Dr. Fauci Says Wearing 2 Face Masks Is “Common Sense”

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    The ruling class isn’t happy with just one layer over your face to symbolically muzzle you, they now say you should put on two masks. One of the government’s head tyrants, Dr. Anthony Fauci, now says that the method of wearing two masks is “more effective” against stopping the spread of COVID-19.

    “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” Fauci said on NBC News TODAY. “That’s the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N-95.”

    The COVID rules will get more and more ridiculous until people finally wake up and realize they are being lied to and played like a grand piano.

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    Don’t expect the ruling class to stop moving the goalposts either.  It’s time to wake up and realize no one else, be it a government or not, has any right to own or rule over you. But this time, they are using the new “highly transmissible” mutated strains of COVID-19 as an excuse to see just how gullible people can be.

    Double masking may be especially helpful in slowing the spread of more transmissible new strains. The CDC has not officially recommended wearing two masks, but U.S. health officials do advise folks to wear a cloth mask with three layers of a surgical or N95 mask. The more you symbolically silence yourself and inhibit your breathing, the better to the masters who want only your complete subjugation.

    One of Joe Biden’s first in what’s been a slew of executive orders has been a mandate for face masks on federal property. The ritualistic shame muzzle is mandatory for people who worship the government.

    Biden Ignores His Own Mask Mandate on First Day: “Bigger Issues to Worry About,” Says WH Press Secretary

    Cult: Government Is Now The New Religion?


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      1. To make matters worse, I just read somewhere that this turd Fauxi was the highest paid federal employee in 2019.How the fuck is that even possible!? How is that for adding insult to injury!? This guy makes me sick.Two masks huh? Isn’t this the same asshole who said last year “people shouldn’t be walking around in a mask”? As you mentioned these evil bastards continue to move the goalposts as need be to facilitate their enslavement agenda.The real reason they want the slaves wearing two masks is so you will have twice the amount of oxygen deprivation and suffocate even quicker.Wearing TWO masks will also ensure that everyone knows you are a slave twice over!! Perhaps “Dr” Falsi should wear 4 masks to ensure he drops dead, er, I mean to keep from getting the “killer” virus.The truth is these tyrants just love having control over the sheep.They also love openly mocking us,which is why the first thing prez Bidet did after signing a mask recommendation/mandate in federal buildings was walk around a federal building WITHOUT a mask!!!! These people are such absolute pieces of garbage! Fauxi talking about common sense is laughable! Absolutely nothing that has transpired since this mammoth phony 19 hoax began has involved common sense – absolutely nothing at all!!!?

        • About the ass wipes pay, I worked for the feds for 35 years, in the 80’s Reagan ended the Civil Service Comm, put in the Office of Personal Manage, each government office ran their own thing and could pay what ever they could get from congress, the door was opened. I worked for the military as a civilian, I saw pay go up almost 50% and the people were doing the same work. The question is who approved this pay check of $416,000 a year???

      2. False

      3. Quite a coincidence that now that the inauguration is over, commie 19 cases have all of a sudden begun to drop.Ain’t it interesting?? Well,there are of course lies and then there are “statistics”.????

      4. Only a few days into our new administration and already covid cases are dropping.I don’t know how Honest Joe and Her Ass have managed to lower the numbers of this out of control,raging pandemic? Remember that this thing was killing so many people that none of us had ever met! Said so on the teevee. I truly bow to our new leaders – our saviours!! I truly take my hat off to them! Oh,what the hell, I take my mask off to them too!!??

      5. Great,as if one mask isn’t bad enough.Now,this idiot wants to kill everyone even quicker.Two masks equals double trouble!!

      6. And I’m going to wear a full wetsuit the next time I have sex.

      7. Fellator Fauci would not know Common Sense if it introduced itself to him, right before it shanked him in prison.

        Which ain’t a bad mental image, when ya think about it.

      8. The CDC doesn’t have any authority to tell anyone to do anything. And if someone is stupid enough to do what the say they deserve what they get. And that clown foochie or phaggie or whatever his name is needs to be fed to the hogs and put in a manure spreader. Seriously people how long are we going to put up with this nonsense from the “powers that be”? Hey if wearing 2 masks is better then put 10 masks on!! Better yet,tell them to go to hell and wear no mask.

      9. FSU I, same guy who originally said not to wear a mask as they didn’t work,

      10. Hmm, When they keep moving the goal posts, I’m glad to see
        the goal posts are mounted on skids, that way they won’t be digging any more holes in the ground than necessary. But I wonder what they are moving the goal posts with, a 200mph, quarter mile dragster? I’m having a tough time trying to keep up with all the movement ( oh, wait a movement, isn’t that a BM ( bowl movement )), no wonder I can’t catch or keep up.

      11. The weather was nice today so I went for a walk in a suburban area after picking up some much needed supplies.

        There were face mask everywhere in ditches, fields, floating along the edge of a lake and alongside the trail where I was walking.

        It’s not enough the CCP has infiltrated our ecosystem with every destructive ,flying, swimming, creepy crawling, biologically hazardous species imaginable and now Fauci is being told to double down.

        • As soon as I get out of the store, I rip the mask off and throw it down exactly in front of the door. It sends a powerful message to everyone walking in with a mask. Also I avoid putting it on until well into the store. Some times I just hold it in my hand like I forgot to put it on and nobody says anyting. It’s the act of posessing a mask which seems more important than wearing it.

          Remember the Geicko money man? He rode a boat and a motorcycle, ‘made of money’, and was shedding cash everywhere he went. I’m going to the store like that, with a hundred masks on everywhere except my face. And I’m putting a few on my truck antenna to wave in the breeze, and will tie a bunch to the ski rack on top. Then when I hit the highway or high winds kick up, off they will go. Researching for cheapest masks possible now. So yeah, people littering masks is yet another resistance point.

      12. We haven’t had enough yet ? Dr. Fucci has a dick on his nose
        And spits a lot of shit everywhere that’s why he needs two masks. All I can say is that anyone needing two masks probably has the same problem. Most of us don’t need a mask period. I haven’t put on a mask ever and I won’t. By the way I am 65 yrs. old and I feel great.
        I’m thinking if everyone did the same we would be able to see WHO the real dick heads are. Democrapers and all the PIG committee. Elbulleheal

      13. 2 masks are also more effective at causing high blood pressure, oxygen starvation, gum disease, acne, lung infections, etc. Fauci is probably laughing at people who take this nonsense seriously. There is almost no risk of catching a virus from outside air and we’ve had a year to improve ventilation and purrification of indoor air in tight spaces. Masks, caked with spit after a long day, will never do enough good to justify the harm they do.

        • My preferred covid mitigation method is to chain smoke.

          Tell me a virus can withstand a bounce off a smoking nicotine cherry and ensuing smooth draw of superheated smokey air.

          Because I was never fearful in the first place, I don’t have to move very far in order to avoid fearful virtue signaling.

          I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in line or somewhere and my response is; “You can give up your liberties if you want, I’m not giving up mine.”

      14. Riiiight! And wearing two pair of underwear keeps your farts from stinking the room up. I’ll bet if you blow in this guy’s ear, it comes right out the other side.

        • My thoughts exactly. But I hesitated to mention it because it might give them the idea for the third mask mandate.

        • Yo, I actually have that problem! Great idea! Tired of the air purifier turning red every time I’m in the room.

          However, when everyone is wearing a mask, this helps shield me from the inevitable funny looks and criticisms, because they don’t actually realize they’ve walked past the odor cloud until a moment later. Then it’s all in their mask and I watch them open it up and gasp for air. Sometimes they’re still in the cloud zone, other times not. Either way I see it coming because I was the one who caused it to happen, and I try to duck out before they can put the puzzle pieces together.

          Just stand and watch people mess with their masks. It’s ridiculous, they’re only fooling themselves. Hypochondria is now trendy.

      15. First, Fauci, did you or did you not take the basic Covid virus to Wuhan for “gain of function?” Did you or did you not fund such Wuhan research? Did you or did you not fund this out of your own pocket? If you did not, did you use US taxpayer funds?

        Oh, there are more questions one could ask, such as , who holds the original patent on the Covid virus.

      16. I believe the masks make us sick. They don’t allow us to breathe out the bad air. Masks keep in the bad air and don’t allow the good air to get in, and that’s whats makes us sick. Our bodies were created to heal us.

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