We Knew This Was Coming: “Dangerously” Mutated COVID Variant

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    The mainstream media is reporting on a “dangerously” mutated variant of COVID-19 that is going to affect those who chose to take the experimental gene therapy shot. Oddly enough, those who took the shot are the ones still living their lives in a panic-driven state of media-induced fear.

    I brought it to the attention of readers yesterday that there was yet another variant that the media was trying to panic people with. Because the “vaccines” aren’t vaccines and don’t actually work (they are something else, we know this, but we don’t know what) the ruling class was always going to need a scapegoat when these people who chose to take the shot continue to get sick with the common cold.

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    The R.1 variant spread through 45 residents and staff at the nursing home after an unvaccinated staff member triggered the infections in March, the Kentucky Department of Public Health revealed.

    Due to its mutation, the variant, first detected in Japan, was able to bypass the antibody protection present in the fully vaccinated. -Newsweek

    If something actually does start to impact those who took the shot, they are going to need an excuse.  The vaccine injuries will be passed off as COIVD-21 or this new scariant will take the blame.  The third option, is something much more sinister, and they could actually release something that could do significant damage to everyone, “vaccinated” or not in order to panic them further.

    According to Outbreak.info, a website that collects data on COVID variants, as of September 21, R.1 has now infected more than 10,567 people around the world and has been detected in 47 states.

    Writing in ForbesHaseltine said the five variations found in R.1 can lead to “increased resistance to antibodies.”

    This means it could make the variant better at evading those antibodies that are created by having the vaccine and in those who have already been infected. -Newsweek

    So now when people continue to get colds, whether they are vaccinated or not, the blame is going to be placed on some kind of variant that eludes antibodies. We knew this was the plan. The vaccine is the goal. It is a part of the agenda. They need us to take it. Not enough have bowed down agreeing to live their lives permanently on their knees in slavery to the rulers, so they are going to try something else. A new “vaccine”? More boosters to solve the problem? Who knows. But the solution will involve taking whatever it is they desperately need in the bodies of every human on earth.

    This cannot ramp up forever. At some point, the dam will break. Be ready for anything because the signs are there that they are not stopping and that this is far from over.




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      1. When I read
        MUTATED in your headline,
        for a moment I thought you
        were referring to “Dr” Fauci
        He looks terrible ????

      2. I wish the PTB would just come out and admit the real reason they are trying desperately hard to force the vaccine on everyone, and it isn’t because of a genuine concern for our health.

      3. As you correctly mentioned
        the vaccine is the goal.
        The most unbelievable thing
        here is how many of the
        lemmings just cannot wrap
        their minds around that fact and continue to believe whatever lies these satanic psychos come up with to try and convince everyone to
        take this jab from hell.

      4. The spectacular global genocide is about to begin. All of this was dependent on a “time window” of opportunity, thus the mad rush to get as many as possible to take the poison vax before the huge die off begins. This has got to be the most daring and bold act of genocide in the history of the human race,which also means the risks are extremely high for the ones perpetrating such an act. They have failed in their attempt to cloak and mask themselves,or their hubris makes them feel invincible. They will be brought to justice,there is no place to hide. Because no one can escape the justice of The Lord God Almighty,no one can hide from Him. Even if they manage to evade justice in this life,they will be apprehended and arrested by The Holy and Righteous Judge,The Lord Jesus Christ. Because all judgment has been given to the Son.

      5. So how can they prove who infected who???

      6. In other news, major populace centers in India have declared themselves covid free, distributing little $3 ivermectin packets to all the citizens. In a comparative city with smaller populace, but much much higher vaccination rates, more record setting ‘case counts’ and deaths. The statistical data is obvious, the vaccine makes it worse, and ivermectin makes it simply go away.

        The fear of the rnma manipulation is ADE syndrome, the body attacks itself. People whom blindly accepted vaccines for kids never bothered to learn the difference between attenuated, non attenuated, adjuvants, preservatives, and buried side effects data.

        Now Alex is claiming total disclosure, enhanced airborne choronavirus particles. Unbelievable. Where is law and order? We opt out on principal until all these people can figure out what happened and serve justice appropriately or alternatively release the cold grip of government intrusion into our lives and liberties.

        We would like more information on the half lives of the manufactured spike protiens due to injected gene therapies. They all talk about ‘protection’, but what about half life, but one may infer that the markedly reduced effective percentage claims may indicate a flushing out or nullifying response. The fear remains the rnma messaging may just be delayed though, and most of the public is in the dark regarding the waning of what they or their family members did take.

        You know, if you went to wal mart and bought any given product, and you got home, and it was a third of what the promised, somehow did not work, or you learned there was false advertising and the product simply did not do what it claimed to do, you’d all be in line returning that junk. People should think of the covid jabs the same way, purely false advertising, bait and hook strategy, corporate trickery with media hucksters backing them up for conflict of interest product solicitation support payouts. Because it’s inside peoples body, they struggle to understand they were sold something, but delivered something else, they find themselves unable to admit they may have made a mistake. Caveat Emptor.

        You know what they say; If in doubt, opt out! What’s the deal with everyone demanding everyone else pick a side? How about we just opt out until these idiots figure out what’s really happening. It’s not my problem and it’s not my fight. We got over it and have natural immunity. The book is closed. Anything further will be positively identified as tyranny, unethical, and immoral use of force. Prescribe the ivermectin already, but we got the horse paste on amazon just in case. Ha! Turns out we beat it with vitamins, anti inflammatory organic diet, rest, water, all of that. Only took a few weeks, it came and went, our smell returned, and our 02 levels bounced back into the 90’s. No vaccine necessary. If you do not have one at your home, order a finger pulse ox o2 reader right away. It’s how you’ll know if you need some treatment and you can avoid needing the hospital. Americas Frontline Doctors group has a landing page with lists of doctors whom can tele prescribe ivermectin and steroids if you need them. Thanks.

        • Oh yeah, and some of those nose sprays have weak steroids in them which may help, and over the counter these days. I had it the worst and sniffed an entire bottle of 10 year old flonase in a single week. LOL. I’m over it, I’m fine. Cleared through an entire liquid bottle of D, an entire big organic vitamins quality C chewables, had alka seltzer with aspirin every morning, as apsirin is helpful, tylenol may make it worse for corona. And what else, explosive super triple duty you know what, dry coughs. We took quality lung tonic lung support. We ate an entire bottle if health ranger elderberry chewies (elderberry known studies good against all types of cold and flue). Had the dna force, vitamin mineral fusion daily, other brand kick a&& immune booster, krill oil, etc. And I doubled up on my whiskey and cigarettes for a month as this also disrupts your sleep cycles. We’re fine. And more importantly we’re over it. Move to another state if they keep pushing these ridiculous mandates. Montana looking pretty dang appealing right about now, WY, SD, but it’s not looking so hot for TX or FL, AZ still sort of in the air. There is a difference between law, and executive mandates. Read up. We need more resources on updated state by state policies, I certainly can not be the only one considering moving in pursuit of liberty. Thanks.

          • Montana living is great – stick to the smaller communities with populations under 20,000. Just be prepared for some difficulty finding suitable housing unless you have big $$$ to spend.

      7. …but, but, but real science told us virus mutates to be less deadly as a survival tactic at the beginning of the pandemic.
        Wrong again or lying again?

      8. Any New “Variant” can be a weaponized like SARS and MERS viruses they can release on everyone. They are cornaviruses. Yes, they have it here and have been using gain of function to make them more deadly in Galvaston. and N. Carolina Labs. (Rand Paul)

        As it is now, MERS has a fatality rate of 30% and SARS about 15% fatality rate where Covid 19 was less than 1%. The Vaccine fatality rate is over 150,000 (US) and Vaers has stopped reporting most the deaths and we may never know the death rate to this vaccine virus.

        But be assured if not enough are murdered from this vaccine in a certain time, the other deadly viruses will be unleashed and arosolized in large populations. OF COURSE, THE UNVACCINATED WILL BE BLAMED.

      9. Looks looks like they either got bored of the Greek alphabet or didn’t know it past the 12th letter. (There are 24).

        Vitamins D, C, K and zinc with vitamin B-12 are the immune system’s best friend vaxxed or not.

      10. it’s not a virus it’s a injection of poison that will alter your body until death outside stimulus of 5g gives you your symptoms to get you into the overrun hospitals you will recorded as being unvaccinated to go with the storyline.

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