WHO: Monkeypox Can Be Contained

by | May 24, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

The World Health Organization says the monkeypox outbreak can be contained. “It’s not something we’ve seen over the last few years,” said Sylvie Briand, director of the WHO’s epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention department Tuesday.

According to Briand, the disease is “still containable” and countries can stop transmission by raising awareness and teaching people to recognize the symptoms.

The illness itself begins like many acute viral diseases — with high fever, muscle pain and swollen lymph nodes. Those symptoms can be followed by a skin rash often starting in the face before spreading elsewhere and sometimes growing into fluid-containing pustules that form a scab. The illness usually lasts two to four weeks. -Bloomberg

According to the latest data reported by BNO, There have been 178 confirmed cases and 90 suspected cases across 19 nations.

To address the situation, dozens of Jynneos vaccine are being released in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The ruling class’s solution always revolves around injecting the public with more substances and propping up big pharma companies already proven to be corrupt.

Monkeypox is less contagious than smallpox and has milder symptoms. Both viruses belong to the same genus, Orthopoxvirus, which includes the vaccina virus, and the cowpox virus.

“There’s one pandemic we’re still in the middle of, and another emerging zoonosis that once again breached the species barrier is now transmitting in multiple countries,” said Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s health emergencies program. “It’s a containable event nonetheless.”

And just how, exactly, do these “experts” and rulers think they can contain a monkeypox outbreak? By getting people injected of course! And this time, the vaccines are already ready to go!

Right now we are hoping to maximize vaccine distribution to those that we know would benefit from it,” McQuiston said. “So those are people who’ve had contact with known monkeypox patients, health care workers, very close personal contacts, and those in particular who might be at high risk for severe disease.”

Anyone still paying attention knows this about these shots. What’s in them is anyone’s guess, but based on the propaganda that’s already begun, it can’t be good and it may be even worse than we anticipated.

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

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    1. Obvious

      Monkeypox is less contagious than smallpox.

      Which of course (according
      to the psycho elites)
      equals MORE “VACCINES”!!!

    2. Truth

      Fuck Monkeypox.
      What we really need
      to contain is the WHO.
      Those evil bastards
      are the real sickness.

      • Spider25

        Rightly so,
        I say we contain the elites on a oil tanker over the Deepest part of the ocean and Nuke it from orbit! It’s the only way to be sure.

    3. ??? ???

      zelensky is high risk

    4. NetRanger

      “Monkey Pox” is a really funny way to spell “Vaccine Side Effects”. Its like they talk in code. The weird thing is that I understand them!

      • Malfador

        Funny how it only affects gay or bi men who traveled to a.party in Europe. I guess the side effects are just that specific. I bet you’re part of the good guys bad guys cult! You don’t understand anything in all reality, of course that’s what evades all of your kind.

    5. Anonymous

      Homo’s and pride festivals spread it, that’s why it cannot be contained.

    6. Genius

      It’s very easy to contain… Just shut off the TV! 😀

      • Spider25

        Agree sir, well played. We need to contain NWO organizations of the world!

      • Anonymous

        Tv and internet

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