US Intelligence Reveals North Korea’s ‘Kryptonite’: Can The US Win A War Without Firing A Shot?

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 27 comments

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    Dennis Blair, a former director of US Intelligence, revealed Tuesday what he believes is North Korea’s “Kryptonite.” Blair says this one small thing could topple Kim Jong-Un’s regime without even firing a shot.

    While US officials contemplate military action to prevent the reclusive regime from obtaining nuclear weapons, Blair, who is a former US Navy admiral, has suggested another method of attack. He says the US should deploy tactics that wield information, not weapons.

    North Korea is largely cut off from the outside world and they have no idea how bad and oppressive things are in their country, Blair said, because they’re subject to an “unrelenting barrage of government propaganda.”  According to Business Insider, North Korean citizens caught with South Korean media can be sentenced to death or sent to horrific prison camps, as control of the media and intolerance for different narratives are pillars of North Korea’s government.

    The US could use the recent cellphone trend spreading through North Korea to their advantage, says Blair.  Basically, while having North Korean state-run propaganda blaring through their devices, the United States could also input their own propaganda through text messages on civilians phones.  About one in five North Koreans own a cellphone, many of which can connect to Chinese cell towers across the Yalu River along the countries’ border, he said.

    “Texts to these cell phones can provide subversive truth,” Blair said. “Cell towers can be extended; CDs and thumb drives can be smuggled in; radio and TV stations can be beamed there. The objective is to separate the Kim family from its primary support — the secret police, the army, and the propaganda ministry,” Blair said.

    Yun Sun, a North Korea expert at the Stimson Center, told Business Insider last year that a similar idea floated by a former US Navy SEAL warranted looking into.  “Kim Jong Un understands that as soon as society is open and North Korean people realize what they’re missing, Kim’s regime is unsustainable, and it’s going to be overthrown,” Sun said. Sun said that in the past when South Korea flew balloons that dropped pamphlets and DVDs over North Korea, Kim’s government responded with the military, unaccepting of outside information.

    Blair pointed to other totalitarian states where popular uprisings have become informed and sought to take down a media-controlling dictator, concluding his testimony by saying that “once that process starts, it is hard to stop.”

    It’s also important to remember too, that North Koreans are starving and unarmed.  Any attempt to overthrow a dictatorial regime by the people of North Korea could be squashed immediately.


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      1. Give the people Food AND Information…Now how can we do that??

        • fortune cookies.

          • Best Answer, thank you : )

      2. Folks here in the U.S. – NEVER give up your guns period!! We could become one of these other awful countries if the Gov’t took all of our guns and then decided to drop the hammer on our heads…think about it. Why do you think the likes of Crooked Killary want to ban guns so badly?? It seems to me that pretty much ALL countries are out of hand and out of check and have grown into abusive bastards in one aspect or another.

        • your right, but keep an eye on Trump. He could put in Gun control when your not paying attention. If you think your gun rights are safe with Trump then you are Naive.

          • Still a thousand times better than Higgory the FUNT.

      3. i don’t think that will work. I think they are probably all brainwashed zombies and will sooner starve then think they have been fooled. Look at the situation here, look at the SOTU address and all the democraps who can’t hear or see that something is very very different.But can hear and see all kinds of things that aren’t even real or happening. I don’t see anything changing till they are contained and die out, defeated and occupied, or nuked. I don’t think they can be liberated. And that is true for the democrats here as well. they need to be contained, they can’t be liberated.

      4. It’s also important to remember too, that North Koreans are starving and unarmed.

        This “starving” thing has been going on for decades now. Yet their population does not decrease in size … and for this …

        Can The US Win A War Without Firing A Shot?

        ANSWER: no

        Modern day military couldn’t win a war even if they engaged firing a shot. They can’t control Afghanistan … they for sure will not be able to control North Korea.

        • apples and oranges.
          NK would be a “roll in and occupy” type arrangement, a traditional war. Probably not much of a real insurgency brewing there, especially once we start feeding these folks.

      5. Russia and China will continue to allow KJU to starve the population. They will allow the abuses to continue. Does not say much for their concern for the people.

      6. Not too smart of an idea. You would be jeopardizing the possible few who might respond for a call to change. Worse off (than the debt slaves of America who pretty much give up all rights and dignity if they need to to preserve their income in a touch job market), these people could easily be rounded up or turned in by others. Food is more of a prevalent political weapon/reward there it is reported, than it is here and the people could quickly be starved into submission if there were a national uprising.The USA’s “just in time inventory and centralized production and distribution pretty much leave us in the same position.

      7. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, the Right to have guns and to use them to protect ourselves from our own government should it attempt to treat us like the babies in Waco, the Bundy ranch land owners, the mother holding baby and her boy at Ruby Ridge, and other victims. It’s kriptonite.


      8. I wonder if we could drop guns and food throughout North Korea and just see what happens?

        • The military would get everything. You need to knock out infrastructure, communications, conventional weapons, troupes and leadership in about 15 minutes.

      9. just the simple fact that they have a cell phone – a 20% rarity … those are the elites in NK – the ones getting food & privileges already – access to the outside world ….

        working that BS on the counts and knights won’t get the job done – you need the serfs starting an uprising ….

      10. My suggestion is that we parachute or otherwise deliver them tons and tons of food and medicine, and let them know explicitly who gave it to them. Food is a better weapon than any gun or bomb, and with a little food in their bellies, they might take a shine to pulling fat boy out of his chair. We could toss in a little encouragement for that direction with the food. Along with a promise of peace with them, it would be far more effective than letting them die slowly from starvation and saber rattling. Not to mention gratitude from the parents of children who didn’t have to watch them starve. I have no desire to see needless suffering by anyone.

      11. So a “former director of US intelligence say”….
        Well right now no intelligence agency including the Cee Eye A, N Ess A, or the law enforcement F Bee Eye, really has any credibility. And why should we listen to them?

      12. In situations of prolonged starvation, the human body has a seriously reduced immune system. A serious influenza epidemic in North Korea would kill a large number of civilians. North Korea has asked South Korea for medicines against the flu. The pandemic may already be underway but the NK government will probably try to conceal it.

      13. It’s Dennis Blair, not David Blair. How can you be credible when you don’t even get your source’s name right?

        • It has been corrected – thank you.

      14. won’t work. NK citizens who did begin to wake up would be turned in by their neighbors (those same would then receive food extras). Nice theory/daydream; but, if we want to take out NK, we need to spill blood. Start with the upper echelon. Un and his cronies. The military is so geared towards obedience to the higher ups that they would just not be able to take decisive action on their own.

      15. War is more fun if you fire shots than if you don’t.

      16. Cell phones in nk. The kingdom is closed to the world. I think it’s good for them too. They don’t know what they are missing and therefore won’t miss it. If you never had a smart phone you wouldn’t miss it. A propaganda war won’t work. They aren’t americunts used to high living standards. self reliant people are usually stubborn as hell and set in their ways. Good luck with that one.

      17. The population is unarmed? Everyone in North Korea is required to serve in the army. They are starving? The famine was in the 1990’s. If they were starving forever there would be no North Koreans left alive. North Koreans don’t understand what is going on inside their own country, but the US does? The US wants to spread lies with text messages, not truth. The most brainwashed people on the planet are Americans, not North Koreans. Fake News isn’t something new. It’s been going on since the lead up to the Second World War. People are just now figuring it out now because Donald Trump got elected despite the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNC, RNC, and the media colluding to prevent him from becoming President.

      18. The unbelievably unwise winter olympic microbiology exchange
        will cause diverse strains of disease to mix and amplify among
        global jet-set sweaty athletes. These Olympics are reputed to be
        sexual melting-pot Venereal-disease fests every time they meet.
        Security forces will handle masses of people at face-to-face closeness.
        Of course all this epidemiology is overshadowed
        by endless Fukushima and Tohoku radiation still endlessly spewing
        into air, water, seafood, borne on the winds across to Korea and
        the many air connections through Tokyo daily exposed to Hot rad
        particles, alpha and beta radiation, amplified at jet altitudes.

      19. We should play on the fat man’s paranoia. Broadcast that we already have contact with a growing number of NK’s and have found a way to feed and arm them. As soon as they decide, they will overthrow the fat man. Find out what he imports and broadcast that those items have been embedded with nano tech for tracking and/or to release toxins once given the signal. You can really mess with paranoid people and drive them to further insanity. It is done all the time.

        • I like it!

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