War Update: Israel Is Fighting “In The Heart” Of Gaza

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Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued a statement on Tuesday in which he claimed that for the first time, Israeli troops are “in the heart” of Gaza City. He then said, that “Gaza is the largest terrorist base ever built” and further, “We are going to destroy Hamas.”

The defense chief also appeared to reject United States pressure to implement a humanitarian “pause” in the war. But the U.S. doesn’t really want a pause either. In fact, the rulers rejected a United Nations resolution for a ceasefire not too long ago:

War Mongering U.S. Vetoes A U.N. Resolution For A Ceasefire

Gallant emphasized, There will be no humanitarian truce without the return of the hostages.” He further said the Israeli Defense Forces now have Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar surrounded in a bunker. He noted that fighting is happening in residential areas. “There will be no entry of fuel into Gaza or a ceasefire without the return of the kidnapped people,” he also said.

Sky News correspondent in southern Israel has remarked this will be the most “complex urban fighting environment that any soldier will have to deal with”. Soldiers on the ground inside Gaza City could make any airstrikes “potentially be more accurate,” the correspondent noted.

Once Israel takes out the “surrounded” leader of Hamas, will the war end then? Or will there be more excuses to continue it? Israel has also been striking Hezbollah in Lebanon, which could be seen as a provocation and entry into the war by Iran.

According to ZeroHedge, massive overnight explosions have been observed in South Lebanon as Israel attacks Hezbollah positions, responding to ongoing fire.

Iran Warns The U.S. It Will Be “Hit Hard” If There Is No Ceasefire In Gaza

Iran Will Ignore The U.S.’s Warnings On Israel

As more Iranian proxies are drawn into the war, the chances of expansion go up. As of right now, the rhetoric is also neverending.

Another false flag could be coming that will toss more countries into this war or it could just expand continually until it encompasses most of the globe. Either way, it’s not looking good, and Israel is not “beating” Hamas at least not any more than Ukraine is “beating” Russia.

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