Las Vegas Massacre Coverup: Clark County Coroner Releases 58 Autopsy Reports With All Names Redacted, No Ballistics, And No Stephen Paddock Autopsy

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 32 comments

The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

It appears that a further cover-up is underway in regards to the 1 October massacre in which 58 people were killed

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — The Coroner finally released the autopsy for the 58 victims but not for the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock after a judge ruled that the coroner release all the documents and pay $32,000 in legal fees.

Not only did the coroner drag his feet and release the autopsy reports late Wednesday, but all of the names were redacted in the reports, with no mention of ballistic data, bullet caliber, or trajectories. This, despite the fact that the report does state that recovered bullet fragments were turned over to the police.

Moreover, against public law, the coroner has still not released the autopsy report for “Stephen Paddock” after an Intellihub article definitively proved the body recovered in Mandalay Bay room 32-135 was not Paddock’s.

In fact, the coroner claims that he still has to “finalize” the report despite the fact the autopsy was conducted.

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    1. Kevin2

      Everyone sees that something is terribly wrong here but even with overwhelming evidence few will believe a false flag with political intent. To accept that opens up the very legality of the US government. Thats too much even if seen with their own eyes. TPTB know this full well as nothing will come of this as its added to the long and growing list of unexplained forgetaboutit.

      • OHgirl

        You are so right…”forgetaboutit”. Mafia shit all the way.

        • Kevin2

          The public is in denial.

          • guest

            Like Morpheus says in The Matrix: they are so hopelessly dependent on the system which enslaves them that they will fight to protect it.

    2. B from CA

      I can understand withholding information on autopsy reports. I can not figure out why the government would refuse to publicize the names and approximate age of the victims. Without a list of victims, I’m questioning whether a massacre actually occurred at all.

      They sure want our guns.

      • FedUpAirman

        It did happen. My friend was with her family in Vegas at the festival when her mother was shot and killed.

        • DMONIC

          So name some names. Or are we supposed to believe you because you say so?

      • Kevin2

        I don’t think anyone can understand the destruction of the corpse of Steven Paddock. This case is too high profile to not be 100% transparent.

      • guest

        > I can not figure out why the government would refuse to publicize the names and approximate age of the victims.

        If you were able to match up the wounds and the victims location at the time of the shooting, it would prove there were several snipers, with at least one on the ground. This has been confirmed by many witnesses, but mainstream news coverage of the investigation ceased as soon as they came forward to give their testimony.

    3. ShannobAnonymous

      Have you heard of q-Anon? If so what do you think

      • MWK

        What did QAnon have to say about vegas? I didn’t see it.

      • Kevin2

        I listened/read some of their stuff or more accurately that which its said is there’s. I’m so suspect of everything. The NSA / CIA (and God only knows what else) being a tool of TPTB can create / infiltrate groups to intentionally put forward disinformation. I get a headache thinking about the double crosses, triple crosses and potential for outright deception. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement was co-opted and run off a cliff.

        I’ll sum up with I just don’t know.

      • guest

        Like 9/11 and the JFK assassination, the Vegas massacre is a national I.Q. test: how much evidence of a conspiracy must we be confronted with before we will acknowledge that a conspiracy exists? Notice how people are not demanding that government employees who are clearly involved in the coverup be removed from office. False flag ops have become routine because the public just sits and stares at the TV like a deer in the headlights.

        I think Q-anon is a psy-op: they just reinforce this behavior. Never heard them discuss MKULTRA, false flag operations, or the trillions of dollars which the federal government cannot account for. If you read between the lines, Q is basically saying: “just sit back and watch while the good guys take care of everything for you.” Also notice how Q was badmouthing Snowden. In case you forgot, the NSA team tasked with hunting down Snowden was called “The Q Group”.

    4. aljamo

      Justice in this case not so swift. The Orlando shooting was wrapped up quickly though I don’t believe the final explanation there either.



      GO VEGAS

      • guest

        Note to SHTFplan: why does spam like this ^ get posted instantly while thoughtful, intelligent and relevant comments are held for moderator review?

        • macslavo2

          Some comments are automatically approved by the system, some have to be manually approved.

    6. 2018 Is Now

      Avoid the Vegas Strip like the plaque. New York, New York will sell you 2 pizza slices and a
      bottle of water for 12 bucks. Las Vegas Blvd. exists to rip people off. That city truly is the
      modern day version of Babylon. I have no use for it.

      • RoyInNC

        I lived about a 3-4 hour drive from LV, back in the ’70’s for a couple years. Didn’t have any desire to go there.

    7. Heartless

      Just how does an autopsy report not include, “… mention of ballistic data, bullet caliber, or trajectories..”? In other words, what do the papers say, ‘he/she is dead’? and that is it?

      • guest

        It says cause of death. All evidence which points to multiple shooters redacted.

    8. TorresD30

      It all makes sense when you realize that Paddock was CIA. His income for being a professional gambler was just a cover and his mission was to entrap ISIS in the Philippines with a gun running sting operation. The deal fell through and his “customers” killed him and used the arsenal in the hotel to shoot up the concert across the street.
      The CIA will never admit they collected all those guns to sell to terrorist and then let their scheme go to hell in a hand basket on national TV.

      • Frank Thoughts

        You nailed it in one. The thing to keep in mind is this: most of these government agencies have lots and lots of incompetent blacks working senior roles. Once you take that on board, cover-ups for f#ck ups makes sense. It is their modus operandi. Watch The Wire for a primer on how this works.

        • Kevin2

          Frank Thoughts

          The cover ups are far more sinister and nefarious.

      • Michigan Wolverine

        I wouldnt be surprised if Eric Holder had his hands all over this mess

        after all he IS the governments #1 gun runner

      • Kevin2

        They did this horrendous crime by happenstance as a target of opportunity or the rogue CIA working for TPTB staged an incident with plenty of pre planning to demonize gun ownership? ISIS had a gun deal go bad and no US intelligence were nearby listing in?

        Are you out of your minds? Absolutely implausible. Actual its being in denial that elements in Uncle Sam’s employ could do such a thing.

        • Kevin2

          Oh, forgot to mention that ISIS has been overthrowing stable nations for TPTB and was born from (Libya Overthrow) and armed by the US.

          I don’t know how many times I’ve posted this from a US Congressman (woman) US Army Major and Iraq veteran.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

      • guest

        It all makes sense when you realize that Paddock was CIA. His income for being a professional gambler was just a cover and his mission was to entrap ISIS in the Philippines with a gun running sting operation.

        Paddock the patsy believed this nonsense just like the Tsarnaev brothers thought they were participating in a bomb drill. ISIS is a creation of U.S. military-intelligence and most of their equipment was supplied by US/UK – including those brand new top of the line digital military radios.

        The CIA will never admit they collected all those guns to sell to terrorist and then let their scheme go to hell in a hand basket on national TV.

        That is complete bullshit. Gun deals of that size aren’t done in hotels under total surveillance. How stupid do you think we are? Operation High Incident was scripted from start to finish, and you know it.

      • mustangbob

        Does anyone else wonder what the odds are of two of the 58 victims not being related, in regards to having the same last name?

    9. Woody

      Sorry about the previous comment. While the coroner did release the names, he redacted them on the supposed autopsy reports. Got it now. Not enough coffee, this AM.

    10. Unclezip

      Shades of Sandy Hoax…

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