Another “Deadly Outbreak” As COVID Hystria Winds Down?

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Even though the rulers are rolling back some of the muzzling and lockdown rules they imposed on the willing populations of the globe as we enter the “endemic” phase of the scamdemic, some are warning that this is simply a lead up to another “deadly outbreak.” The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 could still cause widespread disease in the future say some “authorities.”

    Animals could be a potential source of these new coronaviruses with “pandemic potential,” Dr. Elizabeth Halloran, an epidemiologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, told Forbes, pointing to the family of influenza viruses able to “recombine in other animal hosts” and then spread between humans.

    Endemicity “is a pattern, not an intrinsic trait of a virus,” Dr. Aris Katzourakis, an evolutionary virologist at the University of Oxford, told Forbes, and it’s possible endemic Covid could become pandemic again.   Worrisome mutations in “endemic strains can certainly seed new” outbreaks and potentially new pandemics, he explains.

    Is this all a cover for what the “vaccines” are doing to people? Or is this a cover for a more deadly viral outbreak/plandemic that’s planned for the near future?

    What’s With All The HIV & AIDS Headlines in The MSM Lately?

    SHOCK CLAIM: China Released A Bioweapon During The Olympics: A Hemorrhagic Fever Virus

    “There is a misconception that endemicity is just a natural endpoint… that the disease will, on its own, become a minimal health burden,” Katzourakis says.

    So, they aren’t completely letting go of the official narrative. They are leaving the door wide open to cause another scamdemic or REAL pandemic in the future and blame it all on a mutated SARS-CoV-2 viral infection. This looks like an attempt to get the slaves to drop their guard and feel better about giving them back some of the perceived freedom they never had in the first place.


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      1. They want you exposed as much as possible (no mask) so you can catch the new bioweapon. Thats what I would do if I were them. Blue/purple veggies are supposed to help block the new hemmoraging fever crap.

      2. You idiots are perpetuating this coronavirus panic at this point, you are literally working for the deep state by doing this.

        • That’s what happens when everything revolves around monetary clicks and book sales.

      3. New and improved deadly
        disease/ virus / pandemic/
        plague/ influenza in 3 , 2, 1…

      4. Whatever happened to
        that “dark winter” these
        evil bastards promised us?

      5. The public will be warned of sporadic outbreaks on an ongoing basis. Outbreaks, real or contrived, is of no importance to the State or the MSM. The covid “vaccine” is a cash cow for the pharmaceuticals so they’ll want to continue peddling their vaccines. As for the State, all their goals probably weren’t achieved. The gov’t knows compliance is tapering off dramatically but it is still recommending everyone mask up, maintain social distancing, getting those jabs, etc. I also believe another and more dangerous “pandemic” may be in the works.

      6. There goes the food supply. Next they will claim vegetables spread viruses and only lab made food is allowed.

      7. If you drink enough beer you won’t get sick lol. Works for me. No tests, No jabs, No sickness. Vitamins and beer have kept the crappola at bay! No testing keeps your dna out of their database too. FKK them every chance you get lol.

      8. I have avoided putting any extra data usage on an Android, mainly intended for emergencies.

        But, every time I turn the thing on, it wants several minutes of new downloads.

        I go to check on unusual snow and gale force winds.

        Now, there is a contact tracing widget, on there.

        If I use Google maps on the home PC, this county and all those adjoining report exposure. Highlighted in pink.

        I don’t believe that the vax pass is going to allow freedom of movement for those modified mutants. You can supposedly catch and spread CV19, still. Everywhere is reportedly a hot zone.

      9. I could snort blow off a dead hookers Arse and not catch the Covid sniffles. What a joke!
        I am not scared to live life again globalist scum!

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