Watch Carefully as Dangerous Economic Times Approach: “Nothing but Black Swans Ahead”

by | Sep 5, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 271 comments

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    USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter interviewed investment expert Jeff Berwick on the ominous signs headed our way in the near future, and in particular, in the month of September.

    Berwick has, like so many other voices, been on the forefront of warning about the instability of markets ahead, and during the seven year cycle of Shemitah, that it would unwise to ignore their warnings and prepare for a potential market crash.

    Whatever does or doesn’t happen in the days and weeks ahead, it has become all too clear that the system is teetering on the edge, and the powers that be are doing all they can to keep the illusion going, and keep the public under the spell that everything is fine.

    But as we have all known since nursery school, once the thing cracks and falls apart, even all the king’s men can’t put the thing back together again.

    Keeping the music playing while the chairs are rearranged for collapse is more a way of making an orderly exit for the members of the Ponzi scheme than it is any kind of way of repairing the damage or creating a viable economy.

    With black swans on the horizon, it is indeed time to beware, and watch the path ahead.

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      1. Be careful all, the world is getting crazy…

        Be well all…

        • Eppe,
          the same to you! it gets more and more stranger every day!

          • The future is so dark,
            I took off my shades…

            Kidding aside, may all have a great holiday weekend…

            • Let’s hope it’s not our last holiday weekend, but be ready……
              Be well !

              • We The People are getting restless. The politicians are getting desperate. The bankers know what has been done and are prepared. Most importantly, I am prepared for whatever life throws my way. Hoping you all are prepared as well.


                • BigB

                  Worst Case Scenario?

                  The markets collapse late September, early October. Shemitah?
                  Early Winter and colder than usual according to the Farmer’s Almanac. China or North Korea lets loose with an EMP over the States. Of course a solar flare could happen.

                  Weather and grid down conditions with no transportation of goods or food. People freeze to death and starve.

                  Can it happen? (Shrug Shoulders) Will it happen?
                  (again shrug shoulders)

                  Like you BigB, I am ready.

                  The rest of you all. ARE YOU READY?

                  • @Slingshot and BigB: I know what you are saying, and yes I’m as about as prepared as can be: except the mental part. I freely admit that my mind is not ready to accept and cope with what lies ahead. Especially for the small children and elderly. Anyway it’s coming, mentally prepared are not, isn’t it. That’s why I’m bugging out and lay low until some of this mess passes by. God bless and me thinks the next two weeks are critical.

                    • You must get comfortable with death and seeing people die. I have seen thousands in my work. You must realize that most people are just fertilizer and that’s it. Unless they are doing something amazing with their life, the ending of that life will be meaningless to the universe and the rolling thunder of history. You go to the ice cream shop tonight and get a tasty cone of chocolate and fudge brownie: is the deaths of millions in WWI and WWII impacting on that experience? Of course not. You are alive and they are dead. Advantage to you.

                    • Here is from Quayle: Why would they power down a whole base for 12 hours? Steve quayle
                      alerts and sept 4, 2015

                      Was contacted by my Niece Debbie that lives in Ladson SC. She indicated that there is a sign hanging on the gate at the Charleston Air Force Base
                      today that states the all power will be turned off on the base on Monday September 7 from 0700 to 1900 hours. This seems weird to her and to me
                      also. Wasn’t there a message sent out this week about air tracking systems on the east coast? Why would they power down a whole base for 12 hours?–FROM MY INTEL GUY–This is not good at all. Somebody seems to desire the shut down of our defenses, so Some kind of sneak in can be done. The plane transponders being off would also Aid someone to come in and not to stand out at all, a kind of overall “cover” operation.

                      CHARLESTON ring a bell???
                      Now see this from EXACTLY 2 yrs back:

                    • you’re all playing to there plan….

                      keep you in fear…dichotomy…do i stay or do i go…

                      go eat some icecream… stay frosty… 😉

                    • Frank Thoughts: Every death impacts history, written or unwritten, in some respect. A death can impact what the next person may do or not do or what their children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren may do. It can impact what a country does or does not do. Every single life/death matters – even if YOU personally cannot measure it.

                  • Been ready…just putting more and more firewood up for the coming hard times. The wife has 15 gallons of tomatoes ready to can now, and the vines are still full of fruit. The Bartlett pear tree is loaded, so pretty soon I’ll be helping her peel and can them as well.

                    I hope all of you are ready and will weather the storm. We will need all of us to put it together on the other side. The great thinning of the herd is about here now I think.

                    Small game season starts in a little over a week up here. Those who need practice shooting should avail themselves of the chance to go hunting and preserve the meat for this winter. Times are going to be pretty lean for those who can’t shoot.

                    • Camp, what did the Native Americans call bad hunters???


                    • Eppe…I guess the modern equivalent of “bad hunter” would be “liberal progressive”. Their numbers are about to be seriously reduced by karma.

                      Like many others here, I plan to watch them scramble and die from their own politics. I’m sure they will ultimately blame me for their own stupidity because I didn’t suffer enough to suit them. It’s become the American Way I guess.

                    • It is so dry here in California I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

                  • It’s worth mentioning that Russian military is now “assisting” Assad forces in Syria. That could turn sour quick since our military is “assisting” the rebels in Syria. The media is laying the sob stories of Syria on thick! That can’t possibly be good. This world is in a mess that continues to worsen everyday. I hope everyone enjoys these last semi normal days and I wish everyone a happy holiday with their family.

                    • Russia is in the process of building a military bade in Syria. Looks like that is where the line is being drawn. Our Govnt is criminal.


                    • Base

                    • Eppe and Gone Camping, the only ‘hunting’ libturds ever do is for people who DON’T walk the PC line. I won’t shed any tears over libturds dying.

                  • As ready as I will be under the circumstances

                  • MMMMM Black Swan dumplings.

                  • Well, apparently Mac is on a well deserved vacation from the site, and we that are hanging around to sift through the so called “Black Swans”, and “fear porn”, (that the naysayers like to call it), are eagerly looking for more signs and markers.

                    I have some more to offer for your reading and displeasure.

                    ” May 13th 2014 – 500 day limit of climate chaos Sept 25, 2015. The bizarre press conference with John Kerry and French Foreign Minister where they repeatedly state that “we have 500 days before global climate chaos.” This video should’ve had everyone scratching their head “what the hell is he talking about? or what does he know that we don’t?”

                    Coincidentally, this date comes with the Pope’s addressing of the New World Order Crowd at the UN, and the day he holds mass at Madison Square Gardens, just days after madonna has held her Satanic, sacrilegious ceremony, by hanging on a blue cross, with the theme of “desecration of the bride (Church of Christ), and welcoming of the Fallen Angels”

                    Is this just weird art to millions of Christians? I think not, but is more of the liberal satanic vileness of the times, coming together for the ultimate war between light and darkness, good and evil. Ask this; which side am I aligned with? The pc crowd or the JC crowd?

                    Madonna has become the poster girl for the evil spirit of Jezebel that has taken control of the masses of women and girls and effeminate males, that have turned their backs on God.

                    If you haven’t had enough to turn your stomachs yet, just look at this….

                    “Tomorrowland Festival Sept 25-27 celebrated at 33rd degree parallel north. 33rd degree is the highest level of free masonry. An important number for occult rituals. Tomorrowland festival is the largest electronic music festival in the world. You can look up more if you are interested, but for the sake of this list just understand it is basically an Illuminati worship service, pride in the human condition all pointing to a one world, trans-humanist utopia.”

                    Also, the CERN event that has a mid Sept date on it can be checked out via U-toob, and other places. the connection to the Hindu god of destruction and the 666 numbers are too bizarre to be coincidence.

                    “Oh passin’ please stop, you are scaring the un-believers and those of weak faith.”

                    Well, my response to that idea is that…It is better to be a little scared early on before things get bad, or a lot scared when they are circling the house, and knocking on the doors.

                    Fear of the unknown, is worse than fear of facing what is ultimately coming down the pike.

                    Isaiah 35:4
                    “Be strong, and do not fear, for your God…is coming to save you”

                    1 John 2:17
                    “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

                    • Well everybody, ole’ pissinhis pants has caught me agin! That undeniable precision of the hillbilly brain, coupled with absolute nutcase religious fervor, has managed yet again to thwart my New World Order/ Illuminati plans! Oh, and not only that, I also lost 10k worth of property too!

                    • Need some more rope?

              • For any newer preppers…

                Old list, but still good.

                When SHTF These 100 Items Will Disappear First
                (just type in the title in the search bar at the top of the page.

                • @KYMom: You gave good advice and here is a little incentive for those new to prepping and are overwhelmed at the mere thought of it. Here’s an acronym (FLAGS)for those that are doing last minute almost-panic shopping, with no idea of what to purchase: FLAGS = Food, Life straws, Ammo, Guns, Shelter. Good last minute food purchases are Dinty Moore Stews and canned veggies. The 38oz. cans are now costing less than four bucks. It’s not homemade, but it is a good balanced eat. Buy canned veggies since they have water in them, and plus, you don’t have the time now to dehydrate and a lot of the freeze dried survival food venders are sold out. Life Straws are the most important item a person can buy. Most of the populace will die from contaminated water within the first 30 days. Don’t be one of them. Keep your shelter to a tent and no more. You’ll thank me for than when you are in the woods. If you dont’ have money for a large gun then buy a Marlin 22, cost about $150.00. It’s lite weight, dependable, and rugged. Get yourself 300 rounds of high velocity (not hyper velocity)22 long rifle for about $35.00 and you at least have a fighting chance to survive. The above is a very good, inexpensive way to build your core requirements. Next on the list would be a good poncho, and keep adding as you need from there. If at all possible, store water in various locations. But do flags FIRST. Again this is not a complete list but it is a lifesaving start. PS: Now get up and do it. thanks

                  • Hunkerdown,

                    I like the FLAGS acronym.

                    You give very helpful information.

                    Good post! Thank you!

                  • Very good advice, thank you.

                  • Also buy a cheap belt that is 2 layers stitched togeter. Make a slit on the inside back. Then cut a hacksaw blade off at 5 inchs and wrap a piece of duck tape over the cut end. Slide it in to the slit in your belt. If the Fema/Gov/Whoever gets ya you can cut your way out of flex cuffs. I carried one in my pants waist in Iraq. Good luck all I will see you when the smoke clears.

                  • FYI- The Sawyer Mini Water filter is way better, cheaper and a lot longer lasting than a Life Straw. Buy a few for every member of your family, etc.

                    ~ WWTI

                    • WWTI, AMEN on the Sawyer. I also have the Sawyer Mini and Sawyer All-In-One, both rated for up to 100,000 gallons of water and they’re the best. Last year Sawyer came out with a Water Filter Bottle. It has a built-in filter which is removable and can be cleaned and never needs replacing and is rated for up to a million gallons of water. I bought mine from Ready Made for $39.95 each. Free shipping on orders over $50. I bought 2 of them and they work on water from streams, well water, and tap water. Always get your water from a running source and never from a pond. No filter made can get everything out of pond water. I tried a lifestraw once and it was worse than my old Katadyn. Can’t go wrong with Sawyer.

                • Oooh, someone actually talking about prepping! I went to refill my kitchen rice jar from the bag in my pantry the other day, was horrified to find the last 5lb in the bag was riddled with rice weevil. Studied round a little, and it seems the rice probably came WITH the weevils as eggs. Thing to do, is to put newly aquired sack of rice in the freezer for a week/10 days, this kills all forms of rice weevil, eggs, larvae and adult. Then store as normal.

                  • Don’t worry about the weevils already in your rice. It tastes like chicken.:)

                  • Bay leaves help with weevil prevention. I use them in all my dry staples.

              • Sadly. it will be for many. Many will die on the ever more dangerous highways and byways this Labor Day weekend.

                The hurry up, anxiety riddled, populations of travelers, are more and more preoccupied with their distractions (devices), which lead to most accidents. Then there are the people that don’t consider the fog they put themselves in with alcohol and drugs. Bad decisions coming out the gate, or shall we say, the driveway.

                Lack of sleep and rest is just as much of a problem as the other distractions and brain function distortions, because of chemicals. Drivers that pack too many things into too short of time, will ultimately suffer fatigue, and bad decisions.

                As a former OTR, hard core, hard running, truck driver, I can tell you that even with some rest and no drugs in the system, fatigue will slip up and grab you by the neck when you least expect it.

                I can’t recall the number of terrible accidents that resulted in fatalities over the many years, that I have witnessed. I can however recall the times that I let the dark side of the Freight business push me to the level of fatigue that induced hallucinations and panic fear, from “dozing” under the steering wheel. The old timers used to call it “seeing the black dog”.
                But, by being more concerned for lives more than meeting a deadline, I would pull over and either go into a truck stop or at least walk around the truck a few times.

                Sadly, many drivers, don’t have that level of common sense, and the next thing, as one old man in the neighborhood used to put it, “the undertaker will be wiping their ass by morning”.

                When a person’s number is up, death of the flesh will come from any number of directions. But, self induced accidents are “on” the individual that causes them, and the victims that were just busy doing what they were supposed to be doing.

                Having a prepped heart and soul can help ease the pain of being caught on either side of that equation.

                Ya’ll keep it safe out there.

                • Absolutely Crazy.

                  One hand we are talking about an asteroid that is going to wipe out the East Coast on Sept. 23rd and we are concerned with traffic deaths over the Holiday.

                  • Amen sling, slow Saturday.
                    How to prepare carp.

                    Clean carp, spice as desired.
                    Lay on cardboard 9″ above coals for 30 minutes.

                    Throw carp away and eat the cardboard…

                    • I use to shoot them with my bow when they would come up into the coves to spawn. One nasty fish!

                    • Pop, funny how one can spice up anything enough to make it palatable…
                      Had a dog who loved cat turds. Made him drop a turd, put hot sauce on it. He still ate it.

                      So a prepping tip.

                      Save all your packets of condiments…
                      You never know…

                    • Geez eppe that was one crazy dog. Well at least the cat litter box didn’t get filled much. LOL.

                    • Pop, Sam was a good Shepard, wife was the alpha human, my 2 girls were next, I was third in his eyes, since I traveled alot then.
                      But we trained him in all the tricks, even taught him to say “I love mom”.
                      Amazing how one can attach to an animal, he was a good dog for 15 years, I was the one to put him down…

                      Shit we have to do in life…

                      Be well all…

                • PWTW is craxy. I have NEVER seen anybody texting while driving. The average ‘Muricun is way too smart for that. The story of the woman breastfeeding her baby while driving was clearly made up by rasis Republicans, and surely Bush’s fault. A economic collapse is not possible now, we have change we can believe in.

                  • ….. “but Labor Day annually is at or near the top in terms of the number of people killed in car and truck accidents.”

                    “The National Safety Council, which counts the Labor Day travel period from Friday evening through Monday, announced a grim forecast that nearly 400 people will die and nearly 48,000 more will be seriously injured over the holiday weekend.

                    “The three-day period falls in the midst of what could be the most deadly year on our roads since 2007,” the nonprofit safety-advocacy organization stated. The agency estimates that overall traffic deaths are up 14 percent so far this year compared with the same period in 2014; serious injuries have increased 30 percent.

                  • Oh yea, i am the crazy one. Where did you learn how to spell?
                    I hope I’m not being too “rasis” for you, HJ.

                  • Hugh Janus.

                    I have seen people texting, Putting on make up, Changing clothes and reading a book while driving.

                    The person held the phone high on the steering wheel. Look down the road hit a letter, look down the road hit another letter.

                    • If you look up after every 10 or 12 letters, no big deal. At highway speeds, you have only travelled several hundred feet. What could go wrong?

                      Relax,PWTW. I was being sarcastic. I probably would think you were making up the most bizarre or perverted thing you have seen as a trucker. Sometimes The Twilight Zone seems mundane. Truth is stranger than fiction.

              • Lets Party Like It’s 1999!!!!

                Have a safe one, you all!!!!

                Ok its not looking good, but when it looks this BAD my Prepps look even better. How about you? Stay positive and stay sharp.

          • Hope Caitlyn will be OK. It would be a tradegy to have anything bad happen to it. Forget the 99.9% of humans who are unconfused as to whether they are boys or girls. We must spare no effort in our quest to make sure queers can use our daughters’ bathrooms.

            Who says kids have it easy these days? I never worried about my dad saying: “Call me Caitlyn”

            • HJ, I think ‘kaitlyn’ is doomed just like the rest of Hollywood. I know damned well what I am. No confusion on my part.

              • And we are told we must be ‘tolerant’ of and participate in a man’s delusion of being a woman.

                • In my world…not harassing or beating the hell out of this type of genetic defect it being tolerant. You wouldn’t want me to participate.

                  Funny story out of a prison in Artesia years back. Some gay prisoner wanted another prisoner to poke him. The other prisoner didn’t want anything to do with it. The gay guy persisted and talked the other prisoner into using a broomstick. Yep, broomstick. Which was promptly buried up to the brush. I think the “other” prisoner got manslaughter.

                  When you allow warped/degenerate thinking into the mainstream…

        • Jeff Berwick is the “ultimate snake oil salesman” on the planet.

          • The “ultimate snake oil salesmen” are the guys that keep telling you everything is ok.

            But there are always suckers who continue to believe that it’s possible for mankind to create something out of nothing….which is what our whole economic system is based upon….fiat.

            But keep drinking the kool-aid Rodster. The elites depend upon sheeple that they can keep fleecing.

            • “But there are always suckers who continue to believe that it’s possible for mankind to create something out of nothing….which is what our whole economic system is based upon….fiat.”

              And if you’ve read any of my comments, that doesn’t describe me. But I guess you must be new here. No Jeff Berwick is a scam artist who’s out to sell his Cornucopian, Utopian life after COLLAPSE communities while selling you his precious metals and his other schemes much like Eric King from KWN.

              These guys are preying on the Doomer communities. I guess Jeff Berwick found another sucker, YOU !

              • I’ve read your other posts. I’ve yet to see you post anything of any value. You just bag on the articles Mac posts and other contributors to the forum.

                I haven’t bought anything from Berwick, or followed his any of his advice.

                It’s just that guys like you, who make a lifestyle out of trolling sites bore the living daylights out of me. Mostly, it’s because you have this inflated opinion of your own intelligence and take such a dim view regarding the intelligence of anyone else.

                You’re a true legend in your own mind.

          • I never trust anyone who wears cuff links.

        • This Labor day we celebrate our country being overrun with fa ggots, islamic savages, scum illegals, progressive filth, apes, and of course this caused by our traitorous scum politicians who have sold us down the fu cking river for money and power. Burn in hell all that were mentioned

        • Same to you…. WTH is going on? Getting nutty

        • Here’s to all that think they are going to be badass bugout warriors:

          It’s no secret that most Americans are mentally weak, morally vapid and live in a spiritual vacuum, many of these Americans if they were hungry would convert to Islam in a heartbeat
          I am just writing to mention something I have yet to hear mentioned
          in the alternative media regarding the importation of these Muslim
          “refugees”. Let me start by saying a I am an Army Aviation veteran that has
          deployed twice to Iraq. I say that because it seems to me to my little
          military mind that they are importing an Army. The Hagmann’s have already
          reported that there Muslim Jihad training camps throughout the US where
          these imported Muslims are training, organizing and preparing for the same
          economic collapse we all know is coming. We know that the administration is
          importing tens of thousands of these refugees not into the inner city or
          major cities but to rural and mostly “conservative” and Christian areas of
          the country. In fact recent news says Europe is demanding we take tens of
          thousands more of these muslim “refugees” and ISIS is promising to send
          their Jihadi’s in these waves of Refugees.

          Can you imagine the force these people would be in an economically
          collapsed United States? These people will be armed, organized and moving
          out from their bases of operation gaining converts through charity and
          force and acquiring territory. It’s no secret that most Americans are
          mentally weak, morally vapid and live in a spiritual vacuum, many of these
          Americans if they were hungry would convert to Islam in a heartbeat if they
          were offered meals and a purpose. Eventually as this Muslim force grows and
          pushes from it’s base of operations it will encounter Christians,
          survivalist, etc and crush them. Mind you we are talking about a force that
          has for the last 7 and half years has had the implicit support of this
          administration and also has support from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim
          nations seeking to convert the US. It’s likely that after the collapse
          Saudi Arabia will still be providing these people with supplies, technology
          and weapons. I just wanted to bring this up because to me this is a
          nightmare scenario that is already happening in Europe and I think it’s a
          nightmare scenario the Obama administration is seeking to mimic here in the

          Sep 5, 2015

          Copyright © 2015

          • In certain parts of the US you would be correct. Here in the south you are very mistaken. We are going to kill the scum muslim invaders along with anyone else that f ucks with us. Lot of pissed off veterans that are red necks at heart. Ain’t gonna beg for a handout because we don’t need one.

            • Bullshit. I live in the south, too. And the “rednecks” are nothing more than drunken arm-chair Rambo wannabees too stupid and lazy to get out of their pick ups. They will be the first to go.

              • I think you have us confused with white trash, this redneck girl would kick your ass.

              • F uck you CBS. Come see me.

            • Zero, spot on. In my family’s area of north GA they’re ready to fight to the death any and all invaders and there’s also some retired cops and veterans among them.

          • Who ever thought that bombing the hell out of countries wins the hearts and minds of the people are psychopaths. Try shooting all day long at wildlife in your area and see how long they stick around. Better to feed them, even crumbs. Ive tamed squirels to climb on my lap for crackers. Buy a few 50 #Lb bags of feed corn an sprinkle a few cups in your BOLarea and the wildlife will show up almost daily like clockwork. Have 24 Turkeys and 4 deer that are regular residents now. Turkeys become docile like chickens if they see me throwing corn out. Learn from nature, and NOT Man.. They are keen to where peace n harmony is. The other critters that come in for the leftovers are doves, cardinals, squirrels and a few pesky racoons. Dont over feed them though. Balance with nature is a treat. Next spring Im going to plant a lot of wild strawberries, rasberries, apple trees and some other good food plot goodies to attract wild game.


            • You may be paddling, instead of planting.

              • He’ll be planting next year, and for years after that as well. You’ll be long gone, finally dispatched from this board from being unable to make any more credible excuses for your insane predictions and boring bible babble, and a good riddance to you that will be.

                • You are taking the bait, I see.

        • You mean this is different than the ones predicted in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014? Wow, I’d better get ready because this time these guys really, really, really sound serious.

          • Don’t bother prepping. Everything will be good forever.

            • October… definitely October… something will happen.


        • Everyone check out this video over at The Daily Sheeple; Women’s Group Worships Hillary at Campaign Event, Swapping her Name for Jesus in Gospel Song. I’m sure all those women were feminazis and I threw up a snack I was having.

          • I’m glad you were bothered by it cuz.
            There’s lots of mockers out there doing bad deeds.
            The end is near for sure.
            Stay safe Brave.

            • Brave, ya’ll throws up all the time anywho! How kin we tell the differnse? Yah, cuz is rite, thars lossa mockers out that don’t lissen to cuz an’ pissin and they’s all a goin’ to that molten lake o’ fire fer sure, folks that heed hillbilly creed is a’ all gonna be sorry fer sure.

      2. A ten dollar trap and 5 gallon bucket is a good prep. knowing that Raccoons have glands that need removing before eating is a good prep. Knowing how to tan a hide is a good prep. Nomadic behavior is a good prep. knowing how to make a musical instrument from nature is a good prep. knowing how to build a fire without manmade objects is a good prep. Running is not cowardice its survival…and you’d better bring your big girl pants if you run.

        • Raccoons, possums and skunks are scavengers and will make you sick.

          I guess for a little protein, and a quick fix it will work, but a continual fare of scavenger meat will eventually kill a person.

          Yes I have tried rattlesnake, but just once, but do not care to live on it.

          Even though they are also considered an unclean animal, a ground hog would be much better since they mainly consume grass. Whistle pig and swine pig aren’t all that different. A person cannot survive very long if they only consume swine meat.

          As the wife likes to say…” they are gonna just nasty away”.

          Just sayin’.

          • My Grandma fried coon and possum in lard. Kinda greezy.

            • Got a 70’s cookbook for all wildlife.
              For coons and possums, one traps them, then feeds them corn, fruit, etc for a week or three. Once they are cleaned out, you have to remove glands at the back of each leg.
              Then prepare meat in a stew, low and slow…
              Passing, was being nice to W, since he was leaving…

              Be well all…

              • I caught that eppe, but you all can’t be so lucky as for either of us leaving anytime soon.

                i tried, but it seems that i kept getting directed back. I guess my work isn’t through yet. i just keep sharing what i see, feel, and have learned and experienced.

                I know what you mean about the feeding and cleaning out of unclean scavengers.

                We never did have to resort to possums and groundhogs, etc.
                God blessed us with plenty of rabbits and chickens, and occasionally some squirrels.

                Grandpa that lived next door most of my childhood did love to eat snapping turtle. He would grapple for them under the creek banks…one tough sob, he was. Had many scars to prove it.
                He had a 55 gal steel barrel at the corner of the house that the gutter ran in. he would keep the cooters in there for weeks until they cleaned out. Seven different flavors of meat in a thrity pounder. he caught some that was as big as a 57 Ford wheel cover.

                I heard of the neighbors keeping up possums for weeks and feeding them cornmeal mush, until they cleaned out. Never had the displeasure. Nasty stinking creatures. I did shoot one under the subflooring a couple years ago, a big male, that got in during the winter, and would not leave.

                As i had him laying in the yard to let the rat terrier play with him, after dying, his ole pecker was hanging out. I called the wife and said, now call me a liar about a possum having a double pronged pecker. She still shakes her head, and laughs about that.

                She says she ain’t believing the part about them copulating thru the females nose and her blowing into her pouch, until she actually sees it. lol.

                • Amen Passin, I just try to be nice to all.
                  Call me crazy…

                  May all be well here…

                • Passin, as a kid I used to make wooden box traps for catchin’ rabbits. One of things I hated most was to catch ‘ol grinner’ in one. Nasty and stinkin’ they were and their hide didn’t bring nothin’ either.

                  • and skunks…..had to burn the boxes or hollow log sections out, in order to use them again.

          • Had a friend that lived in the Depression days. She ate armadillos. They called them Hoover Hogs back then.

            • Armadillos carry Leprosy

              • I have read that 95% of humans are immune to leprosy.

          • @passinwiththewind…

            Tried rattlesnake myself some years back. Didn’t much care for it. Had a “musty” flavor to it that I didn’t like at all.

            Don’t think I could eat a possum either. I’ve killed enough of them on my property. They just smell foul to me. And look plain nasty.

          • PWTW what is an unclean animal? I would quote Acts 10- 11 thru 15 but lets try, 1st Timothy Chap4 Vs4 “For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving”. I’m sure if things ever get as bad as many on this site believe, I’ll be thankful for a nice big Coon. I’ve eaten more than one when I wasn’t even desperate. Trekker Out. Quite Tasty!

            • Deuteronomy 14, MT.

              None of the abominable creatures listed here have changed since God spoke this. Don’t believe those that teach “all old testament was nailed to the cross”.

              A scavenger is better than starving, and many of the early Americans did eat those things. I eat swine on a regular basis, but sometimes i can tell it makes me feel bad.

              I guess i could die happy and sick by eating BLTs with home grown tomatoes, every day. I fix a big pan of homemade sausage gravy and biscuits about once every week.
              I keep hbp, and high cholesterol. My Dr. says my blood runs like sludge. I just laugh at her and keep eating junk. When you retire and only need enough energy to ride a lawn mower and occasionally fish, you can get by like that.
              That may very well change in the near future and i will change my habits to compensate.

              Oh yea, the verse you speak of does not go far enough to explain what the subject is. One must go back to verse one, and keep that in the context of the verses following.
              A key verse with a key sentence is vs 3;….. “which God hath created to be received”, ….
              This covers every animal that is clean, only.
              It is not a sin to eat swine or coon, but it dang sure can make one feel bad, or eventually kill a person because of the deadly parasites that may be passed along.

              Just sayin’, cook the piss out of it.

              An old preacher friend of mine that I used to deer hunt with and camp some, had been a military chaplain and was the funniest man i ever was around that did not cuss or use profanity while telling jokes and stories. he was a rare breed that was fun to be around, and loved the Lord with all his heart.

              he told a story about going to a country cafe in a small town where he and a couple buddies were deer hunting.
              A little country bumpkin got their orders and each one ordered hamburger steak plates.

              She put up the order and the big ole fat greasy looking grill cook looked at it and then walked down the hall where the preacher could see him, swing the back screen door open and take a piss while holding the door with one hand. He then walked straight back to the grill and threw on their steaks.

              When the cook spoke to her, the little waitress came by and said, “Oh, I forgot, how do you all want those steaks cooked?” the two friends told her, and the preacher said, ” tell him to just fry the piss out of mine”. Sitting around a camp fire and thinking he was on a serious story, it was funny stuff.

              • (Mark 7:19 NIV) For it doesn’t go into his heart but into his stomach, and then out of his body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods “clean.”)

                • Barn kitty, you need some cleaning up on the word. Jesus never came to change the law, not even a jot.

                  The only thing changed was the blood sacrifices and a few ordinances. Nothing about food laws were changed. Nothing changed inside unclean animals, to make them clean.

                  Ignorance is bliss. However, some asians do like to eat cat.

                  • Barn Cat is actually correct on this one. Sometimes you actually need to read the entire sentence 🙂

                    “For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled.” Matthew 5:18

                    John 19:28-30
                    “Afterwards, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said: I thirst….And bowing his head, he gave up the ghost.”

                    Once all the prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus, the Old Law was, as the plain language says, REPLACED, “MADE VOID,” “BLOTTED OUT,” “SET ASIDE,” “TAKEN AWAY,” “ANNULLED.” and FULFILLED in the NEW Covenant, the NEW Israel, the NEW Chosen People:
                    Hebrews 7:18
                    Hebrews 10:9
                    Colossians 2:14
                    Jeremias 31:31-32
                    Malachias 2:8-12
                    Hebrews 8:5-13
                    Mark 7:7-9
                    1 Peter 2:9-10

                    • That is what the “new” church teaches, just like believing a man, can forgive sin. It does not work that way.

                      If the old law was completely done away with, “replaced”, then how come it is still wrong to steal, commit murder, commit adultery, etc, etc. So there is no problem with eating unclean animals/scavengers in God’s eyes? I call bs on this ideology.

                      Just like my mother in law that works for a pork processing plant and brings all this meat home because she gets it for free or real cheap. When I told her that eating all that pork was most likely the cause of her feeling bad and sickly all the time, and God called it “unclean” for a reason.. Her response, “oh, all that old testament stuff was nailed to the cross”.

                      I ain’t buying what you people are selling.

                    • Nobody’s selling anything here but you, you’ve really gotten to the point where you’ve made a gigantic horse’s ass of yourself with your constant wailing and whining about how ” god” hates everything that you don’t agree with. Go piss up a rope with your idiotic hillbilly outlook on everything, if you really hate it here so much then leave and join Jesus, trust me, the majority here will NOT miss you, that’s for sure.

                    • PWTW, You aren’t the first to make up man-made traditions. (Mark 7:8-9)

                      God gave Peter and his successors the authority to bind and loose whatsoever they judged. (Matthew 16:19) Peter chose to include the Ten Commandments in the New Law and so are valid because they are made New again, not simply because they were part of the dead letter of the Old Law. Recall how Jesus ridiculed the dietary laws? (Matthew 7:4) Well, Peter did not include the dietary laws, circumcision, the old calendar, the old feasts, etc. in the New Law.

                      As for forgiving sins, here is what God said:
                      “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.” John 20:23
                      For this reason Catholics do not swing a chicken around their heads for the chicken to absorb sins in that man-made rite of kapparot.

        • #1-1/2 trap on a tree is a good way to get squirrels when you don’t want to use a gun. I’ll eat a tree rat way before I’ll eat a coon, skunk or possum.
          Woodchuck on the other hand is just fine although they aren’t as plentiful around here in the forest.

          Other critters like Grouse, Turkey and Deer are what we hunt the most.

          Never shoot a porcupine though because they are the only animal easily chased down and clubbed by a starving human. Have some mercy at least.

          • Was watching fat guys in the woods the other day. He made snares to catch squirrel. I can’t wait to try it out. I got way to darn many squirrel around here. They are gonna taste good.

            • I did most of the squirrel hunting for our families. None of my uncles, on either side, were much for hunting. I killed them with a 22 single shot most of the time.

              Grandmas on both sides lived about a mile apart, and I gladly brought in skinned squirrels for them when they asked. Both could make some tasty tree rat, and awesome gravy.

              I began thinning out some two years ago. There were no acorns, and the darn things began raiding the barn and the deer feeders like mad. After killing one, i processed and threw the legs into a gallon bag in the freezer. By Thanksgiving, I had enough to fix a big platter and take to the family gathering. All of my nieces and nephews, average about 13 years old, had never tasted a bushy tail.

              The secret to good squirrel or rabbit, is boiling/baking in water, with seasonings, till the meat is tender, and then roll in flour and fry golden brown. Use the drippings from the fry pan, with a little of the cooking broth, to make the gravy. I use a corn starch paste to thicken.

      3. I got 15 banderuhleers of 3 inch blakc swan shot for mi moss berg 590!!! Bring it on dred lock negroid swans!!!!! KEEEEYAAAAA b*tches!!!!!

      4. With mindless football right around the corner for the coward pussy Zombies in the collapsing filthy vile disgusting fascist shithole of the world, it will not matter what the Black Swan event is, the coward pussy Zombie trash of America could care less. They have sold their souls to the Corporatist Fascist filth, and they have already given their children up to the fascist evil monsters, so whatever the Black Swan event could be, it will not keep the coward Zombie filth from eating their poisonous toxic fake food while watching their fake entertainment in the “Land of the Coward, Home of the Fascist Filth”.

        • Ron, I wish you lived next to ne so we could chat. You would fit in just fine.

        • Is there some shortcut key(s) for “coward pussy Zombies”? CNTRL cpz or something?

      5. I think it is definitely time to increase situational awareness to include if not by now some co-workers.
        It is an understatement to say people are not edgy.

        Whatever happens, it should not catch no one here unaware.
        The problem will be the shock that when it actually happens and reality sets in that our way of life has taken a turn that we may not recover from in this generation or the next.

        We all know that there is cultural crisis in the land and world.
        As a matter of fact, we are seeing a non-violent Muslim invasion of Europe.

        But, point is, do not over look the earth changes that are upon us. Our plate is about to get real full it seems.
        Just my opinion.

      6. 5.1% unemployment rate? Not! That is only the percentage of people still eligible for unemployment benefits. If you ran out of bennies, you are no longer counted as unemployed. If you are just out of school and have never yet been employed and cannot find a job, you are not counted as unemployed. If you are an immigrant and have never worked here, you are not counted. If you want a full time job and can only get part time work, you are not counted as unemployed. The current unemployment rate as calculated before President Clinton changed the formula is about 16%. Maybe a little higher. The truth shall set you free.

        • Agreed, it is probably very much higher.

          If the gov stats are saying that the number of “available, and able to work”, that have quit looking for work, is at about 10%; then we can figure it is probably near double that.

          so then you add in the 5 % and change, that are drawing unemployment compensation, and you can see we are at nearly a 25% true unemployment rate.

          Then there is the figure of those that are drawing SSI and SS Disability, that can actually do some types of work, and that figure increases.

          Example: in our state, if a woman (or a man) has a minor health issue, such as a mild case of Type 2 Diabetes, and claims they are unable to work, and have at least one child under 18 years old, they will be immediately given SSI, temporary disability status, and receive SSI/welfare payments.
          Those payments will continue until that child reaches 18 and is out of High school. Then they are stopped, and the parent has to re-apply under SS Disability rules and guidelines.
          There are hundreds of thousands claiming inability to work because of “mental issues”, and have children, and are drawing SSI/welfare. Minorities, legal or not, are given carte blanche service when filing for benefits, if they have children.

          Is that fair? I don’t care to say, based on the way our leaders have allowed crony capitalism/fascism, to control our system, but; it sure is a number that should be used when stating unemployment numbers.

          • And they also get medical welfare with a $0 deductible. Since they have NO financial risk, they place no value on the medical care and squander money for the silliest of reasons (and many seek potent narcotics in large amounts for recreation and their sideline, diversion for street sales).

          • I feel sorry for anybody who has real back problems. A ‘bad back’ is the most common excuse given by disability moochers. Once people climb aboard the disability gravy train, fewer than 1% ever get off.

        • Prophet; The govt. never tells you about the people who get laid off either and there are lots of them. You don’t much hear about those that get their hours cut either. The unemployment is closer to 20% but if the govt. said that people would be descending on Washington with pitchforks,tar and feathers and hanging rope.

        • I would bet higher

        • A temp sent out for 1 day counts as a job created. If the us gubberment was honest about jobs any also added in the millions on the dole, USA is well above 1930s unemployment levels.

        • 43% of the American people are on welfare. That is the total population of Russia and Eastern Europe . This does not include any military people collecting benefits .if you work on the payroll in America you are paying for 3 others that won’t .

      7. Almost 1 trillion bucks in school loans may not be repayable. Almost 1 trillion bucks in questionable auto loans, many of which may be defaulted. 7 year car loans? Really? That’s a mortgage. The next real big drop in the economy will collapse the financial industry. And the auto industry. About 1 in 6 US jobs are auto related. The education cost bubble will finally pop. We are near the big one right now.

        • Almost 1-in-4 work for some level of government (including contract work). When can we expect that industry to collapse?

          Shemitah? [laughing]

      8. Prepper tip…

        Here is another item you might want to add your list if you have young children or grandchildren.

        Young children can have a fever spike quickly. Nothing is scarier that to wake up in the middle of the night with a toddler who has spiked a fever of 104. If they are vomiting, they won’t be able to keep Tylenol down.

        They are available over the counter in pharmacies or online.

        Here is the brand sold at Walmart.
        Feverall Acetaminophen Suppositories, Infants, 80 mg
        (for children ages 6 months – 36 months)

        These will bring a fever down quickly. They will store safely for several years.

        (I have no connection to this product, just can verify that it works.)

        • Fever is more dangerous for the very young (increased fluid losses, dehydration, seizures) and infirm and very old (more rapid heart rate means more cardiovascular stress), but for all ages it is important to determine the CAUSE of the fever. Is it from a passing viral illness that requires no targeted treatment? …or is it from sepsis, meningitis, cancer, rheumatological disease, or some other cause that requires targeted treatment?

          • For kids vomiting, and no other option, mix mils sugar water with a twist of Himalayan salt for minerals and electrolytes. Taste it yourself first, should taste like powerade with no flavor. Will do if no access to pedialyte. For diarrhea, it’s the BRAT diet….bananas rice apples toast. Use whatever you got.

            If you get stressed don’t load up on chocolate, it causes constipation.

          • I think the American Indians started off treating fever with a cool bath.

        • Thanks KY Mom, I have littles and didn’t know I could get this OTC. One of my littlest has a rare intestinal disease and though she is very healthy considering when she gets stomach ailments, she dehydrates very quickly due to short gut.

          Thanks for sharing, very helpful!

          • Anon 1970,

            Glad to help.

            Feverall also comes in a 120 mg. size for preschoolers and older children. According to the pharmacist, the soft tablets can be cut down (for a smaller dosage) and used for a baby or toddler.

        • Absolutely correct-Feverall does work like a champ-only remember one thing-if you don’t want your little one remembering you as the one that applied the Feverall-let your partner do the deed. Honestly-my daughter remembers her mother inserting them.

        • Forgot to mention-antibiotics that are used for animals can be used in humans as well. And these can be ordered up without a script online.
          Keep prepping and an ear to the ground.

        • Last time I was in Cozumel Mexico, on a cruise, I bought 8 bottles of penicillin for children. it comes in a powder form, then mix with water and it is cherry flavor.

          In Mexico you can buy all that kind of stuff over the counter, no prescription.

          Anybody with kids knows the hassle of ear infections in little ones.

          I also got a shit load of adult medicines, all no prescription and all one hell of a lot cheaper than in the US.

          Makes the cost of a cruise really cheap when you count cost of the savings on medicine.

          • Off Grid Worming…

            Off-Grid Worming Recipe for horses and other livestock
            (Most of these items you can grow yourself.)

            Use a mixture of…
            40% sunflower and pumpkin seeds
            30% tobacco leaves (or loose pipe tobacco from the store)
            the rest parsley flakes and garlic.

            Fill up a gallon ice cream bucket and you can worm over 20 horses with it.

            According to research, intestinal worms release from the stomach and intestinal lining during the full moon to breed. The rough texture of the mixture scrapes the worms away and right out of the horses.

            It is much cheaper than conventional worming. Also, the horse manure (garden fertilizer) is NOT contaminated by the chemicals in the tube wormer.

            Horse manure tainted with worming medication is also tainted and will kill the good worms in the soil once the manure is on the ground.”

            Ivermectin products in the manure will continue to kill beneficial stuff in your soil for 28 days post worming. Daily feed through wormer like strongid will eventually sterilize your whole place. Panacure or safeguard does the least damage to your soil.

            Diatomaceous earth works very well as a de-wormer in humans, cats and dogs. Whenever administering, always mix the D.E. in food with moisture.

            Horse owners I know believe Diatomaceous earth may be dangerous to horses and other livestock if they inhale the dust.

            So, they use other natural methods (such as the recipe babove) with their livestock – horses, cows and goats.

            Also, when applying D.E. in the garden, use a face mask – so you don’t breathe in the dust.

            Note: Mixing a teaspoon of D.E. in a bowl of oatmeal a couple times a week can help people lower their cholesterol too.

        • KYM – for your reference:

          Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis is getting some national support from former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

          ******Huckabee is holding a rally to protest Davis’ imprisonment on a contempt charge. The rally, called the “I’m With Kim Liberty Rally” will be held in Kentucky on Sept. 8. “What a world, where Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail but Kim Davis is,” Huckabee said after the clerk was taken into federal custody on Sept. 3.*****

          Could you forward to your Tea Party friends/leaders in KY and IN?
          The Dem. KY Gov. stated “Her good faith belief is not a viable defense” for not doing her job and ignoring the courts.: White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “The success of our democracy depends on the rule of law, and there is no public official that is above the rule of law.” We don’t recall President Obama insisting on “the rule of law” when his then Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced in 2011 that he wouldn’t defend challenges to what was then the law—the Defense of Marriage Act signed by President Bill Clinton—in the courts. Nor did we hear about upholding the law when mayors such as Gavin Newsom in San Francisco issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of state laws. Officials such as Messrs. Holder and Newsom were as guilty as Ms. Davis of elevating personal preferences over the law. Yet they were lionized by those now holding up an obscure Kentucky clerk as a national villain. Of course, the fascist, hypocrite left also had no comment on Obama crony Jon “I lost your $1.6 billion” Corzine getting off scot-free, Hillary’s felonious email scams (not to mention Whitewater, TravelGate, Filegate, her miraculous cattle futures trades), Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious lies, all the law violations occurring in sanctuary cities, Lois Lerner has her IRA target the leftist “enemies list,” Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for beaucoup bucks, etc etc etc and ZILCHO happens to them.

          Some stories on this at
          Petition at

          • What is really insane about this whole deal is that “we the people” have allowed the devils in office of the house and senate, to allow the Supreme Court to “make laws”.

            They are only supposed to interpret the law. Their ruling only set the stage for law to be set forth.
            i never saw any session whereby law was set for gay marriage, much less voted upon.

            How can Kim Davis be guilty of breaking a law that has not been set?
            And, besides that, shouldn’t her First Amendment Rights be protected, in that the government is “impeding her free exercise of religion”?
            Precedence for laws of the Constitution should be in place here, over the political correctness of a liberal judge.

            he will be judged harshly for his role in this, if he does not confess and receive forgiveness of his sin.
            Harsh judgments are on the way for many of the wayward lost souls. The reckoning days are upon us. They will drag on for years and become as the birth pangs to a woman in travail.
            Stronger and more painful for the heathen.

            • PWTW, spot on. That communist judge could have an accident.

            • passinwiththewind,

              Good post!

          • TEST,

            Good post! Thank you!

            I forwarded the information.

            • KY Mom. You’re a rock. Thanks for being here. God bless.

      9. A lot of things line up that do not bode well for the economy or our future. If it does not crash now it has missed a good chance. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

      10. Best of luck to all in the coming weeks, I’ve been on edge more than ever as my name title suggests, I work on the water for a living, my vacation time is coming up soon and it’s back to work. Timing couldn’t be worse I think.

        My only “hope” (dare I say it like that….) is for it to be a slow event, not a free fall, so hopefully the new shock and awe of watching the news and hearing about bad events becomes the norm for just long enough to make it back home!!

        Or, absolutely nothing will change and the can will continue to get kicked and I’ll get to enjoy the new propane heating logs this winter.


        • I think there will be quite a bit of time left. I know many have mis-construed prophetic events as I have stated them, to mean teotwawki. It could, but I have never said it would “all” come tumbling down in September. I have said that we may see the first of events that set the dominoes in motion, sometime this month, and into the following months.

          Many things “could” happen this month to set up the unprepared for a severe time ahead. Remember that we are on God’s timetable and since His protective Hand has been lifted off of USSAG, we could see some events that cause many to die, come soon. I see a progressive layer of events that will test people to make decisions. The main reason is to turn the hearts and minds of people, back to the spiritual realm and away from false teachings and the lust of everything worldly.

          I have stated that I believe many will die because of an event or because of several events, in September. That has not changed in my mind. Maybe it won’t, or maybe it will.

          A crash in the stock market, that can’t be fixed, could set up many weak, worldly minded people, to kill themselves “if” they lose it all in the markets. The asteroids that “will’ definitely come, may not occur for another decade or so.

          There was an event that happened back in 2000 or 2001, have to check my notes, but it was a visitation by the Archangel Gabriel to a visionary prophet. Now, understand, it was all according to his word, of which I have no reason to doubt.

          The visitation was over a period of several days, and according to this Christian believer, Gabriel said we would have three sets of seven year periods that would start in 2008.

          The 2008 event would set up economic woes, the 2015 event would set up governmental woes, and the 2022 would set up the end times religious woes, as in control of people.

          Take it for what it is worth or dismiss it, it really doesn’t matter to me. I am prepared for a drunk driver to swerve and take me out at anytime. I also am prepared to follow my unction of the Holy Spirit, and follow the direction of preparedness.

          My job is to wake people up, and to cause them to look for truths as they desire them, as best as i can convey them.

          My destiny was laid out by my desire of understanding what was required of me as a servant to my King and Creator. Most of that job requirement will take place after, the return of Christ. I will not get into that. Just more fodder for the anti-christs like…….

          Ya’ll keep focused.

          • Yes whenever I want to change peoples minds about something spiritual I reign death and devastation onto the people. I call it forced coercion.

            • RJ,

              It’s obvious you don’t understand God’s great plan for us! You see, he MUST destroy the entire planet and everybody in it first, then and only then will it be purified. It’s the same as saying we had to destroy the village in order to save it. Now, if you can’t understand THAT, it’s off to the ole’ molten lake o’ fire with thee!

              • Hi Gabriel…from the movie Constantine.

                Gabriel: You’re handed this precious gift, right? Each one of you granted redemption from the Creator – murderers, rapists, and molesters – all of you, you just have to repent, and God takes you into His bosom. In all the worlds in all the universe, no other creature can make such a boast, save man. It’s not fair.
                [leans closer]
                Gabriel: If sweet, sweet God loves you so, then I will make you worthy of His love. I’ve been watching for a long time. It’s only in the face of horror that you truly find your nobler selves. And you can be so noble. So, I’ll bring you pain, I’ll bring you horror, so that you may rise above it. So that those of you who survive this reign of hell on earth will be worthy of God’s love.
                John Constantine: Gabriel, you’re insane!

          • wind,

            You did NOT say that we ” may” see certain events In September that would set the dominoes in motion, you clearly said we WOULD see some event that starts it all in motion in September, and NOT November. This is typical of lying sack of shit bullshit artists who give time frames and then try to back out of it by baffling ’em with bullshit. What’s the problem, did ” Jesus” tell you there’s going to be a delay in the old Armageddon time frame or are you getting an uneasy feeling that you’re only a few weeks away from being proven that you’re full of shit?

            • Nope, we will soon see who has the last laugh. You are so sick in the head that you can’t even talk right. Keep up the mocking there, and pulling off more rope.

              • And you can remember THIS, today is September 8th, you only have a little over three weeks before you’re called out publicly on this board for your doom porn bullshit, feel like doubling down on it maybe?

      11. Only one thing is to big to fail and that’s GOD ALMIGHTY!
        Everything else has and will absolutely fail. So prepare your Heart, mind, and soul, but especially your SOUL because that will last for ever.

        • The biggest ever wake up event will be when a mass majority soon realize how badly they all have been, mezermized, kosherized, and holohoaxed by the vast majority of false preachers and fake prophets etc.

          Most have skipped over the NT verses which warn folks to never fall for the judiazers for they will cause one to lose their salvation trying to go back under the old law etc. Maybe their bibles do not contain book of Galatians eh?

          Prepper Tip: a good method to spot those false type apostate pastors and judiazering ones is to observe how when they tell you they are going to “Study/preach” the book of revelation in all of it’s 22 chapters, verse By verse….as soon as they arrive close to Rev verse of 2:9 and Again when they get close to rev 3:9 verse…

          They everytime abruptly Halt the teaching, and after a slight pause…..They begin to inform the hypnotized flock in the pews of some stupid, usually not funny, “Joke” or “Story” about some idiotic humorous thing they encountered while on some golf course with their fellow cash contributors etc…

          That abrupt halt to tell a joke to the the mezmerized flock in the pews is actually done so to take the entire flocks focus away from issue at hand, ie: reciting rev chapter by chapter and verse by verse, because None ever dare to actually out loud recite those two important verses prior named here….if they did so it would cause most of the flock to begin a series of demadning questions regarding the very tribe such apostates demand their flocks maintain abject worship status of!

          And the apostate pastors cannot ever allow for any flock members to wize up to the big j taboo issues eh.

          In fact once one discovers such typical methods to hide that they totally skipped passed such verses when they go back to verse by verse teaching, via use of a stupid “joke or story” as a distraction…One can soon detect many more similar verses that Always get skipped passed such as John 8:44 for example.

          And if you doubt they employ such scam methods to Keep the flocks dumbed down to the worlds foremost problem tribe?….If an honest person, think back to how often, if ever, any pastors you have been taught by has ever dealt with or mentioned those verses?

          For if those apostates ever did teach those important verses…then today we would not be seeing such masses of misinoformed, dumbed down flock members period.

          Not to mention the ongoing usa state welfare funding of the tribal home base free crime zone for tribe membership only, would quickly be halted due to severe lack of public usa citizen support.

      12. This is why I hate the freeloading welfare cases. They take resources and live off the fruits of others labor. I do realize there are folks that need help but this shit has gotten way out of hand. 40 year old men living in the basement of moms still playing video games fucking bums losers. Some have a kid or 2 don’t pay a fucking dime. All the welfare queens in Walmart. I can’t go in there any more really. I try to go late at night or early in the morning the welfares won’t get up early. if your getting food stamps the rugs gonna get pulled out from under you someday. I know someone that gets food stamps and has no food stored up for emergency. She don’t work and eats all the time she told my wife they don’t give her enough ebt$. She gets more $for food than I spend. my wife told her it’s not so you can eat like a king just to help your food budget. The woman’s husband left her with three kids and don’t pay a dime. Total jerryspringer episode. I don’t waste my time bothering with people they are not worth the time. Don’t care to hear hard luck stories either. I spend my life at work to have a decent life why would I wanna hear people’s pity partying if your poor it’s your own fault.

      13. Passing I know what you mean about driving a truck till you can’t see anymore and your damn right it’s dangerous. I have had to pull over and do the walking around thing many times. Taking a power nap on the side of the highway. My line haul days are over I won’t do it again. I don’t drive good at night and made the call for the motoring publics and my safety. I’m a city peddler now during the day and get to be home with the wife at night which makes her and me happy. $ is almost as good really. The extra $ isn’t worth the trip to the morgue. I’ve seen drivers crash fully loaded trucks into the woods and spill loads all over the highway. recently a driver was hit by a train in newyork he jumped out seconds before it burst into flames broke his back from the jump. They said the train crossing signal wasn’t working. There’s a career over in a flash. The guy will likely have back pain the rest of his days.he got lucky he lived. It’s the most dangerous occupation IMO.

        • I hope you have a profitable driving job that doesn’t cause you too many headaches.

          I tried the local P & D work for a Unionized company for a couple years. A lot of friggin headaches and ass kissing.
          Anyways, the drivers that stay on the road for a long time as i have, will see many things that make them question their faith and mental stability.

          As i was coming down the Interstate early one morning in 1994, through Kansas, i was feeling happy as a June bug on the back of a hot female Junebug. I was preparing to go on a Montana, back country, wilderness elk hunt in just a few months with my brother. Three weeks off work that included a jaunt through Yellowstone and other adventures in Cody, WY, plus staying a couple days with our friend and neighbor that lived there near Great Falls and worked as a Guide and Outfitter.

          Then, as i came upon a Rest Area, there was three burnt rigs on the exit ramp and a few emergency vehicles. The fires were out and the smoke gone. As I slowed, i turned up the CB radio and a driver said WTF happened there. Another drive from the rest area got on the radio and explained as he had been there all night and waiting for a call from dispatch that morning.
          He witnessed it all. Apparently a dumbass driver had been at a truck stop up the road a ways, and bought a sixpack of beer. he must have killed all the beer and decided he wanted to drive.

          he ran off the interstate, crossed about 100 ft of grass, and hit the trucks parked on the exit ramp from the rest area. The flames and wreckage was unbelievable, the driver stated. One driver in his bunk was killed instantly, another was trapped in the firey wreckage, in his own bunk, and burned alive. The driver that told the story was saddened because he, nor anyone else could do a thing and they just listened to the screams as the driver burned alive.

          he said, and the worst part, (what could be worse), the driver that drank the alcohol lived, but his nine year old daughter that was on a summer break field trip with daddy, was killed.

          That kind of shit sticks with you, if you have any kind of soul at all.

      14. ONE of the Black Swan events will be a 2.5 mile wide Asteroid landing around 3:00 a.m. on September 23rd.

        This will cause an earthquake to be set off in Mexico City which in turn will set off the San Andreas Fault Line.

        The second thing it will cause is a Tsunami which will hit the entire East Coast from Florida to Maine and the waters are expected to reach as far inland as 50-miles.

        As for myself, I am convinced this huge rock Will indeed land, but I am Not convinced it will land precisely at 3:00 a.m. on 9/23. It may in fact land at a different time or even on a different day.

        Nonetheless, I aim to be prepared because I live within that 50-mile parameter and I encourage everyone with family and or friends and other loved ones to develop a quick evacuation plan ahead of time.

        We will know it has landed when there are quite turbulent winds that will wake us up.

        I am anticipating both the wind and the waters to bring down power grids and cellular communication and I would not be surprised if the powers that be shut down any additional internet lanes or equipment not hit by the waters. (You all already know they disgustingly let no crisis go to waste.)

        It is alleged that one of the purposes of Jade Helm is to “assist” with the aftermath.

        Several weeks ago, someone I know spoke to the spouse of someone in Homeland who had stated they recently learned, had been told the purpose of Jade Helm was to assist with the Asteroid’s aftermath. (I myself believe Jade Helm has more than one purpose.)

        No, I am not a prophet nor am I a scientist.

        But this Asteroid is one of several things I have studied and researched for nearly a year and for which I have found corroboration and confirmation among many different types of sources.

        Please be careful.

        Don’t underestimate Mother Nature, as many did Fukoshima after it happened.

        Do all you can to be prepared Ahead of time.

        As for myself, when I tell my family members and friends about this of course I am taking the responsibility for being wrong and also being labeled a nut or crazy. I can live with that.

        But I cannot remain silent because my silence could very well lead them to or result in their deaths and that is something I cannot live with.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “The hottest places in hell are for those, who in a time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” – JFK

        • Thanks for the heads up. However, Mighty Mouse nor Superman are no longer around to stop it so I guess I’ll just have to roll with the punches.

          • And btw LR, my post was not to make fun or light of your post. It’s just that there ain’t much I can do other than hope it don’t happen.

            • With my rotten luck, the damned thing will probably land right smack-dab on top of MY house!

          • You get the High 5 of the day PO’D! That was funny!

          • PO’d: Do Not worry! my neighbor’s, wife’s, great aunt’s cousin gave the word that, said cousins husband was told last week by Michael the Arch Angel, that his fellow arch angel Gabrial was able to reach out to Davy…The real Davy Jones of Davy Jones locker fame!

            Yes and the secret word message Gabe passed on to Davy Jones was that at a precice time only known of in advance by the unspoken spirits contained in gold fishes….Ol’ Davy Jones was to heed the call and Unplug the main Drain of the entire pacific ocean two days prior to asteroide impact events occures!

            That of course is going to lower the pacifics overall depth and in turn cause the ocean surface to drop to a level far below levels required to create such huge tidal waves…This is all being done as proof the old covenant is still intact since it is going to save the usa’s largest tribe community this side of telaviv and london combined!

            This in turn is going to cause (forbidden topic taboo word here) banksters to jump for joy and end and forgive everybodys current mortgages and car loans in honor of the real reasons (cancel all debts) for the ancient “sheemitah” event cycles.

            However there is a huge hidden clause in it all…That is that only IF entire usa senate and congress shabozz goyims agree to Increase current multi Billions per year fundings to the banksters free ziocrime zone in mid east, israel….Will Gabrials message occure on time and save NY and the entire east and west coast’s from dire consequences….so man them phone banks folks! Call Your senators and congress shabozz Goys and tell them to drastically increase funding to build more yeshevia schools in israel!….Or… Oy Vey! The mass Guilt Shall be Upon Your shoulders as well as the massive innocent shed blood!

            Stay Tuned! I promice further update infos when Moses makes his weekly “wed is free Bagels day” at Them Guys crib visit!…when Moses as per usual will again teach me more top secret talmudic info reserved only for those who like me are fully ziowizedup!

            • You sure do try to make a mockery of God’s business.

              For someone that professes to know a lot, you must think you are above judgment for mockery. I would be careful if i were you. Sickness and diseases come around, and sometimes back again, all the time, when people start putting down spiritual messages.

              God has a way of humbling folks down to a level that mockery is their least of concerns.

              • Hey, you FORGOT to tell him he might lose 10k worth of property or 80k of his investment portfolio or even lose his wife by ” mocking” your prophetic ” teachings” nutcase.

              • Hear, hear… Well said dear passin xXx

        • A 2.5 mile wide Asteroid – planet killer.
          Nothing would survive, not even bacteria – Armageddon.

          • A 6 mile wide asteroid killed the dinosaurs. A 2.5 mile wide asteroid would most likely strike an ocean and not land first.

          • Did you guys see that fireball over Bangkok this morning? Debris from that larger asteroid?

        • If thats true and happens,hooooNelly!
          That would be an extinction level event.

        • Could you site your source of the asteroid, please. I would like to read more about that.

          • Here’s one link:

            ht tp://

        • WOW!!! Who was that Masked Man?

          • Actually, I wondered why it seemed to blow up a few hundred feet above the ground, more like a remote detonation-type thing.

        • So, let’s get this crystal clear for everybody, ok? Now, on September 23rd, at 3,00 Am, a 2.5 mile wide asteroid is going to hit the Earth and cause massive earthquakes. Ok, we’ve got that. Now, it may land at a different time and day also! That’s the problem that nuts like you and pissinwind ALWAYS have with your predictions, they’re as solid as the minds that spew them out onto these websites, what you both need is psychiatric help for your disease addled minds.

      15. A lot of nutters on here.

      16. In October we will post how the end is near in November.

      17. Lets get one thing straight…It’s “The Powers That Should’nt Be”!!! They are the whole problem with the world in a nut shell….”live in interesting times” and do we…

      18. The aliens are coming on the asteroid as it is a cloaked mothership . The underground greys will unite and help us to ward of the coming invasion of demonic powers .Dulce base has a lot of them and many humans doing the hybrid .
        The reptilian creatures will go to the DUMB bases underground to wait out the coming destruction on the surface and in time will them come out after 2/3 of the earth is destroyed . I come from ancient race of giants that ruled this earth long ago and my genetics will help me survive .My fellow Nephilim are coming back to take over this world once the destruction is final ! גיהינום מחכה !

        • Luckily for us, sarcastic ass holes are the first to die.

        • Yeah sure!

      19. I had asteroids. Couldn’t sit down for a week. Made it hard to walk my beat jigglin them door knobs too. Remember the most important prep is preparation H.

        • The solution for your roids:

          Put on a pair of cowboy boots and strip naked. Squat down, then position the roids between the heels of the boots. When in place, stand up really quickly.

          • Very Pointed Toe Cowboy Boots, I call..Cockroach Killers!

            Because when worn while going to sleep at night, you can be fast prepared to kill cockroaches when you go for a late nite snack into kitchen, and soon as lite is turned on the roaches scatter towards every corner where normal round toe shoes are not able to effectivly reach deep into those tight corner angles where roaches think they can escape death by Da Boot!

          • Must be a Texan remedy. Use could always use your six-shooter and a mirror.

            • To do what? Force them at gun point to look into a mirror and scare themselves to death?

          • Tip::::Place feet on the Grouse’s wings, grab the feet and stand up. Skinned and ready to BBque.

          • As i see the agency ass clown trolls are making up handles similar to mine and others as well. I have a meeting next Sunday with my friend and as promised I will answer to what take place in September of this month and October, November and December. Anytime you guys notice that I stop posting on all of the articles, that’s when you know that I was informed of something. I see the scientist next Sunday if I don’t post and you don’t see my comments it means that I was given really bad information so you all need to get ready and prepare for what’s coming.

            Get ready. Remember what posted about the free energy insider and what he was told about the stock market crashes first, this did happen, and then the calapse then the grid gets taken down. So get ready.

            USASECURITYGUARD, we legitimate posters would like to hear from you asap.



            Shtf will commense.

            • Greetings and salutations from our super secret underground mall cop security bunker!!!!!
              I have dire news and warnings friends!! I have talked to a “scientist” (scientists are smart people who do smart stuff) and he gave me some SERIOUS info people!!! Sit down before you read this folks!!!!!!

              He said the “economy” (the economy is what keeps the mall in business) is not good and could get worse!!!!!
              He also said an “asteroid”(and asteroid is a space hemeroid) may or may not strike our planet at some point in our lifetime!!!!!
              He then stated that if we get attacked with an “EMP” weapon( EMP is Latin for bad attack weapon that is REALLY bad) that bad stuff could happen all over the good ol US of A!!!!
              Lastly he added that we should be on the look out for Koreans or Russians, Mexicans , or any yellow or brown funny looking hard to understand people who generally smell “off”. They could already be here, or not, but to be vigilant, especially in September, October , November , December, January , February , March , April , May , June , July , and August !!!!!!!!
              Well I gotta go friends I got a code 3850 over at the Build a Bear. Those can turn nasty in a heartbeat !!!!!!!!
              Ill be back soon with more updates! Stay vigilant and remember to shop smart… Shop S-Mart!!!!

        • Oh, so it was Preparation H I forgot to get at the store. I need that for dealing with these trolls. [SARCASM]

          • Thatz rite!!! Next week I meet wif scientafakists and get answers!!! We will go to TOP SECRET (shhhhh) underground rumpus room/SPYBASe and find the troof!!!! And if we are good then the scientafakists can sleep over and we can eat corn chips and as much food rite orange pop as we want. yEAH I LIKE ORANGe POP!!! So WHAT?
            We will get answers!!! If I don’t post soon I dwank to much pop and got tummy bubbles!!!!
            kEEEEYAAA TO TYRNY!!!!!!

      20. When all servicemen are recalled from leave and Navy ships have put to sea on the East Coast. Then you have something to worry about. All military bases will be on alert. Mayport Fl. Kings Bay, Georgia, Charlestown, S.C.
        Hampton and Norfolk Virgina. On the west coast SanDiego and Bremington Washington. You see ships going to sea soon then you will know for sure it is real. It does not take them long to get ready except if they are in dry dock. Pearl Harbor will set sail too.

        Be Alert.

        • The true indicator is air routes: Watch the air routes. They start shutting that down and then you know it is real war. So far, go to the airport and you will still find Aeroflot, Syria’s airline, Yemen’s, etc. But when they block them from landing rights, then that is an act of war. Until then, chill.

          We are still nowhere close to a state of war but it could happen.

        • You act like Obama will actually take action to protect America? The only country the American military will be fighting is Israel, thanks to Obama.

      21. Got a question….Do Black Swans matter?

        • ALL Swans matter!

        • If black swans mattered then the Federal Government would stop funding Planned Swanhood.

      22. They blame guns for all the crime and deaths but in reality it is the economy and drugs. Crime goes up when the economy goes down due to unemployment. Some are good people trying to feed their families others are trying to support their drug habits. The powers that be don’t want to stop the drugs coming into this country because they make too much money from fines,confiscating property ect. It is also a drain on our tax money to incarcerate them. That is another reason to build a fence. Its going to get much worse before it ever if at all gets better. Just a thought.

        • Guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do!

      23. If the asteroid does not hit Puerto Rice on Sept 23rd, we will have six more weeks of Football.

      24. I read that the Mexican drug gangs and cartels already control Phoenix Arizona and large parts of the other southwest states. They just killed a sheriff and a border officers entire family except one daughter who hid under the bed, who has now gone missing herself. These were people fighting the drug gangs. This article stated many of the police in these areas accept payoffs and have become united with the gangs and are protecting them. Sounds like our government.

      25. Love the Berwick! If I was gay, I would try and hook up with him. He is right about gold/silver: just try buying some from the national mints and you will get endless emails telling you stuff is out of stock.

        We run a business that tracks global sentiment and trends and provide intel to governments. We tracked things going off the rails as of mid-2013. It is a slow falling apart but the pace is picking up.

        This will be a collapse much worse than 2008. It is underway and the system will have a heart attack in the next six months just like we saw in 2008. The system will do a running stop and governments will have to pile in again to bail the system out. But this time we will be at war in Ukraine and Syria, so it will be very sketchy.

        On a plus note, there is serious talk about drafting the Millennials to fight this war. I will grab my wife’s undies and be waving and laughing when they draft the ghetto/ebt trash and send them to boot camp. For once in my life, being too old is really cool.

        • Damn Frank, if we meet up on the road after the collapse you better have your own tent cause you ain’t sharing mine.

      26. Old Guys Rule.

        “Bitching since before you were born”.


      27. Frank these millennials are so lazy and selfish they couldn’t fight for anything but there next meal maybe losers. I don’t see them fighting they are using crying cards all the time there is no more brave fighters just a bunch of mommy coddled little boys scared to man up and feeling entitled to the fruits of others labor. I’m throwing my wife’s undies up too. Ha millennials we’d be better off with a bunch of over weight old farts that are tired and pissed off with everything.

      28. Franks Thoughts.

        “You must get comfortable with death and seeing people die.”

        Being alone and facing the darkness. Being able to do without or less. Understand what you need to do, whatever the task. Know what you can accomplish and your point of No Return. Hard to define for each and every one of us.

        It determines whether we stand up or lay down and die.

        • That is not why I prep. I prep so that I can maintain my standard of living during SHTF, not so I can live in the woods eating cans of baked beans.

      29. We just finished with the figs and blueberries and are working on apples for the freezer. We’ve got a row of tomatoes that we started recently, so we should have some fresh tomatoes in November and early December, at least until the first frost.

        The scuppernong grapes are close to being ripe, so I just put netting over the vines to keep the birds out. Our original vine came from my mother. I don’t know where she got it from, but it’s supposed to be a descendant of the original mother vine in Tyrrell County, NC.

        Our spider lilies have just come up again and will be fully open soon. These came from my wife’s great-grandmother’s home place, also in Tyrrell County.

        Plants are a way to keep memories alive of the people who supplied them. We have forsythia, roses, pyracantha, and other plants that have come from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

        Everyone should keep a gardening diary. It will help you remember all the details about when things were planted, where they were planted, and how they did. Also keep up with the varieties and the sources. Then you will have more information to work with in future seasons.

        • What do you do with your figs? We have a couple huge fig trees

          • We make fig preserves. Peel them, crush them, add an equal amount of sugar, cook till thickened, then seal in small jars. My wife likes to eat figs right off the tree.

            Many years the ants and bees get into them bad, but not this year for some reason.

            • Thanks Archivist and laeagle, my hardest thing to do is keep the birds off em

          • Thank you for your posts Arvhivist and Kula. That is really cool about having plants handed down from older generations in this highly mobile society. I have family who are farmers and horticulturalists but they are scattered to the four winds around the world now. Kula, we make wonderful fig preserves here in Louisana. I boil the figs in a little bit of water and lots of suger with slices of oranges/orange peel to add a little flavor. Boil it until you get a thick syrupy consistency. My wife loves the fresh ones and eat them before I can preserve them. Beware, figs and apricots can give you a gout flare!

            • Yep, and there are also “bad” figs. We got some a few years ago and they were sweet and good tasting. We got some from a tree at her sisters house, and used the same recipe as before.

              Those things were terrible and we had to throw the whole batch out. Well, it went into a mixed berry wine vat.

        • Makes my mouth water…..

      30. I once read a book that said European people went apeshit when the calendar was rolling over from 999 to 1000 A.D. They felt the Earth would end and it was a time filled with prophecies and crazies. Of course, it was just an arbitrary number retroactively applied but it fed on the stress and uncertainty of the times.

        Just a thought

        • 99.999% of the people had no idea what year it was back then.

      31. I have never watched he market so much until here recently. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

      32. I think if nothing happens by Oct.1 I will stand down. I have other plans when the temperature is cooler.
        The readiness will still be there but moving on to other goals. I don’t feel we cover the issues we need to cover and hope many get the needed info at other sites.
        Too many verbal issues to cover. Soon the refugees will come from Germany and more from the southern boarders. To tell you the truth, many will not be ready for the change in lifestyle.

        • I really feel for the Syrians and Iraquis, horrible stuff they have been through.

          • @Kulafarmer…

            I “want” to feel sorry for them. But so many of them that end up coming here, don’t want to become Americans. They just want to come here and turn this country into another Muslim territory. I realize I’m speaking in generalities here….but generally speaking…it’s the truth. Remember, these people are going to other countries because they WANTED to go there. They are fleeing for their lives. And you can rest assured that there are more than a few radical jihadists among them. How long will it be before we have more innocent Americans slaughtered in some mall or other public location? And then…TPTB will use it as an excuse to restrict the freedoms of the rest of us.

            I see no good coming from this. None at all.

            • dropped a word….so let’s clarify.

              One sentence above should have read….

              Remember, these people are NOT going to other countries because they WANTED to go there. They are fleeing for their lives.

              Changes the whole meaning of what I was trying to say.

      33. Passing we have this truck that a driver killed a man with who was driving a little car like a Toyota Yaris. The driver hit him at a light and totally flattened him. Every time I see that truck I refer to it as the death machine I won’t use it. The jersey police held on to it for a long time then called my boss and said do you want your equipment back. Ya the local union companies have their issues. I live 10 mins from the barn and the Benny’s can’t be beat around here. I don’t let the bullshit bother me. I like the stories drivers have to tell. The industry isn’t what it used to be that’s for sure. The guy that was killed had two young kids. Thinking about them without a daddy is ruff. Lives can be changed forever in seconds. Definetly not for most people. Best left to the good ole boys.

      34. Kulafarmer.

        Do you trust the Muslims? Can they do to us what they are doing in France and England.

        They will lie till they have enough people here and then we will be up to our ass in Jihad.

        And I hope they cut off every P.C. and Goody Two Shoes Heads off.

        • I feel its a delicate subject, i refuse to lump good and bad into one bunch, many many many amongst these refugees are decent good people faced with an impossible situation

          • @Kulafarmer….

            But that is irrelevant to the point. Guess what…..probably the majority of the people in Iran are good people and MANY of them actually are pro-American. But it doesn’t matter. Because THEY are not in control. The wacko Islamists are.

            And likewise…in this country today, there are MANY fine Muslim people who want to do no more than just live their lives in peace. But there are also a whole bunch of them that are just as murderous as ISIS, and are simply awaiting the opportunity to strike. And we’ve already seen this.

            There comes a time when we must look out for the best interests of the REAL citizens of this country. We simply cannot save the whole world.

          • Kula sure hate to disagree, but this is exactly what the world sees when looking at America being over run my illegals from Mexico, they see good people faced with an impossible situation. And a year down the road when things settle down and these european countries are flooded by muslims it won’t be a pretty or compassionate thing to see. Trekker Out.

            • I completely agree MT.

              The bad will blend in with the not so bad and then…sudden destruction comes.

              I had a good black friend in the mid seventies. His family were old timey good Christian folks. I had supper with them once. The friend was just a good ole black guy, that loved doing the same things all young country men do.

              The he started running with the blacks that had a black panther mentality. I approached him once while he was among them to ask a question and he turned on me like a rabid dog. I knew most of it was show for his buddies, but i never trusted him ever again.

              The same with the muzzies here, 99% will stick with their kind and the false religion of islam and the evil koran.
              Their mantra…”convert or be killed”. it will happen.

              Sorry Kula, the only ones i feel sorry for are the innocent children that they brainwash.

              • PWTW

                You’re catching on there, Good Buddy.

                What I like is this.

                Covert to Islam or be Killed.

                I ask. Can I killed the Infidel?

                Answer. Yes you Can.

                I ask. Who is the Infidel.

                Answer. Anyone against the Koran.

                You can make anything or anyone, to be against the Koran.

                It can legitimize any action in the name of Allah.

                Think about that for a minute. But when something happens the STUPID AMERICAN PEOPLE will still ask.

                How can anyone do such a heinous act. We have asked that over and over and over..

                • As to the last two sentences, it is absurd and totally insane that our very own judicial system can put anyone in jail for standing up for their religious beliefs, that I might add, were the basis for the US Constitution for which they/judges, are supposed to uphold. Kim Davis in Kentucky, right now. Who is marching for her today? If it were a muzzie, the potus and his minions would be there with US Marshals to release her.

                  There is no more religious freedom for Christians…anywhere.
                  But, they allow the muzzies every consideration under the sun for their unholy religious practices, even when they are in prison as convicted criminals.

                  We are soon going to see a time of unheard of prosecution, against white males, and especially if they are out spoken about their Christianity.

                  We will cross over into an age of unprecedented stripping of our freedoms in the name of “Peace”, and the “New World order”.

                  The Pope is coming at the latter part of the month to set the next wheels in motion.

                  The sheeple will buy his lies, and suck them up, hook,line, and sinker.

                  When he goes before the UN, on the 25th, I think it is, the French representative will submit a Palestinian Statehood agreement. it will most likely pass if the USSAG doesn’t break it. If they don’t break it, and Israel is split, then God will split America, right down the Mississippi, I believe, by the visions and dreams folks have been having about it.

                  Sadly, many folks will be uprooted and many won’t make it, if and when it happens.

                  Keep an eye out Sling, and if it goes through, get that boat ready, cause you may need it at some point.

                  • Jailed WITHOUT bail. Her real crime was in defying HIM. Get on your knees and grovel, kerr! Avert your eyes!

                    • Good point, and I appreciate your clearing up the previous “scarcasim” post to mine.

                      Yea,i am a little bit crazy, because of all the liberals, I’ll give you that much.

                    • ” If and when” it happens. Yeah, nothing like being CERTAIN in all your trumpets o’ doom predictions! Idiot.

                    • Don’t you feel so wonderful inside, just knowing that you are so immature and childish that you have nothing better to do than cut down the truth.

                      When it is biting you on the ass, and is locked in like a pit bull, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

                    • Well pissin, if you’re as ” certain” about that happening to me as you are about your doom porn predictions coming this month, then I don’t have anything to worry about, just have a good laugh at yet another poor, misguided bible nut who thinks he’s somehow relevant when he should accept that he’s just as insignificant as everybody else.

                  • If she refused to do her job she should have been fired not put in jail. However, Ms. Davis is wrong if she believes that signing her name to a gay marriage license will earn her a ticket straight to hell.

                    I just don’t understand why christians speak out against homosexual behavior and nary a peep about other sins and crimes against people and humanity. Have they turned on a television lately? Yet no comment from the christian crowd about the soft core sex that is considered prime time programming.

                    In gods eyes all sins are equal there is none that are worse than any other. So picking and choosing is just crazy to me.

                    Did Ms. Davis refuse to sign her name to marriage licenses for people who have been previously divorced?

                    If she did, then she was condoning adultery because in the bible once you are married you are always considered married in the eyes of god and if you marry another you are committing adultery.

                    If you want to get technical about it according to the bible once you have sex with a person you are considered married in gods eyes.

                    Of course you can’t escape human beings and their flawed logic. Especially when it comes to the bible. Most pick and choose verses like they are picking through a bunch of apples at the grocery store.

        • where is the ‘like’ button on this blog?……JK

      35. Say for instance with all this racial tensions that the Muslims that enter this country are not so friendly to American and its principles. So they side with the blacks and the blacks arm them. A mutual agreement is struck. Blacks become Muslims and the refugee Muslims will fight to kill Whitey. After all Whitey is an infidel. Jihad and Sharia Law just around the corner.

        • Aaahhemmm. Louis Farrakan already laid the groundwork. Glen beck has written a bond called it IS about Ialam. He gets into the differences between Muslims (faith is Islam) and Islamists ( use extreme interpretations of Koran to justify their form of govt ant terror). He actually travelled to the mid east and sat with scholars at Tehran university to confirm the interpretations into chairs law. Haven’t rd the whole thing, but can’t wait to finish it.

      36. Nobody mentions that over 3 million new refugees of mid east are orthodox christian eh…And how even in Iran like the other nations of syria etc also contains communities of jewish folks….I guess 20 yrs of fox news brainwashings tends to confuse many folks and cause them to never seek valid info from other sources.

        Also Never mentioned is the Number One main major reason you now all a sudden are seeing such massive influx floods into every white euro nation as well as into usa.

        That main reason over and above all claims of war for oil etc is it is really Carpet bombs over mid east regions to kill off as many as possible, and then cause as many more to flee the death by bombs and terrorists squads trained and managed by CIA-&-Mossad. So they can greatly expand the “jewish state” of israel into the lands spoken of in the bible to Abraham.

        They Lost those ancient land grant promises when they ruined and disobeyed their orig old covenant…So…Same as stealing israel from palestinians as done in 1948, and pre planned by Rothschild bankster family going back as far as 1820’s era to do so….Now again we see the land thiefs attempting to Overide God and force the old promiced lands for themselves anyways.

        This would never be possible if not for the masses of 60 million duped usa apostate christians who unquestionably defend, support and Fund that rabid state of thieves and banksters.

        Turn off fox tv for a week and instead read archived issues of the “Dearborn Independant” newspaper issues as wrote by Henry Ford, the automaker. They fully explain what Henry called “The worlds Foremost Problem”.

        His newspapers issues also fully expose how 1917 soviet takeover of russia was done by same tribe members etc.

        Henry Ford was one of the small few who were not afraid to speak or print real factual truths..Of cource once the tribe got desperate to stiffle Henrys voice and newspaper, they made several real attempts against His and His wife’s life! Which caused Henry to finally stop speaking out….Hope I am still alive when enough usa folks finally awaken to those nefarious devils disquised as humans amoung us eh…Their ending is much needed.

        Prosecute the guilty and leave the truly innocent alone.(that small tiny few innocent of course)

      37. Allah will surely smile and the 21 virgins will grimace as I help them to paradise.

      38. I thought it was supposed to be 72 virgins.
        Patriot, you’re shorting us…well, you, anyway!

        • Ketch, one would tire me out.

          • PO’d, I’ve only had 30 women in my whole life counting my late wife and that was enough for me.

            • Ole cuz braveheart is right, 29 o’ them women was centerfolds from magazines old brave has layin around for a while.

      39. and in today’s weather report

        Meteorologists say four tropical storms all raging at the same time, are a first

        ht tps://

        • Thanks Satori.

          There is danger on every front. Many storms are brewing just beneath the surface. The majority are headed for USSAG.

      40. World War 3 has begun and it was not a Black Swan. I’m so tired of the stupidity I see around me now.

        Once more the entire globe is about to be plunged into abject misery for the benefit of a few families. These families greatest inheritance is NOT their uncountable wealth but their genetic strain of absolute psychopathy.

        The elite also possess the ability to plan ahead for their grandchildren the rest of us with our grasshopper attention spans, seem to lack.

        This article sums up in a far more articulate way than I can -what lies ahead!

        If you are wondering what life will be like in the aftermath of the current war for survivors – then please do some research on daily life in Eritrea. It’s a small East African country they know will escape our notice, while they pilot the “Global Plantation” concept.

      41. Did Hillary Clinton ever say that she welcomed the, “Arab Spring”? Or words to that effect. A movement high jacked by terrorist. Now a displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Not to mention Dead People.

        We’re going to bring about Hope and Change even if some people don’t like it.

      42. Ahh yes the 7 year shamalamadingdong cycle. Must be Nibiru coming around again, it just barely missed us last time. I agree that shit sucks now, but to say that its on some cycle that goes through every 7 years since biblical time is pretty asinine.

      43. All that talk about eating nasty critters that’s the stuff I will eat as a last resort. We got turkeys and rabbits everywhere as of now. So I’m gonna go for that stuff some deer too. We got a lot of ground hogs or woodchucks if that’s what people like to call them they look like tender eating. Squirels pheasants there is a lot of shit out there to kill. Picked up a jaguar 170lb recurve crossbow for cheap from rural king. The thing is decent quality for made in Taiwan came with a red dot sight too.

      44. If anyone wants to see the face of evil via the evil spirit of Jezebel, just look at Hitlery and Madonna for starters.

        Two satanic bitches that have been herald as role models for girls.

        BTW, Madonna starts her new tour, the Rebel Heart, on the 12th in Washington DC. The theme of the show is “Desecration of the Bride, and the Welcoming of the Fallen Angels.”

        Sounds like she is pulling out all stops for her role as a role model for the youth.

        Prove positive we are facing some sad,sad, times ahead because of the liberals, atheists, and sadists. Not to mention the new age fake christians that stand by and just watch.

        Cling to those bibles and guns folks, the likes of the two Jezebels just mentioned, are wanting to take them away. They have a multitude of female comedians, singers, and actresses that are in their camp also.

        • EVERYBODY!,

          Quick, follow pissin’s teachings NOW or forever be cast into the hillbilly Lake of Stupidity!

          • I got your hillbilly, there, lost soul.

            • pissin look out! Madonna’s out to git ya with her heathen charms, and she likes hillbilly biscuits and gravy fer supper!

      45. Everything is so wired together all it takes his a sneeze now to bring everything down. We do live in fearful times.

        • Thats why i feen war isnt really an option for all the big players, too much interconnection regardless of rhetoric

      46. When I’m feeling a bit down I want to be a guest on Greg’s show just long enough to collect a bucket of introductory compliments.

      47. I’ve said this before about Christians most have no guts to stand up to evil like they should. These Isis guys will kill many more before anyone does anything about it. The Jew and the Christian is the worlds enemy and war has been declared on us but no one in our leadership wants to stand up to it. It will continue to grow and when they do decide it’s time to fight back the losses will be far greater than they needed to be. It’s all just that simple folks. A little sacrifice now or a lot later. Looks like it’s gonna be later.

      48. California wants to declare Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate a carcinogen, commonly known as Roundup. Studies worldwide have determined it causes cancer. The genetic manipulators are furious and will spend untold millions to prevent the truth from prevailing with the help of the FDA and associated government liars. They figure why should we not trust the beneficial genetic crop engineering that is helping to feed the world. A company that provided the dousing of Vietnam with the cancerous defoliant Agent Orange, who have wiped out most of the honeybees and monarch butterflies. This company and others like it would not exist without sinister backing. The extent of their poisons is long and mostly unknown.

        • They learned how from the masters of deception, the nuclear power industry.

      49. I don’t bother with my doctor because he always wants to give out meds. I don’t want that shit it’s mostly garbage. Once in a while I take ibuprofen because most of my pain is due to inflammation. Make sure I go to dentist to keep the teeth in good shape because most heart disease is from poor oral health. So many folks go to the doc for everything and wind up on all kinds of shit. Garbage chemical substances. If the shit was good there wouldn’t be side affects. Doctors never give natural remedies to ailments. Scam I tell you. I feel fine because I stay away from pills.

        • You are very right! The best routine for overall great health is this (it is not a secret):

          – regularly visit a dentist and keep your teeth in good order
          – eat fresh foods and plenty of vegetables: avoid processed foods and junk foods
          – exercise and stay active every day: walk, stretch, do push ups, have lots of sex with nimble hotties
          – and stay away from doctors and hospitals, both of which will kill you faster than anything else.

      50. New skills to aquire if you haven’t prepped , and than who knows , you still might have to learn

        Standing in lines for hours on end
        Looting any store or establishment , that haven’t been pilfered dry yet
        Unintentional fasting
        Making human jerky with your dehydrator
        Playing the victim , and blaming someone else for your short comings
        Begging the government to save you
        Bartering family heirlooms for food
        Dodging bullets from every direction even from those you thought you could trust
        Hiding valuable objects up your asshole
        Giving BJ’s and selling your body for a meal
        I could go on , but I’m sure most of you get the picture
        Also thinking that you have it all figured out , just to find out a week or a month into it
        You were dead wrong
        Welcome to the party , these things apply to everyone
        Especially those who think they don’t apply to them

        Yes I found this list and embellished it to fit reality
        Like it or not reality sucks
        Have a great night

      51. Nothing and no one can predict the future. One can make an educated guess, a guess is a guess, one can not predict the future. This includes all mankind, including their man made invisible spirits. To get good people to believe in fairy tales, that man is a con artist, a perjurer, a phony, a storyteller, a deceiver, an equivocator, a falsifier, a fibbing malignerer, misleader, prevaricator, trickster, dilusional deluder, outright liar. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame like the Mayan 2012 shysters. Just an opinion, your will differ.

      52. I love Black Swan theory….if only more people could understand the magnitude of significance that this type of statistical prediction holds….if only…..

      53. Things around here are getting bad. some one robbed a friend’s parent’s grave. Took their wedding rings. Is this the future? Lord have mercy on us all.

        • I thought they stopped allowing people to be buried with valuables.

          • I’m sure that isn’t the case, they have only been dead for a couple of years.when one of them anyway.

      54. The world derives from the Latin world Age, which means the Latin Eon. And Eon is the end of a time period. 2012 was the end of the world, the end of the age, and end of and Eon.. 2012 was the end of the world. The new world that were are living in the age, Eon, World of Aquarius. The elite cabal knows this fact, yet they come on TV and laughed as us when. 2012 passed and said that conspiracy theorist said that the world was going to end and not to listen to us.. you see they must have been taking to fools. When people like me become Intelligent and research and talk to scientist who know people in government and black ops and come on this site and tell the truth, the agency ass clown cabal employees go on the attack. Now we will be meeting with my scientist friend and I am going to spill the beans this time..

        USASECURITYGUARD Showed up in this site for a reason, because I was the one who outed on this popular site what was really about to happen. In fact Alex Jones just did and emergency alert about the elites evacuation and the recent free energy insider telling us on that it will be first a stock market crash, which just happened, followed by and economic calapse, which he mentioned the extreme importance of having and alternative electrical source, which for us is solar, portable solar. We the smart ones in the site are prepared a.s I don’t have to name you guys. Those who have breakaway locations need to get ready. Those who are trapped into the city areas, like me, need to get ready for hell on earth and I do have a breakaway, which I intend to go to. If I an trapped and can’t leave and are caught up in dred lock insurgency, then we will counter that insurgency to allow us to leave to get to the break away. Anyone who is and agency ass clown troll, your lucky, you get to to the underground DUMBS. I understand that your employees need a maximum kill off ratio and need to make sure that none of us preppers survive as you burn out the rest of us in Washington state and northern California, with you spetzatz, starting forest fires and pointing AK 47’s at our fire fighters etc. Your Agency people are wasting time. The JH15 soldiers will be caught on the surface and have no idea that they are being set up to fight civilians and have not prepped to survive shtf end game. Good luck JH15.


        There is a reason why HCKS does not watch the stock market of number any more.

        ED DAMES Warning about the something changes the color or the atmosphere during the JH 15 attack on the people. How the troops at down tier weapons and run.. Nibiru’s environmental effects kick in, during 2016.

        Was it Ed Dames, world known remote viewer who said these words. The troops will be fighting the war, as in the civil war, then suddenly, they notice something I the earth’s atmosphere, they drop they weapons stop the fighting and begin to run and head home to their families. What does Ed Dames know, that we don’t know. So get ready folks..

        I told my scientist friend how I told some off the info on this site and he told me what? Then he said that not to worry about getting attacked, that the smart ones will listen and the trolls will keep attacking not to worry about them.

        My scientist friend knows what Ed Danes knows, Interestingly Ed Dames moved to live in Russia of places because according to him, it’s the most safest place to live I this environment calapse. My message to all legitimate posters is this, get ready to breakaway. This is it. I won’t even respond to the attack following this comment, it’s going to come. This time I will ignore them.

        Ed Dames?

        Like Ed Dames mentioned, we will not be having a 2016 election, unfortunately, the elections will be cancelled. You family ks not listening to you right now nor is the people who you have warned, as soon as the event takes place, you do have to worry your family will listen to you this time, because the grid will be down and the war will start.



        A lack of knowledge will literally get us killed if we are not prepared.

        • What does Ed Dames know that we don’t? That there are piles of money to be made off of paranoid idiots who believe everything they read on the internet! Take THAT agency azz clowns!

        • PS
          I fergot to say dat the spetnezs sojurs starting these fires in calfornya are not very fwendly!!!! Be careful cuz they get mean cuz it’s hard to start fire in USA cuz the instructions on the match books are wrote in amerca and they talk Russia !!!! They frustrated and point there AKs at you!!!!
          Everyone invited to my sleepover with scientafakists dis weekend to have corn chips and pop!!!!
          Except for guvment asshat clown trolls and dred lox and spetsnez Russia meany heads!!! U guys can’t come!!!! If u show up then u get KEEEEYAAAA!!!!!!To the head and no orange pop!!!!!!!
          No pop 4 u!!!!!

        • HCKS, I don’t understand why you keep talking about those who would talk bad about your posts or disbelieve you. Say what you have to say and screw anybody that doesn’t like it. I really think people would take you more seriously then. It is difficult to get to what you are trying to say with all that paranoia stuff. Just leave that out of it.

      55. Love the smell of gunpowder and lead. I’ve not had anytime to shoot this summer since moving south, and had only shot my AR once since it was purchased 2 years ago. Any tips for me adjusting to the flip sights? I’ve got good groupings when I rapid fire, but I am consistently shooting low whether i’m shooting slow and controlled or rapidly. When i’m using the flip sights i’m centering the top of the front sight. I tried aiming with just a hair of daylight above the top of the front sight and i was shooting high. This is frustrating because with standard iron sights on my .22 or the scope on my .308 i’m a dead on shot.

        • Get an M1 Garand. Best sights ever put on a rifle.

        • It might be that the front site in an AR can be adjusted , most rifles front sites are fixed

          • Lower the front site slightly

      56. This must be a really bad dream, will someone please wake me when it’s over?

        Forest out.

      57. Not every death is the same: hand on heart, did you ever give a stuff for the millions who died in earthquakes in China in the 1980s? Or in Africa’s many famines and civil wars? Thought not. So, all death is not equal nor has the same psychic affect on the planet. Human life has a value as much as all are born with potential. But past the age of five, if that potential is not harnessed, honed, burnished and made into a diamond, then that life because no better than excrement, for it is just absorbing resources with no payback to mankind. We need fewer people but better people. It is that simple.

      58. I agree with the other people and posts above that the best way to survive any collapse is to be prepared. I know I’m not always prepared enough. But I keep at it all the time. Food storage, lots of heirloom seeds, good hand tools like saws, manual drills, nails/screws, wood, guns/ammo a’plenty, silver, sugar, water storage and filtration, and on and on…

        History repeats itself. If you create an endless, printable fiat it will be manipulated. That is happening right now and has been for many decades — pretty much since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was started.

        Look at what it has done to the people (you and me) who carry the weight of the entire system.

        Not talked about much, but what do some of you think about this important clause written in the Constitution?

        “U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 10

        No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

        Some argue that this Constitutional inclusion didn’t necessarily mean that “money” had to be refer to only metal coins. There are more issues I read a while back that said that the Constitution did NOT necessarily limit the the types of money Congress could issue other than metal coins.

        I do not agree with that at all.

        I would argue that one cannot “coin” paper, like we have now. The word “coin” straight from the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary:
        “a : to make (a coin) especially by stamping : mint
        b : to convert (metal) into coins”

        The verb “coin” in relation to money would apply only to the creation of metal coins according to its definition.

        So, paper bills and now “electronic documents or contracts” are legal and sometimes seem to be worth their weight in gold. WTH?

        Everyone should watch the video called:
        “Mike Maloney – The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind (Documentary) – Hidden Secrets of Money 4”

        Search it! Send it to your relatives, to your close friends. It’s all a pyramid / ponzi scheme folks.

        Stock up on rice, long-lasting canned foods, water filtration and lots of water storage, guns, extra gas (I get a few extra gallons every so often and I’m storing and recycling it into our vehicles so that it doesn’t get “stale”), and other items that can be traded. Hand tools are cheap nowadays! They will be like gold when shtf!

        Stay safe.

      59. Offgridhub, welcome to the board.
        Keep preparing yourself the trolls are attacking me for a reason. It’s too late for them, I am going to out some info.



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