Proof It Is Rigged: “Fed Moved 93% of Entire Stock Market Since 2008”

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 28 comments

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    Fact: The Federal Reserve has screwed over the country.

    Monetary policy has been the single most important factor in the economy for some time.

    A new analysis from economist Brian Barnier shows that while future GDP, household debt from credit cards and tech accounted for past bubbles in American history, the bubble that has risen since Obama became president is due to one – and only one – factor: the Federal Reserve.

    And the private banking cartel – which masquerades as a public government institution – has become plenty controversial for its ties to elite hidden agendas and its debasement of the economy.

    However, few Americans realize just how huge – and detrimental – this institution has become.

    In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed, then chaired by Ben Bernanke, began an unprecedented quantitative easing (QE) program that literally changed everything.

    During the last eight years, monetary policy has completely upended the economy, and concentrated wealth into fewer and fewer hands, while making it more and more difficult for ordinary people to stay afloat. This intervention has gone way, way too far and has driven up a particularly unstable bubble that is ready to burst.

    Through QE and bond purchases, the Fed managed to double the S&P 500 value, while more than doubling its own balance sheet in the process.

    Yahoo! Finance reported:

    The factors behind that and previous bubbles can be illuminated using simple visual analysis of a chart.

    The S&P 500 (^GSPC) doubled in value from November 2008 to October 2014, coinciding with the Federal Reserve Bank’s “quantitative easing” asset purchasing program. After three rounds of “QE,” where the Fed poured billions of dollars into the bond market monthly, the Fed’s balance sheet went from $2.1 trillion to $4.5 trillion.

    This isn’t just a spurious correlation, according to economist Brian Barnier, principal at ValueBridge Advisors and founder of What’s more, he says previous bull runs in the market lasting several years can also be explained by single factors each time.

    As the financial crisis reached a fevered pitch in 2008, the Federal Reserve took to flooding the financial market with dollars by buying up bonds. Simultaneously, interest rates fell dramatically, as bond yields move in the opposite direction of bond prices. Barnier sees the Fed as responsible for over 93% of the market from the start of QE until today. During the first half of 2013, the Fed caused the entire market’s growth, he said.

    Barnier, who compiled this data analysis, dubbed this the “Era of the Fed” – as this ill-reputed institution has been more responsible than any other factor (including the 2008 financial crisis) for how bad the economy has gotten for average Americans, college-graduates seeking careers and small businesses.

    Screen shot 2016-03-18 at 5.52.02 AM

    The above chart is simplified from others before it to show that the Fed was the single most important factor during the last era – overlapping Obama’s presidency – and that a staggering 93% of the economy has been dictated by the Federal Reserve. See the Yahoo! article for more data and charts.

    As many analysts have discussed before, this unprecedented intervention has distorted and warped the American experience. Savers, pensioners and investors have all take harsh blows as the interest rate held at zero and even dipped into negative – forcing some customers to pay for deposits and others to take a haircut on their life savings and retirement packages!

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      1. Who rigged the 2008 election so that Obama would get elected?

        • who’s getting the richest since he’s been in office .. good place to start

        • the other question is what the hell are we gonna do about it???
          the country has been screwed over for so long most people think it is OK!!!

          • Like the populace is suffering a Stockholm Syndrome.

          • Vote for Trump.

            • TRUMP 2016… he’s the only chance we have.

      2. Big Shocker!!!!!!

        • Same shit, new day…


      3. two things you need to know:

        1. never bet against the fed
        2. the fed is largely liberal democrats

        if i would have known this in 2012 i would have sold eveything not nailed down and put it in the market because there was no way the fed would let there be a down market with obama up for re-election. luckily, i think i have another chance because the fed is not about to have a market collapse with hillary up for election.

        will the fed eventually lose control and we have a market crash worse than the great depression ? yes, but that’s not happening before hillary wins the election.

        • The fed, reserve that is, is largely the rothschild bankster monoply. Nothing happens that is not orchestrated by the heirs of the world bankster cartel.

          The -ew baiters that used to frequent this site regularly, (where have those masked haters gone), like i care; seem to group those with the -ews of zion/israel, but they are not one in the same.

          Some of the banksters and movers and shakers are -ew by self-identification, but may not necessarily be of the blood line of Judah. The nation/land of Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and the heathen nations that come against her is in for a real gourd thumping in the coming future.

          Bible prophecy is soon to become reality as the events are coming to an apocalyptic head. The smoke screen of economic recovery is just an illusion. The evil ones that have and control most of the worlds wealth will see their fortunes fade.
          The people that “think” they are rich with luxuries, and may even be classified as middle class, are in for a real awakening in the near future.

          Those that see the writing on the wall, and have prepared for rough times ahead, will be in a better place than those with fortunes in stock portfolios and real estate. As taxes are increased to dole out to the freeloading immigrants, their fortunes will seem less important and living a simple life will be sought as an escape from misery and worry.

          Useless stuff, will be seen as a headache, and useful stuff will be hard to find, as preppers have been slowly stocking it up.

          Keep the prepping wheels turning, even though times may not seem all that bad on the surface.

          Phuck the fed by staying debt free, and not totally engulfed in the stock markets, because we may not know when they plan to pull the plug.

          By old prophetic time clocks, by many civilizations, not just one or two, the “change” from the old age, into a new final age, has been given for the time period of Dec. 2012 to Oct. 2016.
          Something may be highly visible that re-sets, the time clock, or it may just be a figurative change of the guard, so to speak. But, there is something in the air, and it may be around the corner, that we see it full on.

          Time will tell.

        • This recent article explains it all in detail and leaves no doubt who, what , why and when . Straight from the horses mouth, the head of the fed , Mr. Fisher who was in charge of it all along with Bernanke. But even this article is nothing new at all , it has all been beyond obvious for almost a decade now and Americans do what ? Sit on the couch , complain and get fatter ! Pretty simple stuff, Hey ?

      4. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        We’ve known this for years. what is new?

      5. You have to wonder how the FED can inject so much money into the economy yet inflation remain so low.

        • There are two factors. The COST OF LIVING and INFLATION. Cost of living has skyrocketed because it is for food, taxes, electricity, and other essential living expenses you cannot avoid. The inflation factor excludes most cost of living costs but includes big screen TV sets, furniture, cars, and all other kinds of discretionary products. Thus, the flood of discretionary products imported from overseas has kept the inflation figure flat while the cost of living has gone way up. Thank your congressman for the misleading numbers!

        • Simple. There are less people buying less shit than they would if there were more people working, with more disposable income.
          Less demand for products and foodstuffs, results in prices remaining stable. Result, lower inflation.

          If something upsets the supply chain of products, then things may go into hyper-inflation.

          i don’t see the demand increasing anytime soon. However; if the liberals get their wish, and a million + new users and eaters come online in USSAG, each year, then we could see hyper inflation take over. The wealthy elite/political establishment don’t care; they will just take more from the sheeple.

        • Seems like nobody answered your question correctly.

          The answer is SIMPLE.

          And the answer is the VELOCITY of MONEY.
          Check the V(money) stats and you will find that Money Velocity is currently at ALL TIME LOWS.
          THis means we have NEVER seen Money Velocity lower than it is now (PAST 50 YEARS !)

          Why ?
          Because the RICH MONEY CENTER ROTHSCHILD PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKING PARASITES are hoarding their capital.
          Business loans and credit paper is down.

          Thus NO INFLATION.
          We only see Asset-Price Inflation , which only helps those you have considerable assets.

          With respect to the IDIOT TRAITOR who said that the FED is controlled by Lib Dems. He is a SHILL and Traitor to Humanity.
          You sir are worthless garbage and refuse.
          You know the truth but LIE, LIE, LIE.

          The owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE are the:

          Satanic In-bred Criminally Insane Arch Zionist Khazarian Mega-Felons Parasites.

          Bring Zionist owned PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKING to an end AND
          You will bring PEACE to the World.

          • You area an idiot.

            Zionism began before 1913 adn nly achieved its result in 1947; 34 years after the Fed began.

            Are you a dirty muu? Go rape a white Chrstain girl

      6. But nobody voted for Ron Paul. Or Bernie Sanders for that matter. The only 2 candidates that mention the fed.

        • That is because both are un-electable idiots.

          • “That is because both are un-electable idiots.”

            Speaking for Ron Paul its actually Ron Paul MD as in Medical Doctor. Idiot? The Corporate Globalist Main Stream Media pulled a successful Josef Goebbels on you.

      7. Didn’t Trump start mentioning auditing the Fed?

        • My guess is that Trump is keeping quiet about what he thinks/wants/plans for the fed because he doesn’t want to become dead one morning.

      8. Though I had suspicions, it is hard to pull the trigger to get out. The game theory predictions they must have in place leaves me doubting my own instincts as I must be part of that game.. How do I financially get on the fringe?

      9. The FED has inflated the largest asset bubble in human history.

        I don’t know what will happen, but I’m betting it looks a lot more like the events in Rawles’ ‘Patriots’ series of books than anything else.

        • Yes they have and few actually grasp what has happened or the coming consequences ? all is well as long as the markets can be ramped on cyber dollars , Hey ? It is all at its end game now and will only get far worse as the illusions fail.

      10. The FED has inflated the largest asset bubble in human history.

        I don’t know what will happen, but I’m betting it looks a lot more like the events in Rawles’ ‘Patriots’ series of books than anything else.

      11. The real goal of the FED is high real inflation, low official CPI inflation and zero interest rates. The high real inflation devalues the debt of the government. A low official CPI inflation keeps the cost of Social Security, government wages, armed forces wages, etc… from cost of living adjustments low. They officially admit that 2-2.5% CPI inflation is necessary. Depending on a country it translates into 7-8% of a real price increase. The difference stems from today’s method of calculating inflation that is distinct from the one that banks used in the past.

        The zero interest rates (ZIRP) stimulate the stock market since it’s the only asset left that moves higher with zero rates and provides government with cheap interest bearing debt with low total interest expenditure. So because the stock market was the only asset left the Fed could control at ZIRP it has over used QE to keep it inflated. .

        There is also more evidence to prove a price manipulation in the European bond market. Today 40% of all government bonds in Europe have negative interest rates. It means that countries charge money for the “privilege” of crediting them. The only reason behind such an action is the defence of the USD. Central banks never act on their own. Their actions are coordinated and engineered at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) level. The BIS acts as a central bank for all central banks.

        Why would the ECB do this? During the last year China sold bonds worth 230 billion USD. This is not what you consider a small sum. Demand for dollars diminished also due to cheap oil and some countries are resigning of dollar as a trade-reserve currency. What is more, investors connected the dots of historically highest levels of dollar and the moment of first interest rates hike. Strengthening of over 20% of the US currency between June 2014 and mid-2015 already calculated the rate increase. Why would they do this for us? This is our pay back Helicopter Bed bailing out European banks…

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