Congress Declares Martial Law as Dollar Rapidly Collapsing: “Living in Last Days of This Republic.”

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    The debt ceiling issue is returning to the forefront in American politics, again threatening a government shutdown.

    Last time, the shutdown resulting in sequester for many agencies that suspended work for many government employees; a great deal of political theater dominated the news cycle; but ultimately, things returned to a basic normalcy.

    This time may be different, as a number of critical factors face Americans in 2015. Last week, Congress passed “procedural martial law” to address stop-gap spending as it faces the debt ceiling crisis again.

    Meanwhile, this quietly announced martial law forced a vote on bills the same day, preventing members from even reading the legislation they are voting on, to avert an October 1 government shutdown. The move, which was done just a few weeks prior, shows how desperate things have become. The Hill reported:

    For the second time in a month, the House on Tuesday invoked “martial law” to allow more expeditious consideration of a stopgap spending bill to avoid a government shutdown on Oct. 1.

    The use of martial law refers to bypassing the typical procedure that requires the House to wait a day after the Rules Committee produces a rule establishing floor debate parameters before voting.


    House GOP leaders invoked martial law earlier this month to fast-track a spending bill. But they ultimately never had to use it after the Senate opted to go first with the spending bill.

    Crisis is averted – for now.

    But the dollar is now an unwanted export commodity. As the U.S. rattles sabers with Russia in its proxy wars, the basis for American power overseas is rapidly collapsing.

    China is ready to move forward with a “global reset” that would include the yuan in a global basket of currencies, and knock the dollar out of its reserve currency status.

    Increasing troubles of U.S. and government financial institutions gives a sharp warning that things are coming to a head.

    SGT Report issues a critical and under reported warning: “We are living in the last days of this Republic.”

    In the video, Sean from SGT Report summarizes these important dynamics that are coinciding with Congress’ procedural martial law:

    •The dollar is collapsing
    •China is demanding a “reset” of the global currency standards, which would official end the dollar’s reign as reserve currency
    •In its place, a global reserve currency planned since 2009 is forming, using a basket of currencies as value, and SDRs as a drawing mechanism on the global stage
    •Putin is fighting with the U.S. openly on multiple fronts, as the War on Terror turns into a Russian offensive in Syria and Ukraine remains tense

    •The Federal Reserve faces an existential crisis over its bipolar decisions in furthering quantitative easing and/or hiking the interest rate enough to leave the economy on life support
    •Stock market gyrations, looming derivatives disasters, and a system wide economic collapse regularly threaten the financial system, as experts predict collapse as an
    inevitable result of the 2008 crisis, and detrimental recovery policies afterwards that have given more power than ever to the banks.
    •Procedural martial law was passed in Congress under the guise of confronting the next round of debt ceiling

    Chillingly, the SGT labels the United States a “banana republic,” noting that it meets the criteria of the definition:

    “The very definition of a banana republic is a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent upon exporting a limited resource product – like dollars.

    It typically has stratified social classes, including a large impoverished working class, and a ruling plutocracy of business, political and military elites. This political economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country’s economy” (source: Wikipedia)

    Now, the last semblances of the power of that republic, in its military strength and the “export of freedom and democracy”, will fade significantly with the death of the dollar.

    Things have become so gnawed to the bone, that, as SGT Report notes:

    “Now the criminal Congress and shadow government need to use procedural martial law to pass stop-gap spending measures to keep the entire house of cards from coming down.

    And who is at fault? We must remember and point to the Rothschild central bank – the Federal Reserve is to blame for all of this. The entire system has been manipulated to wring out the very last dollar from the American people, to bankrupt the Treasury, and to bring the United States of America to its knees – so that a new international currency can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.”

    “We are living in the last days of this Republic.”

    The republic died, unofficially, a century ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and many other shifts in power, finance and institutions during that era.

    Today, in the final stages, the undermining of the dollar reserve currency (established in 1972 under Henry Kissinger’s shadow presidency during the Nixon and Ford Administrations) may well be enough to trigger a global economic collapse of epic proportions, and is likely to destroy the wealth and power of nearly all Americans, along with stock markets across the world.

    There is likely to be deep economic pain for most Americans during this currency crisis. It would mean not only tremendous wealth destruction to individuals, businesses and families, but a threat to the physical survival of hundreds of millions of people – who will have to endure Greece-style money shortage, food and grocery shortage, hunger, power outages, rioting, looting and government assistance.

    Meanwhile, politically, the decline of the American empire over seas, its hegemony and dominant voice in global affairs will be even sharper – further weakening the economic status of the country, and amplifying the effect on individuals.

    If America is reduced to alliances based upon the export of the Dollar itself, which props up its military actions and keep the Pax Americana alive, what will happen when that dollar no longer holds any value? Will we soon see superpower rivals reach out with the hand of economic salvation?

    What will life be like under a global currency, in a digital age of control?

    Can another republic spring up in its place, after this present reign of tyranny wanes and carries out its course? Will there be patriots out there to restore liberty?


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      1. The latest report stated that the 1%’s and the heads of Federal Reserve and Multi National Corp. are trying to scape via their private jets and in some cases using DC10’s but people are preventing their scape by hanging on the tails of there planes.

        • Not hard to keep them on the ground. While the jet engine is not running hit the propeller with a sledge hammer. The pilot will feel the vibes when he starts the engine.

          Turbojet and a hand full of BB’s in the intake. FOD the engine out.

          • sling… you are way too technical. I was more thinking of throwing the elites and the banksters families inside the engines and get a kosher spaghetti from other side.

            • SV

              Oh NO! I want them to think they are getting away.

              Maybe the prop will detach and spin through the cabin.

              And when the Lear Jet gets a Compressor or Turbine failure it will light up their lives. Usually goes bang and hot metal flies around.

              • Sling…I like the idea. Saves us manual work.

              • Forget the sparklers — A real fourth of July!

          • “China is ready to move forward with a “global reset” that would include the yuan in a global basket of currencies, and knock the dollar out of its reserve currency status.”

            LMAO!!! Only an fool would believe this recycled story. The Closet Commies in Alt Media have been pushing this mantra for years. YEARS !!! Even Jim Willie has said that the Yuan will NEVER be included in the IMF.

            China is imploding because their financial system is half capitalist, half communist. The Chinese real estate bubble will pop and that crash will cause “blood on the streets” literally; but in CHINA !!!

            The Yuan MUST BE fungible, it’s value MUST BE market driven, not established by the CCP every day, and capital MUST BE free flowing, meaning NO capital controls on money wanting to leave the country.

            Until China institutionalizes these characteristics, the RMB CANNOT be included into the IMF currency basket, and the US holds voting control.

            This article is inaccurate and pure propaganda. 🙂

              • If you don’t think China failing won’t effect America then you aren’t as smart as you think. Furthermore you may want to look at Deutsche Banks Derivative play and they too may cause a mighty shaking in the financial realm. With your Fed out of tools to use the system will not stand forever. They can’t raise and they can’t QE without even the people on the street losing trust in their ability or LACK thereof to keep the charade going. America will lose its reserve status period. Do you really care who replaces it? Yan or not. We are in for some major changes in the not to distant future.

              • “This article is inaccurate and pure propaganda.”

                The omniscient Oracle of Scottsdale has spoken!!!

                Serfs, pay no attention to the way the wind is blowing… it’s pure propaganda.

            • Yes, yes, yes, and YES!!!

              Thank you, DK. You have done the readers a great service and explained it with the benefit of your expertise.

            • DK, You can be a good candidate for Janet’s replacement to lead the FR.

            • DK…..
              Perhaps you are correct.
              However, China deserves to utterly dominate the Global Financial Landscape…..and they will.
              They MAKE things.
              USA KILLS things.
              China has been around for 4000 years.
              USA has been around less than 300, and is already considered by most as the BIGGEST PHUCKING KUNT to ever hold power.
              Russia, China…….numerous nations…..await the fall of the USA.
              It is called Karma…..and it is coming to a neighbourhood near you faster than you could ever imagine.
              I hope you make it through though DK…… have a semblance of intelligence that will be useful going forward after America pays it’s dues to the world.

              • Sem·blance: the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.

              • Paid troll or just ignorant?
                You say china “deserves” to utterly dominate globally?
                You do realize that the US import of trillions of dollars of bs pushed by international jewry is the only thing allowing them their rise. We love free trade and institute it so we can steal resources easier as we did with britain, india, africa, US in history while destroying the poplutions of the countries.
                I mean we(jews) destroyed 3 WTCs to we could sell them the cheap steel/concrete while we set in motion numerous plans to further erode the USA that was once held in such high regard.
                We put communism in china so we could control them after WW2 instead of allowing them to be democratic again. This helped us murder up to 80 million of them the same as we did when we took over russia and murdered 20-40 million people prior to WW2. We just blame the locals and take our plundered resources.
                We stole USA’s technology/infrastructure and gave it to them to help their rise.
                We use our power and influence to cover up the connections since these retarded gentiles outside the US are so controlled they will just hate the scape goat we created.
                We own your media and idiots take our disinformation hook, line, and in your case even ate the sinker.

                What crap hole are you from nuke em imduped? Or what govt agency do you work for?

              • China is evil,first you know nothing, china steals ideas from the usa.china has been around 4000yr,yet usa invented car,electricity,tv,phone airplane,all the search engines phonograph,too numerous to name all. China steals,tools poor quality,countries buy from china because cheap,beside firecrackers and maybe martial arts, what have china invent
                / that really important.china only steal ideas.white people have invented the most significant things more mankind.dumbass…

            • Hey Mac, I didn’t know you were a closet commie. What gives?

        • Say what?

          Link please?

        • God needs to get rid of the devil now.Satan is A real piece of crap.

      2. Fuck it, let it collapse. I am sick of life in modern day Amerika. Busting my ass 50+ hours a week to live paycheck to paycheck and watching all the leeches, both corporate and sheep, live high on the hog. Start the reset and let’s get it over with.

        • I agree

        • Yo! LET IT BURN!

          • If you are so sick of it, quit your job, live in the woods, and stfu in the process.
            Asking for the collapse is no different than asking for the death of millions/billions.
            Why don’t you go do some good instead of whining on the internet about your first world problems?

            • You sound like one of the many living off my tax dollars and hard work. BTW just how much of my earnings do you feel you are entitled too? Yes millions who do not lift a hand and wait for their “fair share” will perish and yet the strong will survive. We have shown we will not bow down and are tired of carrying the weight of the lazy, it’s time to swim or sink, work for it or get nothing!

              • First Off Your So Call Tax Dollars Does Not Go to yo the economy it goes in the pockets of the FR and the queen.

        • amen…

        • I hope and pray that all those old ugly looking elite get killed very soon and go rite into hell fire where they belong. David and John Rockefeller your long pointed noses are going to grow ten miles long very soon.

      3. No. We will go the way of England, Spain, and others before them. Demography is destiny.

        • USA will splinter, just like USSR.

      4. Marshal Law is an outdated term, and no longer politically correct. The correct term is “Shelter in Place”.
        There now, doesn’t that sound nicer?

        • Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t martial law when the government can no longer function and military high command takes control until a government can be restored. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the term has been twisted to induce fear when thrown around. Actually what they are planning isn’t martial law, its crimes against humanity.


          • Right, this sounds more like a “no more dicking around and filibustering, you must vote NOW” thing than it does “martial law”. Euphemism, methinks.

            Still bad and all but hardly Major Asshole and Corporal Punishment showing up and pointing guns at people.

          • And the last time “the shutdown resulting in sequester for many agencies that suspended work for many government employees”

            THEY PAID SECURITY TO THROW VETERANS OUT OF MEMORIALS AND CLOSED OUT NATIONAL PARKS. NOT ONE SINGLE GOVT EMPLOYEE WAS SENT HOME. Nothing ground to a halt. They just punished the citizens for a few days.

            Sequester = bull shit.

            • A few “non essential” (if they’re “non essential”, why do their jobs even exist?) .gov hacks stayed home, but were paid for every day of it.

              You’re right, open air exhibits were closed off, incurring “security” costs where no such “security” had ever existed. I was hoping some old vet in a wheelchair would wheel around the “security” so he/she could be seen on TV having their wheelchair knocked over.

          • What do you meaning “planning crimes against humanity”?
            How about the truth……”continuously phucking engaging in crimes against humanity”?
            Your asswipe nation has killed untold millions over the past 20 years!!!
            Phucking “planning”!!!
            Typical American observation.
            Big Karma Sandwich coming REAL SOON.
            I feel sad for THE TRUE AMERICANS………they in no way deserve the devastation that is coming soon as the world FORCEFULLY REJECTS Planet America.

            • You keep wrongly accusing america, you would be correct accusing jewish occupied america.

        • The correct spelling is MARTIAL, not marshal.

          • Nuke em

            1. My comment referanced future crimes not past ones.
            2.if you wanna correct me fine, at least be accurate. The US Corp has been involved in these crimes more like 100 years not 20.
            3. Im sure whatever lovely country your is is much better, not like the same folks control it right.

          • 2017 A real crazy mean BURT year coming.

        The behavior of cowardice and compliance is reserved for those who despise the Constitution and the Rothschild CRIMINALS…we know who you are.

        Live Free or Die…Freedom and Liberty is not for everyone, just for those who want it.


        • You’ll go quietly into the night and like it mister (as the flock needs its sleep).

      6. It is the people that are at fault. The people are trading with the enemy see Trading with the Enemy Act Title 12 USC 95a.
        The remedy is 12 USC 95a(2). We are using private money (FRN’s)causing the bankruptcy. Debts are not getting “paid”. Commercial warfare. Got a checking account? credit cards? Mortgage? Driver’s license? short form birth certificate? Marriage license? We CAN turn this thing around. See for understanding.

      7. Screw a procedural, Martial Law in Congress. It’s chicken shit.

        I want a “Bank Holiday” and have the EBT cards shut down.

        • sling.
          Even chicken shit has it’s qualities.
          Keep on keeping on sling… It’ll be worth it in the end.

        • Now your talking,,,

      8. Final straw in the Banana Republic that is us

        • Whats that,
          Need a straw for a bananna smoothy?

          • Nope. I’ve got plenty stored up.

            • Why does the human brain have A very odd shape to it?

      9. In one hour all heaped on wealth will be gone and they will throw there silver and gold in the street because it is heavy and worthless

        • Not too bloody likely…

        • The currency then was gold and silver coins, so it infers throwing the currency away as it had no value.

          • Would trade food for gold if you weren’t sure you could get anymore food.

      10. WTF?! I thought the Constitution says that all bills for spending MUST originate in the House. Am I missing something here? Somebody that really knows, please speak up!

        • ObamaCare was a spending bill that started in the Senate, technically the Senate took a different spending bill that had come from the house and deleted everything except the first line of the law. Then they amended the whole of ObamaCare onto it, passed it, and returned it to the house where no one read it, but Democrats passed it.

      11. Does anyone on this board remember when John Kennedy at a speech at American University; warned about creating a Pax Americana? I think about that; considering the United States is either preparing for war; or AT War. This country as a Society and Nation doesn’t even resemble the America my Grandfather and Dad grew up in. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

        • Amen. It’s not even the America *I* grew up in.

      12. Well, we all knew it was collapsing even before this information. Keep on doing what you all are doing and hope your sh*t is together when it all goes away.


      13. Some people just deem themselves more worthy than the average person. Isn’t that the cause of all the worlds ills?

        • I think so. It’s sure a good place to start.

      14. Ya know the rest of the world is in worse shape than the US. If we go down the rest of the globe will follow. Or vice versa. The real problem is that governments need a “nice little distraction” to keep the proletariat preoccupied. War is coming.

        • “If we go down the rest of the globe will follow”

          Personally, I think that’s just our “Exceptionalism” talking. I know we like to think that, but I really doubt the veracity. I believe we think that, because our shadow govt is certain that their tentacles reach into all the right places…

          But they just might get a big surprise one day, when the rest of the world just pulls the cloak to the right and shouts “OLE”!

          Because that’s what happens to domineering bullies who extort and spy on their own friends…

      15. The winds of war a blowing at gale force. World wide economic collapse=equals war. Always has.

      16. Restoring any kind of “republic” (There are actually FIFTY of them in this Union! Which one of them are we talking about?), or anything other than absolute individual liberty for everyone, is the restoration of the same old stuff that will have fallen. The attempt at such restoration by anyone is an act of war against everyone by trying to restore tyranny over someone else for the restorers’ benefit only at the expense of everyone else.

        • Between all the “everyones”, “anyones” and “someones”, I have not the foggiest fuckin idea what you just said.

      17. Sickening. why is this continually being spread?

        Like the Little Boy crying “WOLF”, if and when it really happens, no one will even notice.

        More Porn being spread like cow crap on the corn fields! That, instead of actual helpful ideas and usable suggestions are more needed.

      18. Looking at that lineup of Federal Reserve executives, I could not help but notice how old they are. Where are the younger members. These must be retired twenty years ago and just show up at picture taking time. What scam artists. They never will have to answer for their crimes against humanity. Wars. Poverty. Suffering on an astronomical scale.

        The Rothschilds have private airports. People hanging on the tail of the plane. Not unless they were paid to do it. How stupid do you think we are.

        I’m sick to death of reading about the sheeple and how they deserve everything they get. That is what Hitler thought of the people he starved and murdered.

        • Many elites have underground bunkers, right? Why not cement them into their hidey-holes forever? Pour concrete into all their access hatches. It’s a big project but I bet it would be a lot of fun.

      19. The police and military won’t be able to stop the looters or feed the police reserve volunteers like you and me that have no choice but to try and band together you can’t band together with someone who can’t feed themselves the police reserves will take you if you have all your own stuff selco said lone wolverines are dead wolverines if you show up at the sheriffs dept with your wife and kids and need nothing from them of course they’ll need all the backup they can get as long as you don’t drain there supplies just bring everything you and yours need to the party

      20. It is coming to an end. AS it should.

      21. This premise is ridiculous. Not only is the dollar so strong that it has contributed in large measure for the drop in the price of gasoline, but it also has hurt U.S. companies’ sale and profits….anyone read lately about what is happening at Caterpillar and how the strong U.S. dollar has played a big part in their troubles??? And they’re just one example.

        As for the Chicom currency becoming the new reserve currency…only in their dreams. Communist China is on the verge of civil war. Read the news lately about the bombs going off, and about the training for their police in the past year with practicing how to bayonet rioting mobs by piercing straw bales?? Even the international experts agree that Communist China is a long, long way from taking over the status of a reserve currency, IF EVER.

        As for Communist China setting up their own version of the World Bank and IMF….have at it, kids. Setting up a playground for a bunch of stumbling losers who can’t keep the cats out of the sandbox, is no substitute for the professional jungle jim across the river with park benches for the moms, landscaped surroundings, a well maintained public pool and lots of shade trees. Junk currency is still junk currency, even if it’s organized into a bank lending out junk currency. The concept is so, well, ridiculous, that it makes one wonder if the only true purpose is propaganda. Chicoms are longstanding, highly experienced propagators of propaganda. And that’s because like everything Communist, it’s all a LIE.

        You people who have joined the bandwagon to cut down America and moan over America’s supposed collapse…you’re playing right into the hands of the Communists running Washington, DC to pacify Americans through demoralizing Americans. There is only one reason why our foreign policy, military might and economy is so loused up right now: the reign of the Obama Communists. They WANT things to be bad. They WANT things to get screwed up. They WANT Americans to become despondent and demoralized.

        Wake up and take a look around you. If America really were as bad off as the Obama Communists in power in WDC would like you to believe, the country wouldn’t be functioning….trucks wouldn’t be running, trains wouldn’t be running, people wouldn’t be driving to work, supplies wouldn’t be getting delivered to the contractors, restaurants wouldn’t be opening, etc.

        All you really need to worry about is whether the Obama Communists are going to go quietly in January 2017.

        • Anonymous:

          I think you are closer to reality than some who not only think a collapse is imminent but that it is desirable. I can understand the former but not the latter. For those who didn’t get my drift, I can understand fear in light of what has happened in Greece and it frightens me. I can not however see how anyone could anticipate such an event as anything but tragic. The rich won’t be hurt. The poor will, if this happens, be the ones who get crushed. What is good about it, I don’t know.

      22. Putin is fighting with the U.S. openly on multiple fronts, as the War on Terror turns into a Russian offensive in Syria and Ukraine remains tense

        Welcome back to the 1980’s version of REAL (cold) war, instead of all this pussy goat-herder bullshit.

        Yeah we missed you… kind of how like you “miss” cancer.


      23. You tell me what you’d like to do,but I don’t want to know.
        My only interest is today, and where we want to go.
        We need the people to awake, and fight for us right now.
        ‘Cos we will never be enslaved by the Zionist master plan.

        Tomorrow is always too late.
        We should never sit around and wait.
        Tomorrow is always too late.
        Get out there and do something today.

        Our enemies are capitalists, communists as well.
        Both these forms of evil are raining our death knell.
        We salute the troops of yesterday, who fought the Marxist plague.
        And we will carry on your fight as the White men of today.

        Tomorrow is always too late.
        We should never sit around and wait.
        Tomorrow is always too late.
        Get out there and do something today.

      24. The only point I really disagree with is that Putin is executing a plan to overthrow the US. Truth be told, all the communist nations that were muled for the righteous capitalists are now just trying to get untangled from the USD reserve currency collapse. Interesting comment about Rothschilds; any connection with Zionist agenda – it’s all G_d’s will!!!!

      25. I know most here on SHTFplan keep cash in their homes or BOL, or anywhere but the bank. But for those who don’t know this, here goes; if you often deposit cash in a bank acct, even if it’s only $100 or so weekly or monthly the govt might seize your bank acct without warning you.

        The more cash deposited and the more frequently it is deposited increases the chances of having your bank acct confiscated. They want either traceable checks deposited or automatic payroll deposits. But, routinely depositing cash, can red flag the account and allow the Feds to take/steal your money/savings without notice, claiming ‘No crime committed’… no kidding. Victims have no recourse.

      26. This rabbit hole is getting mighty big Alice, looks more like a Florida town eating sink hole!

        I heard Hillary talking about gun control, she was saying, if elected she will enforce every gun law ever passed with the strongest possible interpretation, even laws previously found unconstitutional. The Supreme Court be damned.

        Obama’s greatest gift, he demonstrated how a president can be a dictator and do as they please. I suspect Obama has some major leverage that has all of Washington terrified. Are we really just a couple leaks of information from a total economic crash?

      27. I wouldn’t be surprised if the declaration of martial law was a prelude to gun confiscation. I can’t help but think that they aren’t really trying to confiscate firearms so much as they are trying to confiscate one’s right to defend oneself. I think it would strengthen firearm ownership if one had the specific right to defend oneself in the Constitution. Not that govern-MENTAL types care about the Constitution…but they still often give it lip service, which says a lot.

      28. I think the whole world is in a mess. To bad we can not get everyone on the same page and fix it. Think of the good that could be done.

      29. Come on Hillary!

        Get on your High Horse and Ride.

        • Hopefully ride off a cliff

      30. How can anyone predict anything they swore they wouldn’t monitise the debt ( print money) now we have QE infinity they got egypts gold gaddafis gold with assads gold they can keep this going how much longer . Who’s gold are they going after next to prop things up a little longer.jordan, Yemen ,they’ll start eating each other then they’ll come for our gold to feed there henchmen and ladies .like a canser kills its host .theres no way to predict when the collapse will happen they can lie,cheat,steal. Till there’s nothing left to steal .then the collapse.

      31. Martial Law? Really? You are not even misrepresenting what happened, you are just making crap up to mislead the sheeple and, unfortunately it is working. None of your prognostications come true, you tell bold faced lies over and over again and yet these brain washed sheeple still give you credibility Are you people really that stupid or do you have to work at it?

      32. Learn martial arts. Good exercise. Good for developing self control as well as respect for self and others. Excellent after school activity for parents and children to share. The best part, it can’t be confiscated.

      33. First off nobody tax dollars pays for anything it goes to the FR and the queen of England get it right.

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