American Journalists Are Being Threatened By The U.S. Government

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    In a desperate attempt to keep a hold of power, American journalists are being threatened by their rulers for contributing to “banned” websites.  Writer Daniel Lazare said he is concerned his country’s reputation as a defender of press freedom might be over.

    Might be over? It was over when Assange was tossed in jail for the “crime” of exposing the government for what it truly is. The U.S. is far from the “land of the free” the ruling class tells the slaves that it is, and most of us know it.

    In The War On Free Speech, Assange Says: “Everyone Else Must Take My Place”

    Lazare and other US journalists who’ve written for the Strategic Culture Foundation, a website that describes itself as a “research platform on Eurasian global affairs,” recently received threatening letters from the Treasury Department warning they could be on the hook for at least $300,000 in sanctions penalties, he told RT on Sunday. –RT

    “It’s impossible to battle the US Treasury in this kind of case,” Lazare said, pointing out that the Treasury’s power was “enormous,” while “that of an individual freelance journalist is microscopic.” Citing the “chilling effect” of merely receiving such a document, he pointed out that few journalists would even acknowledge being thus targeted, never mind coming forward to do an interview about it, as he had. “They’re unwilling to write, and they’re unwilling to talk about why they’re too afraid to write,” Lazare said.

    The masters have been coming for those who continue to expose them as such. Sadly, we are likely to see more of this before enough people get tired of their slavery. It’ll get worse before it gets better.  “To stop journalists from writing for these kinds of websites is a new step,” he said. “I was surprised, because the United States, in fact, has a very good track record when it comes to a free press. In America, we can say anything we want,” he continued, noting that he could mock current and former presidents “and not have to worry about the secret police crashing through my door.”

    Except, we can’t say what we want. Not online anyway. And we can’t freely express ideas unless they agree with the official narrative of the U.S. government. Why some people still think they are “free” and elections matter is beyond comprehension at this point.

    The good news is that this shows how desperate the ruling class has become to hold onto power.  They know people are figuring out government is slavery and they know that once a critical mass has been reached, they will no longer be able to control us. Everything that is being done right now is all out of some desperate attempt to keep control of those last few who still refuse to see the truth.


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      1. All of this reeks of desperation (as you mentioned) to continue
        covering up the truth of
        what’s really going on and
        keep the masses enslaved.
        With all of the blatant censorship going on everywhere (and of course the covid scam lies) – is it any wonder whatsoever that more & more people distrust the government and their paid in full msm presstititutes?

      2. So what was that Treasury letter about, what did it claim, and why isn’t any of it mentioned in the article?

        Any place it is available to read and determine the answers to these questions?

        • I won’t post a link, since it will go into moderation purgatory, but if you go to the Ron Paul Institute website, they have a pretty good explanation of what was in the letter.

          Look for the relevant article by finnigan on Nov. 18.

      3. There are several hallmarks or traits that are ubiquitous in all gov’ts. No matter how much power it accumulates it is never enough, a continuous drive for ever more power and control, ongoing consolidation of power in fewer hands, endemic corruption, heavy use of propaganda, and a haven for the worst people to name a few. But another is a consuming obsession for secrecy. This is one reason why the State has compromised the MSM. It wants to control/dominate all narratives.
        One can see on-line videos where reporters and news people not only talk about the same pro-gov’t topics, but present monologue word for word, exactly verbatim, in thousands of TV and radio stations across the US. The topic they “warn” the public most about is getting “reliable” information, from the MSM of course, that alternative or independent news sites should not be trusted.
        The State hates the 1st Amendment, with all the rights it reaffirms. It hates that people are endowed with rights that will empower them against the State. And the State virulently hates those who practice their inviolable rights. Gov’t does not want to expend an inordinate amount of resources to curtail rights so it uses propaganda, intimidation, fear, social pressure, etc. in an effort to limit rights. But what gov’t does best is use violence and will do so if necessary.
        One must also blame journalists too. They graduate from college not with the idea to show facts and truth and to accurately inform the public, but to become propagandists. They have become shills for the State, a corrupt power hungry vicious State. They help the State to cover its lies, and hypocrisies, and crimes. To all this applies to, well done journalists, I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

      4. Your Feral Gubermint does not care two shytes to the wind about you. They only care about expanding their own power and self preservation interests.
        Do not comply and live your life to the fullest ignoring these fools! Ridicule and laugh at them! We give consent to be ruled. When you lie and cover up everything with propaganda, then the social contract has been broken and consent is to be removed! Do not comply!

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