Western Rulers Deploy Military-Grade Propaganda To Fight Dissent

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    Ruling classes in the West have been using military-grade propaganda to try and fight dissent. As more and more people begin to figure out the lie and slavery that is government, this propaganda will increase, so be ready for it.

    The BIGGEST Lie Most People Still Believe

    Thanks to a whistleblower, we now know that critics of Covid-19-related lockdowns and vaccine mandates (including prominent journalists and politicians) were monitored by the UK army’s information warfare brigade. We also know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been secretly tracking the unvaccinated in the United States.

    The CDC Has Been Quietly Tracking The Unvaccinated

    We also already know, thanks to former US intelligence community contractor Edward Snowden, that domestic spying by Western governments was rampant before the COVID-19 scamdemic psychological operation. But these latest revelations now indicate that the data is being weaponized and turned back on the same citizens for the purpose of imposing groupthink and portraying anyone who doesn’t fit into their intellectual straitjacket as crazy.

    One of the military units reportedly deployed in the activity was the 77th Brigade, created in 2015 and described by the media at the time as comprised of “warriors who don’t just carry weapons, but who are also skilled in using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and the dark arts of “psyops” – psychological operations.”RT

    The Canadian military was also caught using propaganda and psychological operations honed on the battlefield in Afghanistan to shape the Covid debate. The military figured that it was needed to head off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic and to bolster government messages,” according to the Ottawa Citizen. Launched in April 2020, the army claimed to have shut it down, but the newspaper has recently revealed that the Canadian military is still financing social media information and data collection operations to the tune of millions of dollars invested in the military-industrial complex, for Canadians to spy on themselves, apparently so they can be better brainwashed by their own government under the guise of national security.

    Last April, U.S. President Joe Biden tried to create a new “Disinformation Governance Board” under the Department of Homeland Security, headed up by a former communications advisor to the Ukrainian foreign ministry — a move so grotesquely biased that the whole project was eventually scrapped.

    “Ministry of Truth” Trends on Twitter After Government Unveils New “Disinformation Governance Board”

    This is only going to get worse as the slaves start to realize they’ve been owned since their birth by a ruling class that even IF it was democratically elected, is only put there to steal the fruits of their labor and control them.

    At some point, there will be a critical mass of people that have this figured out, and we will be able to begin to build a free society without masters or slaves that every human deserves.



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      1 Comment

      1. Long ago, uncovered an ancient attorning scheme by money-mongers to use religion and jurisdictional Staples via Stile-gates to deceive via social role models most historically are socially engineered to prepare for voluntary slavery none ‘normal’ can discern.

        So, if you want to be free, first you must be ‘normal.’

        Then, live by ‘Normal Law.”

        All other laws (Common [land] Law or Law-Merchant/Maritime Law) is in suzerainty to “Normal Law.” Creation exists because of “Normal Law.” Any who seek else-wise, faces oblivion!

        The Triple Tiara or 3 Crowns of popery institutionalized commercial religion or corporate states currently recognize only One man as “Normal” upon which all other life must be subjected to, that are beguiled into believing such pettifoggery.

        Again, the 3 Crowns:

        1st & highest Law: Normal Law (dominion by divine providence and imbued honor for honor)

        2nd Law in Suzerainty to “Normal Law”: Common Law (of the land)

        3rd & in Suzerainty to “Normal Law”: Maritime Law (Merchant)

        For those good people of united America wishing to live honor for honor via variation by agreement, it is ‘Normal Law” that serves every Joint Tenant in the Sovereignty of Creation. It is this “normalcy in-law” that all walks of life seeking good will, honor for honor via Nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason, are soundly anchored and peacefully landmarked for all seeking safe harbor.

        Be wise, safe & blessed.

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