Here We Go: MSM Begins Propagating a “Third Wave” of COVID-19

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 7 comments

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    The mainstream media has switched from reporting on the surge in coronavirus cases to propagating a “third wave” of COVID-19.  The MSM is calling the outlook “dire” as a way to panic the masses.

    At this point, it would be a complete shock if we didn’t go into another lockdown.  Be ready, because the predictive programming is there once again.

    With more than 40 million reported cases globally and 1.1 million deaths, the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down. In Ireland, a lockdown has been reimposed, as other pockets of Europe weigh similar restrictions again.

    In the U.S., more than 8.2 million cases and more than 220,000 deaths have been reported to-date. While the rate of deaths has slowed, there is still a concern for some of the most vulnerable populations, where increasingly asymptomatic cases are being reported. Meanwhile, the case count has already hit more than 60,000 daily, with all regions of the country affected. –Yahoo

    Dr. Leo Nissola, an immunotherapy scientist at Parker Institute in San Francisco, told Yahoo Finance: “Things are not looking pretty. The most difficult phase of the epidemic is ahead of us,” he said.

    Axios reported that the “third wave is gaining steam.” The outlet further reported that high positivity rates indicate a worsening outbreak, and put together with the rise in cases and hospitalizations across the country, suggest that the U.S. is in bad shape. The big picture then, according to MSM, is that the virus is spreading throughout the U.S. It’s not concentrated in any one region, as it was during the previous waves.

    Because they don’t have “isolated pockets of infections,” another more brutal lockdown could be coming. In fact, at this point, it would be shocking if they don’t try to pull off another one. Especially considering this little blurb from Axios:

    This all means more deaths, more economic devastation, and more isolation and psychological strain. If we’d gotten the virus under control during the summer, we’d have saved ourselves from a lot of this coming pain.

    Brace yourselves. Prepare. Remain alert. They are pushing this. This “third wave” reporting has ramped up substantially in the past 24 hours. People didn’t buy the second wave narrative, but will they fall for this one? Will something more sinister happen? Will the virus become more deadly? Everything is possible right now.  Use discernment, and most of all, check your preps and make sure you have what you need. Something is coming.

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      1. Seems the psychos are up to their fear mongering tricks once again.It boggles the mind how they are hinting at a third wave of this “virus” when I completely missed any signs of a second wave. I go outside and have not seen anyone passing out or dead covid bodies to the left and right of me.Have not seen hospitals “overwhelmed” with phony 19 victims either.In fact,you’d never know there was a “pandemic” if it wasn’t for the steady flow of sheep wearing masks.This “virus” is so deadly/vicious and yet the only way to know if you are infected is to get “tested’? The reality is that if this covid thing was so brutal – the signs of anyone affected would be OBVIOUS.Perhaps the reason most people supposedly affected show no symptoms is because ? there is NO disease?.I still remember(as I’m sure others do) the dire predictions of millions and millions dead.Wasn’t this thing going to decimate and absolutely ravage the population? I won’t speak for others,but, I don’t personally know ANYONE who has died from this supposed virus.Not only that, I don’t even know someone who’s been told they have it.Guys,isn’t it interesting how we are supposedly heading towards a “third wave” of such an unstoppable/destructive supervirus,and yet,there are NO obvious signs of it anywhere??

        • TRUTH! They (the monsters) will force people in the Nursing homes, in the Hospitals and other Medical establishments, the schools Daycare to College, all government agencies, and they will fine companies that do not force their employees to take the DNA altering Death vaccine.This is not about a virus. It is about altering the DNA and massive mutation and death. Lawsuits will occur but the bought Supreme Court will strike down the cases. Those that refuse even for verifiable medical reasons will be ostracized and worse. The Sheep will follow and by the time it is evident what has happened it will be too late. It will be blamed on a virulent mutation. BE PREPARED to survive outside their contrived reality.

      2. An international group of doctors put out “The Great Barrington Declaration” disputing whether there is even a pandemic. They state this year after all is said and done it is no different than any other flu season. The propaganda spewing press is pushing this. This is a beta test for future “planned” situations.

      3. I believe that many atheists and agnostics have intact parts of their brain, which still register religious feelings — albeit, for different celebrity causes. What if I told you, you have the same feelings as the holiest of rollers, witch doctors, animists, and Mohammedans.

        Self-hypnotic, like a whirling dervish. Sagan’s blissed-out eyes and rolling voices:

        Propaganda, politics, street fights, scient-ism, and virtue signalling are all religious feelings, which, in high gear, make you crusaders.

        Getting a chemical lobotomy from this iteration of FUNVAX is no better for your transhumanist, religious cult than for the other jihadis.

      4. Here we go again… we know jerry shit pants nadler took another crap and the rest of the crap eaters you know the pig committee sucked it up and now are spitting it up on everyone.
        I know that the people that live in this country don’t believe that shit. Although it is interesting to see all these people drop to their knees when some shit eater says Boo. Elbulleheal

      5. This time it’s the elections, republicans are far more likely to vote in person. LOCKDOWS? means mass reduction in physical voting and it’s too late to request a mail ballot.

      6. This time it’s the elections, republicans are far more likely to vote in person. LOCKDOWS? means mass reduction in physical voting and it’s too late to request a mail ballot.

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