UPDATE! The FBI Scandal And FISA Memo: ‘It’s Worse Than Watergate’

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 28 comments

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    By now, most have heard that the FISA memo detailing the major scandal in the FBI was released. Democrats and the deep state FBI are attempting damage control over the biggest scandal in American history.

    Let’s start with the cold basic fact: if the left had any evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, it would have been broadcasted all over the deep state’s mainstream media.  Instead of constantly repeating the lie, we would have been shown the evidence. But there is no evidence. Not one single shred.  However, there is mounting evidence that the FBI used lies and false information to weaponize and politically align themselves with the left.

    House Judiciary Committee member Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) stated in January, that the abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by senior Obama administration officials are “worse than Watergate.”

    Just to compare, according to History.com, the “Watergate scandal began early in the morning of June 17, 1972, when several burglars were arrested in the office of the Democratic National Committee, located in the Watergate complex of buildings in Washington, D.C. This was no ordinary robbery: The prowlers were connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign, and they had been caught wiretapping phones and stealing documents.”

    Although this parallels the scenario that unfolded in 1972, it is different in one striking and extremely disturbing way. This scandal involves the FBI, who chose sides politically. As Bloomberg reports, the “memo says that the FBI presented an opposition research dossier as evidence to a secret court for warrants to spy on Page beginning in October 2016. The bureau did not tell the court that this dossier was paid for by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign through cutouts. Senior officials at the bureau and the Justice Department knew all of this, but declined to tell the judge who approved the warrant, according to the memo.”

    So we can see similarities and differences between Watergate and the FISA abuse. Both occurred in the midst of a presidential election campaign. Both involved the executive branch of government spying on member[s] of the opposition party who were seeking the White House, perhaps to gather dirt on them. Both used illegal means to effect that spying. Both involved paying ex-spies (ex-CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, for instance, in Nixon’s case) to make mischief.

    As for the differences, the FISA abuse was perpetrated by government agencies while the Watergate break-in was the handiwork of the president’s campaign operatives. (Of course, if Nixon had FISA at his disposal, he might have been able to weaponize government agencies, too.) Also note that when campaign operatives surveil, it’s called spying; when government agencies spy, it’s called surveillance. –The New American

    Democrats also spent the week before the FISA memo’s release lying to the American people. They repeatedly claimed the “memo was full of ‘classified information’ and releasing it would expose ‘our spying methods,’” as FrontPage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield put it. He then wryly opined, “By ‘our,’ they didn’t mean American spying methods. They meant Obama’s spying methods.” Greenfield later wrote that the “Clinton campaign had enlisted figures in the FBI and the DOJ to manipulate an election. The coup against America operated as a ‘state within a state’ inside the United States government.”  Add in the fact that the mainstream media continued the lies to manipulate the minds of the public. All of this is turning out to be conspiracy fact, making the FISA abuse indeed far, far worse than Watergate.

    “The mainstream media was exploited by the deep state to plant fake news,” Mike Adams declares. This scandal reaches far deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. “This is why the fake news media is a clear an present danger to America…and you’ve only begun to hear the surface of this [scandal].”

    It’s fairly safe to say, that the sh*t has hit the fan and the government’s deep state ties and lies are all becoming apparent.  Unless you’ve got your head so far up Communism’s backside you can’t even comprehend reality at this point, it easy to see that the Democrats (the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign), the FBI, and Barack Obama himself may have done irreversible damage to the United States.

    H/T [The New American]


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      1. And the only hope the guilty will be held accountable is that the Military round up those Traitors. Imprision them at GITMO and let a Military Tribunal judge them. The Regular courts DOJ ect. would be just endless delays and appeals and most going scott free.

        • If they get away with their law breaking acts, there is no reason we the people should abide with any laws either.

          • They can commit treason against the United States, and get power and wealth. Their minions are now working overtime to cover for them. I’d wager NOTHING will happen to the traitors. They will probably run hillary for prez again…

        • Since the MSM is corroborating with these Traitors / enemies of the state they too shall be hung for treason along with anyone who is covering for them

        • I’d say that 9-11-01 attack was the biggest scandal America has ever faced. That treasonist act destroyed America’s freedoms. Bankrolled from $6 Trillion in Nat Debt to now over $20 Trillion in debt with perpetual endless wars, the patriot act, TSA molestation rapes daily at our airports, mass surveillance of Americsns with no warrants, the militarization of city police, the Military Industrial Complex Mafia stranglehold of our foreign policy, and now Americans are all considered terrorists now unless you can prove yourself innocent. Its a total breech of our US Constitution. This is just one more distraction of election fraud by Hillary, and by politicians waving their one FISA Hand over here as the rape of America contunues with the phony war on terrorism continues with the other hand. Lots and lots of Traitors in our Government. So id say 9-11 is still the biggest scandal our nation is still dealing with 17 years and running today. A full generation of Fraud and Treason againt America.

          • Id also rank the selling off control of America’s money supply by Woodrow Wilson in 1913 to a private family corporation banking cartel called the Federal Reserve as one of the laegest Treasonist scandals in American History. Ranks right up there with 9-11 false flag attack planed by the traitors like the Bush Family and Neocons and Saudi and Israehell. All this FISA case is, is election fraud. So when dipsticks tell you this is bigger than watergate point out 9-11 and the Federal Reserve scandals. That should shut them up. Focus people to the real crimes we are still dealing with 105 years later. Thats treason.

          • Very good points! If it wasn’t for 9/11, we would not have the mass Muslim invasion of the West: the Muslims for the most part would have stayed in their sh#tholes, as they had done for centuries before 9/11. Now, I can’t travel anywhere in the West without seeing women in Burkhas and hijab. Even the smallest towns have them.

            We have the worst generation of youth who lack the intelligence and curiosity to even question this state of affairs. Instead, they bleat on about ‘black lives matter’, #metoo and other gender and race distractions that ignore all the bloodshed and civil liberty violations.

            Another facet of the wider Obama scandals is the illegal fundraising. Many millions were diverted from charity foundations and international organizations to fund the Clinton campaign.

      2. This goes way beyond fedgov. It is a virus spreading all across the United States. Half the government (fed, state, local), and half the citizens. Look how the left is acting, all this corruption is fine with them. That is what scares me the most! It is the media that is spearheading the movement from sanity, but there is no one to stop it.

        I don’t believe God is going to make America great again. Rather, He is showing us what a mess we are in.

        So what if they drained the swamp. The swamp is all of America now. We are a country of rainbow flying fools. We are sodom and gomorrah. And S&G wasn’t just about LGBTQ, it was about them forcing their ways, just like we see today. Now all the evil has joined as one. BLM, LGBTQs, hollyweird, the media,etc. The people are now unified with their causes. And they are unified against conservatives and Christians.

        • Dave – you are absolutely right. Why would God want to make America great again? We have rejected him and all his commandments. We no longer allow him in our schools, in public buildings, or even on our streets. We have made a mockery out of what he has made us as man and woman by changing our sex, and turned his gift of sex that was intended for love and procreation into a joke by spreading it around to whoever asks be it man or woman. Any babies that might result are killed in the most painful, horrible way imaginable, then we teach our children that is the right thing to do. God sent us a few good politicians but the liberals made sure our schools traded real education for sex education and sensitivity training, the result being uninformed adults. The liberal media lied and convinced the ignorant masses that what had been good is now bad and the people turned into sheep and followed that. So what does anyone think God wants with this wonderful country that is full of misguided people? He has tried to show us the way and he has been rejected time after time. I believe he is just sitting back and watching while the liberals and muslims take control, and when that is complete he will destroy the world and start over again as has been promised to us. We have reached the point of no return.

        • Our former Marxist in chief, the usurper Barry Sotero loaded up the agencies with Marxists, and these alphabet agencies are beyond repair. Deep State CIA and FBI agents,Spooks and Kites are ready willing and eager to become the Enemies of the People.

          The problem is that the left is now asserting the normalcy bias. IE: “Since the bureaucrats say something is true, therefore it must be”. They are trying to exhaust regular under-informed people with a sheer barrage of assertions by so-called ‘experts’. This is a shopworn Marxist tactic.

          The Marxists are the kings of Situational Ethics, Their morals, laws and ethics slide ever constantly, “Progressives” are in constant flux. The Judeo-Christian foundation of America is the opposite, with Empirical Ethics, unchanging and un-moving. People have to decide whether they want their laws determined by a show of hands (Progressive) or a law book that never changes (Natural Law or the Bible).

          We all know how this will end, the Left Telegraphs and intones it now and increasingly then. Whenever Marxists get in charge, they liquidate massive amounts of people. The Left always turns murderous. They hafta, when all of the masses and kulaks/peasants just don’t obey their Marxist masters instantly you creative Marxist Dictator will empower his minions find all sorts of ways to slay recalcitrant Masses.

          I know I’ve said this before, but Secession is the only way to save our rights and families and futures. We have to get away from these monsters, physically.

          The Marxists plan on even gathering our children after they are potty trained and stick them in barracks to turn them into ‘Super Citizens’. If you ask their rank and file about this they’ll scoff, but later as their leaders institute the policy they’ll ‘Progress’ to the new ‘Party Line’. Marxists treat their peeps like a herd of cows.

        • A corrupt people are easily coaxed and controlled.

      3. Another reason to never trust government spooks

      4. Damage control?!?!? Hell’s Bells!! The Dims are so far down the path of perdition that nothing short of some good manila rope and a stout oak limb will fix their problems. Where is Judge Roy Bean when you need him?

      5. Will they be checking on a past Secretary of State?

      6. FBI, DOJ, DNC, FISA court, Bill Belechik, I don’t trust any of em!

      7. Scandal? Yes. “The biggest in American history”? No.


      8. Imagine the left’s uproar if the 3 letter agencies listed above had conspired AGAINST Hillary and Kaine.
        They would be calling it …well, you get the idea.

        USA, a nation of flaws.

      9. In 1972 George McGovern was the Democratic opposition up against the Nixon re-election. McGovern was against the Vietnam war, Nixon sought to continue the war. I don’t think Nixon was after dirt on McGovern at the Watergate offices. Being only 9 years after JFK’s death and 4 years after RFK’S death this break in was more to do with maintaining the cover up of the facts of the Kennedy murders. I read an article that laid out this exact scenario but can’t remember where.

      10. There is still one lingering question about Watergate that has never been answered: Why did Watergate happen?

        Why did a group of seemingly experienced and well-remunerated dicks break into the DNC headquarters in the first place?, to steal what?, to wiretap whose phone(s)?, for what information?… and yet they did it so ineptly they got found out by the night watchman because they taped the door closures on the back-staircase doors to allow themselves easy passage both in and out, such that he got suspicious, scratched his head, and then called the police.

        One would comfortably conclude that they tried their best to be caught.

        So please, if anyone knows the answer(s) speak up.

      11. I predict, in the end a few mid-levels will be prosecuted or have their wrists slapped. Some of the big players might get a stern lecture, but that’s about it. Then it’ll be back to business and backstabbing as usual.

      12. You see JFK through Executive Order EO-11110 was trying to end the FED with the issuance of a US Dollar backed by Silver, thus the Silver Certificate was produced. But the money changers would not stand for that so they had JFK murdered. When the Traitor Pres Johnson replaced JFK, he abandoned the Silver backed certificate. That is the biggest reason why JFK was murdered.

        • I have huge respect for JFK. He enjoyed his time in office. He loved young women and ‘tang and would also share the riches with his friends. He was ‘old school’ that way but that is why power is so intoxicating and such fun.

      13. The biggest scandal was the criminal Kenyan not being eligible to be president and lasting eight years. The public allowed it. Millions did not march on Washington. No one stormed the White House. You all were watching Netflix and cheering on Nascar. Sick.

        • Did you march on Washington? Then shut up!

      14. “The FBI Scandal And FISA Memo: ‘It’s Worse Than Watergate’” means nothing.

        The (last and final) Crash of ’18, a U.S. default, and a full-on systemic collapse. Now THAT will be something.

        The end is the only thing that matters anymore. The people are already like: “Yeah? So what?” to all the nonsense going on. “Just stop it already, will you.”

        If the United States ceases to exist all crimes are automatically forgiven. That’s the law (don’t you know). And don’t think the ‘Pieces of Sh*t That Be’ won’t go there.

      15. No life worth living can be found with your eyes continually fixed on a video screen of some kind. There is simply no way to keep an eye on the scoundrels out there. If EMP actually happens, people will probably stare at the blank screens in a pathetic manner.
        I lived through Watergate. It shocked the nation. What is happening is much, much worse and it amuses. No one is even mildly surprised. Before Watergate was the John Profumo affair in Britain. It had expensive call girls, sleazy politicians, a dentist, and a transexual. Lots of juicy gossip about Prince Philip. It was to Watergate, as Watergate is to what is happening now. Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies were easier on the eyes than James Coumey and the rest.
        As the world sinks into evil, it grows harder to get people to take up torches and pitchforks like in a good Frankenstein movie. A prolonged shutdown of the electrical grid might be a good thing. It would at least force people to look at the actual physical world around them. Of course, we all are looking at video screens too. I plan to take a walk in the woods soon.

      16. The only scandal is that nobody has been arrested yet. I guess there’s no one in the FBI or DOJ with big enough balls to arrest these criminals. Oh well, they got away with 9/11 and now they’re getting away with more blatant criminal activity.

      17. There are supposively 5 more Republican MEMOS in the works. Lets be patient. We not only want to see arrest but we want to see convictions. So lets not be biting at the bits for the DOJ to start arresting anyone. There are high ranking folks at the DOJ who are part of this mess. It needs to be the military who deals with Traitors. GITMO and Military Tribunal. Git Er Done!

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