South Korea: ‘It Won’t Be Easy For North Korea To Destroy Nuclear Arsenal’ Because It’s So Advanced

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting | 11 comments

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    South Korea's new President Moon Jae-In speaks during a press conference at the presidential Blue House in Seoul

    According to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, it won’t be a simple task for North Korea to destroy their nuclear arsenal even if they wanted to. Moon says that because the communist nation’s weaponry is so advanced and more developed than most realize, simple destruction isn’t possible.

    North Korea is under heavy international pressure to end its weapons programs, pursued in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions. But it has vowed never to give up its nuclear arsenal giving a metaphorical middle finger to the United Nations. According to Reuters, speaking to reporters in the Philippines, Moon said that if North Korea agreed to hold talks, negotiations could be held with all options open.

    “If talks begin to resolve the North Korea nuclear issue, I feel it will be realistically difficult for North Korea to completely destroy its nuclear capabilities when their nuclear and missile arsenal are at a developed stage,” Moon said in a briefing. “If so, North Korea’s nuclear program should be suspended, and negotiations could go on to pursue complete denuclearization.” But talks, according to Washington, aren’t in the works. 

    Last week, the North said it did not oppose dialogue, but would “never put the issue related to the supreme interests of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)  and security of its people on the bargaining table”.

    “We are not interested in such dialogue and negotiations in the least,” the North’s official news agency said, referring to the country by its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The North defends the programs as a necessary defense against Washington’s plans to invade. The United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, and a legacy of involvement in the 1950-53 Korean war, denies any such intention.

    United States President Donald Trump has traded insults and threats with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as North Korea races toward its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the United States. Trump threatened in his maiden U.N. address to “totally destroy” North Korea if the United States was threatened and has said the time for talking, the policy of previous U.S. administrations, is over.

    Moon also reiterated his stance that now was the time to increase pressure on North Korea so that it would come to talks. He said differences in understanding between South Korea and China, North Korea’s lone major ally, regarding the deployment of the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system on South Koran soil had not been resolved. “China has not said it has changed its stance to agree to THAAD and still says THAAD infringes on its security. We have, in turn, explained THAAD is not aimed at China but only toward curbing North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations,” he said.


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      1. BS Getting rid of it is easy if you want to. Give it to China, Russia or Hell I’d take it. Pretending to get rid of is what’s hard,

        • i think it would be easy to get rid of north korean nukes, just pile them in the middle of north korea, light the fuse, and run like he££.

      2. Over 28,000 US troops still in South Korea. That’s the crime at the top.

        • the reason south korea does not want peace with north korea is because of all the USA benifits it gets from sailors paying for the south korean hookers.

          • Retard.

      3. Its BS. “Advanced” and “Developed” have nothing to do with hiding weapons but are words used to describe their capability.

      4. The discussion is highly speculative, along the lines of state secrets.

        But, in theory, there would be minutes or seconds of a response time, to something which looks microscopic, on the scale of a global map.

        I think, the backbone of our defenses is turnkey. People who wore red pumps, and drilled in unison, and had their identity politics deconstructed, and were generally subjected to other kinds of hazing and brainwash, ultimately got their jobs the same way as Homer Simpson.

        Our collective largess and pop science keep us from living in the bushes, but we are not all knowing or all powerful.

        • We’d be much better off, certainly freer, independent of our masters’ goodies, if “living in the bushes”. But then, the masters of the “largess”, and “pop science” couldn’t count on us for their mastery over us then, now could they? Not if we dumped it all. Lurking in, and coming out of the bushes when the enemy’s not expecting us, and being not dependent on what our enemies supply us with (or can withhold from us if we don’t comply with him) would be really harrowing for him, now wouldn’t it?

      5. North Korea very secretively has developed ultra high tech nuclear weapons that the west at this point has no defense against. The only hope is a massive increase in both research and development. This is very costly but what price freedom.

      6. That’s ok, pretty sure there’s a way to destroy it.

        If they won’t…

      7. It’s “advanced” because it’s furnished to them by the Deep State to be used as a stick in case the gullible masses wise up to the fake carrot they’re goaded by the Deep State’s cultural Marxism to lunge after? Kim, Putin, the Iranians, “ISIS”, Communist China,,,they’ve all got their assignments from the Deep State. They’re the rear-kickers in case the people don’t comply with what the Deep State’s anointed “leaders” and their mainstream tell them.

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