Woody Harrelson States The Truth: The “U.S. Is NOT A Free Country”

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Headline News

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    There’s finally a celebrity that’s calling out how dystopian the system of democracy really is. Woody Harrelson laid out the truth plainly saying that the United States “is not a free country.”

    No country is “free.” If you live under a ruler of any kind you are not free.  As mentioned before, the erroneous belief that people living in the U.S. are “free” is the biggest obstacle to true freedom. Slaves don’t revolt if they think they are free. It’s a simple way for the political class to keep their subjects in line, and that’s well-established.

    The Biggest Obstacle To Real Freedom Is The Belief That We Already Have It

    Recently, Harrelson has been blasting the mainstream media and the increasingly totalitarian slave state we live under. Following a 30-second bit on Saturday Night Live where he branded big pharma as a ‘cartel’ that is forcing its drugs on people with government consent, Harrelson has further spoken out against COVID mandates.

    In an interview with the New York Times, Harrelson warned that America is no longer a free country (and it was never a free country since it was founded. The founders set up a government and all government by definition is slavery), branding COVID protocols as “rather absurd.” When asked what was “absurd about the COVID protocols,” Harrelson replied, “The fact that they’re still going on!”

    Abolitionists Understand True Freedom: It’s Time For The Rest Of Us To Understand It Too

    “I don’t think that anybody should have the right to demand that you’re forced to do the testing, forced to wear the mask, and forced to get vaccinated three years on,” the Zombieland star asserted, according to a report by Summit News.

    “I’m just like, let’s be done with this nonsense,” Harrelson continued, adding “It’s not fair to the crews. I don’t have to wear the mask. Why should they? Why should they have to be vaccinated? How’s that not up to the individual? I shouldn’t be talking about this [expletive].” It makes me angry for the crew. The anarchist part of me, I don’t feel that we should have forced testing, forced masking, and forced vaccination,” he continued.

    “That’s not a free country,” he further warned, adding “Really I’m talking about the crew. Because I can get out of wearing a mask. I can test less. I’m not in the same position they’re in, but it’s wrong. It’s three years. Stop.” When asked what was “absurd about the COVID protocols,” Harrelson replied, “The fact that they’re still going on!”

    The mainstream media predictively jumped on Harrelson as an “anti-vax conspiracy theorist” and immediately started trying to make sure none of the slaves ever figure out they are slaves.

    The BIGGEST Lie Most People Still Believe


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