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    Biden Ignores His Own Mask Mandate on First Day: “Bigger Issues to Worry About,” Says WH Press Secretary

    Mac SlavoJon Miltimore
    January 25th, 2021
    SHTFplan.comThe Foundation for Economic Education
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    This article was originally published by Jon Miltimore at The Foundation for Economic Education. 

    *”Rules for thee, and not for me.” -every ruler and master everywhere.

    Biden has consistently urged people to “mask up” and is calling on Americans to wear face coverings in public for the next 100 days.

    Joe Biden had a busy first day as president, signing 17 executive actions, far more than predecessors Trump, Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton combined.

    Among the orders was a mandate that all people on federal property wear masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    “[To] protect the Federal workforce and individuals interacting with the Federal workforce, and to ensure the continuity of Government services and activities, on-duty or on-site Federal employees, on-site Federal contractors, and other individuals in Federal buildings and on Federal lands should all wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures, as provided in CDC guidelines,” the order stated.

    In some ways, the order comes as little surprise. Prior to the November election, Biden had indicated he would require masks on federal property. Meanwhile, Biden has consistently urged people to “mask up” and is calling on Americans to wear face coverings in public for the next 100 days.

    Things got awkward quickly, however.

    The same day Biden signed his executive order, he and his family were spotted maskless at the Lincoln Memorial—a clear violation of the order he had signed that very morning.

    This created an uncomfortable moment for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who was asked by a reporter why Biden and members of his family were not wearing a mask in compliance with the law.

    “He was celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country,” said Psaki, who also rattled off many of the actions the administration was taking to slow the spread of the virus.

    The reporter persisted. He asked if Biden, who has repeatedly pointed out the importance of elected officials setting an example, was sending the wrong message to Americans.

    “I think the power of his example is also the message he sends by signing 25 executive orders, including almost half of them related to COVID,” Psaki said. “I think we have bigger issues to worry about.”

    Psaki’s excuse-making was cringeworthy, particularly the last sentence, which I suspect she wishes she could take back.

    But in her defense, there was no good way to answer the question (beyond deflection, or honestly owning up to the misstep). Psaki may have been correct that Biden was “celebrating,” but the order he signed makes no exception for celebrations. She may also be correct that “we have bigger issues to worry about” than masks. In fact, I believe she is.

    Masks have become a partisan distraction and a toxic one. Reasonable people can debate their efficacy in reducing the spread of the coronavirus—some evidence suggests they may help, other evidence suggests they may not—but what’s clear is that masks have become symbols.

    For some, masks are seen as a tool to shame others, shape consciousness, and force compliance. For others, masks are seen as a symbol of righteousness, a demonstration of morality and selflessness. If you doubt masks have become a moral issue—as well as a device to signal virtue and shame others—consider some of the following. (As well as these videos, which we are not embedding because of profanity.)

    *Oh no! We can’t have people talking freely!

    There are many things individuals can do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, we heard a lot about hand washing, avoiding touching one’s face, and disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis. We don’t hear much about these things anymore, even though health centers stress these as important measures to reduce the chance of infection.

    Essentially, masks unleashed the tribalism and division (both politically and ideologically) that lurk beneath America. Studies show you can tell with a high degree of certainty whether someone was a Trump or Biden supporter based on their mask-wearing habits.

    Consider the lack of outcry over the fact that Biden violated his own mask mandate hours after signing it. Biden’s actions don’t make him a bad person, of course, despite what many on social media would have you believe.

    It does, however, put Biden in the camp with the numerous others we’ve seen during this pandemic who flout the rules they pass for others. This has been a source of frustration for many people throughout the pandemic, and that frustration seems to be growing.

    “I mean they put these rules in place … they’re not even following their own rules,” Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently observed in an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” following a $500,000 donation to the Barstool Fund. “How many people have gotten caught?”

    Rodgers is not someone known for being outspoken on controversial issues.

    The hypocrisy and unequal treatment matters.

    The expansion of the government tends to occur under a basic assumption: that it will result in greater equality. This assumption is flawed, however. The expansion of the state doesn’t vanquish inequality. In fact, it often exacerbates it.

    Though politicians promise an egalitarian utopia, the reality is that hierarchy, social climbing, and wealth disparity will exist in any political system. But whereas a free market rewards competence and those who create value, a system dominated by the state will always reward those with proximity to power.

    The Soviet Union might have been premised on the idea of equality, but most people didn’t have a Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln Continental, Monte Carlo, Matra, and Lancia Beta.

    Leonid Brezhnev, the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and president of the USSR, did.

    All of this is to say, Jen Psaki is right. We have far bigger problems than whether Joe Biden is wearing a mask all day.

    But one of those problems is the fact that politicians increasingly feel like they can pass orders for others while ignoring those orders themselves.



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      Author: Mac SlavoJon Miltimore
      Date: January 25th, 2021
      Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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      1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Just stop wearing masks and if anyone complains tell them that you have more important things to worry about, like the fact that our entire country is acting like a tribe of fucking lunatics and pirates!

        I would like them to start wearing eye patches, on both eyes, so that the spies can no longer see rather than masks!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Just stop wearing masks and if anyone complains tell them that you have more important things to worry about, like the fact that our entire country is acting like a tribe of fucking lunatics and armed robbers. 

        I would like them to start wearing eye patches, on both eyes, and ear plugs, so that the spies can no longer see or hear, rather than masks!

        A virus can enter through eyes and actually, ears too, since someone could sneeze in them, theoritically speaking, but why take such a catastrophic risk with your life?!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. FreemanSteed says:

        Why should he wear a mask?
        It was a hoax from day one created by Democrats and the CCP.
        The only thing over at CNN remotely related to covid is an article pertaining to phony tony blaming Trump for something.

        Outside of that its Trump impeachment 24/7.

      4. Bill says:

        It the old adage – “rules for thee, not for me”.Not surprised here, just another example of do what I say, not what I do. I suspect we are going to see a lot of that coming from the JB/KH team over the next 4 years. The gaffes, the glaring examples of hypocrisy, the abuse of power, and the lies will be so plentiful they will either not be reported, or excused by the MSM, or spun into something else.
        No matter, they can do what they want, but I won’t be complying or cooperating with their objectives. My conscience and my will and my own thoughts always take precedence in everything. We owe no cooperation, no willful obedience, and no loyalty.

      5. Darth Skippy says:

        Mike Adams (aka Health Ranger) claims that lowering Biden’s popularity by 10% triggers the military to hold new elections. Months away at the earliest.

        (Maintains the right of a standing army to exist and their monopoly on the use of force. Is expressly against separatism.)

      6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay homophobic, serial killing cannibal that was so terrified of people finding out that he was gay that he lured at least 33 young men into his apartment, raped them, and murdered them to kill the evidence that he was gay, and then cannibalized them to destroy the evidence that he was also a murderer.

        The mentally incompetent psychopaths that spy on me are extremely similar to Dahmer, their darkest secret is that they are mentally incompetent, so mentally incompetent that they have had to resort to spying on me, data theft, invading my property and even my brain. Their fear of being discovered for being mentally incompetent, unimaginative, frauds is a much greater fear for them than being exposed as sadistic, terrorists with deviant and sadistic personality disorder that have violated my rights, property, and even brain.

        They would be much better off if they realized and accepted that they are unqualified to be in any field that entails any thinking, leadership, or authority, because if they were qualified for any of those, they would not be doing to me what they have been, and have disqualified themselves from all such fields for abuse of authority or abuse power if they are in such positions.

        Intelligence cannot be purchased. A teacher or university cannot make an idiot intelligent. A degree is not any indication of intelligence. You are idiots. Just accept it and get jobs in manual labor or factories if you have had to resort to invading my life, property, brain, data theft, or impersonation.

        The sooner that you accept the fact that you belong in manual labor or factory positions, the better off you will be.

        Andrea Iravani