While Refugee Crisis Explodes, Elite Burrow Into Bunkers: “They Want More Refugees to Distract”

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    ‪Irish Defence Forces / Wikimedia Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0‬

    ‪Irish Defence Forces / Wikimedia Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0‬

    After dragging the rest of the world into seemingly endless wars in the Middle East, policy makers and the major media outlets are now happy to flood the public with guilt-inducing reports about the refugee crisis now overwhelming Europe and threatening to undermine immigration policies throughout the Western world.

    Displaced from Syria and other parts of the region, hundreds of thousands of people have become desperate enough to pack into tiny boats, trains, vessels and containers and take a chance on a new life in the hands of often vicious smugglers – and the humanity of it clashes with the burden it will pose on the society.

    But perhaps that is just what those in charge want – an emotionally driven story of horrors that also serves to further divide cultures, and distract from the real roots of the issue.

    Author and humanitarian activist Robert J. Burrowes explains how the elite actually want more refugees, and thrive on the destruction they have created:

    ‘The military conflicts and political instability driving hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe were triggered largely by U.S. and Western military interventions for regime change – specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria (a regime change in-the-making).


    [I]t is not us, as a collective, who is responsible for this catastrophic state of affairs. It is a relatively small number of people, each of whom is quite insane. And it is these people who drive the decisions being made in our world that have, for example, created the current refugee crisis in Europe.

    These people seek power, profit and personal privilege at the expense of the rest of us. They decide to destroy countries or regions because, in their insane worldview, it ‘benefits’ them to do so. The military destruction of a region might give them the power to share in the control of a resource or market. It might make them a profit… The discourse in which these people are engaged is incredibly limited. It is always about control.


    If we are not sufficiently aware, we can become preoccupied in just dealing with one or more symptoms of their insanity. Elites want more refugees partly because it helps to distract us from analysing and resisting what they are doing overall.

    With all-out economic collapse threatening to destroy what is left of the middle class and leave hordes of starving masses fighting for survival, things are already looking pretty grim. The additional element of desperate refugees only worsens this, and guarantees that most will be left helpless and dependent upon government – which cannot be relied upon – when the crisis tips over into true emergency.

    How close is everything to that breaking point? Many in America are already feeling the pinch, as they see their savings wiped away, jobs disappear and news reports of closed banks, ATMs and breadlines (as in Greece) threaten to come home.

    Meanwhile, those who operate in the upper echelons are using their ill-gotten gains – from market manipulation to war profiteering and more – to fortify their bunkers, and finalize their elite retreats.

    The Mirror Online just updated and reissued its alarming report from earlier in the year, Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up, detailing how elite at Davos and other confabs have been quietly planning their escape from the society they helped to splinter and destroy:

    Super rich hedge fund managers are buying ‘secret boltholes’ where they can hideout in the event of civil uprising against growing inequality, it has been claimed.

    Nervous financiers from across the globe have begun purchasing landing strips, homes and land in areas such as New Zealand so they can flee should people rise up.

    With growing inequality and riots such as those in London in 2011 and in Ferguson and other parts of the USA last year, many financial leaders fear they could become targets for public fury.


    “Getaway cars, the airstrips in New Zealand and all that sort of thing, so basically a way to get off.

    “If they can get off, onto another planet, some of them would.”

    He added: “I think the rich are worried and they should be worried. I mean inequality, why does it matter?

    Despite the clear culpability of many world leaders, both infamous and in the shadows, few if any will face the music of the consequences that have been brewing.

    While the ultra wealthy hide out in well-stocked and often decadent retreats, the masses and various factions of society will be left to fight among each other.

    Preppers, too, will have their stocks and holdouts, but will it be enough for what is coming?

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      1. Refugees are at a minimum an acceptable collateral outcome in the plan to make governments throughout the middle east inept and incapable of governing. One may ask themselves, “Why is it in the interests of TPTB to foster instability as opposed to stability”? Effective governments may decide to not use the USD in their oil transactions as both Iraq and Libya did which “required” intervention that can be quite economically costly. Like MacAuthor said in his Pacific campaign, “Starvation and disease are my allies”. Keep the masses needy. Guard the oil installations with essentially mercenaries (which even the military within that country will classify as because their doing the bidding of foreign powers).

        The kayos in Iraq and making Libya like Somalia is intentional.

          • One article estimated the refugees are 85% young Middle Eastern men.

            “Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly male …

            “If these were real refugees, where are the women? Where are the elderly people? Where are the weak and the sick? It is increasingly clear that what I have said is true: this is not a refugee crisis. This is a hijrah, a migration to Islamize a new land.”



            The New Face Of EU Immigration Is Young, Fit And Overwhelmingly Male

            • The illegals crossing the southern border into the U.S. are also overwhelmingly young and male.

              The mainstream media like to portray them as “children”.

              The overwhelming majority of the illegal immigrant “children” that have crossed the southern border into the U.S. since 2014 are young men ages 15+.

              2014 – Central American Media Promote Illegal Child Immigrant Tsunami, Give Tips

              Illegals immigrants at one location in Texas – “83% over 14 Years Old, 80% Male”

            • This is obviously a stealth ISIS ‘rebel’ invasion to implement the PIKE PLAN. Which is why Canada, Aus, Germany, France etc are all set to begin bombing.

              Flip side is clear out the m.e. area so it is undefended. Leave the women there or the weak. Then ISRAEL marches in and steals the land, declaring it empty, abandoned and THEIRS’. Same as 1948 when they burned and massacred all the Palestinians out and declared statehood. This time it’ll be From Nile to Euphrates “Its OUR land-god gave it to US” etc
              Kurd State will precede it and usher in Israel’s expansion.

        • Some of us have been saying this exact same thing for years, and getting beat up in the comments section…it’s about time Mac saw the light…finally.

      2. The world is coming unglued at the seams. The elitist’s are going to life boats as fast as they can, stomping on anyone or thing in their way, to try and save themselves, but it will not work. Why; because they do not have the means to stay in the lift boats forever, they will have to come ashore (to surface if you will) at some point in time. Guest what some poor little man that they stomped on getting to the boats will be there with revenge in his eyes. Most of us will not be around to see it, but you can bet your last can of Beans and Winnies someone will be. As the old saying goes; “pay back is a BITCH”! The day of reckoning approach’s.

      3. Good Article Mac –

        Government intervention in these regions is why there is a mass influx of immigration movement. Though these people who are attempting to escape the bombing, persecution, and destruction in their homelands. Their “new” homeland is not going to fix their problems, simply because other Nations can not afford nor have the room to support them.

        Middle East for the most part has been destabilized because of Foreign Intervention.
        Now, the rest of the World will be soon destabilized through the same process of mass immigration.

        It has always been the main focus of Americas borders being wide open, and having these migrants allowed to be here. The Agenda is not to have a safe place for these new comers, they are being used to help destabilize and see America fall from it’s own demise.

        This is a good covert operation for TPTB to cover their ass’s for the failed policies and the deteriorating global economy that they have created. It will be civilian against civilian, based on division of one another.

        Expect rioting among Ethnic & Religion Sectors, solely because of the high influx of immigration and the lack of resources to support it.

        • FTW
          You are right. Take them and their problems to another nation is all this so called refugee relocation is going to do.

          These Muslim sects have been fighting with each other for over 1000 years now. Just because you move them to the Euro Zone means nothing they will still be fighting with each other.

          They are letting in Muslims, but how about helping the Christians. Nothing said about that. I see a problem with that. Don’t you?

          • “They are letting in Muslims, but how about helping the Christians. Nothing said about that. I see a problem with that. Don’t you?”

            In fact, I do see a big problem here Sgt. Dale

            What has been going on in other nations pertaining to Christians and the neglect of World Governments not helping them is completely wrong on all levels.

            It should be obvious by now, that TPTB has a Agenda against the Christian Faith.
            It also seems pretty much notable that the influx of Radical Islamist is being purposely intergraded into the mix to help the destabilization process as well.

            If these Radical Islamist rise up to put a Jihad onto America, then you have an ally with me because these sons of bitch’s don’t like my kind either.

            • There is no specific agenda against the christian faith. Not anymore or less than other religions depending on where you live. The ptb use religion as a way to divide and create chaos among people and groups. It is very easy to do as people are pack animals and will rabidly defend their own group and beliefs to the end.

              Even christians have their own enemies for which they have no compassion for. Try and be a voice of dissent in a group of fundamental christians and see how welcome you continue to be in their circle.

              Government is very clever in the tools they use to divide and conquer us. Infiltration and false flags are the name of the game.

              They hide in plain sight and a lot of times we can’t help but fall for their propaganda.

              It is just the way the human psyche is.

              We see through some things that they do, but not ALL things and that is the problem.

            • At the risk of sounding like a racist, it’s not just Christians, but white people in general and especially white Christians. My theory is that this is intentional to redirect focus from TPTB to whites and Christians as proxy whipping-boys for the masses when it all falls down. Anything to divert attention from where the problem really is.

              • Yup…big set up against whites. And the REAL problem is black-on-black crime, Muslim extremist, our govt intervening in every nations business, and people too afraid to call a spade a spade (no pun directly intended). Nuff said.

                • Yea….and not the rich white men on wallstreet and in Washington DC who created this crisis via creating this fake terrorist organization ISIS? Not the rich white bankers and politicians who create and excite false flag attacks to start wars that kill millions of brown people around the global? Not the rich white bankers and politicians who create a Ponzi economic system that is going to steal your savings and kill off a huge portion of the population?

                  • right. The goal is taking down “the other white people”…US.

                    • Yea….so you and the rest of your trailer park friends can stop blaming all the White mans problems on the darkies.

                  • You had better shut your black mouth Nate, or Anonymous will send bill Gates to inoculate you with some of that special vaccinations he donates to Africa.(sarc) Keep posting. although I don’t agree with most of what you post, I do like to hear what a black American has to say as there isn’t but a dozen where I live for about 2000 square miles, and they are all good people because they think just like me, and not like you…different environment?

                    • Anon, I don’t agree with Nat on some things, but at least I try to be civil with him about it. He does make valid points about TPTB that we all know are true. Also, I NEVER blame any of white people’s problems on any minority groups, only on TPTB where it really belongs.

                    • Why should I shut my mouth? Do you have a fucking a problem with the truth?!? And why the fuck should I fear some pussy who posts anonymously? And thanks for being up those killer vaccines that the kind white man Bill Gates is giving out: just another example of the humanity of white people. And you people have the nerve to call us animals when you are intentionally giving out poison to children…..you people will fell Gods rath, no wonder your people are dying off.

                    • Sorry anonymous, I didn’t realize you were joking…..

                  • Blah blah blah DRED LOKC!!!!!
                    You shut yer pie hole rite up NOW!!! You are rayciss aginst white peoples!!! You are DRED LOKC!!!!
                    When WAR WAR 3 happins you dred loks will git a big suhprize!! No more food stumps!! No more malt licker!! Only white womans left will be FAT no preppers!!!
                    So you wate and see!! KEEEYAAA DRED LOKCS!!!

                    PS all duh KFC and pawn shops will be closed to so in yer face DRED LOKC!!!!

                    Shut yer pie hole!!!!

                    • Interesting response, lol.

              • ChuckInBama, spot on. All these foreigners need to go home. They can practice their religion and culture in their own homelands all they want. They don’t have any damned business coming in here trying to change out country and telling native-born Americans what to do.

                • Native-born American huh? So what Native American tribe are you from?

                  • Why Nat, cuz is a membr of the ” lead nutrients” tribe o’ course! He wuz born with a one o’ them ” accidents” that the fambly don like talkin’ bout nun.

                    • shut yer mouf cuz, or yer gonna get ventilated.

                    • Cuz, you need to get off that crackpipe. Nat, don’t even pay attention to this one. He’s on something.

                    • Oh no, that thar anyymouse is a goonna git me! Cain’t tell ya’ll hoa a skeert I is of ole anymouse!

                  • Nat Turner, welcome back. I agree with your point about the elitists. Yes, they need to be taken down. They are the source of all of our problems and they also cause average white people to suffer along with all other groups of people. To answer the question in your 2nd post, damned right I’m native-born. This nation is the land of my birth.

                    • Interesting how you change your tune when someone points out that the worlds problems are being cause by another group of white men, lol. So I guess it is rich white Christians who are out to destroy white Christians in general then?

                • BH, they wouldn’t be coming here in droves, if we weren’t bombing them out of their own homes. You can bet that they don’t want to cram themselves into little boats, and risk drowning in the open waters, but it seems better than being blown up by U.S. supplied bombs.

                  This makes me so angry, I could chew nails and spit tacks.

                  • Sixpack, that’s TPTB doing that shit, NOT people like you or me.

                    • Sixpack – Braveheart is correct. TPTB are responsible for the “refugee” situation in Europe now. People aren’t leaving their homes for shits and giggles. They are fleeing to prevent being killed by extremists equipped by US. ISIS is a CIA created organization to oust Assad without Americans being directly involved.

                      Nat Turner – like it or not, we are all in this together. TPTB want us fighting each other to lighten their workload. I won’t be a pawn in their game and I hope you won’t be either.

                    • Whenever I say “we” in reference to politics, I always mean the U.S. govt. I know WE as preppers do not own most of the mess they got US into. I’ll try to be more clear and accurate in the future, K?

                  • Nat, there’s no ‘changing tunes’ on my part. The people you mentioned really are the source of the world’s misery and this country’s misery as well. I have always believed that. This country is dying because of those scum. They are doing what no average white people have ever had the power or even desire to do. When the time comes I will stand up and fight them and I won’t be alone, either. I just wish we could all come together and work together to make this country a better place for all of us, but there are some things that divide us. As I mentioned in a previous forum, there are certain all-black organizations who continue to mount a campaign against white people that is totally illegitimate. These same groups always claim to stand up for people like you but the reality is far different. This antiwhite campaign will only backfire and will never help black people one bit. I don’t want to see any race war take place but I recognize that it could happen. Nat, you are free to accept or reject what I’m saying; it’s your choice and I know how to live with that. You can do as you will and I’ll continue doing what I believe is necessary. Take care.

                    • And these all black organizations have no power!! So why bring them up? And as I told you before most black people don’t follow the NAACP or Al Sharpton (msnbc is white owned TV channel so it wasn’t black people who gave him his own show). The problem is White Supremacy: until white people get it out of their heads that “this is there country” and they have a special right to good jobs, good schools, and good neighborhoods then we will never “all come together.” If you are serious about racial harmony then YOU should focus your energy on influencing you fellow white Americans as opposed to giving me lectures on how I am supposed to think and feel…

            • “[I]t is not us, as a collective, who is responsible for this catastrophic state of affairs.”

              I disagree. It is US that has allowed this to happen. Although the American public did show some strength by standing up and telling congress and the president HELL NO!!! After the BS chemical weapons attack that we were attempted force fed by the msm. And Obama and all the war hawks were PISSED!!!! But then we dropped the ball, went back to sleep and fell for this ruse, this proxy, known as “ISIS”. And we failed to use critical thinking, and ask ourselves….Self?? Does this really make sense? Well the answer is NO. And get ready for more prolonged war in the mid east next presidential term. I love my country I love the founding principles of my country, I love MOST the people in my country. But we have gone so far astray and the sad part is SOOOOOO many people don’t or are either too afraid to realize……..WHO THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE.

                • Six

                  Not sure if that heart was for me, if it was luv you too 😉 ….if not luv you either way 🙂 Hope you are well.

                  • The heart means “I luv yer comment”, but there’s no reason why I can’t luv you too…

                    • Yah I figured that, but I’d done had me a few cold busch beers and was feeling very sentimental 😉

              • Nat, The white people in their ivory towers probably believe in something called ‘white privelege’, but I DON’T. I don’t even think something like that exists today. I’m not telling you what to believe or think. that is your own decision and affair and I do recognize and respect that concept. You say the NAACP has no power? Just look at the overall condition of the black community today. Look at black people’s way of thinking, especially concerning white people. SOME black people still teach their kids to hate people. They learn this hatred not only at home, but also in school, from TV, and even in the church and you know it. The NAACP is the No. 1 source of all the antiwhite propaganda out there. There’s other sources for it, too, but the message is still the same. Oh, there’s racism out there but NOT the kind you’re thinking of. IT’S BLACK RACISM AIMED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE THAT IS THE PROBLEM, NOT VICE VERSA. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m not politically correct nor ever will be. I’m not afraid to call it like I see it. I only wish you could wake up and face reality. We’ll just agree to disagree and I know how to live with that.

                • I said white supremacy not white privilege, but thanks for intentionally confusing the issue. What does the NAACP have to do with the state of the Black community? That’s like saying a basketball team is responsible for the ghetto? As I stated before most black people are NOT members of that organization. Black people learned there way of thinking about white peoole from slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, police brutality, unequal schools, racism in the workforce, racism in America’s foreign policy, etc. etc. And black racism: let’s get straight to the fucking point, Black people in this country HAVE NO POWER over white people so our fucking feelings towards whites don’t matter regardless!!!

                  • bullshit. racist

      4. As the Bible states: Damascus must be destroyed before the end. If WWIII starts in Syria that just may come about, prepare your soul, tomorrow looks very bleak.

      5. I think the crisis in Lebanon is interesting and an example of how things go wrong quickly. There have been tens of thousands of demonstrators daily because of a garbage problem. The government cronies privatized garbage pick-up by giving a lucrative contract to a private company. (Does this sound familiar?–it is rampant in the U.S. too.)

        The private garbage company isn’t doing its job, the garbage dump was overloaded and closed, so the company has been dumping garbage throughout the countryside, on roads, mountains, etc. without regard for pollution and environmental destruction.

        Here in the U.S. our corrupt politicians on both the federal and state levels are pushing to privatize everything from roads to state liquor agencies to school to prisons. The upshot always has been that the consumer and the taxpayer is screwed while the politicians and their rich friends get richer. Corporations don’t give a damn about pollution or poisoning us–hence the push for less government regulation.

        At some point, even the stupidest of Americans will look around and see what’s going on and the revolution will begin.

      6. The Euro zone can’t take care of its self. What the Hell are they going to do with millions of so called refugees.

        I bet within 6 months time there will be an out break of some type of plague. Or there will be all out war in the streets with the Nationals fight the refugees. This is not going to turn out good the only countries that will not suffer is the countries that don’t take the refugees in.

        How many of these so called refugees are ISIS or what ever muslime hate group you can think of. There is going to be blood in the streets. Just watch and see.

        Just look at what they are doing in Greece, and the other counties they have went into. garbage, theft, destruction, rape. They believe that the world owes them. (sounds like folks here in the USA) It looks like a slum where they have been sleeping at night and the garbage they leave laying around. If I had a bunch of them try to camp in my yard they would get an ear full of Gospel music all knight long. If that didn’t work they would get 00 Buck.

        Wait till they start to show up here. If we let them take over you will be facing east on your knees 5 times a day. Your wife won’t be able to drive or work, Your homes will become shit holes, Just look at the middle east. Do you want that? Well that is what will happen if they get here, and just like the illegals already here they will get to vote with out becoming legal. Our county is all read screwed up, now just add a bunch of these so call refugees. Can you say TOAST!!!!

        All I can say is that this just might be the end of the world as we know it. Or shit hits the fan time!!!!

        • Sgt. there may not be ISIS fighters in there now but as soon as a clear path is cut for entry into these countries you can bet there will be. I have heard Paris is over run with Somalian refugees and are thieving on the streets.

        • TPTB know that Sgt. Its yet another cleverly designed distraction. Since they aren’t going to be negatively affected or impacted they don’t care. Plus, its just one more way to depopulate.

      7. its all the plan to kill as many of us as they can thru wars , disease , famine or attacks against each other

        population control by them, and having us do it for them

        • FYA

          Send them all down to Miami and Orlando Florida. Then when the asteroid hits they will we washed to Texas and Mexico. Problem solved.

      8. Bring on the wasteland.

      9. Why can’t the middle east countries take care of their own people. Plenty of land,money from Saudi Arabia,Iran,etc. we are purposely being over run with Arabs in Europe,hispanics in Mexico and south coming to the Us. Neither Europe nor the US have the wealth to care for these people. The word has gotten out that there are benefits and entitlements to be had and here they come. We are going to pay big time here and perhaps an expansion of the Caliphate in Europe. We are so screwed!

        • “Why can’t the middle east countries take care of their own people.”


          Those poor people are caught between the greedy NWO banksters and the warmongers in DC, and their own age-old religious battles.

          • @sixpack, The most intelligent comment I have even since posted on this website.

      10. According to recent news reports, 7 out of 10 of these “refugees” will end up in the US. Idaho already has a sizable contingent of Syrians. Migration as a weapon. Death by a thousand cuts. Read the Rivkin Project. Learn your fate.

        • according to common sense 9 out of 10 of these “refugees” are foreign operatives sent to further destabilize the rest of the planet. The other 1 out of 10 are crying babies so the media has something to film.

          Buncha Booooooshit…



        Yep, its all engineered to have cause and effect. Guys just remember to work my scientist prepper formula.. Yes Mac, you hit the nail on its head. The question is, with a cluster F….k demographic, via population refugee influ of this magnitude, what is going to go down, next since the Free energy scientist told us, first the stock market crahes, then economic calapse follows” September 28th, the Super Schemeetah”, then its ???? the elites then pull the plug, resulting on him getting called to ship all of his store free energy contents to the talk show host, with all the yelling and being in a frantic pissed state of panic, and was asked that they need to bring a truck to his store right now to get everything thing.

        Then trolls and agency ass clowns are coming on here telling people not to listen to me because my grammar is bad. One can only imagine what is hell, is about to go down. You see guys, i know what is about to do down. I learned it 2 years ago, the firt thing that bites is a lack of water, this is when you know you are in trouble, then its food, then your energy is going down, flat lining. Then you have to take drastic measures, then you have to evolve, but some of us will not evolve in time, thus they dont make it. When the environment changes, the species must adapt, the strong will survive. Let Fernando Feral teach you a thing or two about citywide calapse. Fernando teaches you how you have to learn how to fight immediatly, get in shape right away, and become a fighter. Fernando Feral is one bad sob. You will literally pizz you pants reading his book. Just remember the photo that Hodges posted on Argentina.

        Current refugee engineered crisis?

        If the refugees are acting like that with food supplies intact, then what will they be acting like when the entire grid drops, food and water is cut off. Use the prepper formula that the government uses, my scientist has the formula. Who will be in the $3-5,000,000 survivors.


        Just a suggestion, not trying to tell you all what to do, just making a suggestion. You dont have to follow anything we have to say on here.

        Ladies, you are in very severe, very, very, very, extremely serious trouble, trust me when i tell you all, you need to prep and you need to do it now, and stop wasting your time listening to your stupid girlfriends talk about the idiotic men they are dating, stop spending you money on restaurant food, and buy up prepper food and get firearms to defend yourself. Alot of you are single moms, Jesus Koverist, i cannot tell you enough, you need to prep. You all are a frickin liablity and dont expect us to have you tag along if you have nothing to offer to the prepper, survior community, as in food, water, other tactical provisions. Charm and Bs, does not work on real survivalist like us shtf-effers.

        Alot of you dumb women who are attractive must thing that people like me and others on this board will be interested in taking off our clothes in the middle of a calapse as you throw yourself at us post shtf. Dont kid youself, some men might, but not me. I have evolved beyond that BS. If your athletic, in shape, aggressive, then i may have use for you types, because you can save us men in dred lock shootouts, post shtf. Sorry fatties, the caloric deficits, dont match up with the protien to caloric ratios on the labels of my Mounain House survival packets, not my MRE’S. nature will weed out these types in natural selection. For the fat prepper ladies, who are good hard working women who are preppers, your coming along with us., Your fat, but your also very smart and usefull, and we will need you all. In fact i will take preppers fatty chicks anyday of attractive crappy beauties post shtf.

        The Dred lock will, they are viscious animals, with animal behavior. I am almost certain, the animals behave better than most of them.

        Prep, prep, prep till you cant prep no more. Good luck ladies, hope you find that handsome hollywood star of your dreams soon, you know the one, handsome, with only 3-4 days of food and water. Good luck at your apartment complex, thats where you first trobles will start. As soon as you loose you big paying job, and the system gets pulled, you will have no unemployment direct deposit to your accounts, nor will you be getting a check. White men with bairds will suddenly start to look more desirable as you force to convince youself that its better for you to be with him instead of the 250 Dred lock in your apt complex and surrounding areas. Good luck ladies.

        I know you have bitched at me telling the board that i have issues with women, your right, its your stupidity. out of the 7,000,000 residents in Houston, not even 1,000 of these women are preppers. And the ones who are, it’s because the husbands or boyfriends are, so you call your self a prepper, when in fact your not. So i place your estimate at around 50, total, and this is limited prepps. You may survive if you band with Red necks and verterans, and prepper cops. I will meet with my friend this weekend to get more on the September time frame and more info on Ed Dames. Seems like Mr Dames’s name has been under attack recently since i posted his name, so i know that his info in reliable. They only attack the truth, just like how they are going to attack this post once it’s up.



        Laughing my ass at non preppers. Your totally copletely f…k……g Screeeeeeweeed.

        • Hey, where the HELL is the daily sermon? Will somebody, anybody, PLEASE start talking about god before I go into some kind of weird religious withdrawl trance? PLEASE start talking about Jesus coming to destroy everyone and everything so I can have SOMETHING to feel good about?

        • HCKS.

          Bad to the bone.

        • SPOT ON HOUST






          GET IT ?

          I HOPE SO.

          • I was never like that in the first place. I am fat now that I’m disabled, but I’ll pull my own, thank you very much.

            I don’t need a man for protection, because Samuel Colt made me/us equal.

            I don’t need a man for sex, I can do fine all by myself if I choose to, without the demands and nagging afterwards.

            I’ve been prepping without a “man” for decades. I just see no reason why a man should come in and tell me what I need to do. I’ll think for myself.

            So you see, women like ME don’t need men like YOU either. You ain’t all that and a bag of chips, SHTF or not.

            • sixpack

              Bad to the bone.

            • Sixpack, it sounds like ‘the ever seeing eye’ is more blind than a cave full of bats. I see so-called men myself all the time that I wouldn’t ask to help me with anything. People of both genders who refuse to prep are just royally screwed. I’m not desperate for any POS either.

            • I’m with you Six….I’m the one that got the prepper ball rolling in this house, and hubby gradually is coming around…but he doesn’t dissuade me, either….he’s the one who is helping me learn and practice with firearms! 🙂

            • AMEN Sixpack! I see plenty of “strong” men who work really hard to sculpt their bodies, have the right hair, and the perfect metro outfit. They drive a nice ride, have a healthy paycheck, a 401K, stock options and a bag of chips. But what they don’t have is a lick of off grid survival skills or downright common sense. I’ll take care of my family and myself. I can piss standing up too…oh, and I’m probably a better shot than most men as well.

          • The ever seeing eye needs to lay down the crackpipe.

            • I do not think ever seeing eye is like acid ech
              I think he is just messing with us .

        • HCKS, I love your posts and I don’t even care about your grammar. The trolls can get f#$%ed. These foreigners who are here illegally need to go home and all immigration needs to be stopped. We have white people who need help and can’t get a damned thing.

          • yeehar! Ya’ll tell thar cuz! You’se a goona feed em all lead nutrients fer sure! Btw, female cuz called and says she’s a gittin low on them Vienna sarsages agin so please send her more with yer child support money.

            • cuz, go back to sleep.

              • braveboe. yer ass sucks buttermilk.

                • Anon, you go back to sleep too.

        • Just so you know, there are women out there that prep, but you won’t find us at a gym, or an expensive girly crap store, or an apartment complex, or in a city in general. You will find us at the military surplus stores, the shooting range, harbor freight tools…

          I run my prepper community. My husband wouldn’t be prepping if it wasn’t for me doing it. You need to understand it is the majority of the population that does not prep, not just women. The people in the cities, most of them are pussies and won’t make it anyway, male or female. Real women (and men) have their own farm, several years worth of food, and lots of guns and ammo. All the ammo is needed to defend against the 6,999,000 unprepared. Oh, and yes, I would be considered one of those fatty chicks by your standards. But I can assure you, it is not all fat, although having 6 kids does add on a few pounds.

          Men, good luck in your search for a “real” woman. If they need a manicure, they aren’t worth anyone’s time. Ladies, good luck in your search for a “real” man since 95% of modern “men” are pussies.

          • dk

            Bad to the bone.

          • DK…you are my neighbor.

          • DK, welcome and I agree with you except for your figure of 95%. Not necessarily saying it’s false and I see a lot of men who won’t make it myself, but 95% I think is a bit high. My late wife, a nurse, talked me into becoming a prepper and I’ve never regretted it. I also go to military surplus stores, sporting goods stores, etc. and even the range when time permits. All of the women in my family in GA were born and raised into the prepper lifestyle. In the Appalachians, you either become a prepper or move on to someplace else, that’s how it’s always been in that region. Not necessarily searching for another woman, but if I met one worth my time, I’m open to the idea. Otherwise, my prepping is my top priority. Again, welcome.

        • I agree HCKS, but unfortunately the women (and men, too) who really need to be reading your post, taking it seriously and listening, aren’t the ones who are reading it, taking it seriously and listening. Just being honest.

        • Yeah dats rite!!! All u fatty fatty mcfatty farts no prepper womenz ain’t gettin in my SUPER SECWET bunker!!!! yEAH I said it!!!!
          Womenz is dumb mostly and my scientafakist fwends said dat girlz gots cooties to!!! When the calpase happins I can’t be fightin dwed lox and cooties at SAME time!!! eEEWWWW!!!
          So u dummy head no dwed lokc fightin no pweppin womenz are only gettin a KEEEYAAA to the curb from me!!!! TROOTH!!!!!
          H/C/K/S no Kotex in my B.O.B.

      12. The destruction of the middle class is necessary in order for them to complete their plan of one world control.

        Amazing how Trump on TV said we should bring these refugees over here to help them (more like on the backs on the American people who have been taxed to death).

        Yet in the same breath wants a fence to keep Mexicans out of the US.

        Interesting I thought Trump would be against taking in refugees from the Middle East. I wonder what types of jobs he wants to give them, since there are so many people who are out of the work force. Not to mention the amount of jobs that disappear from our economy every year – due in part to our technological advancements that displace people.

        While the msm makes it seem like the refugees are just people trapped in a difficult situation, most of them are just looking for a hand out from the rich and wealthy EU nations.

        Rumor has it Obama has approved automatic citizenship for thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants since being in office if they enlist in the military.

        The mass immigration introduction like the destruction of the middle class is being done by design and with careful planning as to the outcome they want here in the US and Europe.

        The truth is bigger than any of us know and unless you are willing to embrace alternate sources of information you will never know the truth.

      13. How many times are you going to recycle the same story?

      14. Russia is at least 84% ethnic Russian (White). TPTB can’t stand that. It drives them up the walls. They must attack them and change their demographics. Just like TPTB did to the US and Western Europe.

        • TRUE. The COMPLETE Destruction of the White Race does seem to be on the Agenda.

        • Yep, and Russia ain’t buying it—neither the leaders NOR the people.

          • As I’ve said before, Putin will go down in history as one of the greatest leaders of modern times.

      15. Just like every other crisis; this one is completely manufactured. I remember reading something last year, perhaps out of Bilderberg, that theme for this year was going to be “refugee rights.” As they pour in to western nations I have little doubt their rights will quickly usurp those of the nationals in order to accommodate Sharia Law. It may not be some objectively stated, but it will eventually happen.

        The other possibility is that this crisis is being manufactured to allow access for terrorist to enter nations in mass more quickly and undetected through modern surveillance. In any event it does not really matter. While the wealthy have money they lack experience, knowledge, and the testicular fortitude to make a positive difference. Grasp to the ideologies that led our Founding Fathers to establish this nation, and when it collapses we may just find ourselves rebuilding it. Just make sure we learn from history and do it right!

      16. Refugees, the banksters love them, refugees will get entitlements which will increase profits at the stores, great for Wall Street. The banksters also love refugees, because they mostly have clear credit ratings, the refugees will run up tens of thousands in new credit, which will increase profits at the stores, great for Wall Street. THE DEATH OF THE BANKING SYSTEM HAS NOW BEEN DELAYED UNTIL THE REFUGEES START DEFAULTING ON THEIR LOANS.

        • same reason why the banksters love the 40 million illegal aliens in the USA, entitlements to millions… more people getting credit cards… great for store profits, great for wall street

          • Bert, it burns me that these foreigners can come in and get access to credit and I can’t even get a mortgage for my own BOL and have to move into a relative’s BOL.

            • Maybe you should reapply and change your name to “corazón valiente”

              • Sixpack, if I did that, I’d have to wear a disguise, but I can imitate a Hispanic accent.

                • Just get a tan, throw a serape on, stick a burrito in your mouth and just shrug your shoulders every time they ask a question—works for them.

                  • Pure ignorance…

                    • It’s called A JOKE…yer supposed to make one, not BE one.

            • bravefart you could have saved up and paid cash like me for 20 years instead of spending it on booze, pussy guns, ammo and pussy.

              • Anon, that crackpipe isn’t helping you at all.

              • “Pussy guns”? Are those guns that are used to shoot pussies, or guns designed to be shot BY pussies? In either case, those type firearms are far too dangerous for you to wield, my friend.

                • Ticktock, I don’t even know what ‘pussy guns’ are, but I do own some REAL guns and I know how to use them.

                  • Brave, I don’t know what a “pussy gun” is either, so I was hoping Anon would clarify

              • So you’re saying you denied yourself some of life’s simple pleasures such as guns, ammo, booze and pussy for 20 years, not to mention “pussy guns” (whatever the fuck that is)? That’s like being a hard core vegetarian health/exercise nut for 20 years and then dropping dead while taking your morning run. Why not live a little, Anon? Pour yourself a drink, get laid, maybe even buy yourself one of them obscure “pussy guns” and take it to the range for some trigger time. Bet you’d be much happier and alot less ornery.

      17. Hey Sarge, thats on cluster F….k of and analogy, your shtf Terrain breakdown hits the nail on the head. Its just been a few days not even a week, and look at the crap thats already going on. Greece is the former Spartan empire of Roided up warriors dont even own guns, now they are getting thier asses kicked. Now they want to dump off 80,000 of these nut cases in the US. At least now you guys know how my scientist buddy explained to us about the government prepper formula.

        Hey Prophet, I have noticed reading you post for many months now, that you have made some startling predictions. Now i see that your visions are now a fact of life.

        FTW, you aint lying. No way in hell is this accidental, it’s engineered, period.

        Any cops reading this post, you all need to get literally cases of 00-000 buck shot, and lost of acu-.79 calibur, acu-tips, Hornday SST. 2 2/3-.3′ and get ready. The last thing youg guys need is a dred lock contingency of 1,000 of them yelling thiers the cop post shtf. You guys will need firepower.


        • HCKS
          You know that it wont be long before they are fighting in the streets for a piece of food. The nationals don’t have much to eat now how are they going to feed the so call refugees?

          Second point. already have 00-000, and slugs set aside. Along with many other things. I can bet that I will take out a bunch of them before they get me. 50 to 1 or better.

      18. Just a heads up ,, like a public service announcemnt from me

        The preliminary findings of a report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma (ACLUOK) reveal that police in 12 Oklahoma counties along Interstate 40 have confiscated some $6 million through civil asset forfeiture in a five-year period from 2009 to 2014. Of that total, $4 million was seized in cases where the owner was never charged with any criminal activity.

      19. This migration was planned a very long time ago.

        The idea that Iran is behind this exodus is totally wrong. iran and it’s shiite counterparts are just pawns in the grand scheme.

        The Saudi’s and their Sunni counterparts, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL, are behind it and it’s conception.
        That is why the current and previous administrations have deep, underground ties with the Saudis.

        That is why our administration has allowed the killing of nearly a quarter million Syrians, without interfering with the planned movement.

        That is why they are so hell bound and determined to allow Iran to acquire nukes and will allow them to make the first strike. The Saudis get to sit back and watch Israel and iran, their arch enemies, kill each other off.

        Israel will take some casualties, but they will prevail, if for no other reason than that God is in control. Otherwise, Israel would have been dispersed many years ago and the land taken over by Islam. God is not having it.

        Just watch and see what happens, Israel will not be defeated nor wiped off the face of the earth. To the contrary, a billion or more Sunnis and shiitites will die before the dust settles.

        Ussag will have enough of her own problems at home, and may or may not be heavily involved. Time will tell, but in the meantime, the refugees will receive UN/USA backed and funded, payments. The refugees will turn ugly, and many already have started biting the hand that is feeding them.

        Further destabilizing of the West is what is their goal and the removal of the majority of the population of Syria. Success is reality for the Saudis now.

        • Hey thar pissin, glad you’s a here, I be’s a needin to warn you sum ’bout bad folks that a wants ta ” gitcha!”. First, that ole Madonna with them heathen charms o’ hers is after ya’ll, and she LUVS hillbilly biscuits n’ gravy fer supper! I reckona ya’ll knows mosta t’others whose mission it is ta sling shit with them ole’ invisible razor blades at ole pissin , and ya’ll needs to be a postin’ that thar pitcher yer wife dun took o’ ya with both them gaurjian angels a’ settin on yer shoulders too! I knows that’ll ward off them thar Eville spiruts that’s a been a stslkin’ ya sum too.

          P.S. This here’s a troo storie that dun happened last week, I was a walkin out toward the barn sum and well sir, it was a kinda rainy sum that day. All of a suddun like, sumpin yelled in a reel loud voice ” RUN”. Well sur, I dun run fast as the wind to that ole’ barn when all suddun I seen a big ole flash and herd a big ole WHUMP! Well sur, it was ole nick, the devil hisself, a tryin to GIT me with a lightnin’ bolt! I dun herd him a laughin’ and say, watch out thar preacher, I’m a gonna GIT you and pissin! Now ole’ pissin, and btw he’s also muh cuz, he dun found ole’ nick beefur hidin twixt the grooves in a Slim Whitman record and ole nick been a ‘ REEL mad ’bout that ever since. So ifn ya;ll a don’t wanna be forever cast in the hillbilly lake o’ stupidity, ya’ll best lissen to pissin!

          • Thanks for the laugh HillBilly.

            • Anytime RJ, but I was a tellin the troof ‘gout ole cuz!

      20. There is a report on the internet also that some money fund managers intend to hide out in New Zealand.

        Well, in the past 48 hours there has been at least two 6.0 earthquakes.

        You can run, but you can’t hide. These bunkers are no more than over priced crypts.

        These people are underestimating the earth changes that will happen on this planet.

      21. Preppers, Its time to liquidate all your useless consumer crap, then exit stage left to your own BOL hidey hole. If it is raw land, plan a full year to prep it for a suitable living environment.. As a back up to solar I decided to go with wind power to keep the battery bank charged. Even in rain and cloudy days the wind still blows. Even at night its making power. Security and off grid is all about layers or preps to keep it self sustained.

        Good luck all.


        • Got that boat yet, to go with all that rope?

      22. Where are the pictures or videos of these bunkers?!?! Oh there are none, every year this end of the world Oct-Dec time frame crap starts, every year… People get prepared for this that whatever, the people fear-mongering get richer off their prepper websites, and NOTHING happens… Yes one should have something put aside for when a personal shtf situation happens, we all know this, BUT maybe just maybe we step back take a breath and look around and enjoy our time here and with those we love, instead of constantly 24/7 doom and gloom end of the world, race war coming, Russia and China gonna get us constant BS!!! Live a lot do not be in a hurry to DIE!!!

        • Here’s one company with units for upper income people in the US and Europe:

          ht tp://www.terravivos.com/

          I personally know of one family who has a private place out west. They all know how to shoot, men and women, and they have their own plane ready to go anytime. Their current residence is fortified, with part of it being underground. I was given a tour of it a few years ago when I visited.

          So, yes there are bugout locations for the wealthy.

          If you will check out my previous posts, you will find a list of the crashes and other events that have happened almost every 7 years like clockwork at least back to 1917.

      23. PWTW

        No Not yet. You still hot under the collar?

        • nope. That is why i vent and get it over with. Nothing from this site or any of the other sites i vist, keep me awake at night.

          It i don’t sleep, it isn’t because of anyone or anything here.
          Most of my issues are bad back problems.

          I come here to have some fun, and share. The haters make me laugh at their stupidity and ignorance. They spend so much time worrying about trying to get to me. I laugh at them.

          What does hurt is when a person that you think is your friend, turns on you like a rabid dog, but i vent and go on. This ain’t my first rodeo. It’s just a fun distraction before the real fun starts.

          I am so excited i could thread a sewing machine while it’s running, about the soon coming of the Lord.

          Hey where’s that idiot GodNut? You need some more rope today?

          • PWTW

            He is up above on the thread. Hahaha! You asked for him.

        • Hi Mom,

          We use a steel Gatling Water Module (commercially produced) laying directly on top of our wood stove to heat our hot water. Be careful of drilling holes in your woodstove and bolting things to, that may cause warping and buckling. All Bad things!

          A small Dc12volt variable voltage pump is used with a cold control and a temp sensor connected to the water module to circulate the water through the water heater.

          System is powered by a 12v deep cycle marine battery that is charged from a 10 watt solar panel on the roof. During the summer this solar panel is connected directly to the circulating pump and the water is circulated through 200 feet of black plastic pipe on the roof.

          I have valves installed in such a way that I can drain the roof system for the winter and isolate it from the wood stove system.

          We heat most of our domestic hot water this way but still have to use the electric unit when the days are overcast or rainy and in between seasons when the sun is not strong but we do not want the wood stove heat either.

          ps. We had to install a check valve in the system to prevent thermo cycling. The pump is around $70 and the temp controller with a probe is around $18 both on E Bite..I mean ebay !

          • Arby, what’s the capacity?

            • Re: POP, I don’t really know the actual capacity. We only have a 30 gal water heater and try not to waste the hot water. It makes enough for us to use in a regular routine. The output could be increased by adding more pipe on the roof etc. Larger water tank and so forth.

              So many things are relative, sun load, location etc etc. The average temp that our system provides is between 115 and 130 F

          • Arby,

            Thank you for your post!

            I will share this information with my husband.

      24. The elite need to speed up the wipeout of the over population as planned. The sheeple are catching on to the plans for their intended demise. “Outsourcing” this nations jobs intent could not deliver a clearer view of the future. Bringing in illegals from everywhere is clearly treasonous. These events are actually war on the American people with a financial collapse backing. The obvious blowhard Trump is part of the fakeout. If he wasn’t part of the scam he wouldn’t be there to pour out his pitiful dribble, nothing more than a divergence tactic. Hillary and Jeb! are the two acceptable choices, neck deep in the corruption. Name one thing either have done favoring the people. There is nothing there. Jeb, with the most money from establishment crooks will get the nomination on that side of the same corporate coin. I notice when someone attempts to question him about his post 9-11 moves he gets upset and evades in a attempt to ignore and change the subject to garner applause from his brain dead followers. He had all the records from the Florida flight schools used by the alleged highjackers, taken and escorted to D.C., he is also accused of allowing drug flights into Florida airports. I still can’t believe the people of Florida were stupid enough to elect him twice as governor. That’s because this state is overrun with yankees.

        • aljamo

          “That’s because this state is overrun with yankees.”

          You got that right.

        • aljamo – “Name one thing either have done favoring the people.” I’ve been saying all along the shortest, thinnest book in history would be:


          by Hillary Clinton

        • Trump was brought in to keep the sheeple calm while the burn the country down around our ears. He already outted himself the other day saying that we SHOULD take in as many refugees as we can. Why don’t people just open their eyes and see the truth that’s before them!

      25. DOW plus 15

        • not no mo’. -181.

          • -231@4:15pm

      26. Moderation is killing me I guess I’m a FUCK’N ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was a good site at one time but only a few gets to be up to date with everything. Makes one think they are site STAFF that gets posted in a short time of moderation if any. Oh well my thoughts only matter to me. I’m prepare for the end are you????

        It’s been real!!!!!

      27. The majority of elitists as well as so-called “leaders” (who are psychopathic) fear retaliation here from the masses when anarchy sets in and it’s every man for himself and are going to set up residence in another country and screw that country up too. That’s what it sounds like to me.

      28. As far as the Biblical account of early Israel everyone doesn’t agree with the KJV of the Bible. I read one detailed account of which I cannot remember all of the arguments put forward. It stated the Israeli’s never knew of the pharaoh’s of Egypt. In facts, it stated the ancient Israeli’s actually are from Yemen. Jerusalem is also in Yemen. It’s conclusion was that the Biblical story is an obvious Jewish fabrication favorable to those people’s attempt to control the world. These articles were at veteranstoday a few weeks ago. They are probably obtainable by searching that site. Myself, I always believed the Bible was written by man.

      29. I saw where Hillary thinks it is a problem that the US taxpayer should help in. Send in taxpayer dollars to solve the problem. I say let the Clinton foundation work with the Chinese to occupy the ghost cities in China. Let Hillary experience the joy of giving without increasing the burden of taxpayers.

        • SR, I believe it’s a problem for Hillary to even be breathing.

      30. ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-09/something-just-snapped-comex

        • FYA Good link. Gold, if ya can’t hold it ya don’t own it.

      31. It is All going as we Planned!

        You silly White Goyim

        If we the obvious global superior race, The Zionists can’t Kick You Out, we’ll simply Breed You Out with the lower class Gentile beasts.

        Muah Muah BwaaaHaHaHa!

        Kike Power!


      32. These prepper sites make it all sound so complicated. If you have $1500 income a month, which is hard to imagine who doesn’t have at least that.
        Forget, buying 5 years groceries.
        Just leave the God damn country. Easy as that. Speak Spanish? 30 some Latin American Countries you can reside in.
        Sometimes these forums sound so stupid, read one, listen to another they’re all the same. One doesn’t need rocket science to know the Titanic is sinking. The US is going down and if you want your petoot to survive the borders are still open.
        Get the hell out!!!!!!!

        • SO…we should leave the Titanic and hop aboard the Lithuania? Good sage advice there ding-dong,

        • Clark, and go where? The whole world hates Americans and won’t be welcome anywhere. Besides this is my country and the foreigners are the ones who need to go. You need to lay down the crackpipe.

        • I spend all my $$$ on pussy and weed like Bravefart.

          • Anon, it sounds like you spend all yours on CRACK.

          • Well I hope you bought enough for everybody? I’m using the pussy first, you can have sloppy seconds. And don’t be bogartin and nigger-lippin that fatty either. Learn some fuckin pussy/weed etiquette ya philistine.

      33. Funny thing. Virtually all the refugees are Muslims. VERY few Syrian Christians, Yazidis, etc.

        I know Obama’s wars are creating instability, but MUCH of this is also the result of the dog’s breakfast Islam ALWAYS creates. They should stay in the mess they created (it was a mess long before Western intervention – and please don’t give me that horse manure about the “golden age” of Islam, for those better periods were all from either importation of ideas and wealth (the “0′ came from India, Greek learning from Nestorian Christians who were conquered), or outright theft. Whatever was golden in their “golden age” was stolen, taxed, or derivative.

        Presumably those bolt-holed elites won’t be safe for too long once everything goes to pot (I’m thinking, for example, uber-leftist James Cameron, who did Titanic, etc. Might be a good movie maker, but is still a hypocrite Learjet leftist who, last I read, had an uber-luxe bolt hole in New Zealand)

      34. I can name two A-Holes that are front and center on this – Obama and Hildabeast. Due to their untiring efforts they have laid waste from Libya to Syria including Iraq. If not for the strong Egyptian military Egypt would have stayed in that hellhole too.

        Now the evil bitch wants to be our next president. Lord help us because it seems our own population is too damned dumb to help themselves.


        Godnut, welcome to the board. I am a Christian, and i have something good things to Say about God.

        God communicates to man through our Gut instinct. Our gut instinct is what guides through out life. Its guides us from the moment when we meet that special women, of for women, that special man. We followed out Gut and we made the right decission. To know your Gut is to know thy God. Man was stupid for many years and turned thier backs on God, only to return to God. As the tryants ans cabal began the attacks on Christians, we suddenly woke up to realize that the wrong things were being done to us. We decided to stand up and to fight against the luciferians in charge. You God knew that in time his people would reconize this existence, That man would return to God. We have been following our gut, and we then took action. Our Gut as God told us to prep for survival, and we listened. God asked us to listen to follow his way, we followed our gut instinct unknowingly without realizing that God has been there for us the entire time.

        I remember that day ourside, that night in my car, i was starving to death, and i suddenly realize that the reason why i was alive kicking and breathing, is because God as been looking out for me, helping me indirectly. I woke up the the fact that i had my own business, that God lead me in the right direction, to make it possible. All that was required was action on my part. I took action, i had to go homesless, i was 6 months into , the heat and the humiditly was bad, as i sprayed the bug spray on the windows of my car, only able to wind up the window my 1 1/2 inches so that i could breathe, then i had to sleep in it, i had to reset my business economics, to cover my overhead and place my customers first, not knowing if anyone would come up in the middle of the night and shoot my ass as i slept soundly. I choose a location that cop cars drove by every 20 to 45 mins. I knew that because of the cop activity at nightime that i would be safer. In fact i credit the cops as one of the reasons that i am still alive considering the location. One night i reached out to God, it was now a year.

        I asked God to help me, because i have always been a hard worker, and i have belived in you, as my God, the God of the universe. I told God that i recognize his existence, that if i make it out of this hell alive that i would tell the people around me that God helped me. It was now a year and a half. My bususiness stared to pick up. Folks were calling me needing my products and services. I made a rapid $3000.00 in 2 weeks, then the residual income came in check mate. I contacted and apartment recruiter, who was a serous sob based on the reviews, he got in my a really good Condo within 2 weeks. As i moved in the first night, i could believe it. God has been there for me the entire time, God literally saved my sorry ass. He saved my ass by giving me friends that helped me with food and money, and other things during some serious starvation, and hell on earth.

        I got help from my other best friends, My book keeper who teaches Sunday school, told me that i had to do it, that if i survived this hell and have faith in God, that God will deliver me from the hell. The jewish people did business with me, made me money and helped save my ass. I have been a God lover ever since. I dont go to church nor do i give a rats ass about the fema clergy church types. I believe that God had to show me the way. Its this very believe in the power of God, that is now under attack in this country, and that Christians are under attack, because we turn to God, we become stronger and we get empored. The founders of American build our country and wrote our Constitution on God. God has earned my respect. And i am not afraid to let the world know my realtionship with God. And i believe that it’s God who will help survive shtf because we took action and prepared. Noah was the first prepper, he took action to pave the way for mankind. God is telling me now that SHTF is just around the corner, and to get ready.

        God does not role dice.

        Albert Einstien.



        God is everything.

        Sorry for you dred lock, i dont have anything good to say about you.

      36. Something is up here. 13 year war in Afganistan and 8 years in Syria, now mass exidious from these nations. Something very wrong here, an infiltration seems planned.

      37. Who exactly are “the Elites” that are causing this mess and put zer0 in office. Can anyone post an accurate list other than listing soros…????????

        • Google richest people in the world. Ten richest, five richest. Follow the money. There are also elite clubs to google such as the Bildeburg, Skull and Cross Bones (Yale), other Ivy League colleges have secret societies. The Bohemian Club. Get into any of these elite clubs and you won’t have to worry about paying the rent. If you are outstanding/brilliant they will find you and utilize your brilliance for their advantage. So if you are average or just slightly above average like yours truly, don’t expect an invitation. Rockefeller and Rothchild are regulars as are the Bush and Gates. It’s a billionaire club with a few genuine geniuses soon to be richly rewarded for their contribution to whatever it is that motivates the elites. By the way, I’m free this week if ya all are getting together to plan the future of the planet. I have a few ideas that might be of interest.

      38. I was prepping long before my husband was on board with it. When he suddenly lost his job, we didn’t have to panic about food because I had already created a store of it. Many times, he thanked me for being smart enough to keep food back, because we would have starved had I not listened to him. NOW his eyes have been opened to the reality of what’s going on and is on board with it. He gets preps when he goes to the store alone now. All it takes is one SHTF situation, even on a personal level to find out how important this is. All women have to take the control of their households and get ready for anything. It’s really our duty to do so.

        • I like being prepared for anything.
          Food? Well forget that. My husband cant tear himself away from his damn ham room to even bother about food..a greenhouse maybe. Been 6 years I have been asking.
          So..alrighty men preppers…can you do anything besides having fun while women pull the shit together??????
          And BTW…thanks MAC for not posting my other TWO comments…which nothing was wrong with. I have saw worse on this site. And people have responded later than me and got theirs posted. And…also btw….dont go posting my dam ip addy again publicly okay? Not nice.
          And..since we seem to have our own cabal here, this will be my last post. It isn’t worth
          even saying anything.
          Y’all have fun because it’s fixing to rain down hell on everyone. Let It rain. The world, not just here.
          Cinderella out.

      39. ese people seek power, profit and personal privilege at the expense of the rest of us. They decide to destroy countries or regions because, in their insane worldview, it ‘benefits’ them to do so. The military destruction of a region might give them the power to share in the control of a resource or market. It might make them a profit… The discourse in which these people are engaged is incredibly limited. It is always about control.


        Would if you Could but you Can’t so you Won’t…

        Planet of the Apes.

      40. Oh man, the hookers and blow they must have going on in those retreats defies imagination, man.

      41. New Zealand:
        Years ago I entertained the idea of moving there. I was informed that you needed around $100,000.00 or forgetaboutit. That was thirty years ago. If we had the same requirement we’ld be a richer more stable country. But we have a big sign out in front of the house, given to us by France who doesn’t like us much; the sign says “Give us your poor…your lowly masses…etc.”. And they keep coming and coming and coming. Without even a ”Thank You Mame”.

      42. Mac, you’re not holding true to your comment policy.
        Especially the idiot rant about the women. You let them rant, yet not post my reply.Which was not even as idiotic as his was.
        Yeah, some community you have here. A biased one. Not to mention clannish. But thats ok. It wasn’t worth reading anyway.
        Maybe I should change my name to pissininthewind…..seems to be that way on this site.

        • Thank you for feedback. Working on it but thousands of comments to moderate so sometimes certain comments that shouldn’t still make it through.

          Your comments should be showing up soon.



      43. Sixpack, and Kynase. Thanks for posting that response, its lets us know that we have some really serious prepper women on this board. Kynase, you hit the nail on hits head, showing the retardness of those metro idiotic types, all the sports cars and digital money is not food, you aught to see these bahavior of these idiotic metro types, just go the Heights area of downtown, you will literally laugh your asses off. The dumbasses cant even scramble fricking egges, much less having survial tacics. You women are the few in the remainding 3-5,000,000 shtf suviviors.



        Welcome to the end game, of shtf. Good luck to you non preppers, you f….ke….d

      44. Cinderalla, welcome the board, we are not women bashing on this site. We are just realistic. If you are prepping, more power to you.



        • Besides, bashing us comes with repercussions.

      45. Dk, welcome to the board, your bad to the bone. That comment sums it up. Its shows how screwed people are when shtf commenses.



      46. What the elites don’t want the world to know and understand is the dynamics of what they’re doing and what the end result is. This whole flooding developed nations with the global poor is for a very specific reason. They are using the Cloward-Piven “overwhelming the system” strategy to implode all independent and developed nations into abject poverty first on a humanity level and then economically.

        The NWO and the 1 world government cannot be born as long as nations are independent and wealthy. These are nations that cannot be controlled. So, in order to take over and take control of the world, one must crush all nations into full dependency upon a single, communist 1 world government for their existence. This can be done in stages and by first collapsing global economies by destroying the reserve currency all other currencies hinge on. When America goes, everyone else goes along with us unless you’re holding gold reserves.

        Next step. War and destabilization of nations. Create mass unrest and flood other countries with the poor and dependent. This is a coordinated invasion that let’s you invade a country without firing a shot. Now these nations are overwhelmed by the human flood physically, emotionally, resourcefully and economically. They implode from within from all of these factors. It is also critical that these nations be disarmed so as to be unable to defend tthemselves.

        Now the countries have been overwhelmed to the point that they cannot survive without global help. They will now rely on the UN, which is what will become the 1 world government once they gain global resource taxation powers, for their survival. Make ALL nations dependent upon a single, communist 1 world government for survival.
        That is how one takes over the world. You simply overwhelm the system and be the one who controls the money.

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