CIA’s “surveillance state spying on us all”, specifically involving newly declassified documents from 2014”

    The March 2014 intercepts, conducted under the leadership of CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, happened amid what’s widely referred to as the Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers and mass surveillance scandals.

    Oh, did you think the CIA was still limited to only collecting intelligence in defense against espionage or international terrorist activities?

    Don’t be so old-fashioned.

    Big Brother now runs unencumbered, and with ever-accelerating speed, in an obvious race to the inevitable finish-line at the end of nowhere good. Voting changes nothing. Not anymore.


    On the day this article is posted, a Christian, Caucasian, veteran massacred 12 people at a country music bar in southern California. It was another perfect hat-trick for the Surveillance State who now desires your guns. Once again, whether the shooter was on psychotropic drugs, under psychiatric care, or an MK Ultra asset who answered his phone at just the right time – it won’t matter. The event will be politicized as a means to an end.

    We’ve seen it all happen before in Europe more than two decades ago:

    In 1996, Thomas Hamilton walked into an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, and shot and killed sixteen small children…and their teacher in the gym before killing himself. He brought two rifles and four handguns to carry out the attack. All six guns were legally owned: Hamilton had fully complied with gun control statutes.

    The Firearm Act of 1997 was passed while emotions ran high. Gun control proponents push for an all-out ban on private gun ownership, in the much the same way that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reacted to the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary by trying to ban approximately 150 different guns.

    Now, today, it’s a crime to criticize Islam in Europe. Do you know why? Because Islam is a perfect political system to establish Orwellian controls on any society.

    Do you believe in coincidences?

    Like Eddie Murphy, it’s coming to America; and voting makes no difference.

    In the month before the 2018 midterms, the Orwellian Media broadcast 92% negative coverage of Trump  while, simultaneously, memory-holing political ads against illegal immigration.

    Now the Democrats have won control of the House.  See how that works?

    This is, obviously, election tampering. Yet Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team is looking for Russians while blaming Trump for colluding to conspire and illegally affect the outcome of a U.S. election.

    The Orwellian Establishment’s capacity for projection never ceases to amaze. They always accuse and vilify others for what they themselves do.

    Acceptance of reality requires honesty and this requires humility. So now ask yourself this question:  Can America be made great again by voting?

    In my own circle, even when progress is made with friends and family alike – after a short while, their rubber brains bounce back to stasis, and the next week they’re back to quoting me excerpts from the New York Times and praying for Blue Waves.

    But can they really be blamed? They believe what they see, and disregard that which the Orwellian Media won’t show them.

    Advertising really does work.


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      1. Number 4. The elections do nothing to address the problem of too many Parasite Takers and Too few Producing Makers. No matter what government, religion or race. No place can long term sustain a lopsided Ratio of Takers versus Makers.

        • The problem is at the very top with the banksters and globalist business that are the plutocratic oligarchy who’s interests are generally at the expense of the US. Their lay the cause, the rest is effect. It’s pacification of the masses through dependency; omnipotent control has not yet been established; It’s illogical to assume that it would continue once it has.

        • Elections “don’t matter” ??? HOW FUCKING STUPID IS THAT ???!!!

          I can provide just ONE GOOD REASON why elections DO matter. If the American people had not gone to the polls in 2016 and made their choice, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be occupying the Oval Office for the past two years instead of DONALD TRUMP.

          What difference did that make ???

          1) The borders would be completely open and unguarded. All of the ILLEGALS already within the USA including the tens of thousands of gang members deported since then would have received another AMNESTY.

          2) Massive numbers of Muslims in the many tens of thousands would be given entry as well as “refugees”: each costing the US Taxpayer $20,000 per year as they are settled by the Catholic Church. What does “settle” mean ??? It means giving them a job, a guaranteed income, health care, and housing, maybe even college tuition. All paid for by YOU !!!

          3) It means that ObamaCare would be the law of the land forcing ALL Americans to get their health care from the government by choosing whether you want a silver, gold, or platinum plan: the cost of each is variable based upon the level of care that you receive, and presumably,it will depend upon what you can afford.

          But what if you want the Platinum Plan but can’t even afford the premiums of a Silver Plan ???? No fucking problem, the difference between what you can afford to pay and what the Platinum Plan costs will be paid for by other taxpayers. Whats so bad about that ???

          4) These massive costs will paid for by new, higher taxes on income for those with income. Those massive, higher taxes will be paid for by YOU !!! (Google the 45 Goals of Communism and the 8 Point Plan of Saul Alinsky)

          5) It means that the Second Amendment would be shredded by unconstitutional laws and your god given right to self defense annulled by a Rogue Government who will move expeditiously to confiscated your illegal guns. Which of your guns will be illegal ??? All of them.

          6) It means that the Perverted Pedo Catholic Priests and the Satanic Pedo Elite (mostly liberals) would be free to abduct & abuse children all over the USA without consequences.

          7) It means that war with Russia would have already started fueled by neocon warmongers like John McCain and may have already escalated to nuclear weapons.

          Those are just the top seven reasons off the top of my head that shows the IMPORTANCE of elections and how voters can and do make a difference. Everything CAN change if Americans stand up to the Perverted Power Elite in righteous outrage and demand that America return to its Constitutional roots.

          This community is encouraged to add to this list.


      2. Told ya so……

        • I have been saying so since Nixon took us off the gold standard. However, History provides the answer (e.g. the Romans) to this question. It is either socialism does a crash and burn sooner than later or we evolve into a civil conflict. If the debt ridden U.S. finds a way to prolong socialism than the odds increase that we have more violent confrontations. However, there are so many economic crisis looming (e.g. break up of the euro, pension crisis, sovereign debt crisis) that may end in contagion this could put a damper on civil conflicts…

      3. Mark Twain said …If voting meant anything they wouldnt let us do it….HOW TRUE…

        • Mark Twain was a “stand up comic” in his day, not unlike the Morons on Late Night TV who make millions of dollars to say stupid things and push the liberal party line.

          Twain was an interesting, creative man who lived a full life but everything he said or wrote wasn’t a pearl of wisdom. Likewise, George Carlin said that the Earth Created humans because it wanted humans to create “plastic” and couldn’t make it on its own.

          Funny. Very Funny. But not true. :-).

      4. So war it will be then… Too many useless breeders anyway. At least we can quit waiting….

      5. Voting does make a difference.

        It is rigged. And both sides are supported by the same clan of billionaires. But it does still make a difference. If we get enough gun grabbers in office, they will succeed in outlawing guns.

        We need to pay attention. We need to vote in Nationalists. I did not say White Nationalists. That is entirely different. But, although I once thought of White Nationalists as low class Southern racists, I have changed that opinion and have come to respect their determination to maintain a safe space for white people.

        Certainly, voting and government is just a small part of a larger commitment. We need strong families and safe communities. Even a great government could only do so much. We can help by the way we live and the day to day decisions we make.

        Buy American. Buy local. Support small businesses. ❤️ Love your own race. It is not hate to ? ? ❤️ love your own race.

        I ❤️ ❤️ ? ? Love White People. ?‍♀️ Blondes, brunettes, red heads. Fair, medium, tan. All are beautiful people to me. And I care to preserve the white Europeans in the USA as well as in Europe and everywhere white people live.

        I don’t hate anyone, I just love my own people the most. Just like I don’t hate other people’s children. I just love mine the most.


        • BFC,
          Do you honestly believe if they outlaw guns, the majority of owners would comply? I won’t and probably neither will you.
          I live in a county with ~195,000 people and about 450 sworn cops. That is about 433 people per cop. It is said one man with a rifle can control a hundred men. I don’t he can control ~200 half of whom have rifles, shotguns, pistols, machetes, and knives.
          As for race I really don’t pay attention, I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out the races here. I only know we don’t have many Blacks so we have peace. I pay attention to culture. You tolerate my culture, we get along. You want to be some stark raving Moslem, or Progressive and it will result in a war you will lose.

          • rellik,
            They have already outlawed guns in many states and have been confiscating (e.g. Florida). In Duck-duck-go (rather than google) type “gun confiscation Florida” you will see they have over 500 now. Their objective is to find any reason to confiscate and then expand the program as long as there is no public alarm. This is how libs work. Set the program in motion and before you blink you will here “…and its gone….”…

        • B, uh, I love what you do, don’t get me wrong. But even if legislation is passed outlawing private gun ownership the majority of gun owners will not comply. If gun confiscation becomes a ‘new occupation’ it will quickly become the DEADLIEST occupation anywhere.

      6. I question whether “they” have ever “lost” or failed to achieve their desired aims?

        When President Jackson “killed the Central Bank” how long did it stay dead?

        Brexit, who really believes that they will honor the desires of the British people and allow them to leave the EU?

        A few European countries failed to vote to join the EU and what did they do? Have them vote again and again until the stupid sheep vote the right way.

        If people fought to restore America and our Constitution, how long would it be before it was corrupted again?

        My point…it’s the history of mankind to…until we finally destroy ourselves. I’m surprised, but delighted, we’ve made it 50 years!

        • Sixty years.

          Jackson killed the bank ? and it was dead ? and gone for sixty years.


          • Yes, they have failed.

            They just keep coming back.

            It’s a lesson for us.

            Commitment and perseverance.


          • Hamilton was a spy/infiltrator for the Bank of England.

      7. The latest “shooting” was fake as were the previous ones;how do I know? Simple, because very simple questions are not answered and the globalist agenda moves forward…

        • Yes, it was fake.

          It didn’t really happen and no one was killed or injured.

          Just actors playing roles, even the police and reporters in the video’s weren’t real police and reporters.

      8. The People in charge don’t want you to remember history so you will make the same mistakes over and over. They always end up back in power.

      9. Wake up fools! Every 8 years each party takes turns like clock work. Except if Israel does not like the US president. jimmy Carter got the swift boot after one term because he wanted out USA troops in Afghanistan and rights for Palestinians. Donald T is a Israel puppet–conman and dangerous expect WW3 with this dofus.

      10. The founding fathers warned Americans about the dangers that lie in the regular armies, in foreign turmoil, and in what John Quincy Adams called “foreign campaigns in search of monsters for destruction”. These wise people understood that imperialism abroad is incompatible with democracy and human rights within the country. It is time for the Americans to lead their country away from this neo-imperialism, returning it to the path of ideals and democracy. We must allow the Arabs to control their Arab lands, and devote their own energy to the great cause of nation-building at home. We should start this process not with the invasion of Syria, but with the elimination of our pernicious addiction to oil, which has distorted the US foreign policy for half a century.

      11. Well written article.

        Unfortunately it makes too much sense and unfortunate because “the writing is on the wall”.

      12. Doug Lynn, elections DO matter, and I heartily disagree with your reasoning.

        You have been seduced incrementally by the dark side, the side of lies, deceptions, disspiritedness, and absence of hope. You are exactly were the Evil Guy wants you, but you can vacate that spot, if you wish.

        Doom and gloom news pushed by Lamestream Media poisons and infects the consciousness and changes your DNA and that’s a scientific fact, and, when you give up mainstream media, you feel better. Try it.

        Turn off your TV/lamestream and tune INTO the truth!

        For only THAT will set you free!

        Exorcise yourself of the demons of doom and gloom saturating 95% of all our media and experience the freedom only TRUTH gives.

        God bless you, Mr. Lynn!

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Thank you, LR, and I appreciate what you are saying. But look it at it this way: I only described three reasons why they DON’T matter. As of this time, I believe that’s become obvious – hence the article. Others may read between the lines as to why other reasons do matter. Or not.

      13. I live in Florida. Don’t know if ya’ll are up on what’s going down right now. But ‘Google’ Broward County and add the words ballot boxes. This isn’t a test or some mythical SHTF possibility. This is open fraud, vote theft, worse. Any here ever hear of Athens, Tennessee? A repeat of history is sorely needed. Right “F’n” now. The g*d-damned Democrats are trying to pull off the most brazen attempt at p*ssing on the entire election process in recent history.

        • Heartless

          Their going over “irregular” ballots where there were “mistakes”? They’re looking at ballots where more than one person was voted for to “figure out” actual intent.

          If you’re too dumb to understand how to vote there is an idea, you can’t vote.

          • Kevin, to me, the simple proof is that ‘somehow’ on a ballot with the 2 top posts (Governor and U.S. Senator) literally being the first 2 choices; somehow… magically perhaps, 10s of thousands of ‘voters’ only voted for the Governor and not U.S. Senator? It beggars any imagination as to that happening. They’ve found boxes of ‘provisional’ ballots just left behind at voting locations. The local election supervisor… well, this isn’t her 1st rodeo at election fraud. No, this is not a matter of ignorance or some seeking of righting ‘mistakes’. Unless… you’re a Democrat and the ‘mistake’ was that your candidate got his a** handed to him in the actual tabulation of the votes. And hey… c’mon… this Florida down here. We’re no strangers here to political corruption. Gov. Scott, thank goodness, is just about to seize those same ‘magical’ ballot boxes. The movement is to finally dump all electronic balloting and go back to paper State-wide.

            • Heartless

              I’m in agreement with you. My point was how lame the excuses are.

              “Its not who votes; its who counts the votes”
              Joseph Stalin

      14. Bad News.

        Trump is likely (not definitely but highly likely) going to replace Jeff Sessions with Mr Entitlement, Chris Christie, former NJ Governor.

        Sessions and Christie had worked together the past 2 years keeping marijuana under federal government control(no, I don’t smoke it, but am pro-legalization)so it’s essentially illegal even in states that legalized recreational. They are both staunch opponents of marijuana and are also pro-War on Drugs. A waste of resources and taxpayer money.

        Christie also supports civil asset forfeiture, including but not limited to, those who purchased recreational mj in states that have legalized pot. They can seize everything you worked hard for all your life and you can’t sue or do anything about it.

        Christie also signed a Democratic-sponsored bill that bans the sale or possession of “bump stocks” in his state. If Trump appoints him AG he’ll take that nationwide.

        Christie and Sessions are cut from the same cloth.

        I could never figure out why the people of NJ voted him in twice. I don’t live in NJ but know that Chris Christie’s track record is poor and his approval rating his last 2 years in office, and when he left office, was only 22%, if that tells you anything.

        • In my opinion, the only person of political value from NJ who is in the public eye, is Judge Andrew Napolitano.

          “I could never figure out why the people of NJ voted him in twice. ”

          I lived there for half my life feeing Governor Jim Florio’s gun laws almost three decades ago. NJ doesn’t give the voters good choices. You have flaming progressives v RINOs (at best). Christie was the classic, “lesser of evils”. I dislike going there to visit family over the holidays. Jersey people for the most part believe abnormal is normal and have zero idea what freedom is. They accept corrupt politicians because corruption is institutionalized. Politicians and Bureaucrats put friends / family / political supporters into State Jobs and the important ones have “no shows”. People only complain that they’re not “connected” enough to get the preferred treatment. The place isn’t part of the USA. The series, “The Sopranos” used NJ as background for good reason.

          • I would Napolitano to be AG or SCOTUS

      15. re eRections Don’t Matter

        …THAT’s what I tried telling my ex

      16. This article is spot on. Here we are Friday after the elections and we have places that can’t provide a count!! Come on folks this is the 21st century, I can write a spreadsheet to tally rows and columns in about 5 seconds!! Bottom line is the system is broken beyond repair because of incompetence and most of all dishonesty to the point of my way or the highway selfishness. Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life left on this planet!!

      17. The following are four famous quotes that really do sum up the voting scam:

        “Presidents aren’t elected, they’re Selected.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

        “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Aesop

        “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts.” Joseph Stalin

        “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Mark Twain.

        So I like to refer to the voting day in November as “November fool’s day.” :O)

      18. In the short term election do matter. If Hellery had been elected. The Supreme court would have gone far left. That old Hag Ginsburg fell and suffered broken ribs. Its Mean but I hope she croaks. And in local elections it sometimes matters. In Randolph county Ar. The voters after 75 years voted the county Wet. It mattered that Trump beat Hellery. His victory upset the Globalist from both Partys. His victory made the Media eat Crow. In the long run Government just get bigger and more oppressive. In the long run the end comes for every nation.

      19. OMG, I think this guy has been listening to my wife and I’s conversations lately.

      20. There is only 1 reason why elections do not matter in the US:

        The Elections violate the guidelines prescribed in the Constitution.

        Every individual Elector in a state should be casting 2 votes for President. Both votes cannot be for someone in their state. The total votes tallies should list the # of votes for each candidates and by which electors. The list is then sent to the sitting VP(president of the Senate), who opens the certified votes in front of Congress and counts the total votes.
        There should currently be 970 votes for POTUS
        435(HofR #) + 50 (Senate)= 485 (Electors) x 2 votes = 970
        The highest # of votes wins if the # is a majority of the total # electors, 243 votes. The runner up is the VP.
        If the highest # of votes are tied(with a majority) then each HoR(present) vote to determine President.
        If there is no majority HoR votes (by state) from the top 5 candidates to receive votes. Each state gets one vote. Must win by a [state] majority. If two or more are tied(or no majority) then the Senate gets to vote.

        The 2 party system is corrupt, it represents a civil war within our Government. The 2 parties divide the states representation between themselves and leave a large portion of the nation unrepresented. That is not the Republic Form of government we are guaranteed.

      21. Electing Trump instead of Hillary is making a huge difference.

        • After two years, and knowing the President is selected by the Deep State, I’m starting to see glimpses of the Big Plan. The Donald was put into office to create maximum social disruption. Put everybody at each other’s throats. While we were beating each other up, a true threat quietly moved into position, unnoticed. That threat is rampant election fraud enabled by loyal Communists at numerous cities and states. Plus, by energizing the Communist masses, when The Donald is deposed this spring, the 2019 Revolution to bring the Communist Party USA to complete and total control will be just like in Russia a century before. Heaven help the Deplorables, the Gulags will be hell. Politics is Kabuki theatre, nothing more.

      22. Reminds me of the following old story:

        SON: “Dad, I have to do a special report for school. Can I ask you a question?”

        FATHER: “Sure, Son. What’s the question?”

        SON: “What is politics?”

        FATHER: “Well, let’s take our house for an example. I am the wage earner, so let’s call me CAPITALISM. Your mother is the administrator or money, so let’s call her GOVERNMENT. We take care of your needs, so let’s call you THE PEOPLE. We’ll call the maid THE WORKING CLASS, and we can call your baby brother THE FUTURE. Do you understand, Son?”

        SON: “I’m not really sure, Dad”

        That night, awakened by his baby brother’s crying, the boy went to see what was wrong. Discovering that the baby had seriously soiled his diaper, the boy went to his parents’ room and found his mother sound asleep. He went to the maid’s room where, peeking through the keyhole, he saw his father in bed with the maid, so the boy returned to his room and went back to sleep.

        The next morning he reported to his father. “Dad, now I think I understand what politics really is.”

        FATHER: “Good, Son! Can you explain it in your own words?”

        SON: “Well, Dad, while Capitalism is screwing the working class, Government is sound asleep, the People are being totally ignored, and the Future is full of shit.”

      23. They took our jobs!

      24. Trump has done nothing but lie. Rather than living in fear, Clinton and Obama are, post-midterms, even bolder, putting on public events to fundraise. Michelle is sharing her tampon tales with whiny women everywhere, Hillary is announcing a 2020 run, and Barrack is building his paradise in Chicago and being loved by the world’s media.

        How is Trump “draining the swamp”?

      25. Update 11-13: The Blue Wave was slow, but it happened. By hook, crook, theft and corruption, the Communists have taken an additional 7 ~10 House seats and are on track to take the Senate 51-49. So-called Stupid party senate wins in AZ, TX, GA, FL & MS are being reversed with ballot box stuffing a WEEK after the polls supposedly closed. Comrade Hitlerly will not be denied. IMHO, here is the Communists game plan: 1) Jan 1st, arrest everybody in The Donald’s family for obstruction of justice, tell The Donald if he resigns by Jan 7th, his family will be set free. 2) Pence takes office for one day, then resigns after being threatened by Pelosi with endless impeachment proceedings and his family going to prison for the rest of their lives. 3) Pelosi takes the throne as Comrade Nancy the 1st 4) Nancy the 1st appoints Hitlery as her Vice. 5) Comrade Nancy resigns, giving the throne to Queen Hitlery. 6) HRH Queen Hitlery has the entire Trump family executed by guillotine. 7) The Constitution is abolished, game over.

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