Video: Is This PROOF Of A Ground-Based Shooter Firing Short Full-Auto Bursts Into The Crowd During The Las Vegas Massacre?

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 35 comments

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    What sounds like three rapid-fire five round bursts can be heard spraying into the crowd on the night of the October 1 massacre.

    LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A new video has surfaced in which numerous short, fully-automatic bursts of gunfire, bullets, can be heard whizzing past and pummeling concert goers and their surroundings after Jason Aldean had already exited stage left.

    Astonishingly, the short bursts were not part of the other eleven documented 100-round volleys which Stephen Paddock reportedly fired from his 32nd-floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino which proves other gunmen were, in fact, on the prowl that night just as many eyewitnesses have already stated.

    It is not known exactly what time the video was captured but is sometime between 10:05 and 10:10 p.m.

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      1. What’s with that dufis just standing there drinking his beer looking around like an idiot while the crowd around him is hunkered down. Would have been a great target.

        • cowboy hat guy made me laugh. i hope the antifa idiots do a hat twirl during the assault.

        • he’s the same tard who told the cops he wasn’t swerving cuz had just spilled his beer.

        • maybe cowboy hat man was directing weapon fire?

        • Kinda like Murrkans letting the neocons sleepwalk them into nuclear war.

      2. One more nothing-burger video. this is getting old. I feel for those who died or lost loved ones; but, stuff like this serves no purpose.

      3. So sick of ALL of the constant damn LIES!!!!

      4. BS
        There would have been more dead.

        • More goofy-assed whodunit.

          • PO’d, just finished another batch of peach! I think I’m in love with that stuff lol. Got pretty tanked the other night on rum and egg nog (and ya my posts showed it 🙁 ) Eh well back to work for me, gonna take some peach love for my friends! I know a guy that sells apple pie (and not even very strong) for 20 bux a pint. I’m in the wrong biz I guess…..

            • Sounds good. Got recipes to share?
              Egg nog and Tennessee Fire cinnamon flavored Jack Daniels, oh so good right now.

              • Off the top of my head…
                1 gallon white grape/peach juice (use white grape if you need too).
                2 15oz. cans peaches in lite syrup
                1 cup white sugar (I use 3/4 cup)
                1 cup brown sugar (I use 3/4 cup)
                Cinnamon sticks (I like the indonesian ones)
                1 cup peach schnapps (if you use grape juice use a little more)
                1 quart clear moonshine

                heat the sugar and juice and peaches (syrup too) and simmer for 1/2 hour. Cool to below 100 degrees. Strain in a collander or cheesecloth. Add booze and put in jars and add 2 cinnamon stix (as tall as the jar). I add a slice of peach too. Let sit a couple of days and there ya go!

                I make it half of that recipe and it makes 7 pints.

                • My apple pie recipe:

                  1/2 gallon apple juice
                  1/2 gallon apple cider
                  cinammon sticks
                  white sugar (about 1 cup)
                  2 quarts 100 proof clear moonshine

                  Heat the juice and sugar and simmer 1/2 hour. Cool to under 100 degrees. Add shine and put in jars. Add 3 cinnamon stix as long as the jar is. Let sit 2 days and enjoy!

                  • If you make your own I will give you my whiskey recipe. It is smooth as can be and very well loved. Just add cinnamon if you like that kind of thing.

                  • White sugar, so racist! No black sugar, gotta love it HaHa. I’m so tired of the constant race cards by the libtards, and good boozy drinks like this are what we’re gonna need in 2018 the way things are looking. Thanks for sharing.

                    A buddy of mine is a partial owner of a local distillery in my town, good friend to have.

                    • Cool! Have him make you some sugarshine (made from plain sugar). With that you can make a plethora of liquors. Apple pie, Peach cobbler, Kahlua, Sour apple, Schnapps, literally an endless menu!

                  • Mmmm, sounds wonderful. I’ve never made my own libations. Might have to start. I will save these recipes.

            • Some rum nog eh? that’ll do it every time LOL. I’m making some peach and apple tomorrow. Them heathen friends of mine are hollering for some. I was sipping some peach when I got out of the woods this evening. Saw a small button buck and passed on him. Me and the son have put 11 deer in the freezers now so I guess I’m getting lazy or just tired of cutting anymore up. Got into some Canadian geese last Saturday and we tolled in several bunches and came away with 8 birds. I’m not too keen on the meat but I will breast them out and then slice them thin and make jerky. Hope you and yours had a good Christmas and have a safe and awesome New Years!

      5. I say keep reporting on the Las Vegas massacre/coverup/lie/false flag/people-who-got-too-comfortable-and-screwed-up-royally story – no matter who says they are sick of it – until the truth is made known.

        I think of so many stories (the Fukushima fiasco comes to mind) that are so important but just die on the vine.

        We need to persist! The powers that be want us distracted.

        If you haven’t read, or haven’t read for a long time, read the novel 1984. Totally eerie how it correlates to today’s world.

      6. Those 2 aholes are lucky they didn’t draw fire standing there! I’d taken his legs out from under him! Douchebag

      7. Is this proof? No. Carry on, I’ll be in the area all day.

      8. steve paddock was a government patsy

      9. Yes, vegas is as big as 9/11 and JFK to me. I don’t believe in the ISIS arab terrorists theory at all! I believe the anti-gun deep state theory. I think it is silly to consider otherwise given all the possibilities of dozens of weapons, multiple shooters, helicopters, soros foundation and CEO stock play, airport activity, 4chan warning, the lady in the crowd saying they are all around you, everywhere, and they are going to kill you! To many strange things going on! Just like 9/11. And the lone gunman and magic bullet theory is as silly as it was with JFK. Vegas is huge, we simply don’t know how huge!

        • Oh, and, isn’t it interesting that we still have no idea how many were actually shot! Cause the perception of close to 600 is far better for the gun grabbers.

          • the NRA will like the 600 number then

        • Dave, I concur wholeheartedly!

        • Dave, adding Hillary’s obviously pre written script and statements against suppressors, and the timing of the incident with the vote on the Hearing Protection Act (removing suppressors from the NFA). Damn right this was staged by the evil deep state.

      10. One commentator, Martin Brodel said it was Isis. He has a you tube set up.

      11. Aliens pulled this mass shooting off. The dead bodies were served up at a fancy private buffet after the event. Blood pudding for dessert.

      12. lets please see some hotel security footage of the accused/ deceased bringing the cases of guns up to his room.
        just one little video of that, from the parking garage, or in the elevator or halls, anywhere please show us.

        please also show us the ATF Forms 4473 that show he bought all these guns or the credit card statements that show he bought multiple bump stocks.

        While we are at it please release the autopsies from Sandy Hoax in Newtown Connecticut, where the FBI reported there were zero murders in their official report on crime seen here

      13. Yeah…no…not even close

      14. it’s called “echo”.

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