WWIII? A “Hybrid Geo-Financial War” Between NATO and Russia Is Dangerously Escalating

by | May 20, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 40 comments

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    Russia is preparing for war against the West.

    Putin is being urged to do so because the U.S. and NATO have been preparing for war themselves.

    Syria and Ukraine have just been warm ups. The real thing could be around the corner, and other proxy flashpoints are ready to line up.

    The rising tensions for military conflict are sharply complicated by the stealthier financial war that is nonetheless taking a serious toll across the globe, in particular as collapsing oil prices put incredible pressure on those regimes who have cast a big social benefits net financed primarily by $100/barrel oil.

    As SHTF previously reported, that made Venezuela the most vulnerable, and it is plain today that the oil rich nation is collapsing. However, the manipulation of these prices was also meant to put pressure on Russia (as well as other countries)… while the attempt to undercut Russian natural gas by taking over Ukraine and have NATO supply gas to Europe instead of Russia has so far failed.

    It is a sophisticated geopolitical gamble that perhaps no one is winning, apart from who manages not to topple over.

    A detailed, but nonetheless alarming article by Alastair Crooke reports that there is significant pressure on Putin from other Russian leaders to take a hard line in the days ahead.

    via the Huffington Post:

    Putin carries, at one end of his balancing pole, the various elites more oriented toward the West and the “Washington Consensus“ and, at the pole’s other end, those concerned that Russia faces both a real military threat from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and a hybrid geo-financial war as well. He is being pressed to come down on the side of the latter, and to pry the grip of the former from the levers of economic power that they still tightly hold.

    In short, the issue coming to a head in the Kremlin is whether Russia is sufficiently prepared for further Western efforts to ensure it does not impede or rival American hegemony. Can Russia sustain a geo-financial assault, if one were to be launched? And is such a threat real or mere Western posturing for other ends?

    What is so important is that if these events are misread in the West, which is already primed to see any Russian defensive act as offensive and aggressive, the ground will already have been laid for escalation. We already had the first war to push back against NATO in Georgia. The second pushback war is ongoing in Ukraine. What might be the consequences to a third?

    In mid-April, General Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee (a sort of super attorney general, as Cohen describes it), wrote that Russia — its role in Syria notwithstanding — is militarily ill prepared to face a new war either at home or abroad, and that the economy is in a bad way, too. Russia, furthermore, is equally ill prepared to withstand a geo-financial war. He goes on to say that the West is preparing for war against Russia and that Russia’s leadership does not appear to be aware of or alert to the danger the country faces.

    […] A retired Russian general entered the fray to confirm that the West is indeed preparing for war — he pointed to NATO deployments in the Baltics, the Black Sea and Poland, among other places — and underlines again the unpreparedness of the Russian military to face this threat. “This is a heavy indictment of Putin,” Cohen says of the revelations from this analysis. “It is now out in the open.”


    The government’s economic policy is being criticized. The opposing faction wants to see an immediate mobilization of the military and the economy for war, conventional or hybrid. This is not about wanting Putin ousted; it is about pushing him to wield the knife — and to cut deeply.

    There is every reason to think that the clashing interests of NATO and Russia can and will spark more flashpoints across the map and around the arc that generally surrounds the former Soviet empire, which the United States hopes to contain in order to maintain its own crumbling empire.

    While President Obama, now officially the president to oversee the longest period of war (albeit somewhat contracted), may be reluctant to pursue in form of open conflict with Russia, a president like Hillary Clinton may be all-too willing to do so. She has already called in recent days for an escalated ‘war against ISIS,’ which handily also gives an open ended pretext to challenge NATO-Russian conflict points wherever they might appear.

    Donald Trump’s positions here are as yet unclear, but he is beginning to surround himself with the same type of advisers – including Henry Kissinger –  that have brought us to this point.

    With economic decline and a definite fatigue for war, Americans face an end of the dollar as the world currency standard and an era where the BRICS nations, and in particular the militaries of Russia and China, pose an existential threat to the world that the U.S. and Britain carved out in the WWII era and which they essentially won away from the Soviets by the end of the Cold War.

    These waxing and waning empires are dangerous as their vulnerabilities and short-comings become exposed, and their territories challenged.

    That fact that Putin is being prodded from within Russia to be less diplomatic and more aggressive in posturing for war is downright unsettling. Many of our most dangerous American leaders are all-too willing to poke the bear and evoke a reaction.

    Ukraine and Syria, as well as the Georgian conflict before it in 2008, prove that the U.S. will continue waging war and posturing for global domination in spite of the lack of a coherent narrative (but there’s ISIS), or any convincing pretext for sending troops and sponsoring proxy armies.

    The American people are sick of war, but the misleaders in Washington are eager enough to reinvigorate their sense of power and entitlement to control the affairs here and abroad. After all, war – in a sick kind of way – is good for the economy, and a big one means a mandate of emergency powers and a period of unquestioning obedience from the domestic population.

    The threat is all-too real, and a serious provocation, like the false flag attacks that have sparked most of the wars in the past, could be on the horizon.

    That all basically points to WWIII… or at least a full second Cold War. It could be a long way off, but the sense is that the scent is in the air.

    What do you think will happen next?

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      1. Same shit, new day.


        • Yup.

        • GM, what a profound statement.

        • The article? Or your post?

          • There is something wrong with this picture…and vaguely familiar. Has anybody considered the fact that THIS might be the regime change the west has been working on?

            Consider that only an idiot would try to oust Putin with another useless color revolution. They already know that THE PEOPLE will not buy the lies and they will not rise up…they tried that too and failed. There isn’t any damaging secrets they can “leak” this time, they already tried that and failed. How else could Putin be ousted? This might simply be “regime change version 3.0”

            I can find no other reason for this massive escalation. This doesn’t make sense, even in the mind of a crazy neocon… Think – if they can make the people around Putin scared/nervous enough that Putin isn’t fighting back and protecting the Motherland, they could cause his ouster! They would be thinking that they were only preserving themselves, but they would be unwittingly playing right into the globalists hands. AGAIN, unwitting people would be used to implement the game.

            MY FIRST CLUE was that the shield in Romania will not work, and they even admit that it won’t work. So why put it there? To cause hysteria. To get rid of Putin who is smart enough to not take the bait. But this ‘bait’ is not intended for Putin…it’s intended for the people around him.

            This is a backdoor regime change. A change in tactics so alien to what the world has come to recognize, that they hope it will work. We all know what kind of mind games the CIA has pulled throughout history. I think this is another one of them.

            I think Russia should pull the best plot twist, and fake an ouster and let them believe they finally did it — then put an end to the globalists once and for all. Then resume his rightful place as leader of The Russian Federation.

            GAME OVER.

      2. I can believe that this is happening because the economies of both are in the tank.

        When USSR fell NATOs economy as in good shape, but now it is different.

        Could WW3 between NATO and Russia happen, One word YEP!
        It won’t be pretty and no one wins.


      3. Ze hir Grandma, where is this country called NATO? I’ve looked all over this globe here, maybe you can find it.

        • NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an international alliance that consists of 28 member states from North America and Europe.

          Member states of NATO—> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_NATO

          there ya go.

        • NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

          • I think grandpaspeaks was making joke – The point is, NATO shouldn’t HAVE “borders” of it’s own, because it doesn’t HAVE territory because it is NOT a state or country or geographical entity.

            It’s not really even an agency, except on paper. NATO is, and always has been a “non-entity” and NATO ITSELF HAS NO RIGHTS. It’s an ALLIANCE without independence of it’s own.

            NATO has no right to expand itself. No right to plant itself in any country by force. No right to intervene anywhere under it’s own authority. NATO shouldn’t HAVE “interests” of it’s own.

            If it does any of this, then it needs to be disbanded and archived…”Break Glass Only In Time Of Desperation.”

      4. One day it is Russian troops in USA.
        Next Day it is war with Russia.

        GMAFB has said it all…..+1000.

        Instead of talking points on Putin or Russia, let us steal this thread and give us your best GMAFB meaning….

        G rab
        M y
        A larmingly
        F urry
        B uttocks


        Be safe…..BA.

        • This web site thrives because of its community. While we support lively debates and understand that people get excited, frustrated or angry at times, we ask that the conversation remain civil. Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagment of people in the comments section.

          Or not…

          More of your same shit, new day.


      5. Our enemies are Within, not in Russia. Same as in the days of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Even the same playbook allowing some foreign invaders into the domestic homeland while pointing to other foreigners as the enemy.
        Trump may offer us a respite from their insanity. One can hope, but then hope isn’t a plan for our personal survival. Better CYA because no one else is going to, Plan B.

        • Our enemies are Within

          you got it

          couldn’t have said it better ,, although Ive been saying exactly that for years .. your right on the money Gen Early

        • GenEarly, very well said. All the great nations eventually failed, eg: Rome, Spain, France, England, China, Aztecs, Mayan, Anasazi, etc. A nation gets a certain amount of time to be at the top – then it’s over. It doesn’t necessarily mean the country dies, it is merely a change of priorities. Prep well, aim small.

      6. Let the Games Begin !

      7. We hack their systems 24/7, they hack our systems 24/7
        chances of an electronic mishap are almost inevitable…

      8. Donald Trump’s positions here are as yet unclear, but he is beginning to surround himself with the same type of advisers – including Henry Kissinger – that have brought us to this point.



        Basically both he and Hillary share one thing in common, they’re egomaniacs with extremely short fuses. If he’s pulling from the same toilet of foreign policy advisers since… basically 1960? Shit we’re all fucked.

      9. Jubal has got it right again.

      10. The War Party aka neocons here at home are pushing all this shit. They need to be stopped once and for all. WW3 is not in any of our best interests.

      11. And while all of this is going on, China is quietly purchasing our farmland, diminishing our ability to feed ourselves and guaranteeing our available food will greatly increase in price. They recently acquired 1/4 of our pork production. Selling land and water sources to other countries should be outlawed.

        • Fox:

          I agree. Selling food and land to other Countries is treasonous. How could it not be illegal, regardless of what our ZOG says, it ain’t right!

          • I didn’t mean “food” I meant our ability to produce and distribute food.

          • Our bloodiest war was fought 155 years ago to prevent states from leaving the Union. Now we’re selling it off to the highest bidder. We sell mineral rights to foreign countries, too. That was the true issue behind the Bundy and Hammond ranch showdowns. Clinton and Reid had deals with Russia and China for those tracts of land.
            I would be OK with a landowner giving a short-term lease to a farmer from another country but not transferring ownership. And I’m not OK with selling mineral rights or rights to any natural resources. Whatever is within our borders must remain in our possession completely.
            When the government gobbles up private land under the guise of preserving it for future generations of Americans, it has no right to sell it, especially to foreign interests.

            • The United States like it or not is a corporation. We as property owners are members or share holders of said corporation.And like it or not the shareholders can sell their shares to who ever they want.That is what is wrong!!. Try as an American citizen to buy property in Mexico. Or China.

        • We are seeing the same thing happen to us that happened to Cuba under Batista. By the time Castro took over something like 70% of the land mass of the island was owned by foreign interests, which is why the people had little to lose by trying communism. It was the only way to forcibly take back the land owned by foreign companies. As most of the people were de facto slaves on their own land, they just chose to try a new master.

          • We’re very close to that now, both the cause and the possible effect. The majority of Americans qualify as poor. And anger is growing quickly. How long before the lid blows off? If it does and if we oust the crooks, who or what fills that vacuum? Half of our population is benefiting from and reliant upon our socialist programs now. I’m sure they would embrace communism if it promised to keep their gravy train on the tracks. The other half, I suspect, would go in the opposite direction, leading to Civil War II. That would have to be settled before any unified revolution occurs. And what better time for a foreign power to step in than in the aftermath of our internal fighting. Every scenario I imagine leads us down a long, bumpy road to an ugly destination.

            • The problem with that scenario is that it doesn’t work out too well for those who would theoretically want communism. The people who would call for it are either extremely poor or wealthy leftists and none of the above own guns or know how to use them well enough in a theoretical civil war scenario. It would be a bloodbath. This is why there is such a move to confiscate guns from those who own them legally. Those who do typically are people of some means (working class or above) who do not like the idea of collectivization and who would have something to lose if it were to come to that. Thus, those in power need to stack the deck in their favor.

              The poor rabble are easy to lead and will be like locusts stripping the land of all that has value. After that, we would come to what Marx referred to as class consciousness, as all would be on an equal playing field and starving for order. This lets a messianic figure or system (or both) come in and reorder the world so that people can eat and live in relative peace once again.

              • I agree. Communism only works in a family or small tribe, each contributing and receiving according to their abilities and needs, and that is only providing mutual respect exists. Beyond that, it fails miserably. On a larger scale it rewards laziness.
                The powers that be have been steadily stacking the deck in their favor, I believe, fully expecting the impending chaos, if not actively propagating it. Their threat is the working class which is why they will not only try to confiscate guns but strip all assets before the final fuse is lit. Depending upon ones mindset, the prospect of losing everything will either lead to total compliance or total rebellion.

      12. They can buy all they want but can not own it….I say renting till we need it back for our selves…Smith Field Foods.coming back home with a new name..lol

      13. Choose your side well: a Muslim quisling, anti-white West or a pro-white, pro-European civilization Russia? Who would you fight for? More rapefugees, Meheecans, or a rebirth of white European civilization with a strong pan-European military under Russia?

        A future world of hottie Russian and Asian women, or a third worlded America over-run with refugees, Afreecans, obesity, ugliness? Looks like we have to choose soon.

      14. The aggressor stands out like a sore thumb. What Pogo said. The voices opposing war have been silenced for fear of police state retribution. Public freedom of speech went the way of the dodo bird, extinct. No public free speech is total tyranny. No public national voice has stripped America of freedom.

      15. A good article about the “national security” state titled: TWA Flight 800 and 9/11 at Veterans Today. This article is a few years old and shines the light on this thoroughly corrupt state of government and the extent of deceit employed against truth and truth tellers, a complete analysis of the 7/27/96 takedown of the aircraft and subsequent 9-11 inside job.

      16. Where’s Cyndy Sheehan when we need her?

        Where’s the “Give peace a chance” crew?

        Where’s “What if they gave a war and no on came” from the 1960?

        Where’s hypocrite Bill Ayers as Obama has now presided over more war years than any other president

      17. Test… no protest allowed!

      18. President Trump will lead US to dark future, so says Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today. He says Trump is going to rise into the White House on a wave of terror hysteria, that he is going to be in a position to push the neocon policies that came from the inside job of 9-11. “That is the war on Islam, the doubling or more of the military budget, ramping up of support for Zionism and Israel. I see a very dark future for the US as Trump and terror hysteria are simultaneously rising”. Both bases covered with murderous warmongers. Either candidate will likely top Oliars kill total. No shit! Hurry up and wait. Don’t wait too long. How about that lying crony Chomsky who defends the official story of 9-11 and the JFK murder. Liar gatekeeper. Many have their price and defend the treason for the NWO establishment.

      19. The USA has yet to pay the price for backing ISIS in the middle east and its the biggest open secret in the world and who can blame Russia or China for getting tooled up when the USA is knocking at their doors.

        American need to be thorwn out of Europe because they would not leave without being pushed since taking over after WWII and then putting a gun to peoples faces behind closed doors or getting the bankers to bribe anyone who’s in power.

        Poland is a sitting duck if war breaks out thanks to the USA who is ran by international bankers but do worry because Russia now has nukes in Syria ready to hit Israel first if the bankers want to get it on.

      20. At the present time, Russia will kick our butt !

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