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Report: U.S. THAAD Missile Defense System “May Not Be Capable Of Actually Intercepting North Korean Nukes”

Jeremiah Johnson
May 9th, 2017
Comments (44)


The article, You’re the ‘Terrorists’: North Korea Vows Attack on Enemy Intelligence Agencieswas released by Sputnik News on May 5.  The article contains two passages worth mentioning.  First this one:

“Korean-style anti-terrorist attack will be commenced from this moment to sweep away the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the US imperialists and the puppet clique.”

KCNA North Korean News Agency

Yes, the grammar and usage reads exactly akin to the script from a “bad” B-rated Karate movie of the kind that used to come on TV on Saturdays.  All kidding aside and poor sentence construction or not, these guys have nuclear weapons and they have the resolve to use them when backed into a corner.  The second passage is more telling:

“On Thursday, a think tank report from inside the US Congress said that the U.S.’s controversial THAAD missile defense system that has begun to be deployed in South Korea may not be capable of actually intercepting North Korean nukes directed around the Korean Peninsula and toward Japan.”

So, you see, THAAD “may not be capable of actually intercepting North Korean nukes,” and this straight out of Washington.  Want to know why?  All you have to do is look back to 2011 and 2012 when tests were conducted with THAAD in Hawaii.  These tests were “dog and pony” shows…where the coordinates for the target missiles’ trajectories were fed into the computer system beforehand, and even then…THAAD only took out 50% of the missiles.  THAAD is a piece of garbage: a budgetarily overinflated Military Industrial Complex (MIC) project designed to appear as if it’s a formidable and reliable defensive measure.  Its design is to ensure continuity of contracts and budgetary allocations.


THAAD is akin to that killer robot in the first “Robocop” movie that the VP knew was a failure but was launching due to the kickbacks and replacement parts contracts that would funnel money to his firm for a decade.  In a snarling voice the Robot told an executive, “Drop your weapon. You have thirty seconds to comply!” and then it threw about 100 rounds into him after he had dropped it.  THAAD is a sequel to “Robocop.”  THAAD is “taking the torch” from the “Sergeant York,” a fiasco of the mid-1970’s: an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) that was the perfect fighting vehicle.  It was perfect, provided it didn’t have to turn a corner, and when it did, it would flip over, killing the driver and crew…a “glitch,” that posed a problem.

A glitch with THAAD can mean the loss of a military base or an entire city.

Addressing the gravity of the situation, an article from All News Pipeline was released this week, entitled Did Recent NKorean Missile Test ‘Fail’ Or Was It Really A Perfect EMP Test?  The piece deserves special attention because it was provided to All News Pipeline by none other than Dr. Peter V. Pry, the United States’ foremost expert on EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapons in the hands of “threat” nations.  Dr. Pry really lambastes the mainstream media’s deliberate obfuscation of the NK EMP threat, as follows:

“Overwhelmingly, press commentary and analysis low-balls the North Korean nuclear missile threat.  Press reporting focuses on the unreliability of North Korean missiles.  Speculation is accepted as gospel that North Korea allegedly does not have a reentry vehicle capable of penetrating the atmosphere.  They allegedly lack guidance systems accurate enough to strike a military target, or at intercontinental ranges, even a city.  Therefore, North Korea cannot deliver on its threats to make nuclear attacks on the U.S. and its allies, at least not for the present, or so the reassuring story goes.”

I am not going to quote the article, but for those in denial for the sake of denial, it would be wise to open your eyes and ears and listen to what experts such as Dr. Pry are saying.  Read the article!  It goes into detail about the minimum height requirements for an airburst weapon to deliver an EMP.  The article has cross-references to other materials written by Dr. Pry and compiled by the Congressional committee to address the EMP threat to the U.S.  Last but not least, this final quote by Dr. Pry is worth paying attention to:

“On April 30, South Korean officials told The Korea Times and YTN TV that North Korea’s test of a medium-range missile on April 29 was not a failure, as widely reported in the world press, because it was deliberately detonated at 72 kilometers’ altitude.  72 kilometers is the optimum burst height for a 10-Kt warhead making an EMP attack.

The point to all of this is that the U.S. is ready…on paper, a paper tiger named “THAAD” that can claw and take down 50% of the charging water buffaloes that come out of the jungle.  But what about the 50% that do crash on through?  And where is THAAD going to be when one of those North Korean submarines surfaces (perhaps again, as with the one that “got away” last month?) off the coast of California?  The NK SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) tests were successful, and the THAAD tests were not.  You do the math.  Whatever hits we take, whether with a nuke or with an EMP, you can bet that none of the politicians, general officers, or bigwig MIC-heads will be in the targeted areas.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Date: May 9th, 2017
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The question is do they have the capability of deploying such a weapon over the United States? Their standard missiles can’t get very far, so an attack would have to come from space. Or maybe a submarine. They wouldn’t have to detonate over middle America. imagine if they took out the West or East coast… just 1/3 of the country would be enough to cause severe damage.

    • Gandhi says:

      The foreigners have already bought amerika. Amerika is dead. All that is left now is to bitch about it.

      • Jacknife says:

        Damn Gerri, given your love affair with Putin and the Kimster, and the way you write all of your articles respectful of them, it sounds to me like you really want N. Korea to launch some nasty shit our way. Fraud.

        Stay quiet Be smart

    • Gandhi says:

      What the hell is kim jung UN waiting for? Amerika has lost every war in my lifetime. Maybe he figures we will defeat ourselves with corrupt banksters. He is prolly right.

    • Simpler says:

      Isn’t the lube of corporate lobbyists and the commerce dept what really runs the country? Just dry out that lube with an emp and its all over. Area of effect? 10 square miles that is DC?

    • durangokidd says:

      ” THAAD “may not be capable of actually intercepting North Korean nukes,…”

      Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. What I do know is that these three million dollar missiles took out a drone over Israel

      What I also know is that N Korean missiles will likely not get off the ground at all in a First Strike by the US; and a First Strike is essential if the US is to protect it’s Allies: mitigating the destruction they will absorb if Kim attacks first.

      It will take time for the US to place sufficient firepower and logistic support into that theater for a major war; that is happening now, but ultimately we would want at least three Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups on point.

      Only two are on point right now. Give it another 30 days. 🙂

  2. Gandhi says:

    Ain’t I been saying it.

  3. TEST says:

    Oh well, 50% kill rate? As is often said “Close enough for government work!”

  4. Gandhi says:

    THAAD is no better than a bangoleer torpedo.

  5. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    in broad daylight in front of everyone.

    Check this out. We Patriots dare any islamist muslim to try to that in our city. Good luck when you do. You wont be needing handcuffs.


  6. Agent76 says:

    May 09, 2017 US Says ‘Yes’ to Nuke Tests, ‘No’ to a Nuke Ban Treaty

    Twice in seven days the United States shot nuclear-capable long-range missiles toward the Marshall Islands, but the same government refused in March to join negotiations for a new treaty banning nuclear weapons.


  7. nameless says:

    If THAAD only has a 50% success rate then they should fire 2 THAAD’s to intercept every
    launched missile. China seems to think very highly of this system. They may be more
    concerned about the radar that can detect the missile launches. Its ironic that we helped
    Israel develop the Iron Dome system which has a high success rate and yet we don’t have
    our own system that works as well. I think they use Iron Dome to deflect rockets and mortar
    shells. They use Arrow for intercepting missile threats. They combine the 2 systems for
    air defense. We have lessons to learn here. Seems the Israelis have their shit together much better than we do. Notice how our weapons systems are offensive in nature. We seem to lag behind in defensive weaponry.

  8. Dead wrong on the 50% success rate. THAAD has successfully killed 100% of its live fire intercepts. Truly remarkable. Incoming NK missiles into SK or Japan won’t stand a chance. WHY? Because multiple THAADS would be launched against any NK missile, decreasing the odds of a miss to under 0.001%. The real problem is the 20,000 artillery pieces aimed at SK. Only a fraction of those could be taken out in a preemptive strike, leaving Seoul vulnerable to a barrage of epic proportions. Millions would be slaughtered by incoming 130-170mm long-range artillery rounds,300mm rocket launchers, surface-to-surface missiles, Scud-B/C variants, and short range ballistic missiles….many containing chemical & biological warheads. The US is not immune….NK subs have successfully launched trident-type missiles, presumably with nuclear warheads in the 20-50kT yields. Subs are hard to find, and if NK pre-empts the west, you can be assured they will launch nuclear strikes against coastal population centers. It is also plausible that NK can insert an EMP from space over the continental US from their sat systems. A successful airburst could wipe out the entire grid, and plunge the US into an apocalyptic nightmare. THINK ABOUT IT.!!!!!!

    • Jack Crack says:

      The NK Artillery will destroy all thaads before they will have a chance to fire.

    • @SAV NONE of the aforementioned “live fire intercepts” included an intercept of an ICBM. Apples and oranges, pal. The difference between NFL and Pop Warner. One is NOT the other. THAAD is a joke. Ask anyone involved with it’s development.

  9. nameless says:

    I guess Vince Lombardi said it best. The best defense is a good offense. About a year ago
    I heard a boxing trainer tell his fighter something between rounds. He said, ” You’re either
    pitching or your catching.” Simple but makes sense.

  10. Keep your gas tank on full. Refill at 3/4 full when times look bad, and 1/2 when things are OK. Never get below 1/2 full. Drive away at the first sign of trouble, if you intend to go. Keep water and trail mix or canned mixed nuts inside the car. Keep a plastic pee bottle inside the car or in the trunk. Keep a recharger in your trunk. Take a blanket or sleeping bag, and some pillows. Keep your trunk filled with several tarps or good quality, a serious knife, fire starter, water purifier, basic cooking cup or pot and eating utensils. If you have room in the trunk, keep a tent. If you are well prepared, chances are nothing will happen. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll regret it. Keep a bag or two of clothes and other things. Keep important papers and photos in a container you can just grab and go. Make sure you make at least one dress rehearsal. You want to know exactly where to put your bags, and that it will all fit. A soft bag fits better in a full trunk, and can double as a pillow. Don’t leave unless you absolutely must. A well stocked home with security in place is your best bet. If you get burned out or there are deadly chemicals in the air, yo won’t have a choice. I know only too well. These things happen with or without nukes. Being organized and physically fit makes survival easier when there’s good times, and bad times. I’ve had my share of both, and I can testify. I know you guys already know what to do, but a reminder never hurts.


    • Gandhi says:

      Yes keep your vehicles gassed up, you may need to leave your car running while you are parked in your garage. Make sure you stuff rags in all the ventilation points.

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      I rotate, use fuel stabilizer, and keep fresh, enough gasoline to run my generator for ten days 24/7. If I really conserved (an hour on, two hours off, then off while I sleep) recharging 12v batteries, for minimal power while I sleep then I could likely go 6 to 8 weeks depending on the season

      It’s also enough gas to fill my cars, no lines at my gas station. Plus I have a can or two to put in the trunk for greater range.

      Note to people with generators, have enough oil on hand to change the oil on schedule. During the big storm, I had enough fuel, but finding small engine oil was a challenge. Most generators now made recommend an oil change every 200 hours, running 24/7 that’s just four days.

      • Kevin2 says:

        People think of miles rather than hours on an oil chance. To put it in perspective at 50 MPH you cover 5000 miles in 100 hours or 10,000 miles in 200 hours. We ran steam turbines with the same lube oil for 3 years. It was filtered, centrifuged to remove water and the operating temperature of the turbine was 850 Deg F. Contamination was minimal and the oil, DTE 797 was on the order of $35 a gallon 15 years ago. The lube oil tank was 200 gallons too.

        Lube oil is the end all to be all.

      • Paranoid says:

        200 hours: 24/7 is not 4 days, 25×4 is 100.

        • Plan twice, prep once says:

          My bad, I was thinking of my older generator that requires oil changes every 100 hours which is 4 days.

          In any case, new generators out of the box suggest the first oil change at 20 hours.

          Like your turbine example, a generator that runs on Natural gas or propane runs much cleaner, less carbon, means cleaner oil that lasts longer.

          I also now use synthetic oil in all my small engines, I want them to last.

    • Justice says:

      B from CA, good post thanks. Like you said, “a reminder never hurts”. I just started the 3/4 tank refill policy.

  11. Kevin2 says:

    NK has diesel subs. They know their underwater range. They have no reach without detection. Actually their useful for US anti sub training. NK artillery uses a problem for the first 25 miles south of the DMZ. They’ll get one salvo and radar will pinpoint their location.

  12. Nailbanger says:

    Oh well, when its your time its your time,

  13. Gliches can be easily fixed—–Americas weapons and protective systems are The Best!!!!!!

  14. Deporter84 says:

    It is funny, I am ex Army and Homeland Security so maybe I think a little more tactical than some less than others. But IF I was China, Russia or any other country he’ll bent on destroying the American way of life, I would piggy back my nuke/emp on North Korea’s middle launch. What I mean is launch so my weapons are 10-15 minutes behind NK’s stuff. Theirs will be shot down of fail on the inbound. But while we reload all types THADD sites here comes round two. With that said one has to ask why Russia and China have put so many troops on the Korean border? I am sure it is to help us, I mean they have always helped us in war times before right? LOL!

    • Nailbanger says:

      Real simple on why they are on NKs border, they dont want a few million or so NK refugees, plus they want to make it pretty clear where their patch o grass starts

  15. Deporter84 says:

    Correction- or fail on the inbound.

  16. 2Dogs says:

    There is a catch 22 when shooting down a NK missile,.
    Then u are f….ed shen it dxplodes in mid air.
    Flipside, if yoh do nog shoot it down it hits and kills on the ground

  17. Comanche says:

    THAAD works, that bs was put out to make fat punk feel secure…just wait and see. He will lob a couple of SCUD’s over the DMZ and the Trumpster will saY “take out his candy ass”

  18. Anonymous says:

    Quit with the uneducated speculation.

    With any luck we’ll have the opportunity to use them and find out their success rate for certain pretty soon.

  19. watching and waiting says:

    like when the M-16 was first deployed in Vietnam?
    Brass extraction, fouling problems? How many lives lost cleaning the weapon, trying to extract a jammed round?

    Took congress to get the Military to redesign and issue the proper cleaning rod/equipment.

    But, lives and materials do not matter, only the financial gain.

    war is big money.

  20. Frank Thoughts says:

    This is the problem: you can’t have a 50% success rate when dealing with NBC missile attacks. You need a 100% success rate. All it takes is one getting through and Seoul is gone (and the NKs are making a new one every six weeks).

    The problem with North Korea is this: they have shown an ability to be devious, to be ruthless and to be determined to pursue technology that lets them fight in the asymetric war space. Their military-first strategy was all about having the ability to invent and make weapons themselves, not to import them as a client state, such as Iraq did.

    The world is divided between the races who can invent and make things that work; and races that are still struggling to understand the wheel. That’s it. The North Koreans are in the first category. They used to be more advanced and industrialized than South Korea for decades. They are stuck in the 1950s mostly because of technology embargoes not because they are too stupid to join the modern age. But the one part of their economy they spend ‘UGE on is the military. They get their micro-electronics from China, a country that makes Apple products, so kind of cutting edge.