With Prices Increasing 50%, Minnesota Governor Who Backed Obamacare Admits “No Longer Affordable”

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 38 comments

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    Obamacare is proving to be a nightmare for the middle class, and even the politicians who once helped sell it to the public are now retreating.

    In Minneapolis, where healthcare costs are mounting so steeply that individual payers will face 50% and even 67% premium increases next year, Democratic Governor Mark Dayton (who pushed Obama’s “affordable” health care act) is calling for changes to the law to stop the pain that it is causing.

    According to WCCO in Minneapolis:

    Gov. Mark Dayton made a stunning admission on Wednesday about rising health insurance costs and the future of MNsure.

    “Ultimately I’m not trying to pass the buck here but the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable,” Dayton said.


    “The Affordable Care Act has many good features to it… but it’s got some serious blemishes right now and serious deficiencies,” Dayton said.

    Premiums for 250,000 Minnesotans, or 5 percent of the population, insured under MNsure will skyrocket by 50 percent or more on some health plans.


    “It is a crisis situation,” House Speaker Kurt Daudt said. “I think it’s a good step that the governor is now admitting that most Minnesotans can’t afford this and I think that’s a good first step to us now being able to work together to take some action to fix this so that we can find a solution that will get Minnesotans the health coverage they need at a cost they can afford,” Daudt said.

    At least the governor was big enough to admit his mistakes publicly and step back from the darkness.

    For now, the situation remains an unmitigated crisis, and it is undermining the financial stability of the U.S. population.

    Under the guise of taking care of everyone, President Obama and his cohorts have proceeded to strip away the wealth of the middle class. Those who aren’t poor enough for subsidies, are not rich enough either to meet higher and higher prices.

    The unfair burden placed on small businesses and free lance workers by these monstrous and out-of-control rates have taxed and penalized people back into dependence, forced lay offs and salary cuts, and allowed bureaucracy to creep into the delicate business of wellness – and those things don’t mix.

    As SHTF reported, insurance providers are dropping out of dozens of states, inefficient monopolies are taking hold and millions and millions of Americans are getting royally screwed over in the deal:


    Worst of all, the cretins in Washington have already hinted at their grand “solution” to this healthcare affordability crisis – assuming, of course, that states can’t patch it over first – by building in even greater federal control over socialized medicine that will put everyone under care of Dr. Uncle Sam.

    As Joshua Krause wrote:

    That’s because Obamacare is so unprofitable for the insurance companies, that many of them are pulling out of the system.

    Participation by insurers in the Obamacare exchanges has already declined by 27 percent since the law took effect. In 2013, just before Obamacare took effect, 395 insurers offered individual market coverage. In 2016, that number dropped to 287, according to an analysis by Ed Haislmaier, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

    Haislmaier projects that next year there will be roughly 45 fewer insurers participating in the Obamacare exchanges, a 15 percent decline from the previous year. Haislmaier, who tracks the numbers daily, says the picture will become more clear when insurance arrangements are solidified around the end of October.

    On the other hand, if Obamacare falls apart, that event could be used as an excuse to roll out a fully socialized healthcare system. This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Every time socialist policies fail, their socialist engineers double down, and claim that the real problem with their policy, was that it wasn’t socialist enough.

    By competing between quality and price, this system is assuring that most Americans will have to sacrifice one for the other, and end up sacrificing on all ends – perhaps when they need it most, between life and death.

    Read more:

    “Completely Unsustainable”: Obamacare Destroys Middle Class, Rising As Much as 67%. Just in 2017.

    Not Wealthy Enough To Meet Skyrocketing Rates, “Middle Class Is Being Crushed By Obamacare”

    Obamacare Crumbling Before Our Very Eyes: “Excuse For Fully Socialized Healthcare”


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      1. NO SHIT!!!!!!

        In the time Obullshit care came into place my cost went from $85.00 a month to $230.00 a month.


        • I second that. No shit governor dumbass.

          • Menzo, I never signed up for obolacare and never will. I’ll just take my chances. I’m the only one who decides what I’ll buy for myself. I don’t sign up for any insurance that’s totally useless. F#$% the feds and their penalties.

            • Hey Brave, If your income is dropping down to nothing, you can re-apply for Obama care, for free coverage. I was told this window election period, to again apply starts Nov 1st, 2016. If I can get more info on that I will post it. My income dropped a lot since I took off all last year to work on my property, and this years income is also reduced more. With all my deductions of self employment I paid $100 in Fed Taxes in 2015 and paid NO Obama Care Penalties. So it may be affordable or free with low or no income. For me its called Semi Retirement. I have paid so much frigging Fed Taxes in my life, I could have bought 5 more BOL’s for the price of this one. These b!tches Owe Me.


              • I’m going to step on toes here. Just listen first and think. All who are on ANY government program that pays for ANYTHING or allocates a payment of ANY sort participate in socialism. I don’t care if you want to call it Medicare, Medicade, EBT, Welfare, Affordable housing allowance, Affordable health care; or (drum-roll), Social Security. They are all socialistic. And they all are dead broke. I’ve heard ad nauseum the lament, “I paid in all those years and now I deserve to get what I put in”. And folks, it just ain’t there in some big-ass piggy-bank. It was spent long ago. And the ‘hope’ more is coming in from the young and still employed is being spent ever faster than it is coming in. What part of “there is NO money left” do we all not understand? The idea of NOT paying into O’care or paying the fees/penalty is the right idea. Starve the beast. Save you own money best as you can for retirement. For if life like this very site name begins with – SHTF – happens……. there won’t be a single one of those same programs/scams left anyway. Might’s well get used to the concept of truth. Now, before it is too late. Bottom line, all who have paid in have been suckered. Big-time. You fell for the guy’s game who swaps walnut shells around and around. “Where’s the little bean?” …… it’s gone. Never was in our lifetimes.

                • A family I know went to St Paul to protest before congress when his insurance rate notice came and he went through the roof. Imagine your income is $80k and they charge you $43k for insurance.

                  I was forced on Medicaid because of the fines taken from my poverty income when I filed my taxes. I don’t use it and pay cash for my medical expenses from my savings. At the time, anything you spent on Medicaid was a loan and you would have to pay it back anyway with your assets. I heard they changed the law a month ago for minor things but it can change back again. They made my daughter pay it all back a couple decades ago when she used it, all $7,000 of it. So depending on the state, it is no freebee.

            • I’m sure it must be satisfying to tell the government to fuck off “Braveheart” style, but what will you do when the turds at the Internal Revenue Cartel come after you? Bet your ass they will, too!

        • Sarge D.
          been un-affordable for many years!! mine (at that time) went from a cancelled policy (B and B shield cancelled it) of $150.00 a month to $1200.00 a month and we had NEVER even used it and had no high risk!! of course we never took the new policy. Obutthead should have been convicted then! just shows HOW much corruption is allowed and DC thinks it is normal! WELL, just wait until those who have NOT perished go hunting all the scumbags who have allowed ALL this CRAP to happen!! there are lots of people just sitting back and WAITING!!! sure looks like they won’t have much longe rto wait!!

          • I dropped Health Insurance back in about 2010, when FL BlueCross BS hiked it up 25%. I have not had a single problem getting health care since, being SELF INSURED, just tell the Doctor you are self-pay with cash and usually get a half price offer for the same services with Insurance. I am way ahead being self pay, self Insured. Savings about $30K in Ins Premiums not paid. Yeah self medicated too. bwhwahahahaha.


            • “just tell the Doctor you are self-pay with cash and usually get a half price offer for the same services with Insurance.”

              That is NOT true. Went to the dermatologist Monday and asked for a cash discount. The answer I got was – “we don’t do that.” I can guarantee you that what I paid was a hell of a lot more than the insurance companies pay.

        • What did your deductible do?

      2. To all who supported obola care,well,you are stuck with your plan,you get to keep it!

      3. It was designed to fail. You can’t have a welfare state and open borders, too. 3.5 million poor people are allowed into our country every year. That’s 35 million poor people every 10 years. Not counting the children they have after they get here. That’s 70 million poor people every 20 years plus their children. Get it now? You don’t have enough ammo, yet.

      4. He’s pissed because his psycho med’s have gone through the roof in prices.

        Guy is nuttier than a peanut field. He’s a dick too.

        • Really???
          your forgetting what Obutthead said was the prime reason for his Obama care and that was SO everyone could have affordable health insurance!! that was a crock of CRAP, those who could not afford insu=rance already had MEDICAID, there was NO reason to do what he did and the proof is what happened, HUGE premiums increase and LOT and LOTS of people who now cannot afford it! also the medicaid is NOW less coverage!! so do your research BEFORE you spout off!!

          • It never was about health care it was about CONTROL period. They own you!

      5. If there’s any way possible, people who are on obolacare now should just drop out of it.

      6. Lesson B for the dictum that “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

        Except the left is to utterly imbecilic to even try to THINK about that statement, let alone process it… or let alone realizing they are being “had” by their feudal elites like Hilary.

        You would think a few of those Sanders voters would have gotten a clue by now, but I guess not. And asking a Hitlery supporter to get it is like asking Heinrich Himmler and Joe Goebbels to “get it.”

      7. I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, who has lived half my adult life under the US healthcare system and half under the Canadian. Before the dog’s breakfast of Obunglercare, where was no comparison between the two systems. This is
        why Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland, back when he was premier (think governor) flew to the US to get his heart surgery done That is why last I looked, there is a ONE YEAR WAIT for MRIs in Ottawa. That is why Congress,
        has their own, special, platinum health care us poor, unwashed masses can’t get. My wife and I are utterly, utterly staggered by the ignorant leftist illusions about Canadian healthcare.

        One fact may be instructive, though I don’t expect FACT to get in the way of the mindless leftists mantra chanting: In June, 2005 even the leftist Supreme Court of Canada (for whose staff I have done computer training) ruled that bans on private health insurance are unconstitutional, viz. “The
        prohibition on obtaining private health insurance…. Is not constitutional where the public system fails to deliver reasonable service.” There’s a reason this ruling occurred: the system is failing the people (and is bankrupt). And now Obumbler and Pelosi have gone and created an even **worse**
        system, which will be **less** compassionate. Private health care clinics are currently opening with increasing frequency, and I personally have family members going to them.

        Down with fascism. Down the the vile, lying leftist lamestream media. And down the best candidate Goldmun Suchs, JP Morgue and Geo Soreazz money can buy, namely Hitlery.

        • Perhaps…..Just perhaps, but unlikely, there will be a growing realization in Goofyville on the Potomac that there really is a definable difference between costs and prices. This zany-assed so-called system that could never possibly work is another government attempt at price controls while not even paying attention to the fact that nothing is being done to reduce costs. It is like a half-assed attempt to produce a half-assed re-run of the Nixon wage and price controls of more than 40 years ago.

        Shades of vile Ezekiel Emanuel. You didn’t see this in the US, but I sure did. From Canada’s clone of WSJ, National Post. It is from a while back, but has only gotten worse now.

        If you want a summary, it is this: if you are seriously ill, just go home and die. We don’t have the money for you:


        Wayne Leidenfrost
        NDP health critic Adrian Dix shared leaked documents with the media Monday.

        Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009
        VANCOUVER — Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures will wait longer for care as their health authority prepares to cut over 6,000 surgeries under the B.C. Liberals’ post-election plan for health care, New Democrats said Monday.
        “This will result in thousands of patients suffering longer in pain and undermine the long-term capacity of public health care,” said Adrian Dix, New Democrat health critic.
        Mr. Dix released a leaked document Monday that shows the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is looking to close nearly a quarter of its operating rooms starting in September and to cut 6,250 surgeries, including 24% of cases scheduled from September to March and 10% of all medically necessary elective
        procedures this fiscal year. The plan proposes cutbacks to neurosurgery, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, and
        11 other specialized areas. Further reductions in surgeries are scheduled during the Olympics, when the health authority plans to close approximately a third of its operating rooms.
        Two weeks ago, Mr. Dix released a Fraser Health Authority draft communications plan listing proposed clinical care cuts, including a 10% cut in elective surgeries.

        Mr. Dix encouraged local communities to fight to protect health care in B.C. “I think everyone waiting for surgery is going to get bad news,” he said.The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority confirmed the document as genuine, but said it represents ideas only. “It is a planning document. It has not been approved or implemented,” said Anna Marie D’Angelo, health authority spokeswoman.

        Dr. Brian Brodie, president of the BC Medical Association, called the proposed surgical cuts “a nightmare.”
        “Why would you begin your cost-cutting measures on medically necessary surgery. I just can’t think of a worse place,” Dr. Brodie said.

        Vancouver Sun

        • Why? They do that to make everyone cry for a government fix.

          It’s the same reason cities that are short on money cut police and fire department salaries first, instead of cutting parks and recreation. They want it to hurt people so they will cry for more taxes and more government.

      9. 3 Ideas to change Health care in the USA.

        1. Health Care in the US should be based on Doctors work off their student loans with a basic salary at Hospitals, giving Free basic Health Care to the public. Just that one idea could save Billions in Health Care Costs.

        2. Also set up-competitive bidding for the Government Program for advanced Operations, where a patient needs an operation and posts it online, and the Qualified Doctors bid on the Operation of the patient. That keeps the costs of operations competitive, and all doctors will get a rating by the patient and give feedback on the doctor online where the entire public can see all the info on all the doctors. The Hospital also bids and gets their cut on bids for the operation location.

        3. Competitive Bidding on all Drugs. And No Former Drug Company Employees will have any higher up decision process on approving drugs for the market. It is a conflict of interest for a drug company CEO be the Secretary or director of the FDA. It also stifles competition, and creates payoffs for drug approvals. No more revolving doors which reflect fascism.

        The Current FL Gov Scott who was the CEO of Columbia/HCA.

        Scott’s prior tenure as CEO of Columbia/HCA about a decade ago, when the hospital company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. He’s the ultimate Medicare thief when he oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history. Rick Scott’s company stole money that should have gone to health care for seniors.

        Be a Thief right into the Governors Mansion. Pretty Pathetic.


        • A better plan that that would be simple HSA’s that put the consumer in charge of the costs and payments instead of some distant third party insurance payer with all kinds of administrative overhead involved in the process.

        • The federal government has no constitutional authority to do anything whatsoever about our healthcare.

      10. Wtf. I agree. Especially number 1. A healthcare revision of 2 0r 3 thousand pages is just plain ridiculous. Keep it simple. It’s all collapsing everywhere. I try to keep my health up so I don’t need medical care but that’s not always feasible. MAybe enough people get screwed these idiots will change something

      11. Socialism – the scourge of humanity .

      12. not to worry. The morons who elected him will re-elect him

      13. Send your kids to medical school. Take medical courses. Take courses in bio-chemistry, nutrition, CPR, basic emergency care.

        If you have some knowledge, you’ll discover that medical care in America is more likely to kill than to cure you.

        Fifty years ago, researchers looked for a common denominator, a common reason why some Americans lived long healthy lives into their nineties and hundreds. They found two things. One, healthy people don’t go to doctors. Second, they drink water.

        People generally negate these facts claiming that of course if you are healthy you don’t need a doctor. But further research found that that was only partially true. Being treated by western medicine with drugs and surgery causes more problems than it solves.

        Drinking adequate amounts of water starting first thing in the morning, flushes out poisons that lead to Cancer or kidney or liver problems.


        • B from CA

          My cardiologist told me something very interesting. A study was done post USSR breakup. They looked at families split in Germany East & West. The West had far better medical care but a rich diet and were more overweight. In the East the medical care was more spartan, the diet lean as were their bodies. Turns out the East Germans were healthier. The most healthy people are literally one step up from starvation.

          Obesity kills.

      14. You decease cost and increase availability by increasing supply not by reallocating it. Break the stranglehold the AMA has over medical school admissions. I know of two physicians, one my wife’s OBGYN that is the dept head that couldn’t get into med school in the US. He went to Mexico and couldn’t speak Spanish. Graduated, got board certified in the US and completed his OBGYN here. He is so good that he is the Dept head. We have West Point so open up some government medical schools that are similar in concept. Get paid back with 6 years of work in a government clinic and then off to private practice thus increasing the supply. Sorry Doctor, no more million dollar per year pay as the supply of you guys increases. Tests? Run those Cat Scan, MRI and the like 24 hours a day. Have the poor that can’t afford care otherwise use it on the off hours. Train their staff if necessary just like at the government medical school if necessary with the same deal. This is a social / capitalistic solution.

        • The AMA ia a Union that controls the supply of Supply / Demand. Its no coincidence that the children of doctors disproportionately become doctors too. The “ring knocking” the greasing the skids of donating to your med school makes your kid go to the top of the short list. I know this for a fact.

        • Oh the other Physician was one of those students in Granada back in the early 80s. Same type story. Couldn’t get in Med School in the US. Went out of the country, came back, got board certified, very competent and successful.

          The fact is very good candidates for med school are being turned down in the US to keep the supply of physicians artificially low which makes their pay artificially high. This cuts supply and increases costs.

      15. “The Affordable Care Act”

        That is only a pseudonym.

        “POPULATION CONTROL”. THAT is what it REALLY is.

        We are well on the road to having a nation filled with people who cannot get coverage they can afford. Doctors are quitting in droves. Pharmacies either cannot get critical meds (they are rationed now, you know, to the pharmacies). Jobs will become more scarce and unemployment more rampant as companies are hit with the higher costs of providing employee benefits. On and on and on.

        Your doctor no longer calls the shots. Their offices are infected now with new computer software that shoves them into the roles of “Meaningful Use” (look it up – see why instead of “turn your head and cough” they now say “do you own a gun?” or “we have to talk to your child in private” as they ask them how they “self-identify” and to “see what quirks their parents have”). Yup. Your doctor will spend much of your “examination” time slapping the keys on the computer as you sit in the examination room with them, as opposed to prodding and poking you. All of that gets reported to the government as “Meaningful Use” requires them to do now. GOOD doctors will tell you about it too. Just ask before they also become disillusioned quit. OH, if you go to the hospital and even if you do have good insurance, know this. Once you check in and when the surgery is done, so is your doctor. He is a “third-string player” at that point. Benched. “The Hospitalist” will be among the first to enter the recovery room and the last to leave. That is the person who will be asking the “Meaningful Use” questions. They will aggressively and prematurely remove you from all pain meds and traditional care (small things such as caring for huge surgical incisions and changing dressings, etc) and evict you from the hospital days earlier than you should be, days earlier than your doctor told you that you would be there and days earlier than the period your insurance would have covered. Not that they charge any less, of course.

        It IS population control. Not to mention the HUGE profits that pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are raking in now (which will likely motivate them to donate to those candidates who will continue to provide them a pathway to continue raking in huge piles of cash).

        Add to that the pressures of penalties at tax time, well, nothing more needs to be said. It is pretty obvious what that kind of desperation will motivate the average person to do.

        Pull up a search engine. Type something like “Meaningful Use Doctors Quitting”. That is a good starting point. That is if the now-given-away Internet doesn’t block things like this.

      16. Attention Americans – If you like your communism you can keep your communism. This entire country is socialist. Always has been and always will be. Some pay for the many and those that can afford it pay for no one.

        Nickel and dime is the name of the game in the good ole’ USA. Most people don’t care as long as they are on the receiving end of the good time. Those getting shafted can just shut up and take it.

        Even health care has different pricing for different payors. Why not have the cost the same for everyone regardless of insurance? It is a secret class system. Those that have the best get the best. The rest of us have to settle for scraps.

        Isn’t it illegal to have multiple prices for the same service?

        My advice – work the system. Take what u can from these greedy parasites. An eye for an eye as they say in America’s favorite holy book. There is no benefit to doing what is right.

        I won’t go out of my way to mess over people. However, you screw me and then it is game on.

      17. The other intended consequence of OblunderCare was to destroy the middle class by regulation.

        ObamaCare made it financially impossible for employer based health insurance to continue so employers were forces to make all hires part time to avoid ObamaCare requirements. Even employers that previously provided minimal employee healthcare were forced tho stop. Now workers who had hours cut by 30% not only lost their minimal healthcare, they lost a living wage. The loss of direct income, compounded by the added cost of single payer insurance has left Americans paupers and debtors.

        ObamaCare has made Americans much poorer than they have been for literally a hundred years, by creating a serf class dependent on unsustainable government subsidies.

        Even if ObamaCare is replaced by a workable system, it will take decades to heal the damage of ObamaCare’s intended secondary consequences.

      18. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas wants to jack up their Obamacare exchange rate by 70% in 2017. That is essentially bailing out of the exchanges. United Healthcare is leaving exchanges all over the country.
        On what planet does it make sense to jack up the insurance rates 2X, 3X, 4X or more and then have the government pay the difference between what you used to pay and what the exchange rate is? It doesn’t make sense.
        What Obamacare is … is a bailout for AIG, which bailed out the entire mortgage/banking/securities industry… AIG insured the credit default swaps (derivatives) and didn’t have the money to pay out, so now the government owns that end of AIG (I understand AIG’s life insurance end is still okay).

      19. You bitching complainers deserve these increases. Us LIBERALS told you Obamacare was nothing more than a Republican giveaway to the Insurance Industry, picked up by Mitt Romney ans called Romneycare before it was Obamacare. Universal healthcare is the smart way…that way everybody pays their own way…tax the KOOLS, tax the 40’s, Malt Liquor, the candy, the 250 dollar headphones, 300 dollar sneakers….tax the very things you know will be used by the majority of people who are too stupid to take better care of their own health and tax the things they waste their money on…..everybody pays their way instead of freeloading through Obanacare or going back to free care in the emergency rooms where WE pay for it again.

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