Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Caitlin Johnstone at Caitlin

    Consider the possibility that the Orwellian dystopia you fear is already here and has been in place for many years, you just haven’t noticed because you’re still allowed to watch Netflix or buy a gun or say whatever you want to say within a small impotent online echo chamber.

    Consider the possibility that the powerful are already getting everything they want from you, right now, exactly as things are, and that any suspicious action you see them taking isn’t them constructing a cage for you but them tightening the bolts on a cage that was quietly built around you some time ago.

    Consider the possibility that while they’ve been training you to watch out for communism and microchips and overt totalitarianism, they’ve been covertly transforming us all into mindless gears in a machine constructed to serve their interests which challenges them in no way, shape or form.

    Consider the possibility that tyrants have evolved an understanding that you can exert a lot more control over a population with mass-scale psychological manipulation than you can with overt force, and that they have been developing the science of that mass-scale psychological manipulation for over a century.

    Consider the possibility that we’re like a woman who always feared winding up in a physically abusive relationship like the kind depicted on television, and then wound up in a psychologically abusive relationship where her very mind is bent to the will of her abuser in every way.

    Consider the possibility that just like in a psychologically abusive relationship, we’re manipulated into believing things are fine and that we give our abuser everything he wants of our own free will and that any problems that arise come from us and not our abuser, and that we are so well-trained at this that we’ve even learned to gaslight ourselves.

    Consider the possibility that governments forcefully seizing control of all media and transforming them into official state propaganda outlets would actually be far less efficient at mass brainwashing than our current system in which people believe they are getting accurate information from a free and honest press.

    Consider the possibility that if the powerful were able to surgically implant microchips in our brains and control everything we think and do, what they’d make us think and do would not be significantly different from what the overwhelming majority of us already think and do.

    Consider the possibility that the dystopia we’ve been worried about has already been ushered in, not from any of the directions we’ve been conditioned to anticipate, but through the simple fact that the human mind is far more hackable than we’ve been conditioned to believe.

    Consider the possibility that while we’ve been trained to fear communist authoritarians taking over and forcing us to obey their will, capitalist authoritarians have had us marching to the exact drumbeat they desire for generations. And we only think this is freedom because we’ve been trained to think that.

    Consider the possibility that you’ve been trained to believe freedom looks like being able to buy a gun which we all know you’ll never use against the powerful, or choose from 197 kinds of potato chip at the grocery store, when really that mindless consumption is just you turning the gears of your own prison.

    Consider the possibility that real freedom isn’t being able to consume whatever advertisers have convinced you to consume, it’s being able to think with a mind that has not been molded by the powerful, to educate yourself in an information ecosystem that is not locked down by those who rule over you, and to speak the truth without having your speech stifled by oppressive dominators.

    Consider the possibility that the only thing keeping us from creating heaven on earth is our inability to clearly see what’s going on in our world and thus strategize a truth-based path out of this mess, and that the powerful know this, and that that’s why they work so hard to keep us from seeing clearly.

    Consider the possibility that the real obstacle to terrestrial harmony is not so much opposing ideologies as the fact that all attempts to see clearly what’s really going on in our world are being actively obstructed by propaganda, by Silicon Valley manipulation, and by government secrecy.

    Consider the possibility that the bastards succeed not by overtly quashing dissent but by covertly quashing all will towards dissent, and that we succeed not by trying to ward off a dystopia that’s already here but by working to awaken the giant within our brothers and sisters from its propaganda-induced coma.

    Consider the possibility that real freedom means all of humanity awakening from our dehumanizing role as brainwashed gear-turners for the capitalist machine and uncorking the wild unpredictable brilliance within us that our oppressors have worked so hard to keep bottled up.

    Consider the possibility that there is so much more to us than we’ve been permitted to know, and that the only thing keeping us from achieving our true potential as a species at this point in history is a propaganda-induced misunderstanding of what is freedom and what is slavery.


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      1. —-Consider that all that is keeping us from our true potential is a propaganda induced misunderstanding of what is freedom and what is slavery.—-

        Well yeah…that and a decreasing amount of cheap surplus oil needed to keep industrial civilization operating and fed.

      2. We are in dystopic times now, and the State is the creator of all of it. We don’t have a gov’t of, by, or for the people, we have a kakistocracy, a gov’t consisting of the most ambitious, ignoble, morally depraved, unprincipled people society has to offer, sometimes referred to as the elites. In my neck of the woods we call them trash of the lowest sort. It does not exist on behalf of the citizens, it exists for itself. There is plenty of proof; constant wars sacrificing the lives of our military, merely to enrich the Mil./Ind./Comp. or for short-term political purposes – otherwise for little else, intentionally opening the borders of our country allowing citizens to be overrun with illegals that bring in all manner of crime and other problems, broad cheating in elections, protecting billionaires and even further enriching them at the expense of the vast majority of working people, constantly trying to find ways to strip citizens of their rights, the two-tier system of justice that covers and protects the elites to do whatever they want without punishment, and of course the never ending lying and corruption. The list of examples is literally endless.
        The mess in Ukraine is just another example. People in Europe are getting far more accurate news of what’s happening over there. The reality is far different from the MSM drivel the American people are being fed. There are troops on the border there and have been for many years, but not hundreds of thousands of troops poised to viciously attack and overrun Ukraine. When communism collapsed 30 years ago Russia was promised NATO would not move east one inch. Since then, several countries have been added but Russia only protested the lying and broken promises, nothing more. Ukraine is different, it has been in that Slavic sphere or domain for a thousand years, the line has finally been drawn there.
        In 2013 the US helped overthrow the democratically elected president of that country, he was corrupt but they all are. He, and many elected officials that were popular in eastern Ukraine were removed from power. The disenfranchised people in the eastern part of the country saw they no longer mattered and decided to go with Russia. This is only part of the fiasco over there and the US created it all.
        Now the US may send 8500 troops to the vicinity. Of course 8500 cannot do anything should the Russians go into Ukraine (which is very unlikely they will), they are meant to be nothing more than bait or a trip wire. Again the State is displaying its depravity here, they are willing to sacrifice the troops where there is absolutely no benefit to the American people, only for their neo-con purposes.
        I am an American, I have no sympathy or loyalty to no one else. But the truth is the Russians completely outclass American political leadership in every way, morally, philosophically, and intellectually. They are not going to play the game or be goaded into a war. Many people in Europe are laughing at our prezzJB. They earnestly believe he is stupid and believe Americans are stupid for electing him, and that it’s a group of individuals unaccountable to the American people making the decisions (they are correct). Even a lot of Ukrainians wish the US would butt out and mind our own business, like go protect our own borders. They will soon realize it’s not about Ukraine, but neo-con ambitions. The chief long-term neo-con goal is the destruction of European and Christian civilization. They really miss Bolshevik communism.
        Ladies and gentlemen, the State propaganda machine keeps telling us we are getting good gov’t, you can decide.

        • Please keep your comments shorter.

      3. Consider the fact that no one will ever become free while still using television and commercial radio, religions, fake ‘food’ and ‘soma’. And that no author ever makes that clear.

        Humans have been robots for centuries. It’s called statecraft. It is nothing more than psychopaths manipulation of those who are weak.
        Those are anyone who does not understand psychopathy / evil and keep them culled. Quietly.

      4. Consider that all is going according to prophetic plan, and what you see happening is only a small part of a much larger picture.

        It is all necessary and there is no stopping it.

        If you want to know how it turns out in the end, read the back of the book.

      5. “Consider the possibility” that the Parade of Idiots in D.C. and their buddies in the MSM want you to acquiesce to their hoped-for dystopia. Initially, a very small number of patriots were all that were required to prevent the colonies from being permanent slaves of the British crown.

        Beware of their bastardization of the English language. NATIONALISM is not a bad word. DEMOCRACY is not the structure of the USA federal govt. – it’s a REPUBLIC. PATRIOTISM should be admired, not constantly subject to derision. DIVERSITY does not replace excellence. And on and on.

      6. There are no sides. There’s no Sunnis and Shiites. There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only haves and have nots.
        (From Shooter, 2007)

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