While Food Prices Soar, Canadian Farmer Forced To Dump 30K Liters of Milk

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Headline News

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    Canadian dairy farmer Jerry Huigen was forced to dump 30,000 liters of milk amid surging dairy prices. His “crime”? Huigen, the “criminal”, exceeded the government’s milk production quota.

    This is not a joke, and this is the world we live in. If you still think you’re free, it may do you some good to really educate yourself and figure out who is really controlling you and who your master is. Hint: government is slavery, as Huigen has found out.

    “Right now we are over our quotum, um, it’s regulated by the government and by the DFO (Dairy Farmers of Ontario),” says Huigen, as he stands beside a machine spewing fresh milk into a drain. “Look at this milk running away. Cause it’s the end of the month. I dump thirty thousand liters of milk, and it breaks my heart.”

    Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear

    According to a report by The Foundation for Economic Education, Huigen says people are always asking his opinion on dairy prices as a dairy farmer. They constantly want to know why prices are so high.

    “This here Canadian milk is seven dollars a liter. When I go for my haircut people say, ‘Wow,  seven dollars Jerry, for a little bit of milk,” he says, as he fills a glass of the milk being dumped and drinks. “I say well, you have to go higher up. Cause we have no say anymore, as a dairy farmer on our own farm. They make us dump it.”

    It isn’t just Canada that has a ruling class hell-bent on complete and total control over every single thing humans do. Milk dumping is also quite common in the United States as well.

    During the early stages of the pandemic, FEE wrote about farmers dumping millions of gallons of milk even as prices for dairy products were increasing. Nor was this some kind of pandemic quirk. It’s been going on for years.

    “More than 43 million gallons’ worth of milk were dumped in fields, manure lagoons or animal feed, or have been lost on truck routes or discarded at plants in the first eight months of [the year], according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” the Wall Street Journal reported in 2016.

    All of the milk dumping schemes stem from one single problem: there’s a throne of power, and when someone sits on it, and the public believes they are now required to serve that sitter, they will do as commanded. The “command” isn’t the problem, the throne is and it won’t matter if you change who sits. The goal is to control and always has been.

    “The problem is not the clown on the throne…he isn’t actually the problem and if he wasn’t there, some other psycho would be there. Which is why the crappy idea of statism is what has to go.” -Larken Rose, via SHTFPlan

    In the United States, the primary regulations are high-level price-fixing, bans on selling unpasteurized milk (which means farmers have to dump their product if dairy processors don’t buy it), and “price gouging” laws that prevent retailers from increasing prices when demand is low, which incentivizes hoarding.

    Food price inflation remains a serious issue in Canada, but the problem is particularly acute in regard to dairy products, which have seen their annual inflation rate triple over the past year, to almost 12 percent.

    At some point, humanity will fully understand just how enslaved we have become and the illusion of freedom will disappear. Once that happens, we will finally be able to have rational discussions about actually disobeying anyone who claims any power or authority over any other human being for any reason.

    No one can stop an idea whose time has come, and the idea of true freedom, living without a ruling class is going to be mainstream. The ruling class must know it too, or they wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop this evolution in thought.

    Abolitionists Understand True Freedom: It’s Time For The Rest Of Us To Understand It Too


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