Employers Can Mandate The COVID “Vaccine”

by | May 31, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    A United States agency says that it’s perfectly acceptable for an employer to mandate a COVID-19 “vaccine” or experimental gene therapy shot as a condition of employment. On Friday, right before the long holiday weekend, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said you don’t have to give equal opportunity to those who refuse the state’s injection.

    In a push to get as many of these shots into as many people as possible, the government is pulling out all the stops. The EEOC, in a statement posted on its website explaining its updated guidance, said employees can be required to be vaccinated as long as employers comply with the reasonable accommodation provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws.

    In addition, employers may offer incentives to workers to be vaccinated, as long as they are not coercive, it said, according to a report by Reuters.

    Federal Government Want Employers To “Incentivize” Workers To Get The COVID Jab

    The vast majority of employers have been reluctant to require workers to be vaccinated. A survey by management-side law firm Fisher Phillips earlier this year found that only 9% of the more than 700 employers surveyed said they were considering mandating vaccines.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    There is a desperate push to get people to take these shots.  There could even be incentives to companies from the government to help them mandate the jab. Why they continue to force these shots now that everyone who wanted one has gotten one, has yet to be seen, but it’s become glaringly obvious that the state wants as many people as possible to willingly take this thing. If this shot was so great, wouldn’t everyone have taken it already?  You don’t need to convince or incentivize people to do the right thing if it is actually the right thing.

    Keep your critical thinking skills up to par. Use discernment when reading or listening to anything and make sure your preps are in order. No one really knows what’s coming, but we do know (as evidenced by the great toilet paper shortage of 2020) that those who are prepared for as many situations as possible and plans in place will fare much better than those who do not.


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      1. Maybe so! But since, by any chemical, legal, or medical definition, there is no vaccine for the bioweapon commonly referred to as covid 19. And due to the covid bioweapons gain of function programming, a vaccine is not physically possible. If one is mandated to get a vaccine, they should demand a vaccine, and not a chemo therapy, for their specific strain of covid. Expect a baizuo biden like responsefrom the employer…

      2. My dad took the vaccine on a Friday and enjoyed his Saturday fishing.. He died of a heart attack that Sunday. Of course no one will say it was because of the vaccine. We all have the right to our opinions. I work at at hospital who now is requiring us to where a badge buddy that identifies the vaccinated from the not vaccinated. I’m sure we will be forced to get this vaccine at some point. That’s when I will hand in my two weeks notice.

        • It’s good to see people that stand for your principles. So few these days. I am the same way. If my job requires it, I’ll tell them that it’s none of their business and that it’s my private health information until they fire me. Then I’ll sell my home and move my family to a more freedom-oriented state.

      3. I have the right to live unencumbered, of the degenerate gubbmint, banksters, corporatocracy, medical tyrants, et al… The would be “enforcers” are not numerous enough to deal with even a fraction of the population if rebellion becomes necessity, and clearly necessity it’s become. One thing to remember is that TPTB will cut-off the refined fuelstuff’s to the masses (in short order) and that will be the signal indicating mass starvation is now the new ‘pandemic’. It will be brought on overnight – chaos will reign a week thereafter. The recent shutdown of the Colonial pipeline was almost assuredly not a concerted electronic hack, but rather, the inability to feed newly refined product into the line itself to push. You can’t push product through a pipe at half capacity (volume). As a result of having to (import) 75% of our crude, the real issue is our suppliers telling the sloth, grotesquely obese, slovenly American public (and our worthless paper) to go screw yourselves. That’s sometimes referred to as the “chickens come home to roost”. Decades of really piss poor thinking by an entire nation of dimwits, each of whom believe the world revolves around them personally…. The gross consumption by most is truly despicable. Just imagine the amount of (hydrocarbon) calories consumed for the wife to jump in the ridiculous 8000 pound SUV (scheistubervagen) to drive around gathering 5000 calories worth of shitty hotdogs, shitty potato chips, and shitty slimy salad in a bag.

        • $5 says you’re either obese yourself or a middle-aged smoker who looks like they have consumption. But let the hate flow through you…

          • In the olden days, when people shoveled dirt and carried buckets of water, weight loss was called “wasting”.

            There was no difference between fattening and nutritious food.

        • One as purely stupid as you must be a CCP troll!

      4. By the way, I have a well paying job and told my employers a long time ago when you demand I submit to a test for a make believe malady, or receive a inoculation for the same, all you’ll see is my ass walking out the door. When some douche effluent knocks on my door and says “we’re here to give you your mandatory inoculation”, the next noise you’ll hear is accurate sustained funfire. When you have a former Marine directing such fun your way, its a real hoot!!!

        • I like the way you think Stupordave!
          Unfortunately I believe we Alpha males are in the minority.
          But when, not if, the shtf – it will certainly be a very rich skooting environment.
          I am well ammo uped as I am sure you are.
          God help the liberal Metrosexual dopes. They deserve whats coming they’re way!

          • Well thanks for your approval Jakartaman. I spend far more on food than the weaponry. There will be all kinds of weapons laying about next to rotting corpses when this cataclysm kicks off properly. I have been asserting for several decades now (makes me a pariah amongst family and friends) that our demise will come about at the time the global frankensteins’ decide the world’s recoverable oil supply has dwindled “just so much”. It’s clear that time is upon us. We purchase 75% of our oil using the petro dollar – now just a scrap of paper that the bankers have wrecked with their ink. The US has no leverage or tradeables left to purchase oil with – and we will flounder. The shitbag enemy within are scuttling this ship as I speak. For all of the wishful, hopium medicated morons still thinking that peace-in’s, and voting, and electric cars are the way forward, GET OUTTA THE WAY. Prepare for battle, prepare to defend yourselves. For those so called men out there not willing to rub the shit out of your eyeballs and take notice that your children and grandchildren and wives are being set up for slaughter – how dare you call yourselves men.

          • Alpha males? More like chairborne rangers and gravy SEALS. You’re about as threatening as a kitten. But in that fantasy world in you’re head you’re a badass ninja, aren’t you? On the internet no one knows you’re really a loser.

        • Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. You’re one of those useless, know-it-all douchebags that should be fired anyway. Buh-bye.

          • You don’t have to worry about this douche, he’s the type who can’t go on and feel safe without getting the kill shot!

      5. Isn’t threat of loosing your job if you don’t get it coercion? Sounds like it could read a coercion to me. Good luck to us all and many blessings of good health!

      6. It is an EUA..emergency use authorization..it can NOT be mandated or made law.

        • Let’s just agree that the subversion and obfuscation of the constitution and law in general for quite some time now by our friendly fascist “dictasters”(GC) is out of control and so mandates and dictates seem to suffice as honest to gosh laws, according to our self appointed lourdes and masters. So for a business to require a employee to accept a toxic inoculation as a condition of future employment – is criminal coercion at the least. The mass murdering MF’s that seem to think they have this cat by the tail, ie bill “the clown” masturgates, duckter fucki, most members of the cungress, and all the rest of our douchenozzles claiming to have authoritass over we peasants better dig your bunkers deeper flunkies. These P’sOS beware “the best laid plans of mice and men”.

      7. I see the 2 comments I left earlier have disappeared. Time to eliminate shtf from my browser.

      8. Well, I’ve been looking for an excuse to beat my employer’s ass.

      9. If they mandate this RN, and they are already short employees I will leave and take my vacation pay with me. I will send for the thousands I have in an off shore bank account, still keep the thousands I have at home and I can live for 6 months. No way. by then I will find something to do on line, and off the books and not be bothered with nursing. I have been looking for a way to get work otherwise and I have already found an option, so I hope to one day tell them to take the license and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. This is long over due.

      10. It is technically illegal to persecute someone, based on genetic profile, and the jab — falsely called a vaccine — is a gene therapy

      11. It is technically illegal to persecute someone, based on genetic profile, and the jab — falsely called a vaccine — is a gene therapy


      13. You must understand the deception. Under federal regs/ laws, common ordinary words are defined to mean something completely different than you believe.
        For example Title 26 US Code (Internal Revenue Code) is nothing but definition after definition after definition. They use the word “includes” as a limitation; includes = inclosed = confined within, as in limited to, where we would use the word “means”. It is all part of the deception. Under Title 26 the word employer means the federal government, the word employee means a federal employee, the words trade or business mean holding federal public office, the word income means profit, gain, the word wages means benefits. By deception they are waging war against you.

      14. Hey employers! You can mandate all you want, I will not comply and when push comes to shove I will move to Wyoming or Montana where they already have anti vaxport laws on the books! Good luck hiring enough people morons!

        We the people!

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