‘White’ Philosophers Next Ban At College: “A Real Danger Of Political Correctness Out of Control”

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 60 comments

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    “Rather ridiculous” … and ultimately quite dangerous.

    Apparently, there is no end to the stupidity… especially at centers of higher learning.

    In the quest for diversity, fair representation and perhaps payback, some racially-minded education reformers are now attempting to erase philosophers like Plato and Kant from the curriculum – because they are ‘white.’

    Never mind that some of these minds are foundational to knowledge as we know it, or the direction of western society.

    They are white.

    via RT:

    University of London students are demanding that thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, and Immanuel Kant be banned from the philosophy syllabus… because they are white.

    UK media quotes students from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) as saying that “the majority of philosophers on our courses” should be from Africa and Asia.

    “White philosophers” should be on the syllabus only “if required,” and their work should be studied from a “critical standpoint,” the statement said, as cited by British media.

    It is everything that Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t stand for: judging people by the color of their skin, and not the merits of their ideas.

    Moreover, the bizarre campaign is essentially encouraging deliberate ignorance of some of western cultures most central figures, Plato being a key example.

    Considering the importance of thinking critically about philosophical arguments and their relevance to historical and contemporary developments, it all seems pretty dopey.

    Have politically-correct liberals and whiners ruined the value of a good education once and for all, to instead replace it with ‘acceptable’ and curated views only?

    via the Daily Mail:

    The students say it is in order to ‘decolonise’ the ‘white institution’ that is their college.

    [p]hilosopher Sir Roger Scruton lambasted the union’s demand, saying: ‘This suggests ignorance and a determination not to overcome that ignorance. You can’t rule out a whole area of intellectual endeavour without having investigated it and clearly they haven’t investigated what they mean by white philosophy…’

    The vice-chancellor of Buckingham University Sir Anthony Seldon said: ‘There is a real danger political correctness is getting out of control. We need to understand the world as it was and not to rewrite history as some might like it to have been.’


    The head of SOAS’s Religions and Philosophies department Erica Hunter said the union’s viewpoint was ‘rather ridiculous’, adding: ‘I would firmly resist dropping philosophers or historians just because it was fashionable.’

    This is a trend that has simply gone too far. Racism is a bait-and-switch to distract people from the real sources of oppression – they want communities divided along the lines of skin color. This is the primary reason that so much attention is drawn to it.

    Of course, it should come as no surprise that the non-white philosopher who these students would like to see replace ancient figures in philosopher is none other than the same anti-colonial thinker who inspired President Obama back in his radical college days.

    As the Washington Post noted back in 2008, when Obama had just become the president-elect:

    Barack Obama wrote in “Dreams From My Father” of his days as a student at Occidental College, groping for his political identity: “We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Frantz Fanon, Eurocentrism and patriarchy.”


    What made Fanon a guru for the left was his focus on the anger and alienation of the formerly colonized people of Africa. Born in the French colony of Martinique, he studied psychiatry in France and practiced in Algeria during that country’s bloody revolt against French colonialism. Much of “The Wretched of the Earth” is empty vitriol extolling violence as a path to liberation… […] Obama is a living rebuttal to Fanon’s rage of the powerless… about to assume the most powerful job on Earth. It is Fanon’s world turned upside down.

    While there are some good cases of actual racism to draw from, seeing racism everywhere in the pages of history, despite a direct link to the work of these individuals simply foolish.

    And while Fanon may have a place in the class curriculum, erasing or downplaying the importance of “white” thinkers – as it happened in the world that exists, for better or worse, is not the way to create a better world.

    Rewriting history creates an Orwellian society, not one free from racism and injustice.

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      1. Is there some kind of contest among colleges to see who can come up with the greatest stupid idea of all time?

        • yup! LIBTARD professors teaching your kids stupidity

          • Yep. This is exactly right, they condition our kids to hate themselves and their values/history.

          • The purpose of college is NOT to teach useful knowledge.

            College is a type of Vetting process. Brainwashing process.
            College tells the power structure that you are compliant, complacent, controllable, malleable, enough to complete the “controlled” thought path provided.
            Those that control that path, want you prepared to be a Follower of their ideology.

            Colleges are not for education. They are for RE Education. Indoctrination.

            The ideology of college and universities is –Communism–.
            That college promoted Communist/NWO/UN ideology is –Anti American–.
            UN, NWO, Communism, One Worlder idealist, ALL -subjugate human thought, freedom, expression. ALL hate free speech.
            All hate –Christians–. All are Anti Human.
            ALL seek to DIVIDE and then Conquer humanity. That is Liberals/Communist/UN NWO.
            ( Manchurian Candidate Commie Obama used that divide/conquer/destroy America for eight years.)

            NOTE: You are going in debt to be Brainwashed and exposed to a dangerous Anti American, Anti God, Anti Human, ideology when you or your children attend college.

            The Internet allows you to gain knowledge on YOUR chosen path. A better choice for becoming truly educated.

            Communism turns human beings into naive Animals to be controlled/slaughtered.
            The history of communism ALWAYS includes Genocide as a tool to bring forth their communist “utopia”. Death-Poverty-Genocide-Human Slavery, is the real result of Communism and UN-NWO, agendas. Death.

            Without the Christian God, humans are just animals. Godless humans then act like Animals. Becoming beasts.

            Hillary-Bill Clinton “spirit cooking” and flying private jet to island where anything goes with the billionaire pedophile, is an example. They just do whatever they want with no accountability. That is Liberals. No moral compass.

            College is dangerous to your mind and soul.
            War is dangerous for humanity. Military service is dangerous for body, balls, legs, and soul. Stay away from them.

            Go visit a VA hospital before you encourage your children and grandchildren to fight in the politicians-corporations “fake” Wars.

        • Will you people quit complaining about this kind of stuff. Who would you rather fight? Someone who knows Sun Tsu, someone who knows how to ADJUST A RIFLE SIGHT,or someone that thinks you shoot a pistol sideways and wears their pants down.

          • Ha ha ha, good point!

        • They should go much farther with this. Help speed them on their way to oblivion.

          Most non-whites are terrified of being judged on the content of their character.

      2. The sad part is that garbage is what passes for a college education these days. 50k for nothing that will help you get a job.

      3. Its amazing to me that white Britons have tolerated this insane political correctness for so long. If this London University is funded by taxpayers (and I suspect it is as Universities cannot sustain themselves without it); or as may be, in this case, heavily endowed by WHITE ALUMNI.

        When African and Asian students pay the true cost of their education then they can have some say in the curriculum. Until then, they need to be happy with a seat on the bus. 🙂

        • While African and Asia civilizations have many important contributions to make in the modern world, it has been Caucasian Civilization that has taken the world, including Africa (no pun intended) and Asia out of the dark ages.

          It was the contributions of those specific men of ideas who started the ball rolling in Western Civilization; so they seem like a perfect place to begin. 🙂

          • Asia, yes. Africa, not at all. Before Europeans ventured to Africa, the native population were descended from the early humans who did not have the sense to walk out of there.

      4. Lets screw up the minds of our young people with the latest radical crap out there with people who want to tear everything down but don’t have anything logical to replace it with. Thats real tolerant!

        • Just take white out of everything and in a generation they all will be living without power drinking from a ditch like their fucking brown and black stupid ass ancestors.

          • Ancestors? You mean their current relatives right now. Still swinging from trees and eating monkey brains lol. I can’t even fathom what earth would be like if it were run by knee grows. Pull the white rug out from under them and it would be deplorable!

      5. Looks like the (((Boycott))) is coming along nicely.

        “The Limited” (((Tribe Owned)) women’s stores is shutting down all 200 brick and mortar stores nationwide.

        Here is the Top 500 Boycott list. http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=71304

        • Your patronage never supported a business, subsidized in fiat currency.

          You were boycotted.

      6. Can’t wait for Trump to demolish PC-speak in the US…

      7. That fine let them take out all the White Philosophers.
        Let you kids go to the schools that still have them.
        I’ll bet that the schools that still have them will have the smartest kids coming out of them.

        Only have black or brown or yellow. And you will have the dumbest bunches of turds in the world, and the Kids with the White Philosophers will still rule the world!


        • To be fair, there are yellow philosophers.
          Konfuzius for example (he taught that you should memorise and repeat without thinking)
          or Laozi (he taught that you should live in nature and get drunk).

          • When will it be time to show these pin heads the other yellow philosopher! We can we show them what Mao said,”power comes from the barrel of a gun” They’ll then understand the limits to their crazy ideas, once they have a boot on their throat, and the barrel of a gun pressed against their forehead! Now that’s the kind of philosopher i can get behind when dealing with these snowflakes.

            • In the last century, the Philosopher Tuco said it best :

              “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”

      8. ‘White’ Philosophers Next Ban At College: “A Real Danger Of Political Correctness Out of Control”

        Guess these snowflakes / undesirables don’t want to learn anything worthy. Maybe they are more interested in how to make “home-made drugs from under the kitchen sink?

        Yet, in other related news: After decades of being restricted – “Mein Kampf” has become again a #1 seller in 2016!

        • But the hood is full of professionals! Lot’s of chemical engineers! How can they be so down trodden? They need to gimme sum a dat muney!

      9. FTW, you nailed that one. You think the colleges and universities are shitty now, let them go ahead and do away with ‘white philosophers’. They’ll truly be ruined then. Some of those ‘white philosophers’ were some the greatest minds ever conceived. Next, they’ll probably try to ban white males from colleges and universities.

      10. Hey everyone, I just had a helluva thought. If they’re really serious about banning the teachings of ‘white philosophers’, wouldn’t that have to include KARL MARX as well? Marx was WHITE AND A PHILOSOPHER. Let’s hear some input.

      11. Fuck ’em all…..

      12. Mooshelle the First Tranny Manlady, had some parting words:

        Michelle Obama Tells Muslims, Immigrants ‘This Country Belongs to You’

        First Lady continues agitating in final moments on throne

        Chris Menahan | Information Liberation – January 9, 2017

        The newly devoid of hope Michelle Obama told a group of young Muslims and other immigrants Friday that “this country belongs to you.”

        “In her final speech as first lady on Friday, Michelle Obama singled out young immigrants and Muslims, many of whom express apprehension about President-elect Donald Trump.”

        “Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter, or like you don’t have a place in our American story — because you do,” she said. “Know that this country belongs to you, to all of you. From every background and walk of life. If you or your parents are immigrants, know that you are part of a proud American tradition . . . that has made us the greatest country on Earth.”

        Religious diversity is “not a threat to who we are,” she said, “it makes us who we are.”

        Link: http://www.infowars.com/michelle-obama-tells-muslims-immigrants-this-country-belongs-to-you/

      13. Ok, noooooooooo problem.

        White people (families) pull their money – their kids,thei donations

        will put somebody on the employment line.

        Or, somebody with guts and a back bone, say, if you don’t like it leave…

        fix that problem

      14. Fan of Fanon – NOT

        “White Genocide”, not, “politically correct”

        The J*w agenda in action. They don’t construct a taller building, in order to have the tallest building; they tear down any building taller than theirs.

        They kill the best of the not j*ws. The purges are of the most educated, the intellectuals.

        This is the J*w agenda, Marxism, Zionism, Bolshevism, Globalism.

        Egalitarianism, equality by killing off the competition, even the memory of the existence of an intellect which is superior.

        Wake up to your genocide, my white brothers and sisters. The J*ws want you, their “greatest enemy” wiped off the face of the earth. Even the memory of your very existence. Every condemnation of white people is a transposition of the J*ws crimes against whites.

        Revisit ww1 & ww2. The German was a victim. Hitler was kind and peaceful and strong. He stood up to the J*ws, he never murdered them. That is the biggest twisting of reality ever accomplished by these Rothschilds and Rockefellers who control the Universities. The publishers have monopolized our minds with lies. “Shindler’s List” is a novel, fiction. Hitler removed the j*w bankers. He put them in jail. He removed the porno. The book burning was mostly Marxist propoganda and porno.

        We, white people, are in the same position as the Germans before ww2, which by the way, Hitler resisted. Our media is owned by J*ws. Jesus called these people “the masters of lying”. Jesus was not one of them, at least not philosophically. The J*ws fight by deceit, subterfuge, treason, and genocide. Hitler led a campaign to evict them from Europe. He never said one word about murder. The J*ws have put the truth on it’s head. What the J*ws do, genocide people they don’t like, they accuse their victims. Hitler was a Christian. Hitler was a good leader who never attempted to kill off anybody. He has been vilified by the very, very rich J*ws around the world. These rich J*ws have conned everybody else.


        • ” He stood up to the J*ws, he never murdered them”

          I hate to go over this over and over but their were death camps. My Uncle Jim liberated one, my friends father liberated one and another friends father was conscripted as Polish slave labor putting Jewish bodies in the ovens. They are not lying.

          • My father helped liberate one of those camps also,nobody bullshit those troops doing it.

            • Uhhh isn’t the good ol’ usa a lot worse than nazi Germany because how many MILLIONS of people have we killed in the last century? And continue to kill? At least Hitler killed the enemies of GERMANY his own country. Fuck some of you are so stupid.

              • You sir are the stupid one, it was communists and nazis that killed 100’s of millions in the last hundred years.

              • You need to change your moniker there from ‘Genius’ to ‘Moonbat’

          • have two uncles who saw the death camps, they would have a hard time talking about it, break down and tear up trying to describe the horrors and suffering they saw. they didn’t like talking about it, said they had a duty to tell what they saw

        • B from CA you must be one of “These rich J*ws that have conned everyone else”

          • MT –

            B from CA’s post says everything contrary to what you claim him to be – yet – the post(s) I have seen of yours appear to be ‘PRO ISRAEL … as in … you approve of their genocide tactics against Palestine.

            Unless you were posting in a sacastic form … and I did not catch onto it … then disregard.

            • FTW you got that right about me being PRO ISRAEL. As for Israelis genocidal tactics against Palestians, they don’t exist. How many Palistians have you seen trying to flee Israel, unlike Muslims in many other Arab countries trying to flee to a non-muslim country. Trekker Out

      15. American universities are full of Marxists. This doesn’t surprise me. Sadly few recent HS grads would have the capacity to understand Immanual Kant. I had to read all of the philosophers mentioned in this article to complete my BA in Philosophy.

        Western civilization is founded upon the thinking first presented in Greece more than 2500 years ago. The Greeks and Germans contributed much to western civilization. To throw that history away, to abandon that foundation is nothing less than insanity.

        • the critique of pure reason was the biggest mind fuck in the history of serious philosophy

      16. For some reason I just feel they won’t ban Karl Marx or Frederick Engels. Trekker Out

        • Hahahahahaha! I think you are correct!

      17. Obama is not, you ignorant anti-savants at WaPo, a “living rebuttal” to Fanon’s violence – or the rest of the left, who MURDERED 100 MILLION last century per The Black Book of Communism, for that matter.

        Rather, Obama is an offshoot of the main tree, that in the end leads to MORE death, destruction and poverty. Namely that offshoot is Alinsky, Frankfurt School, or an Antonio Gramsci inspired attempt to subvert freedom by leftist cultural imperialism. Is this a less violent road to the socialist workers’ paradise? Ask the 55 freaking MILLION babies who have died! Ask the soon to be turned into Solyent Green oldsters who ignorantly bought into Obunglercare (my former home province of British Columbia not too long ago cut loose 7,000 very ill people to just go and die).

        Ask all those dying in Venezuela from poverty (socialism ALWAYS brings poverty, all times and everywhere) or violence inspired by the poverty. There will probably be MILLIONS who lead very shortened lives due to energy poverty brought about by the scam of faux global warming in 3rd world countries (anyone remember ClimateGate?)

        Truth is, if there is no God, not only as Dostoyevski said, “everything is permissible,” we also become mere automatons without spirit to be manipulated whatever way the controllers (still no word yet on WHO controls those controllers, of course)see fit. If they decide that you are better off as Solyent Green, so be it.

        The only thing is, THE elites have no reason to exist from their worldview. The universe is a mistake,and we are mere accidents of evolution, coming from nowhere, and going to nowhere. Consciousness is a mere epiphenomenon of just a bunck of hormones and glads. For these people, why should they not end their own lives NOW, if that is the case? Even the pleasure they live for ultimately has no meaning… nor their heirs, their mansions, nor anything else.

        Nor do they have ANY basis on which to make ANY moral judgment. As the existentialist Sartre (no Christian or theist for sure!), a finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning. By the same token, neither do the judgments of the elite. Rather, they are just *preference,* which in turn is based on – yep – NADA.

      18. If it weren’t for those white philosophers, the universities these idiots are enrolled in would not exist, nor would they.

        Everything around them is a product of the civilization these men produced and enhanced. Reject that, and the world returns to savagery and barbarism.

        There are some longer articles out there about this effort. The ‘philosophers’ they wish to study instead are nothing more than angry, nihilistic bigots.

        • Smokey

          “Everything around them is a product of the civilization these men produced and enhanced. Reject that, and the world returns to savagery and barbarism.”


          Into the abyss we go and I love it.

          • Hi Ho Hi Ho
            Into the abyss we go
            To learn what a savage you really are
            Hi Ho Hi Ho
            Hi Ho Hi Ho
            No work for you to go
            to be mad max and kill the blacks
            Hi Ho Hi Ho
            Hi Ho Hi Ho
            The real enemy you do not know
            Is laughing at you behind the scenes
            Hi Ho Hi Ho
            Hi Ho Hi Ho
            To the army you will go
            And fight for your masters wants
            Hi Ho Hi Ho.

        • Yep, Smoke. But they are too ignorant to discern what you note. Nor the fact that that $100k degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology will put them in debt for a lifetime or two, with ZERO employable skills gained.

          • I know a guy working at a Starbucks, with a Masters Degree in Musicology and Music. He just likes to play in garage bands, so he borrowed a bunch of money and went to college. I don’t think he thought a degree would further his music ‘career’, I think he just used the loan program as a means to continue a lifestyle as a shiftless musician of mediocre talent and avoid having to find a real job.

            Now he’s over 50,000 in student debt, a less than talented garage band player, and, to hear him tell it, severely underemployed. He knows better than to whine about student loans to me, though, he’s learned that much. One of these days I’ll get around to the underemployed part.

      19. understand your history or you will repeat the same mistakes.

      20. Arthur Jensen was banned at Berkeley back in what? 196?

        Who didn’t see this coming?
        After the paper was released, students and faculty staged large protests outside Jensen’s U.C. Berkeley office. Jensen was denied reprints of his work by his publisher and was not permitted to reply in response to letters of criticism—both extremely unusual policies for their day.

      21. Flunk Martin Luther King, FLUNK HIM!!! I’m so sick and tired of white people constantly bringing up Martin Luther King whenever non-whites show their TRUE hatred for white people, “It is everything that Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t stand for: judging people by the color of their skin, and not the merits of their ideas.”

      22. It seems like the nonwhite people really really hate white people. Why? You can’t keep blaming whites for slavery, the whites living today are not the ones that enslaved the blacks, and you weren’t the ones being enslaved. You do realize that the Irish, Chinese, and other immigrants were made into slaves, and yes even white people were slaves and treated awful while building the railroads westward. It seems these nonwhites are harboring hate in their hearts and want to make whites to have to suffer the same treatment. It seems they are wanting to wipe every white person from the face of the earth. There’s enough discrimination to go around to everyone. People are discriminated against for being different, fat, old, ugly, or disabled. And this is still happening everyday. I myself have been discriminated for all those conditions I just listed. I don’t hold it against people, because I know people are not perfect and can be ignorant. I can still put a value on myself and love myself because I know I am a good person and that’s what really counts. I try to do what’s right…..don’t get me wrong, I am by no means perfect either. I try to forgive because if I can’t forgive then I can not be forgiven. I would just like to understand why all these people think the entire white race needs to be eradicated. God made all the races, and that’s his decision. People everywhere need to practice a little more acceptance and truly practice the golden rule. Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, the golden rule still holds truths. There’s something to learn from everyone if you open your mind. We still need to follow the laws of the land; they’re there for a reason. God knows we need order, that’s why he allows governments, but He doesn’t want those governments to abuse the people.

      23. Political correctness out of control. Like the “gimmick peddlers” in Hollywood.

      24. Who would be the black philosopher, Rudy Ray Moore?

      25. In a sea of angry citizens, there’s no better rudders than race, religion and economic status to steer them off course from the real threat. When it’s time to mutiny against the captain.

      26. Philosophy degrees are worthless. They just need to drop ALL of them (philosophers; philosophy faculty/department; philosophy majors/minors).

      27. All higher education institution should require a 15 credit hour course on black African substantial contributions to world art, business, science, law, and philosophy. The final exam answer will be “None”.

        • Don’t forget architecture….the mud structures of Timbuktu, with a seismic rating of 0.001, and the few dozen dressed stones at Zimbabwe, which were probably done by the Phoenicians, or perhaps Yemenis from Puntland in the Horn of Africa.

      28. “Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t stand for: judging people by the color of their skin, and not the merits of their ideas.” This is another one of the great myths of King. He was just a rabble-rouser front man for the Communist party: https://tcallenco.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-civil-rights-movement-is-communist.html Most likely, he would have approved of everything Obama has done. The ideas that he accepted were Marxism, death of the White race, and destruction of America. Unfortunately, too many Americans rank him above Jesus Christ, another one of those old White guys.

      29. All this political correctness bullshit is another term for what it really is — “Cultural Marxism”.
        Let’s get back to common sense.

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