Breaking: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Young Nelson Admits She FORGED Her Yearbook As ABC News Reporter Openly Coaches Her

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 72 comments

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    In what has become a bombshell admission, Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson has now openly admitted that she forged a portion of her infamous high school yearbook that was used as “proof” of the disgusting accusations against the Alabama Senate candidate.

    During an interview with ABC News, Nelson made the bombshell admission which was immediately glossed over by the mainstream media reporter who acted as if her admitting she forged at least part of the yearbook was no big deal.

    As Breitbart reported, “In yet another blow to the credibility of ABC News, the disgraced, left-wing network downplayed the bombshell by presenting this admission of forgery as adding “notes” to the inscription. Worse still, the reporter actually coaches Nelson, puts words in her mouth, downplay the enormous significance of her deceit.”

    The ABC News reporter, in a pathetic attempt at pretending what he was about to say wasn’t huge news, quickly revealed Nelson’s deceit before pretending it wasn’t deceitful at all. Make no mistake, this is the mainstream media openly covering for a women they are trying to use to take out an anti-establishment Republican.

    “Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription,” the ABC News reporter reveals. “But the message was all Roy Moore.”

    “Beverly, he signed your yearbook,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas says.

    “He did sign it,” she replies.

    “And you made some notes underneath.”

    “Yes,” Nelson says.

    “And then, after a woman admits to forging a document used in a campaign to destroy the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, ABC News quickly moves on as though it is not news of extraordinary consequence,” the Breitbart report continued.

    This is about as transparent as it gets. ABC News attempted to have Nelson reveal the stunning fact that she forged part of the yearbook inscription as if it were not news at all but simply another detail that proves that Moore is guilty.

    “How can anyone believe anything she says after admitting to such a thing? Early reports are that Nelson and Allred will produce an expert to prove the rest of the yearbook is not a forgery. So a proven forger is bringing in her own expert. What an insult to the people of Alabama,” Breitbart continued.

    “Another problem with Nelson is that she has a motive to lie and forge: as a circuit judge, Moore ruled against her in a 1999 divorce case.”

    So there you have it. Whether or not you believe the accusations against Roy Moore, we now have undeniable proof that one of the main accusers, with help from the liberal media, publicly lied about her yearbook and then used ABC News to reveal her lie as if it were no big deal.

    Note: Remember when The Washington Post trotted out a former FBI “expert” who claimed there was no evidence that any portion of the yearbook was forged?!


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      1. This comment about Moore and slavery could only be made by someone on LSD. There is simply no way you could even maintain this is “merely” the usual stupidity of the leftist media.

        Having one of my grad degrees from a major university in linguistics (N.B.: NOT in typing or proof-reading!)I found this clip about Moore supporting slavery utterly insulting to mere common sense. The comment on slavery is ***clearly*** juxtaposed – i.e., an extreme positive with an extreme negative – ****to make a contrasting point.***** See clip at

        Implying he supported slavery from this quote is perhaps one of THE most utterly Orwellian, insane things I have seen in quite a while from the media – and there is a LOT to choose from.

        I understand much of the left is only concerned with their EVIL “god” of power, but this one is staggering.

      2. Why do I believe Moore? I have **personally** experienced outright lying by the left, one episode broadcast coast to coast on national (Canadian) TV as the lead story. I had a full audiotape of the event, and went to CTV, *politely* telling them what they broadcast was not what happened, and that I had audiotape of the full event to prove my point.

        I was NOT nasty in the least, and they basically told me to shut up and hung up on me. True story.

        I also was forced to read the vile Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals at university. Heck, read it for yourself. As there is no God, all that exists for them is power, and the fascist left will do ***ANYTHING** to gain power. ANYTHING.

        Note to leftists: You have made a permanent, articulate and committed enemy. In fact, anyone interested in justice and honesty must necessarily be an enemy, albeit in a completely irenic manner, of the left. Hint to the left, to riff off one of your own: I’m here, I’m NOT queer, and I am never, ever, ever going away. Get used to it.

        • TEST, I also believe Roy Moore. I also know from experience NEVER to believe what any libturd says about anything. When I saw Gloria Allred, the feminazi/commie attorney get involved, I knew the allegations were false. Her primary goal is to hurt as many men as she can. Making money is secondary to her.

      3. The old saying “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it is raining!”. Of course, it was deceitful.


        the only thing added was the description of who it was.

        the phrase and sig WERE PROVEN by handwriting expert to be Moore’s!

        Or is this intentional LYING! out of desperation?


        • SemperDICKHEAD, we only deal with truth here at this site. Go away with your libturd lies and deception.

      5. Remember: All that exists for the fascist left is p-o-w-e-r. ANY way they can get that, they do.

        Me? If in Alabama, I would vote for Moore in a heartbeat, know that the vile, lying, fascist left lies every time they move their lips.

      6. Just another snowflake slut.

        • Just shows the Democrats will do ANYTHING to be in control.

          The next thing you know they will want to jail climate change deniers…….. oh wait, they have been saying that for years now.

        • Look at Gloria Alred’s face. Then, whatever you think of Lincoln, recall his comment that “Everyone over 40 is responsible for his own face.” Or look at the haunted, guilty faces of the Clintons.

          (May not be a direct quote, I didn’t look it up, but close enough)

        • Hope Moore sues the whore dog and any of the other sluts who are liars. Don’t know if all accusers are liars, but some look slutty. Some are looking for a payoff.

      7. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to MSM.As an independent leaning more toward the liberal side this is disturbing! What is our country becoming? Hillary was a disaster & Trump a catastrophe! Both are flawed candidates. We couldn’t come up with something better than crooked Hillary & abuser Trump? Now look what were getting?

      8. Funny how this comes out when Moore is running for a senate seat.

      9. whatever happened to Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

        • Exactly OG. Because this nation has gotten so dumbed down and thinks everything needs to be solved or understood in seconds and minutes (largely due to an attention span that would make a tsetse fly vomit) we are not governed by some ancient and quaint concept of law. Nope. We’re ruled by the media, social venues and peer pressure. HEY!!! Look squirrel!!! …. what were we talking about? Man oh man, the ass on that broad, right?

        • I second that, you must be old enough to remember when America was great before.

          • M. Bell: I’m into retirement eight years, and recall when the movement to get us out of the UN (late 50’s on) by patriot groups parents were in. People were dumbed down then, incl my old boss (’63) who thought the UN would save us from nukes. All thru history the masses have been dumbed down, so few in each generation since beginning of time are critical thinkers and saw what was corrupt in gov. Just look at how many idiots follow Islam, Hitler, Stalin, or the C. popes for example. Corruption here started in early 20th century w/ Fed reserve (Pres. Taft and Pres Wilson time frame). I find few of my peers with their head on straight,( most are shallow and dumbed down) thus hubby and I are social recluses overall.

            • laura,

              Plus +1

              Mac, we really need the thumbs back. 🙁

              y’all play nice now.

              • Hillbilly SC, good to see you back. Agreed about the thumbs. I would really go crazy on the thumbs nowadays.

              • I agree with the thumbs. Why can’t they come back again?

            • Laura Ann, agreed about the ‘peer pressure’. I have to fight that same ‘peer pressure’ all the time.

        • Democrats, thats what.

        • In a cop’s eyes, you are always guilty until proven innocent.

          • Black Moe, agreed about cops. I don’t recognize that ‘guilty until innocence proven’ concept. That’s another reason I say cops are never be trusted because of their anti-public attitude. And I got this straight from my 3 cousins who USED TO BE cops.

        • Yeah unfortunately that was so yesterday

          Anymore you are guilty and probably shot first
          Than your dead body is possibly found not guilty years later

      10. She wrote the date and location under his note. That’s not a forgery, it’s a notation, like writing the date on the back of a photograph.

      11. Journalists take note, all is not what it seems. Do your job and check these people out. If one is doing this you can bet others elsewhere are too. Some of these guys are scum but how many women are playing the vengeance game?

        • The biggest problem is a biased far left leaning media, pretty much all journalist.
          101 reasons why i dont watch read or listen to any MSM at all, waste of brain cells,
          They have no integrity at all

        • The journalists are doing their job. You just foolishly believe their job is reporting actual news…. it is not. Their job is to tell you what to think and do.

          • J. Stiner: These dud journalilsts would get fired if they didn’t report P.C. news as directed, by their CFR controlled bosses.

        • Jim, damn good points. Allegations have to be proven and verified. That’s the whole point of investigation. It’s already been proven this woman fabricated the complaint along with the ‘evidence’. It’s already been proven that Roy Moore is innocent so everyone needs to STFU about Roy Moore. Never ever trust a feminazi. When feminazi attorney Gloria Allred entered the picture, I knew the allegations had to be false. Roy Moore will win the US Senate Race in AL.

        • Almost ALL women are petty, vindictive creatures. Even Weinstien didn’t have to rape any of them. The women pimped themselves out for fame and fortune. They now smell a payday, which some of them desperately need.

      12. I wonder if every cop on the street knows what’s going on but dosent want to loose there pension? That’s great? The domestic enemy rules? And we have no choice but to obey them?Thats great? And you military guys want your paycheck to feed your little children? That’s great? And the outcome?

      13. They can’t verify if it hurts their agenda…

        Screw people’s name and career over to hold the parties story line???

        How very professional…

        • All the news organizations know these allegations are fraudulent.

          If you have been paying attention you would have noticed that there were LOTS of news articles where reporters were asking officials “Do you believe the accusers?” and reporting “Women deserved to be believed.”

          This is just evidence that the accusations were were fake so they were trying to make a story that someone hates women and does not believe them.

          More fake news.

          • JS, damn good points. And look at the timing of the allegations against Roy Moore. TPTB were desperate to try to stop him from winning. Their candidate never stood a chance. I guarantee a certain percentage of similar accusations will be proven to be false. No way all of them could be true.

          • Now some leftists are floating the idea that “Not all women are to be believed. We’ll tell you which ones should be believed”.

      14. They’re all liars. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS; it doesn’t matter, they will trot out anyone who is willing to lie for a few bucks and swear on the Bible that all is legit. The war is well under way, and if you are a freedom loving American who believes in the rule of law, instead of the rule of the lawless, then you need to help spread the word of their deceit to all of your under informed family, friends, and acquaintances. Democrats are the scum of the earth, even more than the most treacherous of other scums. Soon their duplicity will be evident to all and it will be fun to watch as they eat each other alive.

      15. She added a date and location. If it is his signature, or not, let the experts decide.

      16. And still five days before the election.

        The left hates it when the mud they throw just splatters back and covers them.

        • Mythbusters tested that (with a facsimile) and the results were beyond expectations. Stuff was everywhere.

      17. What sadens me most is the fact that this is coast to coast, and not a few, but the majority. We have a corrupt press, and government, that represents the character of the people well.

        • My wife and I have been having discussions about this for several weeks now. Everybody in America is cheating everybody else. Crooks everywhere. Corporations too. All liars, cheats and a-holes.

          I was watching this video on Youtube and, to my shock, even with an anvil, there is cheating and scheming. Watch this video, then see if you can identify how these people got cheated when they bought this anvil.

      18. I spent most my life working in industries that were “High Tech”.
        At age 18 I learned to stay away from Females and Blacks in a work environment.
        Some of my rules are:
        Never hire a woman or a black guy if an equally skilled person of ANY race was available. Let the position go empty and over work the people presently employed, it is cheaper and better for everyone.

        Never touch, talk non-business, or compliment any females in a work environment.

        I there is a problem, never upset blacks just listen, take notes.
        and back away.

        I have a few more, but you get my drift.

        • I was in charge of hiring female dispatchers. I made a specific effort to hire the nasty skanky sluttist females I could. All the immoral men would have affairs with them, it would ruin marriages, create massive interoffice problems. I even saw several fights with these guys fighting over these sluts.

          I was great to watch. The best part is the bosses couldn’t fire them because they were in too deep with the sexual work related problems.

          You want to get rid of a co-worker? Hire a skank and watch him pull his dick out and get in trouble over her..

          • Working at one company, two women began slugging it out in the ladies room. Turns out they were both banging the head of Human Resources! Well, one of the two found out about the other. This dude was married, and not to either of the women. They were both fired, but not the HR dude?

            I had a boss who often traveled to the Chicago facility, there was a skanky blond that ran some operations there. One day a few weeks after he returning from Chicago, I walk into the men’s room and my boss is trying to pee and grunting in pain, while trying to pretend nothing is wrong. Yeah it was the clap. A month later he’s separated then divorced within the year. His boss didn’t like scandle and got wind of it, he was gone. The scank stayed on. A year later I see her at corporate and the corporate dude who now works with her is obviously infatuated with her as they have lunch. Ewwww. Talk about a rented horse…..

            I found it astounding how many people were screwing each other at work. I was interested in one of the hot babes that worked there. My boss saw me checking her out as she walked by. He said stay away, she’s taken and the dude screwing her can have you fired with a whisper.

            I avoided women where I worked, I learned it could be a career killer. I’d seen people’s careers killed by office gossip started by an angry ex girlfriend. Even after I was married I had an occasional issue with nutty aggressive women at work who didn’t care I was married?

            The worst I saw was an African American (AA) outside sales trainee assigned to me for a month of training. Understand AA men who are smart, have an engineering degree, have a future, and no criminal record are incredibly rare. Every single, single AA woman in the company tried to put moves on him. The guy was already dating a freaking supermodel who made more money than he did, but he had a career on track. I met her and she was incredible, and smart. I had to intervein several times and tell women to leave the department. They were coming out of the woodwork chasing this guy, I kicked one out who went straight to HR and complained about how I spoke to her. I had simply said you need to return to your work station and not hang out here, you are interfering with his work and I can’t believe your supervisor isn’t looking for you! HR said to call if she showed up again, she did, I did, she was escorted out by security.

            To young people in business, I give this advice, don’t sh!t where you eat. Be very careful of workplace romances. I know people who met the love of their life at work and married her or him. I also know a lot more who got fired when relationships went out of control and affected their workplace.

            Anyway, I have seen a lot of crap over the years, watching Judge Moores supposed 15 year old date admit to forging a document to falsely implicate him doesn’t surprise me in the least. I can absolutely relate to some women being groped, damn TSA goes for my junk everytime I get on a plane. Freaking really dudes, aren’t I getting little old for you? To which they say you have been selected for a random search, couchie couchie coo! To which I respond, can I at least have a cigarette now? There’s all this talk of groping, can we put TSA gay men at the top of the list?

            • Black women HATE White women who fuck black men because, if any other woman is available, black men want no part of black women. For mates, black women are the least desirable on Earth. There are exceptions, but overall, they are of lower intelligence, violent, scheming, and (generally obese) hoes.

            • Don’t hire women, then you won’t have those problems, period.

          • JS, it was great to watch marriages ruined? Really?

            • Yes, because the men that would pursue these sluts were the a-holes of the office. The rightly deserved to crash and burn.

              The honorable men would adhere to a good moral code and were good people. They did not put themselves in a bad position. The good men were above reproach.

        • Those are two people that coincidently do not invent or build anything. When was the last time you heard a group of Negroes or women building a wall or fence? Women cannot even repair a flat tire or fix a roof.

          But I worked at a store that hired mostly women and you would not believe the incredible trouble I had with them. Just nasty, nasty, stuff. They played DIRTY man. Gossip behind your back and what not. Terribly time with them.

      19. I am shocked, that Gloria Allred, would “represent”someone intentionally lying for personal gain.
        Just can’t imagine the pe4sonal anguish this is causing poor Gloria, or the other partners in her law fi4m, who must be appalled that such an experienced litigator like Ms. Allred was duped, by this southern belle huckster.

      20. Gasp.
        No. Say it isn’t so. Women don’t lie about anything. It has to be true because Hillarys crowd said so.

      21. These leftist are driven so INSANE by America winning they cannot stand it and are sinking to lower lows to try to bring down a Mr. Trump.

        The truth comes out. They do not want YOU to win at all. Stop buying their papers, magazines, or watching their movies.

      22. I understand the accuser admitted to adding the note following Moore’s signature in the yearbook. She and her attorney Gloria Allred both said she wanted to remember who Moore was and when he signed the yearbook. Most victims remember who their abuser was, never forget the name, the face, the circumstance, so why was the notation even necessary. This just doesn’t smell right. Another thing I don’t understand, and I don’t know the chronology of the incident, is why a victim of sexual assault/harrassment would have the perp sign her yearbook? Seems like she would want nothing to do with him, couldn’t stand to be around him, would vomit at the sight of him. Also, why in the world would the abuser/harrasser sign his victim’s yearbook? Both of those scenarios are highly unlikely. And why wait 40 years to make the accusation, when your abuser has served as a DA and judge? Just doesn’t add up.

      23. Fox News said they lied about this report. Fox News supports Pedi files.

      24. What is wrong about this story is that a major network has contributed to a lie that will influence a major election by false acquisitions. Now we have Mueller also trying to find a foreign country influencing a USA election when the problem lays right at your front door. The investigators need to be investigated, and the reporters who have lied need to see some time behind bars!

      25. I am about as far from a liberal as you can get. I still don’t think Mr. Moore is clean. Lots of accusers and a few may be phony. If he is innocent some accusers should swing. I think the people of Alabama will do the right thing.
        A write in campaign with the right person could have a chance. Even if a liberal is elected they can stonewall on him. Making the asshole Franken take a hike will give these shit heels the moral high ground. How absurd is that.
        I fear that if they drain the swamp, D.C. and all of the state govt’s will be empty.

        • attempting to date a teenager 40 years ago?

          Just now coming forward? Not concerned when he was the states Supreme Court Justice?

          It isl all bullsh!t, and the forged document ruined any credibility any of these girls had.

          • Judge Moore 45 years ago was on the cusp of a social change in America.

            The judges parents most definitely were in the era that young women should date older men that had proven they would be good providers. None of this hooking up with unemployed guys living in moms basement, and making babies out of marriage. Women as soon as they menstruated were encouraged to start looking for husbands, remember 60 years ago women on average began to menstruate much later than they do now.

            Judge Moore’s dating days coincided with the invention of the Pill, the era of free love, swinging, open marriages, and a wide acceptance of older men dating young women. A few years later there would be a backlash over societal changes that created an environment where sexual harassment would be recognized as a new problem. However, by that time the judge was already married, and there are no further claims of women having issues with the judge.

      26. Bullshit article and patently untrue. She never forged anything. She wrote the date, DA, and location. Even Fox did a retraction and walked this back. She has a strong civil case against Fox at this time

      27. The local sheriff and police officers admitted Roy Moore was known to go after young underage girls. He lusted after them, he went where they were. It was no secret back then, it was well known among locals, but it was swept under the rug at the time. Wherever there is one victim there are always more.

        A person is either a pedophile or they are not,no in-between. Pedophiles never have one victim. Never. Always have many. That said, just because this one women lied doesn’t mean all the rest of them are lying. Shame on all of you who are voting a pedophile into office.

        • The word “pedophile” is tossed about a lot when the Judge is attacked. The age of consent is still 16 in LA, and as much as it creeps me out that 30 year old men “date” 16 year olds, I have to say it’s not rape if consensual and it’s not pediphilia. It’s just not.

          As for the woman who claims she was groped while with the judge and 14, we must now temper with the knowledge that she admitted to tampering with and forging evidence including falsifying the date.

          I do remember the story of this one young woman who was the hottest thing on the Hollywood porn scene in years, until they found out she was just 17 and had done porn for over a year and a half. The shredders ran overtime destroying ever picture frame that existed of her. She looked much older! It led to those certifications of age attached to any film containing naked people ever since.

          I suggest you are more likely to see Gloria Alrich the left wing lawyer be disbarred before you see the judge removed by a congressional ethic committee.

          Last point, this young woman said that she often had conversations in her bedroom with the judge. The girls mother already admitted that phones in those days were expensive and they only had one, and it wasn’t in the daughters bedroom. You old timers know what I’m talking about in the days before the phone company was broken up. The phone company didn’t let people just add extra extensions, and they tested lines so they’d know. If they found an unauthorized phone, they’d rip it out, confiscate it, and fine you, if you didn’t pay they’d take your phone and cancel the service.

        • Nick C in NC, allegations still have to be proven. Until Judge Moore is convicted in a court of law, I say he’s innocent. I don’t look at the public the way law enforcement and the judicial system do. Never trust anyone with a badge or a law degree [IN MOST CASES].

      28. These new sexual harassment claims are going to have a domino effect and It is only a matter of time until men start coming forward accusing women of sexual harassment at their workplace,in nightclubs,gyms,etc.It will get to the point where men and women will be afraid to even speak to one another for fear of being accused of sexual harassment.Since we no longer have due process all it takes is an accusation and your automatically presumed guilty.The feminazis are absolutely loving this.

      29. Is chivalry dead? Maybe, but here are some known deceased: Investigative reporting, fair and balanced reporting, etc. You can probably think of some more. Is good journalism dying or has the problem been there all along and we’re just becoming more aware of it?

      30. Beverly Young Nelson’s yearbook is not the only yearbook with forged autographs. A lot of people who never or rarely dated in high school and who sat out the prom, have yearbooks with forged autographs. Sad but true. When you’re old and your memory is failing, you can pick up your yearbook and remember what a stud you were in high school. Sad.

      31. When they finally come for you, it won’t be a swat team at your door. They won’t need to do it that way. So forget the gung-ho talk about taking them out with your AR15s or AK47s. All they need do is have someone accuse you of sexual harassment, or some other “nefarious” crime such as making a racial, homophobic, or islamaphobic slur…..just as happened during the French Revolution. A mere allegation is all that will be needed to have you arrested, found guilty in a show trial, and sent to prison. This is how we will be silenced against the totalitarian state. Think it can’t happen here? It’s already happening here. Case in point…..The latest round of mere accusations of sexual misconduct are all that is needed to destroy lives & careers…..even without an indictment or trial. (p.s. winking at a woman is now considered sexual harassment and just touching a woman is sexual assault). Yes, and Judge Roy Moore & many others comes to mind. Now tell me I’m wrong.!!!!!!

        • Exactly J,

          I read of a guy that had been repeatedly vandalizing a local mosque here in the US. His calling card was leaving raw bacon all over. They just gave him 15 years in prison. I don’t condone his actions, but wow, they don’t even give 15 years to murderers these days.

      32. U get caught lying like that trying to intentionally destroy someones life. 40 years hard labor.

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