Army General In Charge Of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Fears The Public Won’t Take It

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Army General Gus Perna was two months from retirement in May when Donald Trump asked him to head up Operation Warp Speed, which aims to get 300 million Americans vaccinated for COVID-19.  But now, the general fears Americans won’t be willing to take the vaccine.

    A recent video from CBS’ 60 Minutes shows hundreds of vials of a vaccine being stockpiled ahead of its approval by the FDA.  Far too many delusionally believe that the military won’t be involved and that somehow this nefarious plan to innoculate the globe wasn’t drummed up under Donald Trump. Nothing can be further from the truth:

    Make preparations as necessary if you intend to refuse this vaccine when the military comes around. It’s coming and it’ll be soon.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    A Pew Research poll conducted in September found about half of US adults (51 percent) wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine should one be available today. In May the figure was 72 percent, according to the DailyMail. 

    Those who say they would not be happy to get the injection also runs roughly along party political lines with less than half of Republicans (47%) saying they would take the jab but with 81% of Democrats ready to line up to be inoculated, according to the poll by Gallup. –DailyMail

    Top Lawyer Says The Government Has THE POWER To “Plunge a NEEDLE IN YOUR ARM”

    He said the two scenarios believed to be likely were the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of a vaccine developed by Pfizer, followed by approval of another from Moderna. Once the FDA gives the green light, the vials of the vaccine will start rolling out – with most states planning on giving the first doses to healthcare workers and frontline service employees.

    The Pfizer vaccine requires two doses and could be available as soon as this month. Along with it will come a huge propaganda push to try to get everyone to take the shot.

    Pfizer Begins Mass Production of COVID-19 Vaccines Anticipating EUA Approval


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      1. Gee, the general public not wanting to take a rushed/potentially poisonous toxic vaccine?Who’d ever think that would be the overwhelming reaction?? I don’t know about others,but, I will be avoiding this vaccination like the plague.

      2. The only truth that has been spoken in quite a while he’s absolutely right you can take that needle and poke it in your own ar$$!!

      3. what kind of asshole would take a deadly vaccine for a man made disease theat kills less than half of one percent of the people that have it?

      4. I have better than a 99.5 % chance of not dying from the virus. That is a better chance than anything the government has ever offered.
        “Army General In Charge Of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Fears The Public Won’t Take It”
        I believe the General’s fear is correct.

      5. The honeymoon is already over for at least one Biden voter, Naomi Wolf, and most Biden voters did not support Biden in the primary, but many Republican voters did. Biden is going to face an uphill battle not only against Republicans, but against the progressive wing, the youth vote, the minority vote, and a lot of the women’s vote in his party. It is really sad that an obviously feeeble minded individual was suckered into doing the dirty work of the psychopathic robber barons, and even though Biden has an extremely corrupt record, a record that included building prisons as the main infrastucture project under Clinton, and that included prohibiting student loan debt from being written off in bankruptcies, and allowing the government to seize social security checks from parents or grand parents that co-signed student loan debts, in addition to all of the wars based on lies, the Ukrainian judge bribing consisting of a high crime, and the sex offender allegations, wait! WTF?! Why do I feel sorry for this psycho?!

        Former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf is for some reason claiming to be shocked that Biden favors more lock downs, and claims that she hates lock downs because the elites love it. Also claims that she would not have voted for Biden if she knew that, despite his support of the lock down, and even stating that Trump was too lenient with people’s liberties, even though they were locked in their homes under false arrest in a hostage crisis.  How can an advisor to Hillary Clinton not consider herself to be the elite, and is Naomi Wolf claiming that she thought that the lock down was just a gas-lighting conspiracy to commit fraud in order to defeat Trump because they told the Democrats that went along with the lock down that? It certainly sounds that way to me! 

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Of course we won’t take it. What intelligent person would?

      7. You can give me the injection after I give you your injections of 160gr lead

      8. They can kiss my grits

      9. Thanks to the scamdemic, so far, the NWO agenda is efficiently being put into place according to plan. Could the infamous vaccine be the first snag? The sheeple have docilely and systematically complied to every fuckin’ measure, from the ridiculous to the aberrant. However, looks like there is an increasing number among them, not only in the U.S.A., who are becoming reluctant to take the vaccine. Definitely, one of the very few positive things since this Orwellian nightmare started last March. I wouldn’t call it a concrete ray of hope yet, though, since a well orchestrated MSM propaganda campaign will succeed in wiping out the “hesitancy” of many to roll up their sleeves.

      10. “Those who say they would not be happy to get the injection also runs roughly along party political lines…”

        So, ask each respective cultist, this way —
        Trump’s vaccine, or Harris’ vaccine?

        We keep seeing these needles. There’s a big, hollow, metal tube, for that grain-of-rice rfid.

        You’re not showing micro-needles and nanite gels, which may just as soon be taken on a band-aid via skin contact.

        What if the religion of the End Times looks like a Tomorrowland / Mekudeshet Festival. Rave culture, which OD’s on energy drinks and takes Chinese research chemicals from headshops: Would they accept get Harris’ cute little animal sticker, like the stamp for LSD?

      11. I thought covid-1984 was originally a dress rehearsal for what was to come. Now I see that the elites see how ripe the populace is, ready to be plucked. Screw the dress rehearsal, the real deal is ON. The Good Book tells you what is to come:

        1. False prophets and false Christs will appear and deceive many

        2. There will be wars, rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, and natural disasters

        3. Believers will be persecuted, hated, and put to death, and the gospel will spread and be preached to all nations

        4. There will be an increase in wickedness in this world, and many will grow distant from God in their love BUT many will still stand for Him

        5. The times will be very difficult and distressing for all

        6. No one will know the day or hour of Christ’s return

        7. There will be signs in the sky, the seas will roar, and heavenly bodies will be shaken. And then, in the blink of an eye, at the trumpet’s sound, Christ Jesus promises that He will come again

        If you are unsure about any of the above, ASK. If you are sincere, the truth will be made known unto you.

        Amen! Even so, come Lord Jesus . . .

      12. When does the civil war start?? Covid, Trump/Biden, BLM, etc.

      13. No thank you general. I can tell you there won’t be a lot of compliance where I live. We frankly, don’t see the need for mass inoculation around here as there is no evidence of a “pandemic”, and never has been. It would serve better to save all the costly resources, time and the taxpayers money. No need to inject everyone, just do the people that request it, ’cause if you insist that everyone submit, you are going to make a lot of people really angry. No matter how comprehensive the effort, a lot of people, all across the nation, are going to say no and refuse, no matter how intimidating or threatening the authorities may be. In the end, you will only contribute to further strain the relationship of citizens and authoritarian gov’t/officialdom.

      14. Come after me with a Needle and I will jam-it in your FKing Eyeball. Nuff said.


      15. For an Army General, you’re very Astute. Nobody I know, myself included, will never take a forced vaccination.


      16. You bring your needle, I will bring my 357, we will see who makes the biggest hole. When the military is running a civilians project, that scares the dren out of me.

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