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    Category: Schaef Report

    A. Schaef

    I often think about what would happen if I was in the same financial situation the US government finds itself in today. Then I imagine writing my credit card company and asking them for an increase on my credit limit. I bet it would go something like this…


    Are we headed for chronic, Japanese-style deflation or Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation? Is the market going to triple soon due to money printing or is it going to fall through the floor set in March 2009 because of a loss of confidence in the US economy? Why is there so much confusion on this topic? Why are we being given such drastically opposing views by the so-called experts?


    Those who oppose this project say that it represents an incredible amount of disrespect to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 and those who are for it (Muslims and non-Muslims) say that allowing it to be built shows that America is tolerant of all religions, is accepting of all people, and believes that there is strength in diversity. After all, that is what America is all about. Isn’t it?


    This regression (or global re-balancing) has only just begun and will likely continue for years despite the massive government interventions being employed right now designed to prevent it.We cannot stop it, therefore the most intelligent thing to do is to accept it. Once you accept it you can prepare for it, and once you are prepared for it you can face it.


    For almost exactly 2 years the Chinese have held their currency to a fixed exchange rate with ours, but due to pressure from the US government China finally agreed to lift the peg. The US government got what they wanted, but perhaps they should be a little more careful what they wish for.


    Stimulus packages and bailouts are implemented for one reason: to give a temporary appearance of an economic recovery during a time when the free market has decided that a recession is necessary.


    During President Obama’s May 27, 2010 press conference he announced that he would be extending the moratorium on offshore drilling for at least another 6 months. This announcement just happens to coincide with the time of year that the demand for oil historically spikes – the summer time. Of course, all you economics majors out there know that a decrease in production at a time of historically increasing consumption is a recipe for inflated prices.


    Everything you need to know about precious metals including a brief history, why precious metals are money, the gold standard, arguments against gold, how precious metals relate to the monetary base, types of gold investments, what and how to buy, and industrial applications.


    How Does Something like this Happen? Were investors really panicking enough to send the DOW plunging down 9% in a matter of minutes or was there something else at work here?


    Though the residential mortgage crisis is still playing out in full force today and is punishing the banking industry with unrelenting ferocity, many believe the worst is behind us.


    The Federal Reserve’s tendency to meddle in the market can be compared to the late Michael Jackson’s infatuation with his own face. Once you start to play God by tweaking things here and there you become disillusioned and think if Ijust keep changing it I can eventually make it perfect – all the while not realizing that what you are really doing is self-mutilation. Our economy has now been so disfigured by the Federal Reserve that our own founding fathers wouldn’t recognize this country anymore than Michael Jackson’s father would recognize him if he had not seen him since he was a young man.


    It has been said that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Therefore, make sure you are inside one when that wave comes. The people who are walking out onto the exposed ocean floor right now are the people who have their money in savings accounts, money market accounts, government bonds, etc.


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