Companies Vow To Mandate COVID Shots As Soon As They Are Given “Full Approval”

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    Many companies, especially hospitals, are going to mandate the COVID-19 experimental gene therapy shot as soon as it is given full Food and Drug Administration approval. Already, without full approval, Houston Methodist hospitals have made headlines for firing employees who continue to refuse to take this shot.

    It Has Begun: Want To Work? Get The Jab

    Employees at more than 40 hospitals in Missouri, Kansas, and some neighboring states will be required to get a COVID-19 vaccination, the Mercy health system announced Wednesday, making it among the few in the nation to mandate the shots. The rule goes into effect on September 30 for the hospitals, which are in such cities as Springfield, Joplin, and St. Louis, as well as in Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. These hospitals will require the vaccine whether full approval is given or not.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    But full approval is imminent, and we are all aware of that by now.  Additionally, other hospitals plan on making the “vaccine” mandatory once full approval is given.

    In the Kansas City area, major hospital systems told The Star they do not require employees to be vaccinated, with two saying they won’t consider it until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gives the vaccines full approval. The FDA has OK’d vaccines by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson for emergency use, but full approval is pending.

    Morgan Stanley Mandates COVID “Vaccine” For Employees To Return To Work in New York

    Employers Can Mandate The COVID “Vaccine”

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis said Wednesday it will require its 1,100 employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of August. Central bankers now want their employees “vaccinated” too. But they won’t need all of those employees after they get the digital dollar rolled out, and we know that’s coming quickly too. It’s also likely that those who remain “unvaccinated” will not get their universal basic income slave wage and if they do and continue to hold out, access to funds will be denied.

    It’s hard to say right now just how far businesses will go to mandate the vaccine.  But with a shortage of employees, it could get uglier economically if they continue.  Many will continue to refuse even if they lose their job over it.


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      1. Will the approval be a medical one using the same standards for approval as for other vaccines or will it be a political one ordered by someone for political reasons instead of medical ones?

        An inquiring mind wants to know.

      2. Some companies are dropping the drug test requirements for employment because 1) too many people on drugs, 2) can’t find anyone who wants to work. So now they are going to require a jab? Stupid is as stupid does…

      3. If anyone comes to your door you do NOT have to speak with them OR open your door for them. If you do just tell them sternly to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Tell them if they come back you will have them arrested for trespassing and take a picture of them. If they do return, call the sheriff and have them arrested. It doesn’t matter if they are govt. freaks or not. You can post NO TRESPASSING signs at all entrances of your property just to make it more known. Have a couple of cameras pointing to your doorstep and property entrance.

      4. These companies can’t even find employees.

        • @Daniel, Exactly but they’ll have us believe they have enough people/resources
          to go to every single persons residence in America.?

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      6. In animal studies of the mRNA injections, several animals (mice) died right away (hours) and the remainder all died within nine days. This extrapolates to about 18 months for a grown adult who is injected. America is committing its own holocaust. There is no way America survives. Forcing injections on people will force people to shoot the government agents, which will create civil war. Denying employment to non-GMO (organic) humans will also result in organized civil war. Denying banking services to non-GMO (organic) humans will also result in civil war, and the good guys vastly outnumber the US military, National Guard and all other “law enforcement” pistoleros combined.

      7. Stop buying from those companies then. What ever they got to sell us we don’t need in the first place. No one has the right to force anything on us. If any company forces vaccines on us I hope that company goes bankrupt. ☠️

        • Not so simple sometimes, Marcy. For instance, I work with assisted living and one corporation is about to require vax for ALL employees and is getting ready for mass firing of those who will not comply. I have also been told by that same corporation that most other assisted living corporations will require the vax eventually, and not only that, but many of them will not take new referrals unless the resident has been vaccinated.

          • Good to know.

      8. What we have here fellow citizens (taking place in the Nation) is a clear example of what I described years ago as “trickle down lawlessness”. The lawlessness emanates from the top – and trickles down in the same manner as explosive diarrhea and it’s odiferous fetid self might trickle down ones legs if not arrested right away with copious amounts of SAP (shit arrest paper). We have a stench of monumental acridity emanating from one obvious bastion of HELL – known herewith as Warshington, CC (corruption central). It’s grotesque. It needs to be cleaned up/out with methods of extreme prejudice. When you come to the point at which this criminal cabal is openly threatening each and everyone of our persons with coercion, subjugation, and ultimately bodily harm over a clearly fraudulent health emergency, you had better understand that you now are justified in using any and all methods at your disposal in the preservation of you and yours well being. Time for “nice talk” and deference to these murderous subjugators is over. It’s time to make examples of them as they present.

      9. The last time you opened the door to the Census should have trained you.

        • Everyone in my apartment building threw those census papers in the garbage. Lol ??️

      10. Companies planning to mandate the vaccine(s) might want to consult the major airlines first, as well as the international oil and gas industry which is already planning ahead for loss of vaccinated personnel…

      11. They will want to get it done before the mid terms….

      12. If we are unable to chose what is injected into our bodies then we are not free and that makes us slaves! Do not comply!

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