Veterans Affairs Is The First Government Agency To MANDATE The Shot

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    The Department of  Veterans Affairs has officially become the first government agency to mandate the COVID-19 shot as a condition of employment. This is only the beginning, soon all government employees will have to be jabbed.

    The VA has mandated that 115,000 of its medical employees take the COVID-19 shot. This is the first federal agency to do so, as medical groups put pressure on the White House for a nationwide mandate. This is the first, but it won’t be the last. “Whenever a Veteran or VA employee sets foot in a VA facility, they deserve to know that we have done everything in our power to protect them from [Covid-19],″ VA Secretary Denis McDonough announced on Monday afternoon.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    The order applies to healthcare workers under Title 38, meaning physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, registered nurses, physician assistants, expanded-function dental auxiliaries and chiropractors who work at Veterans Health Administration facilities, visit them, or provide direct care to veterans, McDonough explained.

    They were given eight weeks to get vaccinated and told they would receive four hours of paid leave after presenting proof of it. While the VA announcement made no mention of penalties for those who refuse, McDonough told the New York Times that they would face “possible removal.” –RT

    The precedent for private companies to mandate this “vaccine” has already been set. Last month, a Texas hospital system fired over 150 employees who refused the vaccination mandate. Over 100 of them sued to stop the forced vaccination, arguing that the current jabs have only been approved for emergency use, and their mandate amounted to a coerced medical experiment. However, full approval is in the near future:

    Fauci: “Vaccines” WILL Get Full Approval

    Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that local governments and businesses will mandate the jab, so the federal government won’t have to.

    Fauci: No Need To Mandate The “Vaccine.” Local Entities Will Do It For The Ruling Class

    The rulers are coming for everyone. It sure looks like participation in the economy and even having a job will be limited to those willing to bow to the ruling class and obey their commands. Only the most compliant of slaves will receive the illusion of freedom. Although, is it an illusion anymore? Most are finally aware of the fact that we are all slaves and the powers-that-shouldn’t-be don’t even try to hide it at this point. Government is slavery and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can move on.  We first have to understand that no one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave.

    Stay prepared and have a plan if you are going to continue to refuse this shot. No one knows exactly what’s coming or what punishments are next, but we know they will come. Continue to use critical thinking skills and ask the questions that need to be asked.


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      1. Has anyone seen any visible signs in your day to day lives
        of a “pandemic” which would require every living being on the face of the Earth to be injected with a mystery substance?…neither have I…

      2. “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the men that wanted to be left alone.

        They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.
        They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come of it.
        They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives, as they have lived them, are over. The moment, the men who wanted to be left alone, are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be….
        Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those that murdered their former lives.
        They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those that are merely play-acting at politics and terror.
        TRUE TERROR, will arrive at the left’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon deaf ears.” Author unknown

      3. Well this criminal coercion of the VA employees to subject themselves to this abhorrent medical experiment (genocide) will separate the mice and men (and women) of course. My employer just sent each of us (truck drivers) a urgent message stating “let us all get our vaccinations to help curtail the raging spreading virus”. I have no intention of ever being injected with devil spawn. In fact, as per my right as a sovereign entity, I would employ the use of deadly force to thwart any attempt – by any and all, to forcibly shoot devil spawn into my body. I believe this push to mandate this dissemination of devil spawn is a design by the (modestly) clever flunkies, residing in all the institutions/professions/position-s promoting this pogrom, to inflame the resistant. To antagonize. To provoke. This is clearly unwarranted violent threats by our corrupt, sleazy, murderous, lower than whaleshit members of officialdom being leveled at a broad spectrum of the citizenry (not quite yet) demanding to be left alone. Unfortunately, as a former US Marine, I’ve known for a long time where this farce leads; for those still praying that some peaceful resolution will be attained, please close your eyes and plunge your heads back into your 5 gallon buckets of fetid human shit and breathe deeply. Do you enjoy that smell? When genocidal criminals claiming to be our masters begin leveling violent threats at us, we have no recourse but to defend. It’s here. It’s now. It’s a confluence of time and circumstance, in which the population density and available energy reserves (in terms of oil) are grossly mismatched and it’s time for a whole lot of consumers to “go away” rather hurriedly. Feel free to volunteer to go away hurriedly. For those of you not interested in subjugation and displaying bellicose cowardice, get your boots shined and grease your fuggin rifles right now. The Lord says to rejoice in the passing of evil – we don’t embrace it. If the few remaining men and women don’t stand up soon in this nation and explain (with EXTREME PREJUDICE) to our illegitimate masters what the fuggin word NO means, your children and grankiddies have NO future. Most aren’t going to survive much longer irrespective of what wise, mature adults do at this late stage anyway. Go down fighting, or go to hell. Take your pick…

      4. “Fort Rucker First U.S. Base to Require Vaccination Proof”

        You would think that a Major General would have the resources available to determine what is really going on. Could this man really not know about Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C & D and a host of other safe and effective treatments? Does this man really not know of the deaths and injuries from the kill shot?

      5. Well. here we go…..govt and military first….then the rest of us peons.

      6. With the media being controlled we won’t know when they start to kill off the vaccinated population which won’t begin until they get most all vaccinated by force.

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