It Has Begun: Want To Work? Get The Jab

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    The Houston hospital that required its employees to take the experimental gene therapy shot has “paved the way” for others to do the same. Several employees sued Houston Methodist hospitals for mandating the “vaccine” but a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit which will embolden other employers to require this shot.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    In his strongly-worded ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Hughes on Saturday knocked down arguments made in similar legal actions underway across the nation, limiting the likelihood that others will succeed.

    Hughes discounted claims that the vaccine is experimental and dangerous. Unless they meet legal health or religious exemptions, the judge said that workers who refuse to get vaccinated, “will simply need to work somewhere else.” –USA Today

    Whether Hughes’ ruling (note the word usage: ruling) will be the final word in Texas remains to be seen. The nurse leading the fight, Jennifer Bridges, has vowed to appeal on behalf of herself and 116 other plaintiffs, including at least three dozen nurses and others with medical training. The rest hold jobs ranging from patient liaison to lab tech to transplant coordinator.  All of them want the freedom of body autonomy to decide what they put in their bodies.

    But this has been a long time coming.  Last year, before the vaccines (which aren’t vaccines by any definition of the term), were announced, medical journals were already talking about how to punish those who won’t submit to the reward-based system of free beer, lotteries, donuts, etc. and just take the shot because ruling class propaganda told them to.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    So far, employers have been hesitant to mandate the “vaccine” as a condition of employment. Methodist’s CEO Marc Boom decided medical tyranny and force were the way to go. He soon began hearing from others eager to follow his lead, according to USA Today.  “My phone and email have rung off the hook,” says Boom, a fit, gray-haired doctor who urges people to call him by his first name. “We’re all going to go there. It’s just a matter of when not if.”

    And how did Boom get away with mandating a vaccine?

    Boom had started with an incentive: a $500 “hope bonus” for anyone who got the vaccine by March. He traded that carrot for a stick in April, telling those who did not comply their jobs were on the line. His success up to that point informed his decision to act.

    “I would have never pulled the trigger on a mandate if we were sitting at 55%,” Boom said. “You do have to run a hospital and care for everybody, and you do need your staff to do that.” –USA Today

    This is just the beginning.  If you plan to refuse this shot, have a backup plan. This won’t end until the “whole world is vaccinated.” They have already let that cat out of the bag. Start saving some money, invest in gold or silver or cryptocurrency to protect the wealth you have, and most importantly, stand firm. They will continue to treat us like slaves as long as we act like slaves. If we conduct ourselves as the free human beings we were born to be, they have no power and they know that.  All they can do is try to manufacture as much consent to be “governed” which means “controlled” as possible.

    This lawsuit, if anything, should prove that trying to use the system to beat the system is never going to work. It wasn’t designed to work in our favor but in theirs.


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      1. The mark without which you can neither buy nor sell includes buying and selling your labor as well as goods.

      2. One can only hope that enough of the hospital staff quit to force this bullying, fascistic organisation to close its door. Or alternatively that the people of Houston rise up, seize Mr Boom, strip him naked, throw him on a tumbrel and parade him through the streets to a newly elected guilloutine outside the City Hall as an example of what will happen to public servants who overreach their statutory powers.

        • I agree

      3. This is the MARK of the BEAST, it has started. Won’t be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the powerful evil, especially with them getting rid of our cash in a cashless system.. that way they CAN stop you from buying and selling, steal your funds if you don’t comply with the “vaccine” inoculations and boosters to come forever if you don’t die from the Jab first.

        Who is the Beast? Satan, the devil, Since the manufactured Covid crisis had been created as biological warfare and created and funded by the evil scientists in the US and China to kill people, as well as the “vaccinations”. They HAD the gene therapy BEFORE Covid 19 was announced! It was all planned. They were both made to control you and decrease the population as it had done.

        Yet they refused therapies that worked–Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, COPD corticosteroids and a bronchodilator, and Remdesivir . To denounce cures for Covid and ban any mention of it is evil, which without these, hundreds of thousands died.

        Time is now to get right with God. Hyper Inflation, severe drought, crop and livestock failures from it, hate and greed controlling the country, crime is through the roof, a cashless system coming and communism is here trying to convert the country into an economic failure, so prepare for the end days, they are coming…

        God can change this direction if people turn and make Him a part of their lives. I pray this happens.

        • Soon people will just take what they need r start popping these covid nazi idiots. THEY CAN SHOVE THEIR SHOT UP THEIR AZZ

      4. This is a sign of desperation. The entire economic and political system is fixing to implode. I expect tax revolts next when people start realizing the guvermint is trying to kill them. Guvermint produces nothing. They only steal other people’s work through fake promises like health care and more. They steal through inflation with fake debt. Of course politicians never lie. Even the virus is fake. It is only about money. Follow the money.

      5. When they have a serious shortage of workers (because they want you vaccinated) they will just go out of business. This state has the 2nd highest percent of anti-vaxxers and nobody demands you be vaxxed to go to work. If they did it would be the end for them. Pretty simple huh?

      6. Soon people will just take what they need or start popping these covid nazi idiots. THEY CAN SHOVE THEIR SHOT UP THEIR AZZ


      8. @Genius, agreed. How quickly will employers change their tune once they don’t have enough workers?

      9. I don’t want to work. I work for me now.

      10. Genius, I’ve never taking the jab and won’t take it, period. Plus, I’m semi-retired with another source of income so I’m not worried about losing any job. They can all kiss my white ass.

        • @ The Deplorable Renegade, I agree with you but you should have just said they can all kiss your ass! You said “white” ass and as you know that’s racist. Remember,that now
          EVERYTHING anybody says is “racist”. I’m even afraid to wear white socks anymore.?????

      11. Hmm, I got the ” jab ” or the shot only to shut my son and daughter in law as they both work in the health care industry. If I hadn’t gotten the shot, then maybe I would have been a able to be with my wife of 48 yrs a lot sooner. She passed away 4 yrs ago of cancer.

      12. Amtrack, the largest railroad servicing the United States has an extremely strict policy in place when it comes to Covid-19 and Masks.

        From the get go, and still in force, Amtrack requires any and all people riding their trains to wear specific types of masks at all times. They go so far as to say that even while eating or drinking that the mask must be worn between bites/sips.

        The only expecption to this rule is for passengers who opt for travelling in a private room.

        They further state that anyone who fails to abide by this rule will be subject to fines, removal from train, and possible future banning from riding Amtrack at all.

        People have a very simple choice here. They can either comply with Amtrack’s policy or find some other method of transportation.

        In my opinion Any Company should have the right to have any policy they see as what is best for the majority of their employee’s saftey. If employees don’t like the policies they are welcome to look for work somewhere else.

        I take most of the articles written by Marc Salvo with a huge grain of salt. He constantly spouts off about anything and everything and it is usually just sensationalism, not anything based on fact.

        • No doubt Marc reciprocates the sentiment when considering your own blather.

      13. I also wonder how many businesses were running at a fraction of full capacity, while saying they were unable to find willing workers (at a rate that covers a ride and shower.)

        I don’t want to have a bad attitude and believe in the end of the world, but you have all the info you could possibly need at your finger tips. It fits in your shirt pocket.

        ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ Don’t spend too long, breathing all the good air.

      14. Time will tell. Give cruel irony a chance to work its wonders. Just might teach that pos Boom a thing or too.

        • Irony will not be when a Boomer passes at a ripe age, but has to live with the consequences.

          “… And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”
          — from Rev 9

      15. ‘Methodist’s CEO Marc Boom(er) decided medical tyranny and force were the way to go.’

        Methodist is a denomination of Christianity.

      16. Medical fascism is here.

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