China Doubles Down On Zero COVID Policy By Expanding Lockdowns

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Headline News

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    Millions of people are back in lockdown under the thumb of the rulers in China. Beijing is doubling down on its zero COVID policy and human beings are the casualty.

    Across the country, around 200 lockdowns have been implemented in recent days, the majority of these affecting communities that have been marked as high or medium risk. Residents in different areas are subject to different rules, depending on whether they are in a low, medium, or high-risk zone.

    Earlier this month Xi Jinping signaled that there would be no easing up of the zero-Covid policy, calling it a “people’s war to stop the spread of the virus”.  Although we know it’s a war on the people, not a “people’s war.”

    Millions Are Back Under Lockdown In China

    China is continuing to lock down people because a handful are getting colds. Not even that. They are testing positive using faulty PCR tests as an excuse for the abject tyranny.

    As of Oct 24, some 28 cities across the country were implementing some degree of lockdown measures, analysts Nomura told news agency Reuters – with around 207 million people affected in regions responsible for almost a quarter of China’s GDP, it added.

    In Zhengzhou, a “small number of employees” from Foxconn – a major manufacturer for Apple – have been “affected by the pandemic”, the manufacturer told the BBC, adding that quarantined employees were being provided with “material supplies, psychological comfort, and responsive feedback”. It comes at a critical period for Apple – which is now making the new iPhone 14. -BBC

    Officials claim there were eight new COVID cases in the city of Lhasa in Tibet, even though that city has been on lockdown for three months.

    Even the Chinese are getting tired of the rampant enslavement. Protests and clashes with police have become commonplace as people are finally beginning to realize that government is slavery and their masters have been controlling them for centuries. The illusion of freedom is failing. No one has much, if any and it’s becoming more obvious by the day.



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