The YouTube Censorship Continues: Thought Police Begin The PURGE

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    YouTube has begun to purge accounts that they have decided violate “acceptable thoughts.” The censorship is continuing and exponentially skyrocketing on all social media platforms.

    It seems like George Orwell warned us all of this in his iconic book, 1984.  Apparently, the government (obviously in bed with big corporations like YouTube and Google) will use companies to make sure no one has any thoughts that are not acceptable to the ruling class.

    Under the new rules, the company will also take a more aggressive approach to “scrubbing” the comment sections, where it says it deleted some 16 million posts just last quarter. While YouTube maintains that it won’t go after comments that are merely “negative or critical,” detractors said the new guidelines are vague, providing neither clear “lines” nor “guidance, according to a report by RT.

    As Ben Shapiro so eloquently noted of YouTubes new guidelines: “They don’t set lines, and they don’t guide.”

    “The entire reason YouTube became massive was YouTubers having beef and drama,” tweeted conservative writer Paul Joseph Watson, a frequent critic of the platform. “The line between criticism and ‘harassment’ is now so blurred, nobody knows where they stand.”

    Many users have noticed that YouTube is going to only punish those who have the wrong opinion on whether or not to bow to the ruling class. If you submit willingly and be a good little slave, you can continue on with your life.  Those who dissent or speak about their oppression by the government will be silenced.

    Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway campaign which urges Democrats to leave their party, told Fox News that the guidelines will empower YouTube to “control our political and cultural narratives online,” adding that such rules are “rarely upheld when conservative opinions are being targeted by leftist bullying.”

    Some critics also suggested double standards were at work, noting that late-night talk shows which regularly appear on YouTube feature the same kind of “harassment” – read ‘harsh criticism’ – prohibited by the new rules, but are unlikely to face bans anytime soon.

    It seems like a majority of people think this amounts to nothing more than censorship. And based on YouTube’s past, we would have to agree.

    YouTube is Planning to Delete All Accounts That Aren’t “Commercially Viable” Starting December 10

    SILENCED: YouTube Censorship Ramps Up As 17,000 Channels Removed

    CENSORSHIP ALERT: YouTube Uses AI For MORE Censoring Of Ideas


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      1. Start posting videos on bitchute.

        Oh…I see…can’t make no money doin’ that…

        That’s the REAL beef, isn’t it?

      2. Anyone who tries to censor me does it only at their own peril. ACCEPTABLE thoughts? YouTube, go f#$% yourselves. Go to the alternative video sites where there is NO censorship.

        • Theres sure been a purge on this site. Like the pot calling the kettle black. What about tons of longtime posters blocked here? Gimme a break.

      3. What are some of the other alternative sites?

      4. How will Youtrube make money when they drive off all their viewers?

      5. Another good site that is completely uncensored is I personally like to listen to the Brother Nathaniel
        videos. He offers a lot of insight to what Zionism / neo-cons / deep state really is.

      6. Of course the Demonrats, with some help from RINOs, are censoring everything in sight. My scathing comments on govt. idiocy are not posted on many sites. Thank goodness SHTF continues to believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, though delayed on occasion.

        Many great “Utube How to” videos have taught me how to do and repair things. Thanks for that but I don’t need more censoring.

      7. You can’t be stateless, and do not want to be stateless, unless providing needful goods and services, on your own back. Be glad for these things, “independent creators”, whose life is a travel show, thanks to your donors and so much nationbuilding, abroad.

        I think, I fixated on the term, “independent creators” (who are not fiscally independent and do not create anything tangible.)

        Make one thing, well, of your own choosing, from start to finish, in order to learn about objective morality. That’s still on Youtube, in spite of rank communism and it’s identical twin, state capitalism, who have flip-flopped on all of those astro-turfed controversies, that pass back and forth, from the right to left hand of the uniparty, without your sayso or involvement.

      8. Why viewers still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe everything is available on net?|

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