Coincidence? Maui Police Chief Was The Incident Commander During 2017 Las Vegas Massacre

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Headline News

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    Another strange coincidence has just occurred to some who look a little deeper into these “big events.” The police chief in Maui who is responsible for investigating the wildfire incident that has killed over100 people was the incident commander during the 2017 Las Vagas shooting.

    Reports are now confirming that current Maui Police Chief John Pelletier was the incident commander during the Las Vegas massacre in 2017, the worst mass shooting in American history. An incident commander is the top decision-maker during a major event. Their job is to delegate tasks and listen to input from subject matter experts to bring the incident to resolution ultimately.

    Most people already understand that the Las Vegas massacre included a very obvious cover-up and it’s looking like history may repeat itself.

    Las Vegas Massacre Coverup: Clark County Coroner Releases 58 Autopsy Reports With All Names Redacted, No Ballistics, And No Stephen Paddock Autopsy

    It sure looks like people are starting to question all of the “coincidences” in recent history.

    Another “Coincidence”: An Ohio Metal Factory Explodes

    Pelletier is responsible for outright lying to the world and covering up one of the largest mass shootings in history.

    Mandalay Bay Shooting Body Camera Footage Released: No Broken Windows Reported

    Also, in what could be just another coincidence, the performer on stage during the Las Vegas shooting was Jason Aldean. Aldean was recently making headlines for a “controversial” song called “Try That In A Small Town.” It’s another notable “coincidence”.

    Video: Is This PROOF Of A Ground-Based Shooter Firing Short Full-Auto Bursts Into The Crowd During The Las Vegas Massacre?

    Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Abruptly Dies Just Days After Posting Eyewitness Account Of Multiple Shooters And Subsequent Cover-Up

    Aldean’s song, “Try That In A Small Town,” has several good points, and yet it’s still an appeal to authority and the state worshipping slaves’ clung to it like they do their invisible chains.

    Whether or not there’s anything to these odd coincidences or not, they bear mentioning and it’s important to know our history; lest we be doomed to repeat it.


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