SCHAEF REPORT: Warning Signs, Omens & Predictions (September 2010)

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    “Right now I have no shorts because they are printing so much money. The Dow could reach 30,000 but it would be in worthless money.” – Jim Rogers

    “There’s a 40%-50% chance the market will crash right through the bear-market lows set last spring.” – Gary Shilling

    Bulls vs Bears. So who do we believe, Rogers or Shilling? Are we headed for chronic, Japanese-style deflation or Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation? Is the market going to triple soon due to money printing or is it going to fall through the floor set in March 2009 because of a loss of confidence in the US economy? Why is there so much confusion on this topic? Why are we being given such drastically opposing views by the so-called experts? Why does it seem that we are being forced into a position where if we guess wrong we could lose everything? In this report I am going to attempt to cut through some of the BS that we are being fed right now on both sides of the argument and give you my take on the situation. But first, lets take a look at the information we have and try to break it down.


    Recent Trends and Headlines. We are getting ready to enter the dreaded 4th quarter, during which most major stock market crashes have unfolded (1929, 1987 and most recently 2008) and during which, even in a healthy economy, the market tends to underperform. Government debt is mounting while unemployment continues to rise. The effects of the stimulus packages are beginning to wind down. Barack Obama himself has admitted that he is running out of options because intererst rates can’t get any lower than zero. There is talk of yet another stimulus package as if it is almost an inevitability. Home sales are making new lows practically every month. In short, the tide is retreating once again and it is revealing just how weak our economy really is. Precious Metals. Those who have invested in gold and silver may be getting happier nowadays, but that usually means that things are generally getting worse for most people. As Peter Schiff predicted, precious metals have begun to decouple from their traditional inverse relationship with the dollar, which means that people are no longer running to the dollar as a safe haven. Metals seem to go up regardless of what the market does. If both stocks and the dollar go down as gold and silver go up that can only mean one thing: more people are beginning to realize that gold and silver are the true safe havens of our time. Small Banks – The True Indicator of America’s Economic Health ‏ . ElizabethWarren, Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, in her July 2010 report talks about how TARP apparently seemed to work out much better for the big corporate banks than it did for the small banks in this country. Whether or not this was by design is an important question to ask, however I don’t want to focus on that aspect of it right now. Regardless of the reason, the playing field is clearly lopsided against the small banks. In her report, Warren offers some disturbing statistics. “Of the big banks that received capital purchase progam money, 76% have already repaid. Of the small banks, less than 10% have repaid. In fact, 15% of the small banks have already missed a dividend payment [to the US Treasury (which is technically a TARP repayment default)].”So small banks are continuing to fail at a record pace while big banks are buying them up. One of the reasons for this is that many of these small banks have incredible exposure to commercial real estate which is crashing and burning as I type this. Warren then concludes “If TARP ends up saving big banks but leaving small banks to be swallowed up or to collapse then its legacy could be an even more concentrated and possibly more vulnerable financial system.”In short, unless we want to keep our money under our mattresses, soon our only banking options may be Wells Fargo,Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, all 4 of which the government has already shown that they will never let fail. Corporatocracy 1, Capitalism 0.


    The Hindenburg Omen. There are many “indicators” in the stock market: moving averages, 52 week highs and lows, bearish sentiment, bullish sentiment, technical patterns, P/E ratios, buy signals, sell signals, etc., but none are supposed to be as scary as the Hindenburg Omen. What is a Hindenburg Omen and what is it supposed to mean? If the following 4 criteria are met, there is supposedly a very good chance we will see a significant drop in the market shortly thereafter. Here are the 4 criteria: 1. The daily number of New York Stock Exchange new 52 week highs and the daily number of new 52 week lows are both greater than or equal to 2.8 percent (typically, 84) of the sum of NYSE issues that advance or decline that day (typically, around 3000). 2. The NYSE index is greater in value than it was 50 trading days ago. 3. The McClellan Oscillator is negative on the same day. 4. New 52 week highs cannot be more than twice the new 52 week lows (though new 52 week lows may be more than double new highs). Does this sound like a bunch of technical nonsense to you? Me too. I mean, why should these 4 things mean that the market is getting ready to implode? Do they have anything to do with jobs? Do they have anything to do with investor confidence? No. One thing you can’t dispute, however, is that “The Omen” has a 77% accuracy rate of predicting stock market slumps of at least 5% within about 5 weeks of its occurrence, and guess what folks – we just got one on August 12th. The Bright Side. A 77% accuracy rating means that 23% of the time nothing happens. Also, and most importantly, this has to be the best advertised Hindenburg Omen that has ever occurred. Just ask Glenn Beck. He did a whole segment on his show about it on August 16th. Since then, all you have to do is type “Hindenburg” into your google search bar and “Hindenburg Omen” is the 2nd or 3rd choice that appears (I guarantee you this was not the case before Mr. Beck called everyone’s attention to this phenomenon). In other words, a lot of people know about this now, and if you consider yourself a contrarian like me then you live by the creed that “the herd is usually wrong”. Besides, what are omens anyway? Aren’t they supposed to be things like black cats walking in front of us and shooting stars confirming that our wishes will come true and whatnot? Omens simply appeal to our superstitions because they supposedly have a high correlation with certain events happening, but they do not represent true causation whatsoever and must be taken with a grain of salt. In my opinion, if you are going to take all of your money out of the stock market do it because you believe the fundamentals for a bullish market are simply not there. But don’t do it because Glenn Beck says that God told him the market was going to drop 5%. What if it drops 5% in a matter of days and then bounces back up just as quickly? What is your plan for gettng back into the market? All I’m saying is to not base your decsion on what to do with your life savings because of something like the Hindenburg Omen.


    Given these warning signs and “omens” and what the government has already shown us what they plan on doing to try and keep asset markets afloat, let’s look in more detail at some of the predictions that are being made by both the bulls and the bears: Deflationist Predictions – Panic Selling and Stocks to reach 38 Year Lows. Some bears are actually calling for Dow Jones 1,000 followed by a sustained deflationary depression that will last several years. This would be a nominal decline back to October of 1972 when the Dow hit quadruple digits for the first time in history. In this scenario, cash and government bonds are the place to be because they will gain purchasing power as prices all over the world fall. Safety will be the name of the game. Gary Shilling, Mish Shedlock and a few others believe that most asset markets are getting ready to plunge so you should sell everything including gold and silver which have been in a bull run for the past 10 years. Some bears predict gold to fall as far as $100 an ounce, and silver… well, let’s just say that the 1964 quarters (which contain about 92% silver) technically won’t be worth thier face value at that point, but at least we’ll be able to spend them as if they were. All of this supposedly will happen despite governments around the world printing money like there is no tomorrow in order to try and avoid this very scenario. And government bonds, which have already enjoyed a 29 year rally, will continue to be the best investment for several more years to come. Inflationist Predictions – Hyperinflation and Stocks to Reach Astronomical Levels. Jim Rogers is not the only one calling for the Dow Jones to triple, however he never said it was going to happen tomorrow. In fact, most inflationists (including Marc Faber) agree that hyperinflation is inevitable in the US but is not likely for at least another 5 years. In the mean time, could we see the market drop 5% or more? Of course. But, the real question is: could a drop in the market like this trigger another panic-driven capitulation that causes the market to crash through the March 2009 lows? Faber says no. In his appearance on Bloomberg Television on August 29th (2 days after Bernanke’s speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in which he announced that the Fed is prepared to print as much money as necessary in order to create jobs) Faber says “The market, in my opinion, will perceive [quantitative] easing moves by central banks around the world as being inflationary for asset markets.” In other words, at least some (if not most) of the money will flow into the stock market and commodities. Therefore, Faber does not believe we can reach the March 2009 market lows again.


    Why Hasn’t the Market Crashed Yet? One thing is for sure, our economy is not healthy. You don’t need to be an expert to know this. You just need to turn on the news. Among other things, the stock market is supposed to be one of the indicators of the strength of our economy. That is not all the stock market represents, however, because if it was I believe that we would be at Dow Jones 5,000 (or possibly lower) right now. The stock market also reflects where people feel safe keeping their money. For example, if you think hyperinflation is on the way would you rather be in cash or stocks? And if you think higher interest rates are on the way would you rather be in government bonds or stocks? Therefore, the stock market, for many people. just represents the greater of the available evils right now. After all, when stocks plunged in the 4th quarter of 2008, they did bounce rather significantly off the March 2009 lows for an extended period of time, so much has happened in the past year and a half to restore general confidence in the market. Sheep in a Burning Barn. So why would people run back into the market after getting burned so bad? This is because sheep don’t usually have the sense to run out of a burning barn. Instead, they will typically run from a hotter part to a cooler part or a smoke-filled part to a non-smoke-filled part, but to leave the barn itself is to them the greatest risk of all, because the security of the barn is all they know. Put this in the context of the average investor. The last thought on most people’s minds is to abandon stocks, bonds, AND cash and to invest in gold and silver. This unchartered territory is so out of most people’s comfort zones that it represents the biggest risk of all. Furthermore, do you think their brokers are telling them to sell everything and to get into precious metals? But when the herd finally does come rushing into precious metals (which will happen), it will be an incredible thing to watch. Here’s my 2 cents. Take it for what it’s worth. We have had periods of both deflation and inflation in this country, however in the end inflation has always won. Why is this? It is because of one reason: The Federal Reserve. Since their creation in 1913 they have succeeded in devaluing the dollar by 95% – and guess what folks, they’re still in power. As long as they’re calling the shots I believe the trend will continue. Forgive me for indulging myself a little by quoting one of my favorite movie characters of all time, Michael Corleone. Remember in The Godfather Part 2 when Michael’s then wife Kay was threatening to leave him and take his children? I see a similar scenario playing out right now where the stock market is threatening Ben Bernanke with a deflationary depression. In both scenarios these men, having equal amounts of vigor and passion for what the believe, have the same answer:

    “Don’t you know that I would use all of my power to prevent something like that from happening?”

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    Bye for now, Schaef

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      1. There is an urgent need to examine the science of human population dynamics. The topic of human population dynamics has not been and is not now being openly discussed.

        Let us imagine for a moment that the growth of the human population today is the “mother” of human-driven global challenges looming before humankind and knowledgeable people willfully refuse to speak about it. How can that behavior be construed as correct? On what authority is silence in response to science condoned? Who has the right to deny the existence of knowledge of something that threatens all of us? Is there no one who has determined that experts have a “duty to warn” humanity in such dire circumstances as exist when the very future of children everywhere could be put at risk soon?

        Before I started the AWAREness Campaign, I fully anticipated that the publication of peer-reviewed scientific evidence regarding human population dynamics and human overpopulation of the Earth would be rigorously scrutinized, carefully examined and objectively reported by appropriately trained and educated experts. To my astonishment that did not occur. The experts remained mute. The evidence was neither sensibly refuted nor affirmed. There was only a deafening silence. After some months passed, I concluded that experts must not believe the evidence regarding the human population but could not rebutt it either. So the AWAREness Campaign began. Even now, years later, I believe the silence of so many indicates that the research is virtually irrefutable on the one hand and unbelievable on the other. It appears that we are in need of a transformed scientific imagination by means of which scientists with appropriate expertise are freed from inadequate thought and time-honored theory…freed to carefully examine and skillfully report new, unforeseen and unfortunately unwelcome scientific research regarding the human population.

        So here we are in 2010. With the rare exception of a pre-eminent scientist like Professor Emeritus Gary Peters who is willing to speak truth-as-he-sees-it to the powerful, elective mutism is effectively vanquishing science with regard to extant evidence of human population numbers.

        If the research to which I have unsuccessfully tried to draw attention for so long is fatally flawed and completely wrong, then this community  is invited to expose me for the fool that I surely am. On the other hand, if the scientific evidence is somehow on the correct track, then there is plenty of work for everyone in the human community to begin doing in earnest. It appears to me that there is just enough space-time for us to transform human consciousness, adopt sustainable lifestyles and right-size business enterprises, but we need to get started now.

      2. “Before I started the AWAREness Campaign, I fully anticipated that the publication of peer-reviewed scientific evidence regarding human population dynamics and human overpopulation of the Earth would be rigorously scrutinized, carefully examined and objectively reported by appropriately trained and educated experts. To my astonishment that did not occur.”

        Really ?  Why are you astonished that people would not be willing to look at what it’s REALLY going to take:  Giving up one of the most basic “rights” i.e., reproduction.

        Hell, everybody and their cousin KNOWS social security simply can’t work long term, even if they can’t quite explain what a Ponzi scheme is, but NOBODY is willing to touch the issue for fear of the “gray backlash”.

        And you are astonished that no public policy person/group is willing to point out the EXACT SAME “population ponzi problem” is taking place on a world wide scale to the folks of reproductive age  ?  (Not to mention the Gray “when-you-going-to -GIVE-us-some-grandkids” bunch )

        Explaining bacteria in Petri dish grow and reproduce up to the point of the LAST doubling when the dish runs out of room and food, then a population that was healthy yesterday, is a dead, stinking soup today is quite easy to understand……from a logical, scientific point of view.   Trying to extrapolate that to the emotional level of the ingrained human need to spawn is quite another.

        So I’m amazed that you’re astonished….ahahahaaaaa…

        But don’t worry….from a scientific background, you also know that even if no one is willing to point out, educate and HOPE ( because even I would hate to see this as a matter of law, like China ) that people would respond to the obvious, the Four Horsemen will simply saddle up and ride.

        By the way…..this subject was so obvious to my wife and I, that 30 years ago, we made a conscious decision NOT to contribute to the problem, nor to have children that would almost certainly be faced with a world of dwindling resources.  Mankind is close to a point where not only will their children not have the chance to live better than their parents, they probably won’t have a shot at living close to as WELL as their parents.

      3. The Schaef report is the typical horseshit that con men stock brokers play. They tell half their clients that a stock is going up and the other half that the same stock is going down. No matter what happens the broker makes his commission and half of his clients love him.

        Great article posted ! equally good replies !
        Sorry , not meaning to hijack this reply forum but how is it that the burning of a Muslim Quran takes front page over the U.S. economy issues ? Looking down from north of the 49th scratching my head .
         Again , sorry

      5. “If the research to which I have unsuccessfully tried to draw attention for so long is fatally flawed and completely wrong, then this community  is invited to expose me for the fool that I surely am.”

        It is fatally flawed.  The only population crises is that there are too many people to be totally controlled by those who seek the control.   The science is funded by the same controllers.  Let God determine how many people are too many. 

        If we need reduction in population, let’s start with the bankers and corrupted government officers who claim false authority over the rest of us.  Once the no longer controlled the science, most of the problems they create will go away on their own.

      6. Not an endorsement of banksters or govt weenies, but but if every one of them dropped in a large hole tomorrow, that isn’t going to extend a finite amount of resources one lick.

        “God” will, no doubt, determine population, using the four horsemen as always.  I think Steven was thinking maybe humans might have enough common sense to know when to quit “go forth and multiply”…..which isn’t gonna happen, IMHO.

      7. Wow. Interesting comments so far. Not sure why we are talking about overpopulation on this thread because that is not what this article is about. Anyway, in response to Pluto I guess I can see your point, but I don’t think that is what these economists are doing. Economists and “experts” are typically not stock brokers. Many of them don’t even have clients (unless they are newsletter subscribers) and therefore they can’t tell half the people one thing while telling the other half something completely different. In this report I tried to present both sides of the argument and then give my take on it. I am a huge fan of Marc Faber who often defies many of the popular theories and general consensuses. In a nutshell, he knows that the Fed was successful in causing the market to have a sustained rally from March 09 to April 10 simply by pumping liquidity into the system. He believes that this will continue and will eventually lead to hyperinflation. Those who believe in a deflationary depression only have the Great Depression to point to as their example, however when you look at Bernanke he fancies himself a student (and even an expert) on the Great Depression. Many of his papers were on that very subject. He is going to do everything he possibly can to avoid that scenario. Also, I don’t blame you for not trusting stock brokers. I don’t trust them either. That’s why I manage my own accounts and I have a very generous portion of my assets in precious metals.

      8. Thomas Malthus has been overquoted and under read.
        Villinized and diefied by all the wrong people.
        But in the end he was basically right.
        You cannot graze 500 head of cattle on a hundred acres without running out of grass.
        But now I am rambling on about an untouchble subject here and will get flamed.


      9. First let me say that I have no “legal” proof of what I am about to say.  I am just a guy, who goes to work every day, pays my dues, raise my family and pretty much stays to myself.  In all my life, the government has never given me anything; rather it is they which have been the recipient of my money instead.  I have been purchasing stocks and bonds for the last 30 years, have done better than average, and do consider myself at least as smart as the average bear.  It’s my belief that what I am seeing today is only possible if you factor in an unknown variable. It appears that the rumored plunge protection team (PPT) is in fact real. That the rumored invisible hand is at work and I believe I have figured out their MO.  Follow me through this feeling if you will.

        As the bad news continues to trickle in, the PPT watches closely and purchases stock across the board for a majority of the top Dow Jones companies.  This action specifically occurs every time there is an anticipation of bad news, such as the unemployment numbers from last week. Vast amount of stock is purchased to offset the anticipated sell off. This can be seen most dramatically in the after hours, and pre-market trading of the day or two before.  I suspect that this action has two objectives, first to make the other investors believe that someone has inside knowledge and feels as though that the forthcoming expected news will not be as bad as anticipated. Second, these purchases are made to act as a shock absorber. Both of these and probably many more that a true expert could discover, is to offset any uncontrolled sell off that may occur after the bad news is released. 

        As the market gyrates over the next few days, the PPT waits for an approximate 350-400 point gain, and then they sell the same shares they bought just a few days earlier, taking a profit at everyone else s expense. I can see no other reason for the market to constantly sideways churn 200-300 point swings, nor improve or soar on information that was not as bad as expected, but bad never the less..

        It’s also my belief that the powers that be (PTB) are anticipating a major democratic bloodletting in November, which I also believe they so richly deserve, both politically and physically. When the republicans are elected, the PPT will cease all positive activity and switch to negative activity to assist with a full market crash. The PTB and the main stream media (MSM) will predictably blame the republican policies for this, and will declare a loss of world confidence because they were elected. When it gets bad enough, they will use this as a reason to declare draconian socialistic changes, including martial law. The newly elected republicans will never see a single day in their new office, as the country will be ruled by executive order from that point forward.  Barry and the progrssives will do anything to stay in power, including presiding over a 50% depopulation of the planet.
        God, I pray I am incorrect. I pray that I am just some ignorant guy who thinks he knows, but really does not. I, like many of you are no longer in stocks, and have moved my fidelity 401k into Fidelity Cash Reserves, in a hope that it may survive somewhat, and will move into metals and natural resources immediately after the crash, again, if possible.

        I am very afraid;  I don’t trust my government, the MSM or the banking system any longer. My gut tells me that the above is true, and it is going to get very very ugly by the end of this year. I am pretty well prepped, but I really didn’t want to spend my later years having to fight to take my country back, rather than relaxing on the beach. Maybe I can survive by collecting the bounty which will be offered on the past and present members of the government who have betrayed us all, and anyone else who will support their upcoming actions.

      10. One day, heaven is beginning to fill up (of course due to the population explosion), so St. Peter decides to ask each person a question about the bible before they can enter. Three men stand at the pearly gates, waiting to get into heaven. “How many wise men were there?” St. Peter asks the first man. “Three.” He answers, and the trumpets sound, the gates open, and the first man enters.

        “How long did the flood last?” St. Peter asks the second man. “Forty days and forty nights.” He answers, and the trumpets sound, the gates open and the second man enters. Seeing how easily the first two answered his trivia, St. Peter thinks of a much more difficult question for the second man. Finally, he asks, “What was the first thing Eve said to Adam in the Garden?”

        The man thinks and thinks, but can’t come up with an answer. “Boy, that’s a hard one,” he finally says. And the trumpets blow, the gates open, and the last man enters heaven.

      11. …..    ROF Bill, my sentment on al this as well, lol

      12. QUOTE: “I have been purchasing stocks and bonds for the last 30 years, have done better than average, and do consider myself at least as smart as the average bear.”

        Hey did you ever meet my girlfriend’s cat? It was as successful as you in this past decade, every morning it would jump up on the table while she was reading the business pages and plonk its paw down on the index. All she had to do was buy the stock under that paw and she was in the money. Unfortunatly it died in 2008 and she has lost money ever since. It’s hard to find a good stock picker.

        What you see happening in the markets is just the elite doing business as usual. Like the 1929 unwind where they consolidated their fortunes and squashed all opposition. If there is any major difference extending this cycle it is the fact that the drones have been conned into putting billions of dollars of their hard earned money into the markets weekly, via the private pension swindle.

        While that money continues to flow in the elites will continue to milk it out. Building up the corporations they intend to use to rule over you, and looting the ones they intend to fail. Like Leaman and Bear, GM, etc.

      13. Gold is  moving up in response to world demand, India in particular, as it is that time of year for them prior to the wedding season. We by chocolate for Valentine’s Day, they buy gold for the wedding.

      14. Morons

      15. Retail investors have left the market in droves.   It is totally fake and manipulated by the Feds/Treasury (PPT).

        It does not matter if it is inflation or deflation….it is all the same ending…..we are screwed!

      16. Ill bring the vasoline !!!!!

      17. The invisible hand is now more visible than it has ever been hence Mr. Retail investor/gambler getting the hell out of Dodge.   Thanks to the internet we’ve screwed ourselves with the PTB by now knowing too much.      They will make us forget what we know and play along or we will pay like hell.       They’re getting cornered and they don’t like it one bit.

        We will all realize the potential of their wrath very soon indeed.

      18. Interesting comments, indeed.

        Regarding the stock market, I’ll again freely admit that I don’t know jack…

        However, my gut tells me there are two things keeping this thing “overvalued” (if in fact it is)…First, the “watch pot theory,” as I think Schaef alludes to, at least vaguely.  That is, “it” won’t happen until the masses don’t expect it.  Second, what I refer to as a game of musical chairs being played by the high frequency traders…and they, at least in a sense, dictate when the music stops.  How long can/will they keep it up?  I have no idea, but IMHO, the “flash crash” of May 6th gave us a glimpse of what would happen if Hal9000 stopped trading for whatever reason (i.e., the lack of “real” demand for stocks at the current prices).  IMO, 5K on the Dow is not a ridiculous number at all…

      19. I’m with Jr Harvil…….I have been saying this for a while now. The house of cards will fall after November when the Repubs are voted in. They are only keeping it afloat until the election ….then all hell will break loose. At least that’s what I’m feeling. Of course I’m no expert….that’s why I come here to get others perpective. 

      20. Comments…..Jr. Harvil who admits he knows nothing about the market sure seems to know a whole lot more about it then Schaef does, some very smart people on this post. The bottom line is the stock market really has as much to do with the economy as your local casino, a place where somebody gets something for nothing and others get nothing for something, a place where all the elite insiders practice their art of speculation so they can shift more wealth their way. The old saying there is a sucker born every minute, the wheel will stop when suckers stop being born,and the existing ones go broke and that’s just around the corner.

      21. Halsen: Its people like you that make me want to puke! You are a freaking crybaby! Be a man and fight back you dolt! The majority of the people on here are way too smart and have way too much sand to take your whining with anything more than a grain of salt!

        Don’t worry about the powers that be! Its time for them to worry about US! Where’s your freaking Balls?

      22. Durango – LOL!  Really Rick, don’t give up before the battle.  Grab your rifle and your twins and stand up……..

      23. Durango Kid you blathering idiot.   You don’t  even KNOW who to fight nor how to fight the immensity coming against you much less knowing whatever you think it is.    What are you planning to fight ‘them’ with?   Your BS? What I stated here is what we’re in for as fact.  No sugar-coating.    One hell of battle.   There is no organization to fight the PTB at this time is my point at the scale necessary and until there is we will pay like hell.    Follow?  You misunderstood my perspective of reality with bolstering your bravado Rambo BS online so you look like one tough SOB, right?    You’re probably a keyboard bad ass wuss who couldn’t pull the trigger when necessary but you sure can talk a load of bluster on how you’re gonna take on everyone.  

        I want men around me who can fight.    Really fight.  I doubt you’re one of them.      Those that can are few and far between.   You couldn’t hang with our kind.    We’d  ferret out your Rambo BS in a heartbeat and call you to task.   I’d bet you’d wither when it came down to the real deal.


      24. I am an exmarine and viet nam vet so I can hang with you anytime. When Rumsfield, Bush, Cheney, and Clinton were hiding in one manner or another, my ass was 12 miles outside of Da Nang putting my life where my mouth is. Where were you?

        I am just sick of people like you trying to undermine the spirit of my fellow Americans with a naysayer , may as well give up attitude,  seeking to discourage, rather than embolden others. 

        There is no battle to fight right now, dimwit, except at the polls. Right now my weapon is my vote and the US Constitution. I know who the enemy is: and I agree with SHTF America, as to who they are, what they are all about, and how to combat them.

        Will the SHTF eventually? Yeah, sure. I understood that 40 years years ago.  If you ever get any balls, and a new attitude, you can cover my back because I will be at the front. Get on board or get the fuck out of the way!

      25. Okay Guy’s….I bet that the two of you are best friends and go out for a beer after a long day of blogging….right? Really, you need to stay case in point….for people like me that are new to this and really need information…I really do not care how low your balls hang!!!!

      26. “If you ever get any balls, and a new attitude, you can cover my back because I will be at the front.”

        I don’t think so.   If you plan to be at the ‘front’ you’re gonna get slaughtered so the only thing I’d be ‘covering’  if I’d be that stupid is a shot up carcass.    Think flank, Bonehead.   Lot’s of them.    Typical Jar Head.   lol Chhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah, right.



        Hey Tina……

        Look, the guy rags on me unprovoked from the get go, sez I lack balls,  etc., etc., etc., and then expects me to dance without even a compliment or two.      He doesn’t know my background or me personally.   Instead of asking me in a halfway pleasant and respectful fashion exactly where I was coming from he goes howitzer on my manhood.    He can go pound his little weenie in the sand is the proper response.

        So then I had to subordinate his nutz too.

        It’s a guy thing.   lol


      28. Tina: If you are new and want a comprehensive understanding of where we are at, how we got here, what to expect, and what we can do, without sorting through all of the archives and associated posts here; try or click the link above and on the right.

        It’s not too late to take back this country from the PTB and November elections will be a good start in that direction. The PTB put their jeans on the same way we do. There are many, many, many more of us than there are of them. So why quit without a fight? The PTB are running scared now. November will be a body blow to the status quo.

        I just cannot stomach the “sky is falling” propaganda that a few  posters here like to  spread to the masses with the intent of demoralizing everyone. If they want to piss and moan and cry and complain, say woe is me, we don’t have a chance, etc, etc etc; then they need to call their mommy to wipe the tears from their eyes and hold their hand. Are they men or boys?

        I am not going to let them spill that garbage here without a challenge.

      29. Hey Rick! Glad to see you are developing some backbone. Now direct that energy towards the PTB. They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like us!

      30. Durango kid,
        naa they don’t put their pants on like us…… they pay someone else to do it ! hehehe

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