Ventura California Is Actively Burning: ‘Prospects For Containment Are Not Good’

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 21 comments



About 27,000 people have been evacuated and 150 structures destroyed in another raging fire in California. The fast-moving, wind-fueled wildfire swept into the city of Ventura early Tuesday, burning 31,000 acres so far.

Of the 150 structures engulfed by the flames, was at least one large apartment complex. Engulfed in flames, the Hawaiian Village Apartments collapsed about 4 a.m., local time. Water gushed down North Laurel Street as firefighters worked to put out the flaming complex and residents watched with their cameras and cellphones out. Residents could hear the sound of propane tanks bursting. Many other buildings are threatened as the fire crept about a quarter-mile away from City Hall. Traffic jams were also reported as many fled their homes.

The blaze started at about 6:25 p.m. Monday in the foothills near Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, a popular hiking destination. It grew quickly to more than 15 square miles in the hours that followed, consuming vegetation that hasn’t burned in decades, Ventura County Fire Sgt. Eric Buschow said.

Firefighters set up strike teams along foothill communities in Ventura and Santa Paula as the Thomas fire, pushed by 50-mph winds, inched close to homes.  The firefighters worked through the night to keep the fire from spreading.   Fire officials said the intensity of the fire, coupled with the high winds, made it pretty much unstoppable.

The prospects for containment are not good,” Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said at a news conference. “Really, Mother Nature is going to decide.” By 5:20 a.m. Tuesday, winds were pushing flames toward Ojai Valley, authorities said. “The fire is actively burning in the city of Ventura and there are homes and buildings actively burning at this time,” Buschow said.

The Vista Del Mar Hospital, a psychiatric facility, was evacuated, authorities said. The area around a Ventura landmark called “Two Trees” has also burned. There have not been any human casualties reported yet, and more than 260,000 customers in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties were without power. As of 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, a Southern California Edison spokeswoman did not know when power could be restored.

Strong winds were pushing the blaze in a southwest direction toward Ventura and Highway 33, officials said. About 500 firefighters were battling the blaze, or on their way there to assist. Fixed-wing aircraft and water-dropping helicopters are expected to attack the fire at daybreak. Numerous spot fires erupted as a result of the difficult conditions.

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    1. Heartless

      Got an idea!! Send all the gays, celebs, illegals and liberals to fight the blaze. But, tell them that they can’t use axes because they might damage a tree. That they can’t use water because there’s a water limit restriction. And for all that’s progressive, they can’t use chemicals because it might cause climate change. “go to it!!!”

      • gandhi

        lets smoke some sausage links?

      • gandhi

        lets tell them to stay home, the fire is just fake news to make trump look bad

        • Kris

          Hey dumb fuck it’s really burning here why the fuck would we lie come see for your fucking self

          • gandhi

            i was being sarcastic, genious?

          • Doug

            You aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

    2. TEST

      Funny… I thought all of the People’s Workers’ Paradise of Kalifornia had ALREADY been burned down by all the socialists there?

      Oh wait! Maybe that was Detroit – the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime… and no Republican mayor since 1960 (also the first major city to sign on to LBJ’s socialist Model Cities Prog)

    3. The Chauffeur

      Over 250 homes burnt now.

    4. Sean

      Must feel liberating not to have empathy.

      • Genius

        Cali is a beautiful state, too bad it has such a majority of subhuman parasites. I have empathy for the good people there but the rest of them can BURN in hell. The bad thing is a lot of the bad ones will probably relocate to neighboring states and fook them up worse. People in neighboring states HATE kalifornians for the most part. Good people welcome, the rest EAT SHIT AND BURN!

      • Beaumont

        I have more empathy, when it still serves a constructive purpose, but Malthus can be the judge of that.

    5. the blame-e

      You don’t suppose California is burning because all those “illegals, undocumented, aliens, migrants, refugees, unescorted children, boat people, and asylum seekers” come from sh*t hole countries and they are just burning everything to the ground so they can feel at home, do you?

      I mean, have you been to East and South LA? All the place was missing was a match.

    6. rellik

      I grew up in southern CA. As long as I can remember
      they had “wildfires” the place is a desert.
      It has always burned. What has changed is
      they have built out into the areas prone to burn.
      I used to hunt in areas called railroad canyon,
      Winchester, Box canyon. They were very rural,
      semi desert areas. Now there are thousands of
      homes everywhere! If a fire starts those
      homes are history.
      You really need to think about where you locate and
      purchase a home.

      • Genius

        relik, I am a volunteer wildland firefighter and I cleared my place out well and used metal roof etc. It survived 2 onslaughts of wildfire. If your going to live in a fire area CLEAR YOUR LAND AROUND YOUR HOME! I see so many idiots that want trees right next to the house and have seen probably 8-9 structures burn to the ground because of it. Did you check out craigslist yet?

        • rellik

          I missed something, what should I check on Craigslist?
          We had a back and forth on Solar stuff. I’m still looking for
          LIFePo4 batteries.

          • Genius

            Read my response to you on the “You’re Just Not Prepared For What’s Coming” thread.

            • rellik

              Got it and responded.
              I love Hawaii, but we are
              really isolated.

              • Genius

                relik, holy cow I checked out those batteries your looking for… 2700 bux for a 12 volt 300ah? You can get a 1680ah bank for that kind of money. Heck even iron edison is less than that. You must have some deep pockets bro.

    7. DMONIC

      Any bets on it being ANOTHER illegal that set this one?

    8. TEST

      I’m more interested in containment…. of the fascist left in CA.

    9. MadMcScot

      I grew up in Ventura and was born at their local hospital. And to all of you that think it’s just another libtard CA city are sadly mistaken. Locals call it “Ventucky” because conservative values have a strong base.

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