Who Is To Blame For #ClintonBodyCount Trending? Russian Trolls, Of Course!

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 8 comments

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    Less than a month ago, when billionaire and accused pedophile Jeffery Epstein attempted to “commit suicide,” the hashtag “Clinton Body Count” began trending. Well, it’s happened again and the United States government is intent on blaming it on Russian trolls for a second time.

    The establishment just can’t handle it when people begin to figure things out for themselves, so the desperate attempts to control the narrative once again surface.  And as if history repeating itself has become this year’s anthem, once again, the powers that shouldn’t be are blaming Russian trolls for the trending #ClintonBodyCount.

    “Clinton Body Count” Is Trending On Twitter, The Establishment Blames Russia

    This newest hashtag was triggered by Epstein’s death by “suicide.”  Yet anyone with even the smallest amount of logical reasoning knew that if there was any chance Epstein’s arrest would implicate anyone in power in the government (past or present) that he would not live long.

    The recent death of the disgraced financier and convicted sex trafficker has set social media ablaze, RT accurately reported. The fact that his apparent suicide,” as authorities keep calling it pending an investigation, took place just a day after a trove of unsealed court documents revealed his ties to the highest ranks of the U.S. establishment – including President Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton – only added fuel to the furor.

    Not long after #ClintonBodyCount began trending, #TrumpBodyCount popped up too as a rival. Finally, the left and the right united on the fact that Epstein’s suicide was anything but.


    Yet that’s about the only thing they could agree on.  Twitter chose sides, and as their own analytics have shown, more people think this a problem for Bill Clinton.


    The establishment, however, quickly took to blaming the Russian trolls, as anticipated.

    But he was not the first to drag Moscow into the spotlight of blame wither. Earlier, an MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough, was mocked for claiming that Epstein’s death definitely looks like something the omnipresent hand of the Kremlin would do, according to RT.

    It is becoming apparent that the establishment is losing control of their own narrative. The propaganda is failing and when it does, people will be waking up to what they’ve been living under the boot of for a long time.

    In “Parasites on Parade,” Larken Rose (author of “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and “The Iron Web”) uses his own direct experiences with bureaucratic and judicial stupidity, intrusion and corruption to illustrate why, everywhere and at all times, in every situation and at every level, government sucks! This snarky, flippant look at the mentality and tactics of various state busybodies also provides an important lesson regarding the true nature of political “authority,” and the problems and abuses it naturally creates.


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      1. Hmmm

        Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together comprehends that Epstein has been carrying out Mossad fronted espionage against the United States by targeting top level politicians via a very well organized and massively funded blackmail scheme for literally decades. And before Epstein there exists a very long list of zionist Jews who did precisely the same thing before him. In other words, the American people have finally been exposed to direct evidence that the State of israel has been waging war against American for more than half a century…..

        See Whitney Webb’s “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case (read all 3 parts)

      2. Epstein is with is buddies in hell. Goodbye and good riddance whether suicide or not. I’ve got hemorrhoids today; maybe Russian ones? [SARCASM]

      3. Nope He aint dead. He is a 3ew Mossad agent. They simply switched him out with a similar looking corpse in the ambulance. There is enuf money and influence to break him out of jail.

      4. Regardless if you’re a Trump supporter or not, William Barr the AG, the, “Highest Law Enforcement Officer In The Land”, should have had US Marshalls guarding Epstein 24/7. This “set up” transcends party’s and administrations. There was zero intention of any trial or exposure of facts. The KGB has nothing over on them.

      5. “On the server was her grocery list… (of embarrassing items)”

        Unfortunately, this platform didn’t accept the Russian characters.

      6. I think, the globalists would remake Biblical sites, in the image of a pride march / Tomorrowland festival / Mekudeshet, so are not representative of 3ewish bigotry. Globalism is when Islam urinates in the Cave of the Patriarchs and 3ews are told they can’t own car factories in their own country.

      7. This government doesn’t care if the majority of Americans think that their government are all liars and murderers. They would kill us all to retain power.

        • They prefer deception and intimidation coated with insouciance (casual indifference) via food and circus before brute force. This is the difference between a “free people” and an “enslaved people”. In the end the outcome is the same as the few with power rule over the many. It’s all in how it’s accomplished.

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