Another NYC Monkeypox Case As WHO Says It May Be Too Late To Contain

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    The World Health Organization has been slowly telling the public that it is possible that it’s “too late” to contain the monkeypox outbreak. As they passively state that it’s “spreading undetected”, a fifth case has popped up in New York City.

    WHO: Monkeypox Has Been “Spreading Undetected” Globally

    The NYC case makes three new cases in less than 36 hours for a previously rare disease that is now spreading so quickly. The top global health officials say they don’t know if it’s “too late to contain.” As of Thursday afternoon, the CDC said there were 21 confirmed cases nationwide from the recent outbreak. That’s more than double in a week.

    CDC Issues “Alert Level 2” For Monkeypox

    “We don’t really know whether it’s too late to contain. What WHO and all member states are trying to do is prevent onward spread,” Dr. Rosamund Lewis, the WHO’s monkeypox technical lead, said during a news conference in Geneva on Wednesday according to NBC New York.

    Study finds latest Monkeypox Outbreak is the result of Biolab manipulated Virus possibly released intentionally

    Perhaps the monkeypox is nothing more than a distraction. Buried under monkeypox fear-mongering news was this gem published by CBS News:

    Why boosted Americans seem to be getting more COVID-19 infections

    Federal data suggests the rate of breakthrough COVID infections in April was worse in boosted Americans compared to unboosted Americans.

    Even many boosted Americans are vulnerable to catching and spreading the virus, at a time when officials are wary of reimposing pandemic measures like mask requirements.-CBS News

    But that just means the extra “vaccine” doses are working, according to propagandists.

    U.S. Ruling Class Data: Fully “Vaccinated” Are Developing AIDS

    CDC data: Fully vaccinated kids are more likely to get COVID-19 than unvaccinated kids

    Monkeypox could be a distraction, considering how low the case numbers are right now, no one really knows someone who has it, they have only heard about it on their television. Their attempt is to draw attention to a new disease that’s going to cause panic and fear, but they aren’t amping the monkeypox up in the same way they did the common cold COVID-19. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the last “disease” they will panic the masses with. If they can get away with another lockdown, they will do it. However, remain alert and use your discernment, because if something is released out there that is deadly, you will want to isolate yourself from others.

    Keep an open mind and look at things from all angles. It just seems like this is not over yet.


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      1. Evil alphabet


      2. Gee, another monkeypox
        case. I truly did not see
        this coming. I’m in awe
        and complete disbelief.

      3. This will surely mean tens of millions dead without immediate drastic action.

        In any event, why are all these African diseases suddenly spreading throughout the United States and Western World?

      4. I urge all Covid cult members
        to get their approved and not
        approved monkeypox
        “vaccine” as soon as they
        possibly can. After all,
        “It’s for your own good”.
        Oh, also safe AND effective.

        • Included in this regimen is a yearly chicken pox vax, monkey pox and Small pox Quack666ine .Where’s that lab rat Darwin the DarTard? Let us know how those go for you moron!

      5. Recently read this
        somewhere regarding our
        previous “deadly pandemic”

        If Covid was as contagious,
        dangerous, and lethal as
        they say it is – you wouldn’t
        be around to read the words
        I just wrote.

      6. but they aren’t amping the monkeypox up in the same way they did the common cold COVID-19.

        not yet……

      7. They always have to have
        at least a few cases coming
        from NYC when they begin
        these ridiculous fake
        pandemics – don’t they ?

      8. How to go about
        creating a fake pandemic:

        Your only problem is going to be that – due to the fact there is no actual new deadly pathogen but just regular sick people you are mislabelling – your case numbers, and especially your deaths, are going to be way too low for a real new deadly virus pandemic.

        But you can stop people pointing this out in several ways.

        1. You can claim this is just the beginning and more deaths are imminent. Use this as an excuse to quarantine everyone and then claim the quarantine prevented the expected millions of dead.

        2. You can tell people that ‘minimizing’ the dangers is irresponsible and bully them into not talking about numbers.

        3. You can talk bullshittery about numbers hoping to blind people with pseudoscience

        4. You can start testing well people (who, of course, will also likely have shreds of coronavirus DNA in them) and thus inflate your ‘case figures’ with ‘asymptomatic carriers’ (you will of course have to spin that to sound deadly even though any virologist knows the more symptomless cases you have the less deadly is your pathogen

        Take these simple steps and you can have your own entirely manufactured pandemic up and running in weeks.

      9. Who cares? More fear porn for slavery. The blah blah blah agencies can smoke my helmet. I will never lockdown or get their vax crap. Get sum!

      10. Darwin the DarTard has been busy spreading the monkey pox!

      11. They call me scratch and sniff.

      12. I did that!

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