The Path To Freedom & Abolishing Slavery

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Headline News


Slavery still exists and it is being called “government”. Those who have the ability to look with logic and reason at the world we live in can come to no other conclusion. But there is a way to break free, but it’s first going to take humanity to realize that just because we aren’t in chains does not mean we are not free.

In fact, mental slavery is the worst kind because it involves destroying the mind of those the masters must control and keeps them enslaved without the need for chains or cages. Cory Edmund Endrulat, an author and “messenger of nature” has been sharing the message of freedom with people in books and via his YouTube channel, Cory – Nature Is The Answer.

The first step to take on the path to freedom is the hardest one. It means we need to realize we aren’t free.

We shouldn’t be trying to change the rules of their totalitarian game which is designed so that we never win, but we should seek to make our game without the masters overseeing us, said speaker David Rodriguez. His channel the Freedom Lovers Show can be found by clicking here: The Freedom Lovers Show

Slavery still exists, and the abolitionists of the past prove it in their own words. They were denied and attacked in every way possible. Their motives to ending chattel slavery did not end at chattel slavery. Society has still yet to understand what slavery actually is by definition. As a practice existing thousands of years, it cannot be expected to simply vanish from earth, especially if the people of the world are unable to define such crucial concepts and motives. If you live in a world of chaos, deception, fear, ignorance, control, or confusion, then the time is now to make yourself clear on these concepts and their corresponding actions if we are not to repeat history, and instead, continue humanity’s evolution in ending slavery, once and for all, in all its forms, for all of humanity and for all of time.

You can listen to this book, Slavery Gone For Good for free using Audible by clicking here.

The only moral platform to take is that of the abolitionist. If you are arguing for the slave system in any form you asking people you don’t know to be owned and controlled and condoning slavery.

The greatest of all crimes are the wars that are carried on by governments, to plunder, enslave, and destroy mankind. –Lysander Spooner

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