Prepare for OBAMAGEDDON: Gerald Celente Trends Journal Summer 2009

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    Summer 2009: Gerald Celente, editor and publisher of the Trends Journal, gives subscribers a glimpse into the past in The History of the Future: Trends 2012.

    Gerald Celente:

    In the Spring of 2009, delusion was in full bloom. The sentiment was that the global economic emergency was ending. While initially the US had been blamed for precipitating the crisis, there was no longer the fear of economic contagion. The world markets were in recovery mode, especially the emerging economies.

    Despite the perception, the United States was not responsible for the global economic crisis. Across Europe and around the world, nations had been playing their own version of the over-borrowing, over-spending, overspeculating and overbuilding game.

    As we look back from 2012, it is worth emphasizing how few forecasters correctly warned of the impending financial meltdown, and once it melted, how few correctly forecast its aftermath. Our forecast was that “The Greatest Depression” would go global. 


    It is a well known fact that Gerald Celente accurately forecast the 1987 Stock Market Crash, The Dot Com Bubble, the Gold Bull Market, Ross Perot’s election changing run for President,  and even the explosion of Starbucks. While most ‘analysts’ and ‘economists’ are throwing green shoot parties, Gerald Celente is sending out a clear message: get ready for Obamageddon.

    source: Gerald Celente’s Summer 2009 Trends Journal

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