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New MTV Show Publicly Shames White People For “What They’ve Done In America”

Paul Joseph Watson
July 9th, 2015
Comments (218)

Editor’s Note: Never mind the Spanish Conquistadors who killed hundreds of thousands of native Americans following the discovery of the Americas. Forget about the brutal dictatorship of Santa Ana’s Mexico that aimed to put down white settlers in Texas, or that Texas’ independence sparked a war over territory in California years later. Forget that the slave trade was managed and often operated by African tribal leaders looking to turn a profit by shipping slaves to the new world. 

The real blame for slavery, poverty and racism should be put squarely on white Americans. We are, after all, unapologetic for the transgressions some of our ancestors may have committed hundreds of years ago. 

As you read the following report from Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars you’ll quickly come to realize that their is a movement afoot. It’s one that is designed to demonize people for the very color of their skin and completely ignores the content of their character. It is clear that racism is alive and well in the United States, but it’s not the kind of racism we’ve been taught over the last several decades. No, this kind of racism is a bit different and is completely denied by the establishment media and politicians, because the targets of the venomous attacks and accusations happen to have a white color to their skin, making it totally justifiable (for what factual reasons, we’re not exactly clear).

Luckily, we have a new reality show that explains to the world, and white people in particular, why they are so vile and repulsive. 


MTV will air a show later this month entitled White People which shows young white Americans crying on camera over their “white privilege” and publicly shaming them for “what they’ve done in America”.

No, this is not a joke. The documentary is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant and amnesty activist who has worked for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post.

The trailer for the show, which has been widely criticized by YouTube respondents, features white people expressing angst about how they are desperate not to appear “racist” or “offend people.”

According to Kimberly Ricci, the documentary forces the participants “to internalize what they’ve done in America” – in other words, this a huge exercise in white guilt tripping for public consumption.

An MTV write up of the show also explains how Vargas talks to young Native Americans who feel that European settlers did not ‘save the country’.

“They are the ones who invaded. They are the ones who took,” says Vargas.

In the interests of balance, when will Vargas be fronting a show called Black People that collectively blames all black people for black crime statistics, including the fact that black people in America commit over half of homicides despite making up only 13 per cent of the population?

How about the fact that despite being outnumbered by whites five to one, blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa?

How about the fact that interracial rapes are almost exclusively black on white?

How about the Barbary slave trade, under which over 1 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa until the middle of the 18th century?

Are black people going to be shown crying on camera having been shamed into taking responsibility for all of this? No, because that would be racist. But according to MTV and Vargas, subjecting someone to trial by media purely because of their skin color is perfectly acceptable – so long as they are white.

This documentary represents the culmination of years of race-baiting and racial division which is being driven by the mass media and the Obama White House, tensions which have rapidly accelerated since the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

Responses to the video trailer on YouTube were savage, with the clip receiving twice as many ‘thumbs down’ in comparison to ‘thumbs up’.

“I’m black, even I know this show is straight up racist. Only because it’s stereotyping white people, all white INDIVIDUALS are not like that,” wrote one respondent.

“You want an uncomfortable conversation on race? Let’s talk about violent crime stats shall we? No? I get it, you only want white people to feel uncomfortable,” added another.

“Fuck you MTV, I will NEVER apologize for the skin I was born with, nor will I apologize for being a male, or for being straight,” another respondent asserted.

However, many in the liberal media are celebrating the show, with Kristen Yoonsoo remarking how pleased she is about the fact that, “lots of white people tears lie ahead.”

“It’s always a good time poking fun at white people,” she concludes.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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Author: Paul Joseph Watson
Date: July 9th, 2015
Website: http://www.infowars.com/

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  1. Billy Hill says:

    What’s MTV?

    • Zero says:

      No apologies for the scum illegal from this white man. No apologies to anyone for the way I have lived my life. I will fuck you up if you mess with my way of life and I can physically reach you.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Its all a set up. Stage Actors from the same crew of Sandy Hook. Blacks enslaved blacks, sold their brothers to labor. Like 90% of all African slaves went to So America or the caribbean. On like 5% came to the olace called the US. 15% of slave ownera in the US were blacks themselves. Now go F* yourself. I predict the MTV program is more 6 sided star Joo based Race Baiting.

        • Cara says:

          Isn’t it still illegal to hire illegals? Don’t those newspapers and MTV have to pay fines if they hire illegals?
          Everybody 1.email your congressmen and the state legislature where he is working and demand to know why those businesses are not paying fines for employing an illegal. Get a landslide of complaints and he will be off the air and MAYBE they will have to pay those fines. And when you email
          2.ask how that show is NOT considered racist.
          3. Email the FCC to pull that show. It promotes hate.
          4. Write the advertisers of the show and let them know you will never use their product if they support that show and it’s racist views.
          Racism must be applied equally both ways. Just remember that this is all part of the plan to pull apart the US. So do not help them.

          • JustMe says:

            They’re just doing their own prepping, for White Genocide… Coming soon.

            • Zero says:

              There are millions of white veterans and patriots. If they want a war, then they’ll get a war.

            • apache54 says:

              thats all they are doing, just trying to get more riots, and the feds are behind it!! gotta clean house and get this scum out of office!!

            • john stiner says:

              There is a market here.

              Race based riot tourism. Go on guided tours in riots areas when in progress like Ferguson, or Baltimore or Charleston SC.

              Go armed, shoot looters, then leave. How fun is that?

              It is the opposite of the professional race agitators that go to these cities and instigate riots.

              It would be good practice for when the SHTF nation wide.

            • OhsoTired says:

              Really tired of this shit–aside from the fact they are too stupid to mount any kind of a genocide on any type of an armed populace–Blacks, Mexicans–whoever–who have a beef with what went on 150 years ago or even today–GET OVER YOURSELVES–your not special–your not even relevant–the smoke and mirror show currently being displayed to antagonize the inbreds by PTB–is exactly what they want you to pay attention too. You think the civil war was about freeing slaves—what a bunch of tards–it was about exercising FEDERAL control over the states–period–slaves–nothing but pandering to the bleeding heart northern PRE-liberals who CONTRLLED industry and also OWNED slaves–much like the whoreacrat party does today. These shits think Lincoln cared–my god–read the history–if you knew how to read–Mexicans–got a lot going on for you in that 5th world cesspool you call the motherland—you have a government that aside from being the most corrupt specimen of modern chicanery–encourages the useless to go north–you want white genocide–come north–I love a good winter kill–and a target rich environment–God–these whining shits irritate me

      • kingscairn says:

        I’m white and you’re worse nightmare if you’re a white liberal…. I want to see you dead more than terrorist’s or racist, liberal, black radicals you’re on your knees for – you’re day is comin !

        • sharonsj says:

          I am a white liberal and I think if you’re here illegally you need to be deported. P.S. I have guns too….

          • Good because if you feel the need to tell the world you have a gun to make yourself feel powerful then you are mistaken . You are the type of uneducated white wash that need a gun to feel powerful because you know head on your ass will lose . No worries we Negroids are well aware of your tactics and Fabricated tales .

      • Hugh Janus says:

        The stats on blacks commiting crimes are worse than they appear. It must be kept in mind that the 13% figure includes ALL BLACKS, from infants to senior citizens. The vast majority of blacks commiting crimes (especially violent crimes) are males aged 15-25. This is a tiny percentage of the American population.

      • The Old Coach says:

        Fred Reed just reposted this article. A better refutation of White Guilt has never been written.


        Basically he points out that 99% of the modern world was invented and built by whites, so instead of guilt and reparations, we should be charging these racist “minorities” a royalty for using it.

      • Braveheart says:

        Howdy, Zero. Braveheart feels exactly the same way. Anyone who wants to hurt me will receive a ‘foreign object’ in their ass that may require surgery to remove.

    • BigB says:

      I think it is a radical left wing conspiracy radio show sponsored by the Obama administration. It’s intent is to demonize white people’s traditions, culture and borders.

      At least that is what I heard.


      • sixpack says:

        No, fuck YOU, Kristen Yoonsoo. My white ass won’t be shedding any tears, despite the fact that my ancestors WERE slave owners…I AM NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN A SLAVE OWNER and I for damned sure bear no responsibility to a bunch of black people who, neither themselves nor their immediate family, MAY have been slaves.

        The sins of my ancestors are solely theirs to bear. I refuse to ever apologize for the color of my skin, OR my family history. It was what it was.

        I do have one racist thing to say: Get your black asses out and get a job, so we don’t have to pay for your baby mommas, and half a dozen kids clear up through their prison sentences.


        • Just Me Two says:

          This is harassment and bullying.

          I’ll start with: Fuck off NTV/MTV…this sorry working class white ass isn’t apologizing for jack shit.

          Go have your little pity party, just remember, you’re still in America and we Americans of european descent fought to settle this land. And they won.

          As far as the Native Americans, sorry, but you weren’t the first people to be conquered and you won’t be the last, and I have Native American ancestry back there a ways, doesn’t matter, it is what it is.

          Every culture/race has had a shot at it. Now certain groups are trying to take a turn…let’s see how that works out…the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

          • Hugh Janus says:

            The ‘Native Americans’ (Indians, this continent was not America before the Europeans arrived) had never invented a written language before the Europeans arrived. I beleive only 1 South American tribe had.

            Africans never invented the wheel. Let’s face it. The indiginous population of Africa are descended from early humans who didn’t have the sense to walk out of there.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well said!!

        • The Chauffeur says:

          Right on, right on, right on…what sixpack said.

        • kingscairn says:

          You know what, gettin rid of cable is cool but watchin MTV offices burn would be full blown bitchin !

        • Braveheart says:

          Sixpack, welcome back and I agree.

      • smokey says:

        Spanish is the language of racism and genocide, and Hispanic privilege over the Indios of Latin America. The very term, ‘Latin’ America is a reminder of genocide far worse than anything under the Confederate banner.

        Demand Spanish speakers use another language.

        Demand Jose Antonio Vargas change his slave name to Xochimatl or Moctezuma.

        • Braveheart says:

          Smokey, let me go further and say that Vargas is an illegal alien, came into this country with bad intentions toward our people, so he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He and MTV and all the rest of the MSM can kiss my white ass. Any foreigners who don’t like what they see in this country can leave anytime they want. There are planes, trains, buses, and ships that come in and out of this country every day.

      • Braveheart says:

        BigB, I can believe that one.

    • Archivist says:

      MTV, way back in the 1980s, used to be Music Television. They would play music videos like radio would play records. Instead of DJs, they had “VJs.” Martha Quinn and others. We can still remember their names.

      Now they have lost their way just like all the other special-purpose cable channels. The Weather Channel used to be weather 24 hours a day. Now they’ve got soap-opera like propaganda shows. TNN used to be The Nashville Network, with country music and shows we like, such as “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Then they changed and eventually became Spike TV with a bunch of crap shows.

      TLC, the Learning Channel, used to be real educational shows. Now they have more crap reality shows than educational.

      I don’t watch any of those channels any more. I just watch a few DIY and cooking shows. Even they suck some for banning Paula Deen.

    • TEST says:

      Marxist TV. Designed for “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters

    • Nobama says:

      It is now NTV, no longer MTV, since during the 90’s it was taken over by low-class rap and hip-hop garbage. It has been blocked in our household for years. BET too, which would be illegal if it were instead WET (White Entertainment Channel).

      Also they got their JET magazine, UNCF, NAACP, etc… what about if they were for whites? Why the double-standard? Try getting a scholarship from UNCF if you are a poor white boy – nope, you’re not black enough. Blacks are the most racist people there are in this country.

      • durangokidd says:

        The Age of White Guilt is over. It ended when white people elected Obola President ….. twice. 🙁

      • Wee Liam says:

        It depends upon where you live. If you live in the Southwest, Hispanics are the reigning “Master Race”; there are public utilities which hire ONLY Hispanics. No Whites or Indians need apply, in blatant defiance of the Civil Rights Act. Any intervention by the Attorney General’s office?

        Yeah…. right.

        • durangokidd says:

          I was a victim of racial discrimination by the City of Phoenix decades ago and didn’t realize it, because racial discrimination of any sort just didn’t figure into my thought process.

          I applied for several jobs for which I was highly qualified and exceptionally experienced, yet I wasn’t called in for an interview, even with a Veteran’s Preference.

          Duh. 🙁

          Naively, I thought that there must be some really highly qualified candidates and let it go at that. But the truth is that the Hispanics have taken control of Human Resources in Phoenix and many other cities where they push their race to the detriment of the most highly qualified candidates. 🙁

      • Braveheart says:

        Nobama, I’d give you a 1000 thumbs up if we still had that feature back.

      • gardenbird says:

        oh and don’t forget the blackpeoplemeet.com dating website where no other race is allowed to join, lol, then again, why would anyone want too?

    • kingscairn says:

      A white brother was just gang stomped by 40 of MTV’s black gutter spawn in Cincy(as shown on Megyn Kelley FNC) ….
      Time to start stompin and randomly gang bangin back – aint no way buckwheat can stand up to Irish Italian agression…
      Send em to white mans hell !

    • kingscairn says:

      btw, i don’t care if my stuff isn’t printed …. just one more brake weight email I won’t get !

    • philip the mighty whitey says:

      we whites don’t riot,we war and if you nigroid mud race scum want war fine.but remember this… it starts we will rid this earth, of you all!!! no quarter!!! we build gas chamber and purify the earth!!!!! white power

    • TripodXL says:

      You know what? I have no sympathy for the Indians. If I was standing there at Plymouth Rock and the “white folks” got off the boat (and I was an Indian) I would have asked, “where did you come from”? “Are there more of you coming”? I would have killed every white sombitch that came ashore. THAT IS THEIR FAULT…..THEY SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT HARDER, PERIOD. The Indians should have fought harder and thrown out the white man….THAT IS THEIR FAULT….FUCK’EM. White people conquered the world and expanded their influence. If the others didn’t fight back, THAT’S THEIR PROBLEM…NOT THE RACE THAT CONQUERED THEM. IT IS WHAT WE DO AS A SPECIES. PERIOD. GET OVER IT. EAT SHIT AND DIE….DIE BITCHES, DIE. MY .02cents. Be Well….not

  2. cranerigger says:

    The same fools that demonize symbols, like the confederate flag, want to impose their version of the thought police. Their version of revisionist history has no room for books like the Bill OReilley series that are written with a well researched historical context. They are following the marxist ideals of Obama & Hitlery down the toilet bowl of similar political thought.

  3. slo_joe says:

    I’ve heard of that when I was a teenager, I think they played music videos or something….

  4. Archivist says:

    I wonder if the MTV crowd is aware that a lot of the property, at least in the eastern US, was bought fair and square from the Indians by the individual settlers. In the next county over from mine, the very first deed in the very first deed book is from an Indian to one of my wife’s ancestors. Larger tracts were bought by the federal government. At the end, the government was cheating the Indians, but ordinary white America didn’t have a say in that.

    So don’t tell me that we took all of the land from the Indians.

    Also, a large number of the white people in my area have Indian ancestry. I personally have thousands of Indian cousins and hundreds of black cousins that I can name. The DAR is pissed that I let it be known that a large number of my black cousins in central NC are qualified to join the DAR.

    Am I racist for pointing out the fact that the first black person I ever saw that spoke so I could understand them was a black teacher from South Africa who I had in college when I was 19 or 20 years old? And you can’t really blame them for their speech, because who did they learn English from in the first place?

    I’m glad I no longer get MTV on my television.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Its all a set up. Stage Actors from the same crew of Sandy Hook. Blacks enslaved blacks, sold their brothers to labor. Like 90% of all African slaves went to So America or the caribbean. On like 5% came to the olace called the US. 15% of slave ownera in the US were blacks themselves. Now go F* yourself. I predict the MTV program is more 6 sided star Joo based Race Baiting.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Archavist- you dont know shit about American History. Or Indian territory. The 6 nations Ohio Vally Native Tribes. The Mokawk sided with the British in the Revolutionary war. They were the closest tribe nation to the New Englanders. When the Brittish lost and went home the treaty they signed with the New settlers was giving all of this new territory which was the 6 Nations land. It was not even their land to give away. The Indians got Nothing. The Mohawk were so up set they moved up to Canada. There was no sale or purchase as you try to claim. F*ck your ignorance of the true historical facts about land and what was stolen from the natives.

      • smokey says:

        You’re an idiot, WWTI. Go screw yourself, you Jew-hating cockroach.

      • Archivist says:

        You can go to Perquimans Co., NC and look at the deed books for yourself. They go back to the 1600s.

        George Durant bought his property in NC. “It is known that land was purchased from Cisketando, a Yeopim Indian chief on August 4, 1661. Shortly after, Durant purchases more land from the Yeopim. This deed is now recorded in the Perquimans County records, making it the oldest deed in North Carolina.”

        ht tp://www.historicalbemarletour.org/history-george-durant.htm

        I’m right, and you can stick your fowl language where the sun don’t shine.

      • smokey says:

        Moronic hypocrite, WWTI.

        You live and make a living farming on land stolen from Indians. Give it back to the nearest tribe, today.

        Then go back to Europe and live as a peasant in a monarchy.

        • Ron Blondin says:

          Actually, Europeans enjoyed a time of great quality of life once they removed the usurers from among them:



          With the banishment of the moneylenders and the abolition of usury, there were hardly any taxes to pay and no state debt, as the interest-free tally stick was used for government expenditures. England now enjoyed a period of unparalleled growth and prosperity. The average laborer worked only 14 weeks a year and enjoyed 160 to 180 holidays. According to Lord Leverhulme, a writer of that time: “The men of the 15th century were very well paid,” in fact so well paid that the purchasing power of their wages and their standard of living would only be exceeded in the late 19th century.”

  5. TEST says:

    Meanwhile, disgusting Sen Tammy Baldwin D-WI) says that the First Amendment is only for use inside churches. Religious or not, this vileness should really strike fear into *everyone*


    • MiVidaLoca says:

      Sounds like he is advocating a “time and place” restriction for speech for which the judicial review standard is a tad lower. Absolutely outrageous.

      The 1st Amendment includes the right to practice one’s religion as well as the right to free speech. As a student of the Constitution, I posit that they are going down a dangerous road, pitting two fundamental rights against each other. It cannot end well.

    • Braveheart says:

      That senator can go f#$% herself!

  6. Freeillinois says:

    I can not believe this $hit!

    I worked my rear off for years to get what I have, paid my taxes and followed the law and I get to be called a racist and accused of being privileged.

    This country has lost its mind!!!!!!!

  7. karate kid says:

    mtv is nothing but trash
    never watch it never will any white people dum enough to be on it if I was their dad I throw them into the street
    wouldn’t give them or leave them a dime

    most americans are dummer than a rock

    so sad .Americas future

    race war
    world war 3
    financial collapse
    brought to you by mainstream media and you
    homo baby killin government and weak minded fools

  8. Copperhead says:

    I posted back on 7/3 on how many terrorist attacks the Government would say they stopped, well today they claiming they stopped attacks. These LIEING ASSHOLES can’t handle the truth. Illegal’s are using Fed guns to murder U S citizens, folks this place needs to fall, all
    Government workers are fast becoming the enemy and those who support them. The end is near.

  9. wojo says:

    This “white boy” can survive! Shotgun, rifle, four wheel drive this Lilly white boy will survive!

  10. Tony Montana says:

    It’s News Headings such as this that makes me wonder at times if this country is even worth saving.

    The Media(government handlers) have been busy lately with bombarding the public with anti-white views and then have the audacity to say were are privileged and racist at the same time?

    Their Agenda should be very clear to all of mankind to what is really going on here. Don’t fault our ancestors for today’s problems assholes.

    I’m tolerant to a certain extent, but I am human…..and I like many, do have their limitations….tolerance and patience is not my strong suit anymore…..keep fucking with us, you’ll see how this turns out.

    • sixpack says:

      I guess if you don’t want to have to feel guilty because you’re a straight, white Christian, you’ll have to move to Russia.

    • Pissed Off Granny says:

      Business Insider says America’s share of the IMF bailout for Greece will be $345 per American taxpayer. No problem, just a few keystrokes and our kids and grandkids saddled with more debt. What fools we have become.

      Cavuto on Faux news helping to once again brainwash the sheeple on this wonderful idea. One thing about it, the Federal Reserve wont have far to send the money. Goldman Sachs banksters will get their loan paid back via you and me.

      And I see ole Jesse Jackson kissing the South Carolina Governor for her willing participation in helping to dismantle history.

      Wonder what historical monument is next on the list?

      • Machinist says:

        Miss Granny,

        Let’s hope & pray that the next banned monument will be the dreadful Christmas parody menorah, erected annually at yule-time, on white house grounds.

        It’s a sad day when the Goddamned heebs can openly present blatant evidence of who really rules over this formally Christian nation, at our most sacred time of year.

        JD Machine, has got it right!

      • Braveheart says:

        Howdy, Granny. In Memphis, our ‘esteemed’ local govt. [sarcasm] is proposing to remove from one our local parks a statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest along with the remains of him and his wife. A nearby cemetery has agreed to accept the remains but not the monument. It remains to be seen how this will turn out.

        • Buck Owen says:

          This is a Hell of a lot of fun reading all these frothing at the mouth comments! I haven’t laughed this hard in a good long time, thank you! What you don’t know is this, the country is changing, you aren’t. In 20 years time nobody will care about civil war or the stars n’ bars flag, people will have moved on beyond it all and it will be irrelevant. MTV and all the major networks don’t care about you or what you think, the demographics they’re interested in is the 18-34 age group, and the 35-49 age group on a secondary basis. Once your past 50, you’ve been written off. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the stations that have programming for the senior set, it’s all old shows from the sixties and seventies, all the advertising is for medical insurance or medical devices, reverse mortgages, things not exactly geared at a younger audience. The upshot is this, they know in 20=30 years your generation and it’s way of thinking will be gone, the focus is and always will be on the younger people. It was in your day also when the parental generation of your youth freaked out about things happening in the sixties that were far different from anything they ever experienced, but the networks didn’t care about them either once they got past 50 years old, it’s not a game of guessing, it’s been the science of programming for decades, new generations don’t care about what old people think of them, they’re interested in what they want to do now that it’s their turn at the wheel. Now that the facts have been laid out before you, I’m ready to hear the replies of ” fuck you!, etc, etc,”

          • Richard Head says:

            Buck owen

            I am sad for you. Although what you speak is completely true, it saddens me that you don’t seem to see the flaw in the plans. As a 34 year old who was fortunate enough to come of age just before this “wonderful” internet and tech took over. I can’t stand to see the mindless disrespectful consumer driven robots we have all become. I mean re-read your post and tell me that the utopia you speak of is really a good world to live in. Sooner or later you’re going to end up on that write off list too. And being in the target demo isn’t really a good thing, most of us are just meat for feeding the machine, you know just sheep who do and buy what we are told. Is it a bad thing to strive for a world where liberty, respect, and individualism can still exist and thrive? I am no psychic but I can assure you buck, the world you speak of with such reverence, cannot and will not maintain for long. It’s kind of like having a “tiger by the tail” 😉

            • Buck Owen says:

              I never claimed it was utopia, and yes, naturally everyone gets written off eventually, the only way to avoid it is to die before you hit 50, and I’m sure most everyone would prefer being written off. As far as respect,liberty, and individualism,, I think you need to consider what extent they’ve ever really existed to begin with once the world entered the second half of the twentieth century.

          • Mountain says:

            LOL buck…

            Most the youth in this country are hopped up on vaccines, flu shots and psychotropic cocktails. They can’t name all of the sitting presidents of this country. Most do not want to work and prefer a life if leisure off the backs if the tax payers who ARE in their late 30s and on up. They are being taught by authoritarian leftists that living off daddy government is their entitlement for just being born, and food stamps is the norm, with 1 in 5 Americans now on them. They are being groomed with false narratives and main stream media lies, and taught that immorality is acceptable…I’m only 48, hardly n my way out…and see this country becoming a shithole. I had a much MUCH better public school education and opportunities, while most college kids graduate and go to work in service jobs. I feel absolutely nothing but pity for the youth coming up in this nation, because they will never know what this country used to be like before 9/11. I feel sorry for their future and what they must live with in the muck and mire of societal decay, and toxic foods.

      • sixpack says:

        Granny, I vote for taking down the Georgia Guide stones next! I know their existence certainly offends ME.

    • JD Machine says:

      No, this country is not worth saving. Flush the BOWL several times.

  11. trglvr says:

    Yeah. I hear all of you. We all know that no white person has ever actually been racist, raped anyone or commited a violent crime. Only the “blacks”,right?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Plan of San Diego

    “It called for the execution of all white American men over the age of sixteen . . . .”


    This is what we’re dealing with. These people are evil and, given enough rein, they plan on killing every last one of us, so they can turn America into another Mexico – and one Mexico is more than enough for this world to endure.

  13. Mr. Daniels says:

    In other news, MTV is still being broadcast.

  14. Simon belmont says:

    I have never been ashamed of who I am. I was jumped by six blacks when I was in 10th grade. Racial as they clearly had some negative things to say about me not being black. Lol Anyway, they didn’t realize they danced with the wrong white trash trailer punk. I pulled my nunchaku out of my bag and it was on. It was tunnel vision, I don’t remember most of it, just 4 thugs on the ground and two running like the devil. I put my sticks back in the backpack and went home. That was over 30 years ago. Now I carry a .45 and still don’t trust a darkie. I don’t have guilt about dog squeeze.

    • Leave it to Beaver says:


      I had a similar experience with chucks. My guys were white and they would not fight me “because I had chucks.” So I said, ‘OK, you take them and handed the chucks to them. I then said I’m going to take them away from you and shove them up your ass… and the whole lot of them ran away.


  15. john says:

    Never thought id see the day when the southern states would give up southern pride for the rainbow colors of gay pride. Disgraceful. Not one shot fired …… not even a decanting voice….. the.south will not rise again it just died and you people let it happen. Shame on you you ancestors would be rolling in there graves. They died for nothing.

    • MiVidaLoca says:

      “what will the South be like without all our fine boys? What would the South have been if they had lived?”
      ― Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

    • Nobama says:

      Sadly you are so right. The South will never rise again. Once the Confed stars and bars come down (and get replaced with a rainbow fag flag!), its all done and gone. So sad how this country has lost all it’s morals and values and too few people even seem to care at all.

  16. MiVidaLoca says:

    Good grief!! Like many others, I will never apologize for being white or conservative. I would never ask someone else to apologize for their skin color either, as we don’t ask to be born white, Asian, black or Indian, etc.

    I won’t apologize for my sons being white straight males either, or be embarrassed of them because they refuse to move in lock step for the liberal, twisted agenda. I’m proud of them for being loving and kind citizens with a sense of civic duty toward their fellow man that doesn’t include a shred of inferiority.

    We’re also cutting off cable for good. As a GenX-er I never thought I would do something like that but that day is here. It’s not about being a conservative prude or being “old fashioned”. It’s about the filth and the propaganda riding the airwaves. I don’t want it in my home anymore.

  17. Sgt. Dale says:

    Go suck an egg. Yu are the only thing I would apologize for.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      Damn computer acting up again.
      MTV go suck an egg! You are the only thing I would apologize for .

      I’m proud of my white heritage! If it wasn’t for the United States the frigging world would still be in the stone age. (I’m going to get some flack on that one). TUFF S#$T I’M PROUD OF MY WHITE USA HERITAGE. If you don’t like it to FRIGGING BAD!!!!

      I apologize for nothing my forefathers did. If you want an apology from them good luck the have all been dead for over 50 years.



  18. Waiting says:

    This is the time for everyone to call their cable or satellite provider and ask to have MTV removed from your viewing line-up. If they refuse simple CANCEL.

  19. I Can't Believe It says:

    Mom: What are you watching ?

    Son: Just MTV .

    Mom: Whats on ?

    Son: A person that is dancing with Ants:


  20. MrApple says:

    More Liberal Progressive bullshit from MTV, who would have guessed it?

  21. NOBODY says:

    I went out and checked my garbage can…Lo and behold …The trash came in many colors!

    This weekend a Black friend, married to a white girl are coming up to do a LITTLE target practice…OK, so he’s only half black…And she likes dark meat…They are both good people. And good friends!

    On a side note, you should hear the words that comes outta that boys mouth when we talk politics…I have never heard the “N” word used with such angst, as when he describes some of the “Black” folks, including our fearless leader.

    The only thing I hate about being white (and a red head to boot) is sunburn.

  22. slingshot says:

    Can cure all this shit with a race war.

    • Leave it to Beaver says:

      To Slingshot about a race war:

      No matter what, not all Blacks are participating in this perversion of race and justice. I know a few that are ashamed and feel that they are being made to look bad by the others. Oh, these blacks have jobs, children, responsibility, etc.


      • sixpack says:

        I’m there with you on that one. I have a black friend or two that can’t stand niggers. My two black friends have never been on welfare. That’s how I know the difference between a black man and a nigger…and there is a BIG difference.

    • Phoenix says:

      Sorry mate, bad for business. Besides, you’re playing into the hands of of those who are orchestrating this madness. What better way to initiate martial law and usurp the Constitution. Although many will not agree. This is not a black and white issue. This is brainwashing.

      • slingshot says:

        Pheonix, Sixpack and Leave it to Beaver.

        Sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen.

        Sooner or later we are going to have to fight the Ignorant sons of bitches. Fifty years of placating to these people to whom I have never done one thing to them.
        The Blackman in the White house wants to destroy Southern Heritage and for most blacks, how do they seek restitution for slavery when they were never slaves. How do you make it equal when I know more about Black History than most Blacks. Martial Law is coming no matter what happens. I have been to more Watermelon U. Classes that I should have a Masters Degree.
        I used to give everyone a fair shake. Hoping for the best to come out in people. Didn’t happen and you can not tell me that race relations are getting any better.

        • sixpack says:

          I know you’re right slingshot—I know they won’t stop until they get their asses handed to them. But, I will still give that fair shake to those who deserve/earn it.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Obama wants a race war to further his Master ZOGs agenda, and as soon as it gets started, he will arm all the niggers like he did ISIS. Think Im kidding. Keep stacking and packing lots of ammo.

  23. Kevin2 says:

    This doesn’t effect me as I’m the grandson of Italian immigrants and was told by the wasp kids that I was, “just a nigger turned inside out”.

    Blacks have no exclusive monopoly on prejudice. At one point or another your ancestors, regardless of where they were from were marginalized, enslaved, mistreated and abused by other groups. Hard work and education negated most of this.

  24. Tobias says:

    White People are Weak!

    The white goyim race is weak minded and will very soon by Globalist Marxist Design within the next 25 years, become a minority in their own country of birth. In 300 years nothing but a footnote in history will remain of them as the global census majority “Proud to be Brown” races of the world breeds them out of existence!

    The White gene pool is Inferior and will be wiped out by the far Superior brown gene pool!

    If we cannot kick the out, we will breed them out!

      • Tony Montana says:

        Tobias – Troll much?

          • AquaMan says:

            Obama dictates stricter housing integration rules

            Barack Obama will withhold federal funds from communities that fail to abide by strict new housing rules.

            Julian Castro, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, announced the intrusion Wednesday in Chicago.

            The intent is to eliminate white neighborhoods, forcing them to racially integrate.

            • Cultural Marxists excuse the intrusion because segregated white neighborhoods provide community services to whites that are unavailable in black neighborhoods.

            The objective of economic Marxism is the elimination of income disparities. Accusations of racism is an excuse to leverage the Marxist agenda.

            • Readers should note the racism is virtually unknown in homogeneous nations such as Iceland and Cameroon.

            Those of us who live in mostly white ‘Jim Crow’ neighborhoods can expect individuals such as those in the video below to become our new neighbors.

            • Privileged progressive white liberals who live in the insulation of white neighborhoods while they complain of white privilege (bourgeois) may find themselves facing the stark realities of violent black crime in their neighborhoods as their isolation is disrupted by Obama’s forced integration.

            • In the video below you see a black mob attacking a lone young white man as he attempts to walk in a segregated black housing project.

              • Anonymous says:


                Why do you always change your handle every few months?

              • Richard Head says:


                great video, glad it’s not just happening in America, or I guess I should say SAD it’s going on everywhere. God help us when are we all gonna wake up and say enough is enough…or better yet the question is, what exactly will we have to do about it??

                • sixpack says:

                  Yes, it is going on everywhere, because this “integration” is one of the primary tools and goals of the New World Order.

                  What better way to facilitate the overthrow of a country’s sovereignty, than to “diversify” the native people right out of their own country? That’s what is happening here, and apparently Sweden and other countries (except Russia).

                  Think what you want about Putin, but so far, his is the only major country who will not allow their people to be diversified right out of their own culture and country.

                  They also protect their Christians, heterosexuals and families.

              • Thanks for speaking up says:

                Dear Aquaman,

                thanks for sharing the “Madness in Sweden”. I am from Germany and I recommend NOT to come over here. Our government it nuts when it comes to immigrants. Because these wonderful enriching immigrants have N O respect what so ever for women and that is how they act in my home country. But, hey….we HAVE to appreciate and be thankful for their cultural input and display a “willkommens Kultur”
                We have to accept EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING

  25. confederate says:

    I have nothing to be ashamed about. It’s racist to condemn me because I’m white. I think what we need is a good old fashion race war. I also believe that every liberal democratic progressive should be hung from the nearest street lamp staring from the top down.

  26. lena says:

    Yes, lets not thanks the white christains for bringing civilization, the longest lifespans, lowest birthrates and most cures of diseases to the entire world.

    Have 10 million of us take over Canada. They’re only 30 million, it would be easy and then they can do whatever they want with the usa; enough fish, deer and oil to live a good life up there.

  27. Aztec says:

    Wow. Unbelievable. A lot of racists here. Advocating violence. You prove the far left’s point. It would have been better if you had not taken to your keyboards at all. Frightening people here.

    Those with courage and intelligence don’t need weapons. Our brain is our weapon. Cowards and bullies carry weapons, hidden away, for that special moment when they can unleash their anger and self-hatred against the world.

    America is doomed if we allow the far left OR far right to rule. I weep for my nation. A nation of racists, of all colors ….

    • Archivist says:

      Your brain versus an illegal immigrant with a Fast and Furious gun. Guess who wins.

      You are wrong on every point.

      • GenEarly says:

        “We” didn’t start this ProgreSSive Purge, well except for the insane elitists who are white, but the “useful idiot” browns and blacks will also pay with their blood.
        Remember, “when blacks riot neighborhoods burn; when whites “riot” (war) continents burn.”
        These Progs will unleash hell itself on everyone. CYA, and Prepare NOW!

        • rednek101 says:

          “when blacks riot neighborhoods burn; when whites “riot” (war) continents burn.”

          10-4 Hood rats best stay in their own hood if they have looting and arson on their mind.

          by Rudyard Kipling

          It was not part of their blood,
          It came to them very late,
          With long arrears to make good,
          When the Saxon began to hate.

          They were not easily moved,
          They were icy — willing to wait
          Till every count should be proved,
          Ere the Saxon began to hate.

          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and straight.
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the Saxon began to hate.

          It was not preached to the crowd.
          It was not taught by the state.
          No man spoke it aloud
          When the Saxon began to hate.

          It was not suddently bred.
          It will not swiftly abate.
          Through the chilled years ahead,
          When Time shall count from the date
          That the Saxon began to hate.

    • confederate says:

      @Aztec Go away troll. Tell your daddy obama what our thoughts are.

    • slingshot says:


      Weep but get yourself a gun. Your brain won’t help you in a gun fight.

    • Simon belmont says:

      Oh my dear Aztec, there are some people who can not be reached by words alone. Now go and ask your boss what to say next. Snip snap snout, your tale is told out.

    • Nobama says:

      Aztec, you’re a fucking idiot.

    • JD Machine says:

      Go away azztick. America is doomed due to filth such as yourself!

    • Jim in Va. says:

      Aztec; I’m tired of being blamed for things that happened 150 years ago. I’m responsible for myself and don’t apologize for other for their “whiteness” which nobody can help. the left now wants schools,roads and monuments taken down or changed that have anything to do with the confederacy. Its stupid to change anything because it offends someone. There are those that want to change the name of our capital because G. Washington owned slaves and the Jefferson Memorial taken down because he also owned slaves. The cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork and its time to stop it! Now I’m offended,but that doesn’t count.

    • MM2Nuke says:

      Lowtech… You are a fucking metrosexual, latte drinking, neutral bathroom using,brain dead sheeple moron… Good luck using your non existent brain against the mobs of your stupid liberal fellows when the system collapses.. But on a good note you’ll make good fertilizer, crap makes things grow..

    • Braveheart says:

      Aztec, I weep for my nation, but for a different reason and that is libturds like you who are hurting it, so go f#$% yourself!

    • MGTOW says:

      Well it sure was fun to watch an affirmative action gal get walked out.
      She was brought in and paid over $15k more then all of us that were there for decades.

      Aztec….. what’s going on is that white people just want to live in peace. Many voted for Obama to try and smooth things out..give a man of color a chance…But that’s not good enough… they have to keep bashing the whites.

      So naturally people are pissed off. They are being blamed for crimes they did not commit.

      I see similar shit with feminism.. a gender war is going on.
      So if you are a white man.. you get a double done from feminists as well as the liberal Jew controlled media and HR policies.




      I feel it’s the jewish control feminist policies that will break our country.

      BTW>>>> OBama never even ran a lemonade stand.

      The new sport for whites is when a person of color gets in their face you go ape shit and get violent and in their faces.

      I saw an old manager do this is a young white gal who was correcting his language for the he/she shit…

      Later he said to me.. “She will never do that again.”

      So the next time you get the race thing tossed in your face… fuck with them and don’t put up with any shit.

      They are terrorizing you…. so do it right back to them buy ten fold.

  28. Jim Smithe says:

    I suggest everyone visit the youtube video and thumb it down and post a negative comment to MTV. This bullshit about white privilege is getting old as hell.

  29. captbooboo says:

    is there any way this will not lead to a civil war ?

  30. Leave it to Beaver says:

    You can get more with a kind word and a weapon, than you can get with just a kind word.


  31. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should take their white illuminati puppets (who they abuse to make their billions) off the air (not likely)and look at their own crimes Aren’t these the same people who initiated the slave trade?

  32. Leave it to Beaver says:

    To Aztec:

    You are a troll. Save your ‘we don’t need no stinking weapons’ speech for the MTV crowd.

    Your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends.

    Keep your powder dry,


  33. Anonamous says says:

    We are all brown , even the Caucasian ,and will always be in the gene pool. People get a grip
    Or your no better than the nut that shot the 9 people……..

  34. ScoutMotto says:

    Vargas hates white so much? I say we deport him, and get him away from all those evil white people!

  35. To fit in this new common core system we have to be a twinkie and a white hater?! Sounds like a communist country that we are suppose to get use to and accept such country ruler as a God. No Thanks.

  36. Jim in Va. says:

    Careful folks,a lot of this crap is being put out there to get us to react…just what the left wants. Be proud of who you are and let the scum make the first move. This is by design,do’nt give them the pleasure by reacting. Let them screw up and look bad in the process.

  37. NorseMan says:

    Maybe the country should ‘banish’ the white people to certain states, and give those states autonomy to rule themselves – free of the benefits of Supreme Court decisions and Obamacare and joys of gay marriage. Let those nasty white folks pass their own laws, go to their own churches, and own their own guns. Perhaps pieces of the Wall at the Mexican border could be dismantled, and used to build a new wall around the “White People’s States” in order to keep them inside.

    wink, wink, wink

  38. RC Vic Kerman says:

    1 With regards to this Shame White People. “For What They Have Done” BS! I have found that African(s)/Egyptions Galore actually started to enslave their brother(s) long before the “Whites” came along and this actually gave the Ship Owners (during slack times) the Idea. Check out this boko enslavement of Blacks by Blacks, just today! Where is the Out-Rage and Shame or help by these American Black people about that. We no-longer enslave but Africa, China and many many other countries still enslave their own people where is this Shame and Out-Rage? Black(s) should get off of their Government Overfed Entitled to Everything butts and let the Whites who have elected a Black for President alone and go after the current day enslaver(s)!

  39. aljamo says:

    The lying Obullshitter was placed in his position to create exactly the present situation. He was groomed to take over from the vile evilness of the Bush-Clinton years. He won’t be deterred from completing the overall agenda, neither will his successor. The longer the agenda goes unchallenged by the American people, the more difficult it will be to change any part of the plan. You all know what the agenda is, being armed and stocked up might buy you some time, but that is exactly the response wanted by the criminals at the top. The only way to effect any change is for massive peaceful resistance in the streets by tens of millions of people. Ghandi had it right. If TPTB meet that resistance with mass bloodshed, the remaining majority will unite. If they kill everybody left, then life was not worth living in the first place, unless you like being a powerless slave.

  40. Darkwing says:

    Remember: MTV is owned by and run by jews. The wetback is one of the slaves

  41. MM2Nuke says:

    Haven’t posted in a while, but still look in daily.
    This is right out of the Alinsky and Nazi playbook… Demonize those that they wish to destroy and subjugate..
    Orwell was right, he just got the year wrong..
    Later all, God bless..
    Off to load more ammo..

  42. rednek101 says:

    “Anti-White” is a real movement. #antiwhite Playing on the sympathy/white guilt of the liberal yahoo’s who believe in the diatribe minorities spew.
    So our white NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezal. She was ashamed of being white? Maybe she figured out there’s more perks being black. The funny part being nobody at the NAACP figured this out. NAACP folks aren’t too bright.

    • simpleton says:

      You know, I hate to point this out, but NAACP actually always stood for Negroes Are Actually Colored Polacks.

    • simpleton says:

      And heres something else to consider…racism and ethnocentrism are hard wired into our DNA. No amount of social engineering will erase the very useful mechanism if survival as the tribal instinct. However, altering the DNA before birth can, and will. Most of the people here are marked for destruction, and thats not such a bad thing, since nobody gets out of here alive. The Repubic, if it ever existed at all, is dead beyond revival. Why? Because the greatest threats to our liberty do not come from overseas but from within the halls of our own government and from within the minds of our youth. The difference between the average American who typically says “WE oughta go over the and kick some ass” and your average detestible dangerous muslim extremist is that tbe American is usually referring to sending someone else to fight the battle, whereas the deluded muslim packs up his shit and goes to battle, or sends his substance to those that will actually fight.Observe the tactics of the muslims, whose faith, for all its obvious flaws, is still intact. Here in Babylon,wrong is right and right is wrong, and there are none to defend it.Not everyone who offends you is your enemy.

      • rednek101 says:

        Bottom line is simple. People with different religious backgrounds, color, social status, origin…they all have a set of values that are ingrained in their psyche. They are trained/raised to operate within a certain set of parameters. Its what they know, it who they are, it’s what they do. Nothing can change that.
        Some groups societal behaviors are like acid on other groups environment/society. Hence different nations, different regions etc…we learned long ago to get with people who think alike, have the same set of values.

        Prime example is the Mexican invasion of the Southwest. These people come into our country illegally then spit in our face by not following our social norms or laws. The effect of these people is entirely negative on our society. They burden our schools. Lower our standard of living significantly. Get on every public assistance program they can. We are draining public coffers paying to deal with them. Hundreds of billions worth have been frittered away with little or no return.

        It’s not about the color of someone’s skin. It’s really not.

  43. The Mighty Kevin 2 says:

    Most black people I run into already have an attitude against whites, and this is only going to make it worse. Of course, the black people who know me are friendly. Complete strangers, though, assume I have something against them and display an attitude toward me, which is very racist of them. Maybe it’s the blonde hair I have, I don’t know.

    An example: An older black lady in the grocery store had her buggy parked in the middle of the aisle while she left it to go get something. I couldn’t get past, so I was going to wait for her to get back. There was no need to interrupt her, causing her to have to go back to her buggy before she had what she needed. However, she apparently took my patiently waiting as some kind of affront, because she pursed her lips and with a haughty and angry expression moved her buggy out of the way. I said thanks and she refused to look me in the eye. I thought “What the heck is her problem?” I didn’t do anything to her.

    • smokey says:

      You forced her to think about courtesy and community, you evil white debbil, and she resents you for it.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      I know how you feel: I get heavy teeth sucking if I walk to work in a suit or have just shaved and got a hair cut. If you look like you are healthy, wealthy and happy, they hate that.

      All longitudinal studies I have looked at have shown the same thing: if a city or community goes past 10% black population, it pitches into terminal decline, shackled by rising crime rates, social dysfunction and decaying business sector. It does not matter the geography, the language, the culture, the eating habits, the time-frame: you find the same decay and failure. I think it is cultural. Even smart blacks will not want to live there: they actually prefer a mixed population because they can avoid getting hassled for cash by the black failures.

      But let’s look at great achievements from a historical perspective: where are the great black cities?, where are the great black nations?, great black scientific achievements? It is heart-breaking.

      The best that can be hoped for is to ensure a high percentage of Asians live in these places so that standards for education, behavior and achievement can be lifted. I say Asians because that drains away any excuse related to slavery etc. and they aren’t white.

  44. messenger says:

    P#*s on them, whoever they are, and the horse they rode in on. I’m sick and tired of being held responsible for crap I did not commit. Dammit, I never owned a slave and I sure as hell never killed an Indian. If I do anything to offend anyone, and I often do, then you can damn well get over it or learn to live with it. I’m a redneck, should I have Jeff Foxworthy arrested for redneck jokes. Who gives a crap about someone’s pathetic feelings: Mine or yours!If that makes me racist, then I gladly wear the title. blessings.

  45. NewVegasBadger says:

    I don’t give a damn what MTV or any of the idiots who watch feel. I refused to feel shame for being white. And since they want to play the race, ethnic card. Ok, Let’s Play! I am White, by heritage, half English, and half German and damn proud of them and that. To the MTV crowd, give that history, are you sure that provoking and pissing me off is a good idea? Best thing is to offer me a beer, walk away and leave me the hell alone.

    • smokey says:

      Seems to me, poking the progressive stick at the white bear is not a smart idea. We have millions of guns, billions of rounds of ammo, and millions of folks with military training, education, leadership and management skills, and more importantly, a whole lot more to lose than these folks do.

      Keep on poking the bear, when it wakes up, the game will change entirely.

  46. Satori says:

    feel free to thumbs down this piece of racist garbage


  47. Full blooded Rez says:

    Haha I’m Native American I couldn’t agree more on this post. There racism in every race but black people somehow make there racism justified. It’s a false double standard in society. I see minorities falsely accuse white people for “what they done in the past” but white people don’t hold the idealisms of how it used to be in the old days. Don’t let them guilt you for being white its bullshit. I have a lot of friends that are white and they’re good fucking people. in the end regardless of who you are or your skin color anyone can be racist.

  48. gjohn says:

    Lol,they won’t shame this white man.I will simply tell them to go screw theirselves,seriously.

  49. Headshrinker says:

    I am exhausted with the PC drivel of those who seek to divide and oppress. People are so unhealthy now it is ridiculous. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, medically, financially, and systemically we suffer. If people would break free of the victim mindset/lack of personal responsibility and move toward the self-reliance of past generations, I can only imagine the improved overall health, satisfaction, and happiness. I know I would have far fewer patients on my couch. How nice that would be.

  50. Musashi says:

    What I love about the Internet is that there’s a permanent record of all the traitors and their traitorous words and actions. This will prove useful.

    War, anyone?

  51. Musashi says:

    War, anyone?

  52. Bert says:

    THE PROBLEM IS THE NON-WHITES ARE JEALOUS AND HAVE THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX OVER NOT HAVING WHITE SKIN. Consult someone that keeps score, blacks and latinas in America have 33% lower IQ’s than whites. Never mind the crime data. Never mind the unwed pregnancy to dropout mother data. Never mind the refusal to work data. Never mind the shameless welfare entitlement data. It is so sickening. In my entire lifetime I have never known any black or latina worthy of my time. They are all inferior. Accept it.

    • Machinist says:

      Agreed Bert, plus if you really analyze the race-mixing thing & the propaganda pushing it, it boils down to the base element of, the mudsharks know they’re breeding UP, with a WHITE.

  53. Archivist says:

    Our government is racist. “Tomahawk” missiles, “Apache” helicopters, etc.

  54. Jeauqamo says:

    Thank goodness Hitler lost the war because white America helped defeat him, otherwise, none of us would be having this conversation……………

  55. Kevin2 says:

    Chris Rock summed it up in his comedy skit when he said, “White people wouldn’t trade places with me and I’m rich”. That being said its not the negro race as I have worked with black engineers that were sharp. Their culture is the problem putting too little emphasis on family and education and too much on instant gratification and irresponsibility. Like a pit bull dog its how your raised and its beyond the nuclear family as the neighborhood has influence too. Its no coincidence that Jews have a disproportionate amount of professionals within their ranks as the awarding of Nobel Piece Prize awards for the sciences show.

    Not one member of my family set foot in the US until 1915 and they were not met with a brass band on their arrival.

    In the end were all of one race, the human race. Its black culture that sucks and its being intentionally spread via the media. In the 1960s the 4 Seasons had to hide the fact that two of their band members were criminals. Fast forward 5 decades and singers (if you want to call rappers singers) need a criminal background to be accepted in the industry.

    Times are a changing and its not for the good.

  56. Asshat says:

    I will never be ashamed of being white. MTV is shit I don’t watch that crap maybe when I was younger that was when music was art now it entertainment if you wanna even call it that. All blacks on there now and homosexuals. I’d rather have no tv. Blacks and Hispanics have no education the ones I’ve seen can’t think three steps ahead. Not all but most. I wouldn’t hire them they are not employable if you hire them and they don’t work out you’d get race crying. I never could understand the equal oppertunity employer crap. Your running a business not a babysitting service. If it was my business I’d only hire people that are qualified. I will say it Here I hate niggers. Dindu nuffin useless eaters. Told the wife if the nigs move in around here we are moving. I don’t see it happening though this neighborhood is out of their price range for housing. I hope there is a race war.

  57. mary says:

    MTV still exists ????? Who knew …..or cared.

  58. TheGuy says:

    What we did in America:

    Gave you fuckers a country to actually complain about.

    Y’all think we’re so Godawful, there’s the door.

  59. TheGuy says:

    Keep this shit up, I for one will be overwhelmed with joy to “appear racist”. It’s called trolling all of you assholes. I WON’T be racist but I mean this isn’t a race thing, this is a sub-group of serious assholes that exist inside a certain race… to them I’ll be happy to appear to be racist.

  60. Banderman says:

    Racist pukes. Only idiots watch MTV. Liberals create more ‘racists’ than they expose, and truth be told, they are the racists.

  61. kevin j says:

    christian arm bands are next people, tell me im wrong. This is muslim nazi germany.

  62. Iowa says:

    When my black ex of 7 years kidnapped my daughter and stole the $ The Gov’t gave me for killing my dad, I started saying nigger and hang government criminals.

  63. Joatmon says:

    The movie “Idiocracy” is becoming more and more prophetic in America. Most American young people are dumber than dirt, esp. concerning history. Most are Lemmings, just following lock step the commands of their media/government masters.

  64. Luvu2hateme13 says:

    I wonder if MTV is going to have a show about blacks apologize to whites for all the hate crimes they have done but never hear about on the bs media….

  65. The Irish Catholic says:

    kiss my “white” Irish-American” ass you lousy piece of garbage, Vargas! I am proud to be a “White American”,you don’t like it start kissin!one doesn’t have to be a extremist to be proud of his race, and I am offended by these real racists like Vargas, who think, they are so high and mighty, but are really the racists. Your 15 minutes of infamy won’t be watched by me VaaaarGas and “F” mtv!

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Also proud to be white: it is a great feeling and a great people! The things we have done is mind-boggling! And the most beautiful women on the planet are healthy white women followed by Asian women. Hands down!

  66. MGTOW says:

    Stop caring about what the minorities think and create businesses and thumb your nose at affirmative action.

  67. MGTOW says:

    Here’s my take.
    I went MGTOW.
    Men Going Their Own Way.
    Kind of like Hedonism for Men.
    It starts with I do NOT give a fuck about anything ever again.

    My economic plan is to buy rental property…more of it…
    Then rent to the flood of minorities and single women and MILFS.
    None of them can find a man….haven’t you heard this?
    IT’s called MGTOW.

    Men refuse to be slaves.
    The mainstream media dare not report on this…as it’s like Fight Club the movie.
    All Men get it! Like a fucking light bulb going on.

    Same goes for all this race shit.
    I don’t care.

    A few of you mentioned about white genocide.
    I ran a contracting business for a decade.
    Nearly every suburban middle class home had a armory.
    These guys are ready for war. Make no mistake about it.

    Also, the races are mixing so much… in another few rounds, everyone will look like they are a dark italian.

    So…yes, MTV is trying to pull the beat the white race down.
    What they don’t know is we run the planet. We have our hands on the tools.
    This one black manager I know messed with this white engineer…. he slowed her project down by two fucking years. Making incremental progress, so it could not be lashed back on him. He put her ass on the back burner.

    The gig for white men is to get into rental property…and for ever four weeks in a month…your renters work for you one week of the month. ANY QUESTIONS?

    Find no money down deals.

    Yes, the jews have taken over the planet and now need to bet down the white race.

    But the white race is starting to wake up and go their own way…
    Fuck fighting back…
    We will just start businesses and hire our own.
    Go your own way…. if you control the machinery…there’s nothing they can do.

    I still think feminism is being used to bring in socialism then communism.



  68. MGTOW says:

    Being a landlord is like having your own debt slaves.

    if they escape, you rent to another.

    Just saying… my bank account is nicely stocked with rent money.

    Men, find your drywall tools, scrape together a down payment.
    If you have to…buy the worst fucking shack and stick repair it over time.
    A guy I know did this…. all laughed at him.
    Today that shack, which is all new now pays for his nice car.



    • Frank Thoughts says:

      I agree: start your own businesses, buy property, get patents, own, own, own. And hire only people you like. Amusingly, and I have seen this time and time again, the government agencies that have been forced to hire the minorities eventually have to hire you because the whole place grinds to a halt and falls out of step with technological change. This also happens on a global scale: just look at all the countries stuck on aid because they can’t do anything for themselves.

      As for women, I know a number of guys now who passed on getting married and having kids (very expensive! and time-wasting) and use the money saved to get girlfriends. This means they can always have a 20-year-old in their bed. Yes, as you get older, you may need to set aside more cash for the ‘girlfriend’ but she will still be there in your bed. Think about that: sleeping beside a bag of wrinkly old bones until you die, or having a lithe 20-year-old visiting you every two days to f your brains out. Really does sound like a no-brainer. Alternatively, a number of my friends have also just upped sticks and moved to places where you can do this very cheaply. Happiest and healthiest guys you will ever meet. No nagging woman to grind them down, no eating of crappy food because they are trying to pay the bills, lots of time to exercise and the best health ‘food’ going: sex with beautiful and young women. Leave the West to be run by obese, menopausal women (Janet Reno etc.) who nag and bitch about each other.

  69. MGTOW says:

    It’s a shame I have to say i’m sorry for having a job, studying hard, working two jobs and all that shit….






    READY , SET, GO…

  70. Ty Cobb says:

    If you take the time to watch the end of most mainstream TV shows and movies, you will observe that the credits (especially true of directors, producers and writers) read the guest list at a Jewish wedding. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though…

  71. molon labe says:

    I wonder if this feeling I have is similar to what a german jew felt?

    • Bill Louis says:

      I don’t know. Do you peddle degenerate (read pornographic) art on Europeans? Do you run usury schemes that leave Europeans broke? Do you help to enact policies that destroy European culture and family?

  72. Robert says:

    The show is making some whites angry. It could be a small blessing in disguise for whites if the reaction doesn’t get too crazy. I don’t know if that is a good thing overall but I don’t think blessings for whites is Vargas intention. He’s trying to hit a nerve for ratings.
    Meanwhile,Mtv solidifies its position as the poster child of tv networks gone wrong, way wrong.

  73. Bigbluedrew says:

    MTV has I am sure INCReASED its viewership with this nonsense, besides why buck the trend. The 5 corporations that run Big Media can read a demographic chart as well as anyone. Whites are not breeding in sufficient numbers to outpace the LEGION of minorities that have been shipped into the country since fast Edward Kennedy’s Immigration Act was passed in the 1960’s. The political calculus is changing and soon White America WILL be a minority. Black family units were destroyed by LBJ’s Great Society initiative so they are the perfect dupes for TPTB to incite to pursue their ever increasing lust for power. Take an honest look at today’s Black “culture”. 70 percent illegitimacy, 6 out of ten black males in the criminal justice system, highest unemployment of any ethnic group, highest poverty rate, 6 out of 10 “family units” and I use the term loosely, on government assistance of some sort. If you were someone in power, who would you pick to incite and destabilize the country. I know MANY fine black INDIVIDUALS, but as a group they are a mess. Black culture is bankrupt, bereft of leadership and basically ignorant. This is becoming increasingly obvious to anyone with eyes so TPTB solution is to pick a scapegoat. This story is as old as time. When politicians are faced with problems they cannot solve they place blame elsewhere. Thier problem here however is whites are for the most part the most productive members of our society, we also control most of the counties wealth. A direct assault on us such as Hitler’s attack of the Jews would not work here, so they must try to brainwash us into capitulation. That’s what they are attempting and unfortunately it would probably work if they had enough time. I don’t think they have it however because I believe the whole edifice of SHIT which has become America will crash and burn before they reach their goal. Finally I personally , to steal a line from a black man, choose to judge people not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. The man that said that would probably weep if he were alive to see what is happening to his people.

  74. grego says:

    White pride and dam proud of it..

  75. Mountain says:

    Obama knows just what he is doing, pushing sec 8 into nice neighborhoods. A friend of mine tells me about being poor and white, growing up in a predominately black area. He was bullied and beaten all the time. Pushing whites and blacks together doesn’t solve a racist problem as Obama wants people to believe …..it only creates more trouble, he knows it and wants that. He hates white middle to upper class suburbia.

    Long time ago in Kansas city, a great middle class to upper class area was built up and with it the banister mall. It was a safe area to live and grow up…in the 70s and 80s. Then sometime in the mid to late 90s, the city decided to put some sec 8 apartments in, buy a few nice homes and make them for sec 8 people. In a matter of five years, white flight happened as criminal elements and trashy people took over the area. Gang fights, drive by shootings…drugs infested the area….and started effecting business at banister mall..once one of the top in the nation…now overtaken by a bad rep..No one wanted to shop in an area where you’ll get jacked…and other businesses in the area closed up shop and fled. Then the bleeding heart progs cry that it’s racism that caused the problem. Banister closed and a Wal-Mart came…I hadn’t been to that area since 1987…and now it’s a complete hell hole.

    This is what Obama wants nationwide for all nice neighborhoods.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Really good point: they tell people it is about integration and giving the poor ‘a chance’ but I have seen the same trend over and over. What happens is they put this housing and various ‘re-hab’ clinics, battered women shelters etc. in a nice area, and soon the scummy boyfriends are driving in and hanging out. Eventually, some bad crime or a murder or two happens. And then the area gets a bad rep in the media. A few more and the real estate agents are working overtime trying to clean up the Google slime trail of news stories on the murders, but the damage is done: property values go down and the good shops either leave or never come.

      As I said before, at xmas time I went for a walk through some Section 8 near where my mother lives: it was one dog-sh#t and garbage strewn front yard after another. It looked like hell and dragged the whole area down.