Economic Terrorism Continues: Ireland Imposes A 6-Week Lockdown

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 4 comments

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    The economic terrorism committed by governments worldwide is growing yet again. Ireland will be the first European country to return to a nationwide shutdown as COVID-19 cases rise, Prime Minister Micheal Martin said Monday.

    Additionally, the government knows they are committing terrorism, as they admitted the lockdown is going to result in another 150,000 people losing their job or source of income over the next “couple of days,” Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said. The country is entering its highest level of coronavirus restrictions for six weeks, beginning midnight Wednesday night, according to a report by Activist Post.  

    The lockdown is being blamed on a “surge” in COVID-19 cases. Residents of Ireland are banned from traveling more than three miles away from their homes or going anywhere that is deemed “non-essential.” Following in Australia’s footsteps, it looks like Ireland may be the next country to see the New World Order’s martial law rolled out in force.

    Australia is a Full-Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

    “We’re making a preemptive strike against the virus, acting before it’s too late,” Varadkar said during the news conference Monday. “Our objective is to change the structure of the virus to flatten the curve again to get it under control.” These new measures will be enforced by the police.

    Police will continue to use road checkpoints to deter longer and nonessential journeys. Varadkar said there will be a penalty for travel beyond that distance, but he added that details are being finalized. There will be exemptions for work and essential purposes.

    Ireland has seen nearly 51,000 confirmed cases and more than 1,850 deaths, according to the nation’s Department of Health. Cases have risen by 75% since the beginning of September, and the infection rate is 261 cases for every 100,000 people.  That means that for 51,000 cases, 150,000 people will lose their jobs in a country of almost 5 million.

    Lockdowns are ramping up all over and the mainstream media continues to report on the surging cases of COVID-19 in the United States.  Be ready, because this scamdemic is not over. Anything is still possible. Stay prepared.

    Here We Go: MSM Begins Propagating a “Third Wave” of COVID-19

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      1. it seems weird bringing groceries, medications and other essentials to friends when they are doing yard work, splitting firewood, getting their home ready for winter or various other task
        when I need to be doing those same chores at home.

        but hey they tested positive and are
        under quarantine.
        I’m sure they would do the same for me.

      2. The Surveillance State and Medical Mafia are out of control. They have proven themselves to be Monsters. They destroy everything. They steal everything in their sight and claim it as their own. They pose grave dangers to human life, society, economies, countries, and the entire world. They spy, they stalk, they steal, they kill and kill and kill and kill and keep other people’s labors for themselves and destroy other people’s health for their own predatious gluttonous extravagances. That is not health care, it is quackery, snake oil, fraud that is worthy of prosecution and imprisonment. The financial sector, tech sector, government surveillance/police state, university/research/regulatory divisions, MIC, NGO/charity sectors, and media are all involved in the largest global conspiracy ever perpetrated against humanity other than Santa Clause. 

        We should call this scamdemic Santa Clause in Reverse, that breaks into people’s lives with little green men and steals everything in sight like a gang of masked thieves in the middle of the night and kicks people out of their homes and businesses and keeps them for themselves.

        They steal from the middle class and the poor, and give to the rich. They steal from the honest and the competent and give to the corrupt and mentally incompetent. They steal the emotional security  and financial security from the young and the innocent of all ages, to give emotional security and financial security to the corrupt and middle aged or older, which is emotional security and financial security  that they are not entitled to because they are corrupt and incompetent. They are entitled to go to prison and nothing more than that. 

        Andrea Iravani

      3. “We’re making a preemptive strike against the virus”. If only someone had made a preemptive strike against these tyrants,perhaps we wouldn’t be in this situation.As it is,we are losing more of our freedoms/rights as each day passes by.Don’t you just love it when they pretend this is all for our “benefit”? Millions of people losing their jobs,kids being out of school,businesses forced to close,many unable to feed their families and struggling to pay bills and get by.Yeah, it all sounds “beneficial”- doesn’t it??

      4. I would love to see the breakdown on those deaths. I suspect 99% are in people over the age of 80, have many co-morbidities, late stage cancer, diabetes, low Vitamin D Muslims, South Asians and blacks. That number of people dying I suspect is no more exceptional than there would be in a population with a lot of old people, especially ones who live in cold, drafty, mouldy homes, don’t exercise and eat crap food and drink too much.

        Is it worth it to destroy the economy and young lives for that?

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