Unprecedented Mass Die Offs as Pacific Ocean “Turning Into a Desert” Off California Coast

by | May 21, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 146 comments

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    “Ocean’s dying, plankton’s dying… it’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!”

    It was the dying cry of Charlton Heston in the creepy 1973 film Soylent Green… and it could resemble our desperate near future.

    The ocean is dying, by all accounts – and if so, the food supply along with it. The causes are numerous, and overlapping. And massive numbers of wild animal populations are dying as a result of it.

    Natural causes in the environment are partly to blame; so too are the corporations of man; the effects of Fukushima, unleashing untold levels of radiation into the ocean and onto Pacific shores; the cumulative effect of modern chemicals and agricultural waste tainting the water and disrupting reproduction.

    A startling new report says in no uncertain terms that the Pacific Ocean off the California coast is turning into a desert. Once full of life, it is now becoming barren, and marine mammals, seabirds and fish are starving as a result. According to Ocean Health:

    The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it’s possible to see the sandy bottom below […] clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into a desert, and the chain reaction that causes that bitter clarity is perhaps most obvious on the beaches of the Golden State, where thousands of emaciated sea lion pups are stranded.


    Over the last three years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has noticed a growing number of strandings on the beaches of California and up into the Pacific north-west. In 2013, 1,171 sea lions were stranded, and 2,700 have already stranded in 2015 – a sign that something is seriously wrong, as pups don’t normally wind up on their own until later in the spring and early summer.

    “[An unusually large number of sea lions stranding in 2013 was a red flag] there was a food availability problem even before the ocean got warm.” Johnson: This has never happened before… It’s incredible. It’s so unusual, and there’s no really good explanation for it. There’s also a good chance that the problem will continue, said a NOAA research scientist in climatology, Nate Mantua.

    Experts blame a lack of food due to unusually warm ocean waters. NOAA declared an El Nino, the weather pattern that warms the Pacific, a few weeks ago. The water is three and a half to six degrees warmer than the average, according to Mantua, because of a lack of north wind on the West Coast. Ordinarily, the north wind drives the current, creating upwelling that brings forth the nutrients that feed the sardines, anchovies and other fish that adult sea lions feed on.

    Fox News added:

    The warm water is likely pushing prime sea lion foods — market squid, sardines and anchovies — further north, forcing the mothers to abandon their pups for up to eight days at a time in search of sustenance.

    The pups, scientists believe, are weaning themselves early out of desperation and setting out on their own despite being underweight and ill-prepared to hunt.


    “These animals are coming in really desperate. They’re at the end of life. They’re in a crisis … and not all animals are going to make it,” said Keith A. Matassa, executive director at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which is currently rehabilitating 115 sea lion pups.

    The same is true of seabirds on the Washington State coast:

    In the storm debris littering a Washington State shoreline, Bonnie Wood saw something grisly: the mangled bodies of dozens of scraggly young seabirds. Walking half a mile along the beach at Twin Harbors State Park on Wednesday, Wood spotted more than 130 carcasses of juvenile Cassin’s auklets—the blue-footed, palm-size victims of what is becoming one of the largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded. “It was so distressing,” recalled Wood, a volunteer who patrols Pacific Northwest beaches looking for dead or stranded birds. “They were just everywhere. Every ten yards we’d find another ten bodies of these sweet little things.”

    “This is just massive, massive, unprecedented,” said Julia Parrish, a University of Washington seabird ecologist who oversees the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST), a program that has tracked West Coast seabird deaths for almost 20 years. “We may be talking about 50,000 to 100,000 deaths. So far.” (source)

    100,000 doesn’t necessarily sound large, statistically speaking, but precedent in the history of recorded animal deaths suggests that it is, in fact massive. Even National Geographic is noting that these die off events are “unprecedented.” Warmer water is indicated for much of the starvation faced by many of the dead animals.

    Last year, scientists sounded the alarm over the death of millions of star fish, blamed on warmer waters and ‘mystery virus’:

    Starfish are dying by the millions up and down the West Coast, leading scientists to warn of the possibility of localized extinction of some species. As the disease spreads, researchers may be zeroing in on a link between warming waters and the rising starfish body count. (source)


    The epidemic, which threatens to reshape the coastal food web and change the makeup of tide pools for years to come, appears to be driven by a previously unidentified virus, a team of more than a dozen researchers from Cornell University, UC Santa Cruz, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other institutions reported Monday. (source)

    Changing temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, driven by the natural cycle of gyres over decades, shifts wildlife populations, decimating the populations of species throughout the food chain, proving how fragile the balance of life in the ocean really is.

    Recently, the collapse of the sardine population has created a crisis for fisheries and marine wildlife alike on the West Coast:

    Commercial fishing for sardines off of Canada’s West Coast is worth an estimated $32 million – but now they are suddenly gone. Back in October, fisherman reported that they came back empty-handed without a single fish after 12 hours of trolling and some $1000 spent on fuel.

    Sandy Mazza, for the Daily Breeze, reported a similar phenomenon in central California: “[T]he fickle sardines have been so abundant for so many years – sometimes holding court as the most plentiful fish in coastal waters – that it was a shock when he couldn’t find one of the shiny silver-blue coastal fish all summer, even though this isn’t the first time they’ve vanished.” [emphasis added]

    “Is it El Nino? Pacific Decadal Oscillation? [La] Nina? Long-term climate change? More marine mammals eating sardines? Did they all go to Mexico or farther offshore? We don’t know. We’re pretty sure the overall population has declined. We manage them pretty conservatively because we don’t want to end up with another Cannery Row so, as the population declines, we curb fishing.” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) official Kerry Griffin. (source)

    According to a report in the Daily Mail, the worst events have wiped out 90% of animal populations, falling short of extinction, but creating a rupture in food chains and ecosystems.

    And environmental factors are known to be a factor, with pollution from chemicals dumped by factories clearly tied to at least 20% of the mass die off events of wildlife populations that have been investigated, and many die offs implicated by a number of overlapping factors. The Daily Mail reported:

    Mass die-offs of certain animals has increased in frequency every year for seven decades, according to a new study.

    Researchers found that such events, which can kill more than 90 per cent of a population, are increasing among birds, fish and marine invertebrates.

    The reasons for the die-offs are diverse, with effects tied to humans such as environmental contamination accounting for about a fifth of them.

    Farm runoff from Big Agra introduces high levels of fertilizers and pesticides which create oxygen-starved dead zones which fish and aquatic live is killed off. Also preset in agriculture waste are gender bending chemicals like those found in Atrazine, used in staple crop production, and antibiotics and hormones, used in livestock production, which creates hazardous runoff for fish populations:

    Livestock excrete natural hormones – estrogens and testosterones – as well as synthetic ones used to bolster their growth. Depending on concentrations and fish sensitivity, these hormones and hormone mimics might impair wild fish reproduction or skew their sex ratios. (source)

    Pharmaceutical contaminants are also to blame for changing the sex of fish and disrupting population numbers, while a study found that the chemicals in Prozac changed the behavior of marine life, and made shrimp many times more likely to “commit suicide” and swim towards the light where they became easy prey.

    Fish farms also introduce a large volume of antibiotic and chemical pollution into oceans and waterways:

    The close quarters where farmed fish are raised (combined with their unnatural diets) means disease occurs often and can spread quickly. On fish farms, which are basically “CAFOs of the sea,” antibiotics are dispersed into the water, and sometimes injected directly into the fish.

    Unfortunately, farmed fish are often raised in pens in the ocean, which means not only that pathogens can spread like wildfire and contaminate any wild fish swimming past – but the antibiotics can also spread to wild fish (via aquaculture and wastewater runoff) – and that’s exactly what recent research revealed. (source)

    Mass die offs of fish on the Brazilian coastline have linked to pollution from the dumping of raw sewage and garbage.

    In the last few days it was reported that a massive die off of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico was connected by researchers to BP’s Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Evidence was found in a third of the cases of lesions in the adrenal gland, an otherwise rare condition linked with petroleum exposure. More than a fifth of the dolphins also suffered bacterial pneumonia, causing deadly lung infection that is likewise rarely seen in dolphin populations.



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      1. I’ts called a cycle…. Hello

        • a “cycle”

          or a WARNING sign ???

            • What I want to know is…… if the problems listed are occurring then why hasn’t the benevolent nanny state closed all beaches in the interest of public health? Unknown viruses, diseased and rotting animals, radiation, etc. and etc. can cause human health problems. And now we have an oil spill.

              Oh, wait, closing the beaches would destroy the tourism industry, reduce taxes collected from tourists, increase the deficit for CA. The almighty dollar wins every time. Money over people.

              • I would like to know which beach? I live 15 minutes from the beach, go all the time to walk, watch my kids surf, have bonfires…..I’ve seen nothing that resembles this article. From Oceano all the way up to Cambria is where my kids like to go. Heck, tonight we are having a bonfire. I’ll talk to the other guys who surf up and down the coast, we are all suspicious of Japans problem becoming ours so this kind of die off would make it into our conversations.

                I’m not saying it isn’t happening but we are not seeing it here, yet.

          • I believe the tons of radioactive water from Fukushima dumped into the Pacific Ocean is part of the reason for the mass die-offs of sea life.

            Japan Prepares To Release Thousands of Tons of Fukushima Groundwater Into The Pacific

            “A few days ago, with over a three year delay, Japan finally admitted what was clear to most from day one: the consequences of the Fukushima disaster have been far, far worse than officials had reported, and not only is the containment effort out of control, but that more nuclear fuel had melted at the Fukushima nuclear reactor than previously reported…”

            “Highly radioactive water at the plant is seeping into the earth and mixing with ground water.

            Experts estimate around 200 tons of contaminated ground water are leaking into the ocean each day.”

            • There are too many sea lions cause the Tourist Piers sell fish to the public to feed them. Its like EBT FOOD STAMPS, and now the lions abandon their normal migration and feeding. However, being a scuba diver I can agree that the reefs have vastly been demolished by man over the last few decades and over fished.

            • Just wanted to say a little about radiation.
              My grandparents, my parents, me and my children all worked as uranium miners. We have had 2 cases of cancer in the family.one colon and one Leukemia. It is possible the leukemia was from radiation but we have other family members who have had it also and never worked in the mines or even lived nearby.
              There is no difference between nuclear fuel and Uranium ore. Just in the level of concentration. The fuel from the fukashima plant might have come from a area of uranium ore covering about a mile square. So dumping it into the ocean would dilute it to levels much below the levels found in any Uranium mine.
              So, don’t worry about it. Radiation is not like a organic virus or bacteria. It does not multiply. There may be a problem near the coast of japan but the massive amount of sea water between the west coast and japan will dilute it to it is almost nothing but back ground radiation.

              • False Information from Joe. Background radiation is not the same as radionuclide radiation. These isotopes will bio-accumulate in plants and animals, eventually bioaccumulating in your body if you consume them. They will keep releasing alpha and beta particles and destroy surround tissue. This is ionizing radiation which is not the same as background radiation. Your assessment is completely and utterly wrong.

              • evil radioactive particles do NOT dilute. instead they bio accumulate as they move up the food chain, killing everything they lodge in on the way. like plankton, starfish, marine mammals, and humans. nuclear reactors are cooled with water, because nuclear particles generate heat. dumping quadrillions of radioactive particles into the water both kills everything and raises water temperature. we’ve essntially turned the ocean into a nuclear waste dump. if 4 meltdowns can kill one ocean just wait till the rest meltdown. its not a question of if but when, since we’ve allowed complete lunatics to decide on our global energy policies. this is an extinction level event, and most people are simply too dumb or brainwashed to understand these facts.

          • Study: Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before Fukushima

            The “masses of dead sea creatures that sink to the ocean floor as food, has skyrocketed since the Fukushima incident occurred.”

            “…multiple other stations located throughout the Pacific have since reported similar figures.”

            • Re: warmer water in the Pacific Ocean

              The increase in volcanic eruptions along the ‘Ring of Fire’ may be a reason for the higher water temperature in the Pacific Ocean.

              40 Volcanoes are erupting right now and 34 of them are along the ring of fire.

              This refers to “a giant ring that runs around the perimeter of the PCific Ocean.”

              Economic Collapse blog

              • Direct link…

                “Right now the entire planet appears to be waking up, and this especially seems to be true of the Ring of Fire.

                If you are not familiar with the Ring of Fire, just imagine a giant ring that runs around the outer perimeter of the Pacific Ocean.

                Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur within this area, and the entire west coast of North America is considered to be part of the Ring of Fire.”


          • Having lived my entire life on the West Coast, (northern Ca) until very recently, the sardine population IS incredibly cyclical. Also, the last El Nino warming “shift” did in fact drive the sardine and plankton populations, NORTH up into the Alaskan waters and inland waterways of B.C.
            Even the sardine fleet fishermen out of Monterey Harbors, are commenting on this El Nino cycle. No one is YET discussing anything on the Fukushima “cloud” in the Pacific.
            The seaweed beds off the Central and NorCal coasts are thriving as of today, according to my brother who is ON the coast of NorCal.
            This is another cycle, and nothing to get alarmed about.
            Unless of course, the sky is falling, THAT I would want to know about.

            • Absolutely, it is all driven by natural cycles. The problem is we can interfere with nature. As these sea creatures take refuge in Northern waters they are running directly into the Fukushima radioactive ocean plume.

              There’s a book called “Dark Winter” that talks about natural solar cycles and how they drive climate cycles. The extremes and pivot points cause natural die offs. The sun drives these cycles. There are you tubes that discuss the book.

              The earth is actually in a cooling cycle which the worlds weather data supports. As the earth cools just one degree, the outer surface shrinks nearly a quarter mile in all directions, pulling the plates apart, about a 180 feet in extra gap between the five major plates along the equator. Earthquakes and volcanoes will increase as the gaps widen. It’s just physics. The extra volcanic activity will accelerate the cooling, yes, Al Gore is an idiot!

              Food production and people will need to migrate, perhaps not in my lifetime, but perhaps the lifetimes of my children.

        • A cycle?
          What kinda cycle? How long is it? Is there evidence of this cycle?

        • It’s not a cycle. It’s man made if you do any research at all. After reading Macs article read the link I posted. Even the dimmest bulb could understand it.

          • When it clears moderation. Heres the link take out the space ht tp://www.naturalnews.com/049793_HAARP_chemtrails_California_drought.html

            • Also a few years ago the fookin navy got permission to kill like 60 million marine mammals as a byproduct of so called mil testing. These fookers are insane. Look at the responses after the story on the link, people are so stupid they can’t figure out why they would do it. ITS PRETTY SIMPLE! Collapse the food chain and bring the populace to their knees. Maybe I need to write it in braille and shove it up their asses!

              • Genius, I am gonna have to agree, IMO it does all boil down to an attack on the food chain, and its been going on for a long long time. Chemtrails and HAARP, can be used to change weather patterns, ocean currents etc. I mean hell im in texas,almost june, 68 degrees, been raining for a month and all the farmers are freakin because nobody has planted yet, the corn should be 5 ft by now. I havnt started my garden yet, to damn wet, my crap is in sprouting buckets all over the damn house, already been eating lettuce and spinich because i have to keep it from overcrowding…
                Also from radiation from Fuk. And i would be shocked at all if we find out they could have corked it long ago and just let er rip,
                The gulf spill, if you can call it a spill more like gyser, i mean our food is poison…
                I remember a few years ago i noticed a decline in the squirrel population, and seeing alot of sickly squirrels( yes i like squirrels, have two southern flyers as pets)
                Asked around and others said yes, and rats , fox, racoon, opposum etc dying everywhere. Then i read two years later the epa or somone got busted in an animal killing spree.

                If you cant beat em, merge with machines and destroy the environment. I know it all sounds crazy but damn man look around


                • I feel for ya squirrel, You guys have had one hell of a time this year. It should be obvious to all that weather manipulation is being used to destroy the food supply. Not to mention they hate texas anyway. If you can I would get long term storage food as much as possible because I think this year will be a food crisis. BTW I love squirrels, they are friendly and can be trained to eat from my hand 🙂

                  • I hear ya, thanks for the tip, stores can do 6 months easy, even have limited power.. At least when it isnt constantly raining. Lots of heirloom seeds 2 small flocks of chickens and two incubators to supply longer term protien.

              • Genious. Your no genious but you are a blind man. You like to talk yourself up and put others down. It only shows what kind of person you are. UNGODLY > UNKIND. You sound like a mental case or perhaps just a pontificating youngun. Pride goeth before destruction haughtiness before a fall. Prepare. Its coming your way. I pity you.

            • Genius, been smoking to many chemtrails… Lived on the west coast 50 years. Right now the fishing is phenomenal and the same shit happens every “El Nino”

              • COF, may your ignorance serve you well and your death be swift. People here are a lot more informed than you and you will soon find that out. Research is the key to knowledge, use it!

                • Go hump a tree dipshit…

                  • COF, it’s your life dummass, do as you will lol.

                    • Yup, all you need to do is listen to Dane Wigington regarding H.A.R.P. and stratospheric sulfate aerosols geoengineering. Don’t waste your time with the Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh lemmings who think it’s impossible for humans to have an effect on the environment.

                    • That’s some funny shit…. The reason why first cousins shouldn’t have kids.

                    • Like I said, people here are a LOT more informed than you. Keep sticking your foot in your mouth COF it’s actually entertaining lol.

                    • I agree with Genius. Ditto!

                    • Gotta love the Limbaugh/Hannity trolls. They don’t have any facts, just use insults.

                • Informed?

                  I hope you don’t put yourself in that category.

                  You ever actually present any factual and verifiable data to support the outrageous claims you like to make?

                  For that matter, would you understand it if you found it in the first place?

                  • Anon, go to www. geoengineeringwatch.org there is probably more INFORMation than your pea brain can handle lol.

                    • A lunatic pseudo science fringe group that proposes their opinions as data.

                      I’m not surprised that you admire it.

                      Since you do the same.

                    • Anon/troll, Explain why the runoff from Mt. Shasta has 14 times the limit of aluminum in it. Explain why the people there are suing the govt, because of it.

                • If Genius does his research like he cleans his rifles, we can safely ignore his bloviating.

              • Where exactly is West Coast fishing phenomenal? What are you catching?

                • Probably catching some nice Cesium particles or plutonium cooked fish. Nothing to worry about, the government said it’s safe! 🙂 I know a guy who loved to eat fish from northern cali and used to go out in the rain right after fuku you can ask him. Oh ya he’s dead now from cancer hmmmm.

                  • Most of all the planets fish populations are polluted and tainted with Mercury, a byproduct of coal fired electric plants.

                    • This may be of interest to you: ht tp://www.undeerc.org/fish/pdfs/Selenium-Mercury.pdf

                      Seems it may be of little or no consequence.

                • COF is full of himself and has no clue whats going on. Since his dumb ass can’t see,smell,or taste the radiation, then it must not be real. What a dummy, go eat some tuna and die off like the Pacific!

                  • COF needs to make a trip to the west coast and see for himself what’s happening. There’s been something phenomenal happening alright; the mass die-offs.

                    • Brave, he lives there >>> Lived on the west coast 50 years. Right now the fishing is phenomenal and the same shit happens every “El Nino” He’s just a brainwashed moron. He will die soon enough, no worries.

                    • Bravehart, I live on the beach… Not seeing any evidence off a mass die off, the weather is screwed up but that’s normal for a El Nino. This Moran has oceanfront property.

                    • genie,

                      did it take years of hard work to become the asshole you are or did it just come naturally?

                    • Actually it took my entire life of experiences, reading, logic, observation, research, critical thinking. What did it take you? a 12 year stint in public skool lol.

                  • If you have valid data on it and it’s -the radiation- distribution throughout the pacific in relation to historical levels you could post it.

                    But you won’t because you don’t.

              • F U K U S H I M A

                radiation doesn’t care if you believe in it or not

                May your willful ignorance save you from the meltdown

                • Pacific waters, clear as a reactor cooling pool.

              • Just what is a chemtrail? Bull shit is what it is. Planes leave contrails. How would anyone know about so called chemtrails? Now we know how Obama was elected twice. People believe anything.

        • It’s fucking radioactive contamination that’s been pouring into the ocean non stop from the damaged nuclear plant in Japan. Cycle my ass.

          • Zero, yep it’s fuku combined with spraying that lets UV radiation kill off the plankton which is a staple of life for the ocean. God how I’d love to burn those fookers alive!

            • Me too and plan too

              • The fukishima/chemtrail toxin, layered soup, has just been spiced up a bit.

                All those hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil gives it a sort of smackey taste.
                The color has sort of changed a bit to an off color of honey mustard dressing, or baby shit yellow, which ever you prefer.

                I guess many idiots will still swim and surf in the chilled soupy slime, just the same.

          • Its all GW Bush’s fault. After all he was quoted as saying “Can man and fish coexist peacefully?” I guess not dipshit!!

        • Yeah, this is the part where Darwin steps in, sink or swim, do or die, yada yada. We will be in this category soon. That’s life.

        • Cycle of destruction.

        • Why won’t anyone say the F-word – Fukushima!!!!!

        • There are always cycles but did they have the population stress then that we have now?

        • Billions of gallons of radiated water from a certain nuclear power plant that was damaged in an earthquake??? Naw, that shit gives you super-powers…

      2. Hopefully it’s not too late to reverse all these disastrous actions before we become the next species to die off. People first need to be informed and then have enough empathy or survival instincts to react to all the cataclysmic events we are witnessing take place. I am taking action by creating my own alternative news outlet http://www.CortezReport.com please check it out and continue to inform the world, thank you SHTF Plan.

        • Crookz, who will reverse it? The military? The govt.? The corporations? They caused this and I really don’t think they will ever plan on stopping until they achieve their goal! Until then it is full on death to all. Support your troops and be sure to vote! Walmart is great and homo depot too! Be sure to keep your dollars in the bank and use that credit card! Add more to your 401K and pay all your taxes! Flouride is good for you and seafood is safe! Those lines in the sky are just jet contrails that dont dissipate! GMO food helps feed the world! The FDA is looking out for your health just like the medical mafia! DHS and all other govt. agencies have your back and keep you safe! Put your rose colored glasses back on, theres nothing to see here 😉

          • Well said Genius. How do you join the Resistance against the government? Do the exactly opposite of what the government tells you to do. Switch off and stop listening to the news. Be non compliant, silently resist by not ratting anyone out for nefarious shit. Refuse to vote. Quietly remove fluoride tooth paste for natural. Drink raw milk. Quietly pull your money from the bank. Find alternative medicines instead of saturating your body with chemicals. If you can get away with not declaring something to the IRS then do it. Buy more bullets. Start teaching your children the truth. Pull your kids out of school and home school them if you can. If you can’t, challenge the teachers. Question Common Core. Question Authority.

            Question everything. Question 9/11. Question the holo hoax. Question Monsanto, the drug companies, the banks. Question Politians, law enforcement, teachers, community organisers (DEFINITELY question Community Organisers!!! Especially black ones married to transvestites) Question chem trails. Question the dying Pacific.

            Whenever something arrives in the mail, especially credit card applications!!! Write “return to sender” on the envelope and post it back. Do it even if it doesn’t have a return address. Imagine how pissed the Post Office would get if 50 million people “returned to sender” 10 pieces of unwanted mail every week? 500 million letter going nowhere every week!!!

            When an official for anything tells you that you have to do something. Tell them NO. Nothing else, just say NO. Fewer words have more impact or show defiance than the word NO

            • Cede, right on man. Good points and please for the sake of the few here, KEEP POSTING! Most get it, some do not.

      3. The author needs to go a little deeper than ‘warming water’ decimating animal life in our oceans. Quite the contrary. Warmer water actually increases life across the food chain. Look at any cooling channel going into an ocean or lake to see the best fishing available. That increase in animal life with warmer waters does not happen because someone believes it. That happens because someone experiences it.

        • Some things require cold water to thrive. Some things also require warm water to thrive. That is just the way it is. You people sound like tards with your chemtrails bullshit.

          • You ARE a tard. It is a fact and not hard to prove. They admit they are doing it stupid fucking dickbreath! Go back to your Hannity it’s the only thing a moron like you can wrap your micro mind around idiot.

      4. just a quick update

        South Korea Confirms Third Case of MERS Virus

        ht tp://www.newsweek.com/south-korea-confirms-third-case-mers-virus-334346

        yeah,MERS CoV is still out there
        and so is EBOLA

        27,000 known cases,with 11,000 deaths
        unofficial counts are much higher
        and now officials are worried about a second wave

        Massive West African Ebola outbreak ‘now in a second wave’

        h ttp://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-80573423/

      5. We’re doomed. Damn it, we’re doomed. Or maybe not. This prophecy business is rough.

        • Ya were doomed but so is every other life form on this planet. These psycopathic freakshows don’t give a damn who or what the kill as long as it serves the agenda. Where are the greenie fooks and peta and the rest of the frauds? Greenpeace, sierra club, etc. they are all frauds, all they do is bitch about your SUV instead of the horrendous planet killers that are doing the damage. God damn 2 bit pieces of shit liars. Did you ever hear a peep from those asswipes about fukashima or gulf spill or corexit or the navy killings or chemtrails or blm killing thousands of tortoises or the hundreds of deer the blm killed or any of the real shit?

          • Hooyah Genius

            • How about the millions of gallons of toxic oil diapersants dumped in the Gulf of Mexico in the Deep Horizon Spill. Brilliant Einstein!!

          • Genius, get them, get them!

            • Oh I fookin will! If it’s the last thing I do! I don’t much give a damn if the sheep die, but the innocent of this world should not be subjected to this murder. Nothing pisses me off like these assholes killing the innocent animal and other life for the agenda. People are responsible for themselves, animals just live in harmony with nature. I am not some greenie fraud freak I am a realist. These retarded 2 faced hypocritical frauds need a dose of lead! “why do you need guns?” BOOOM! thats why asswipe!

              • Is anyone taking readings of radiation in the waters off the cali coast? I would like to see some objection info on this radiation that is killing the ocean. What is out there?

                • Some dickweed posts a story claiming something with no supporting evidence and you goofs get all worked up over it. This site is nothing but a leftist propaganda site anymore.

          • Genius for president! 🙂

        • How is the Prophecy business rough? Please help me understand how fictional stories that were made from the likes of man himself a rough business?
          Anybody looking for a Doom & Gloom Report, seek no further than that book called the Bible.

          • prophesy is really pretty EASY stuff…..well, except for the FUTURE part.

          • History repeats itself. You cannot deny that. You are blind. Who can expect you to see?

      6. I use to work at Arkansas Nuclear One, years ago, so I know about radiation.
        About 3+ years ago I bought a dosimeter and it read under 100 mrd (normal background radiation.
        NOW it reads 290 and climbing.
        My point is IF I am concerned, you should be too!

        • Wrong thing to measure with. Dosimiters measure cumulative dose, they ALWAYS go up. Get the correct meter.

          • good one, paranoid!

        • KY, research has shown that GMO crops are a huge factor in bee dieoffs. Also pesticides. Got roundup?

          • Genius,

            I agree. GMO crops and pesticides are a huge factor in the bee die-offs.

            I believe GMO crops and pesticides have contributed to the huge die-off of bats in the past few years.

      7. We should dump a few thousand more tons of plutonium into the ocean. That should help.

      8. I was blamed for the atrocities that took place during WW2, I’m surprised I am not being blamed for this too. Iduno, maybe they all forgot about me?

        • The bankers in Germany turned the people against them and brought the country to a stage where something needed doing much like is happening now.

          Removing the foriegn bankers saw Germany recover lost ground from WWI and the jews said they were at war with Hitler long before he went to war with them.

          Lets not pretend most people were gased by Hitler but starved to death because of carpet bombing by churchil or pretend that 6m jews were gassed to death when the camps were full of Russians towards the end of the war.

          If Germans wanted everyone dead in the camps at the end of the war then they would all be dead or do you want to buy the hollywood story that they ran out of bullets.

          The way jews go on you would think they were the only people ever to die in WWII and the only people that knew how to fight Germans were all americans.

          No we did not forget about you !

          Banks own corporations and via bribes our politicians too and this is why the world is so screwed up and when i trace all the money back it comes to big names in finance and far too many of them are jewish.

          Bankers have killed a lot more than 6 million people across the globe and for all i know are behind that many deaths each year.

      9. Why are they “unprecedented”?

        And how does anyone actually know this?

        • Believe it or not, google can be your friend sometimes 😉

          • OK, so I googled the year 1172 and could find no information at all in the records for the sea life count.

            So again I ask, why is it unprecedented?

            That ocean’s been there for at least 10,000 years and “unprecedented” would have to cover at least that time frame, but I’ll settle for an accurate comparative comprehensive record for the last thousand years if you’re willing to provide it.

            Otherwise, I’ll just consider you a Smart Aleck that thinks he knows it all but actually knows next to nothing but isn’t quite bright enough to realize it.

            • Since they started keeping records retard what did you think?

              • Your posts show your intelligence well.

                But I wonder if you should really be doing it?

      10. Scientists are quick to discredit creationists, and push for evolution as the way new life is created. Yet when given a mass die off that creates new opportunities for ‘evolution’ to go to work, they always seem to want to avoid any changes.

        • As if they -those evolutionists- don’t actually believe what they have been preaching to us as an absolute truth.

          In fact, they seem to act as if they disbelieve it.

          But they won’t understand the dissonance in their professed alarm and their professed beliefs, gotta wonder if they merit listening to at all.

      11. Generally the radiation from nuclear power plants has a very long half life unlike that from a nuclear weapon explosion. If this is a significant cause of the death in the Pacific then the world is dealing with it for hundreds if not thousands of years. Its sad that a few directly coupled diesels to emergency pumps removing the water sensitive link of a motor / generator / diesel would have made all the difference.

        Its not easily to screw up an ocean and not some small ocean at that but the Pacific.

        • Kevin, it only takes 1 hot particle to end a life. How many hot particles do you suppose have been dumped?

          • Its not that a particle kills but they’re still dumping. How long does it take that particle to decay. Chemicals, the nastiest most lethal of them break down over time. Clordaine was used for termites and work it did lasting decades or long enough to make it into the aquifer. The spent nuclear power plant fuel lasts for a thousand years or better. In reference to money velocity a dollar buys a dollar worth of stuff. Passing through 1000 hands it buys a 1000 dollars worth of stuff. That particle behaves the same way.

            The 20th / 21st centuries will be known in the future as the time when technological advancement outpaced the maturity to use it wisely.

          • Genius;The thing that is hard for me is all the complacency,does no one have any legs or guts left? We are continually being sprayed,bombarded with radiation,mercury and other adjuvents in the vaccines,Gmo’s in our food,and emf’s,etc etc etc.And so dumbed down through the media and our kids thru the indoctrination system! When is enough enough and we take a stand ? If not for ourselves but for our kids and grand kids???
            “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly” Mahatma Gandhi
            there instill a lot of good people left on this sight,but i think a lot has left out of frustration and being so apathetic to the cause.

            • Thinker, Hey man great to see you! Hope all is going well with your project!
              The problem as far as I can see is the slow motion dumbing down of the people over the decades. Keeping things just under the revolt line. They push the limits constantly and get the agenda inched in. With all the chemicals and toxins in the food and water and air it slowly takes its toll on peoples ability to think and function right.
              Because they’re are so few who actually have critical thinking and see that the masses are beyond help they fear to stick their heads up because they don’t want to be a martyr for a bunch of zombies. Bless those who do spread the truth and put their heads out like Mac! I used to do it but grew disgusted by the degree of brainwashing 99.9% of the people are under.
              We are way past the point of no return and all we can do is what we can do. As far as having guts, when this shit goes full force I will retaliate with extreme predjudice the likes of what these braindead govt assholes have never thought of.
              Good to see you my man, give me a call sometime 😉

            • We are destroying our home “Earth” where are we going to go? We have the power to change the course of out destruction,but not much time! Watch the trailer on you tube called “Planetary” if you can be the change you want to see!

              • Thinker, We will live on in some fashion but the legacy of death and destruction the human race has left behind will be part of the history books of the universe.

                • Genius your right and I”m not afraid of dying we will finally get of this Prison planet and back home.
                  Most people think we are a human being living a spiritual experience,But I am a spiritual being living a human experience. we all better get right in the comfort of what we believe and who you are !

          • How many?

      12. Police State AMuRiKa

        DEA Agents At Work——–Marauding The Amtrak Night Trains

        ht tp://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/dea-agents-at-work-marauding-the-amtrak-night-trains/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Mailing+List+Mid+Day+Thursday

      13. we are being literally bombarded with propaganda 24/7

        CIA Leaked Torture Details To ‘Zero Dark’ Filmmakers To Make It Look Like It Worked

        ht tp://crooksandliars.com/2015/05/cia-leaked-torture-details-zero-dark

      14. Prepper Tip of the Day

        How do farmers truly survive when SHTF?

        h ttp://ferfal.blogspot.com/2015/05/how-do-farmers-truly-survive-when-shtf.html

      15. not holding back

        Memorial Day Is A Hoax

        ht tp://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2015/05/21/memorial-day-hoax-paul-craig-roberts/

        and just a little more proof that nothing has changed

        Ex-CIA briefer: Bush administration presented false ‘intelligence’ to the nation

        h ttp://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/05/21/1386314/-Ex-CIA-briefer-Bush-administration-presented-false-intelligence-to-the-nation

        5 thousand Americans killed
        thousands more coming back minus arms,legs and faces
        covered with scars from third degree burns
        millions of Iraqi’s killed

        and what do “they” care ???

        they don’t

        not one iota
        they can fly the biggest flag
        and tack a hundred yellow ribbons to their chest
        but it’s ALL crocodile tears

        • Satori, The ptb should be happy. After all the soldiers made them even richer and gave them more control of the world! They didn’t even question why they were doing it, they just followed orders like good meatheaded slaves. If some group of people stole others shit and killed them for me I would be happy wouldn’t you? Wrap it all in a flag and have a BBQ and drink beer! God bless the USA I would say as I counted my riches and laughed at the poor shmucks that died for it! Go forth and conquor for my benefit so I can enslave you a little more! Watch me as I laugh my ass off as you celebrate my enabelers. Thank you for your service to me now die as I have no more use for you!

          • Genius;Yup were on the same page and the same hostile state,things are coming to fruition for the UN reptilian Rockifellars, Rothchilds and the ilk.Seems like if we make it to the 15 Sept.2015 when the charter gets to vote on the collective “One World Order” We best do what we can to stop the enslavement of humanity,or we will have to live with it!
            May God bless us all!!!!!

          • If some group of people stole others shit and killed them for me I would be happy wouldn’t you?

            Seriously? Is that really the kind of sh1t that would make you happy? That’s the happiness of evil people.

            Playing with puppies makes me happy!

            • That was sarcasm and role playing but the message is the real one from your masters.

      16. I really get tired of all the “We are going to die”! What are you going to do about Fukushima? What are you going to do about oil spills? What are you going to do about normal weather cycles that are driven by this big star, that has its own cycles? Radiation occurs naturally. Where do you get Uranium from? Plutonimum used to occur naturally but is called mostly called lead now due to decay. Newly made plutonimum is around everywhere thanks to weapons tests, Everyone has some plutonium in their bodies(at least in my age group).
        I think we are under a greater threat from Government and our fellow men, than accidents that have occurred, contrails, acidic oceans(want to stuff up my volcano?), Agricultural runoff, and from the the cycles of our own personal star.
        If you want to be sure of a long life, then kill the government. Cobalt 60 might kill me, but just one pissed off Swat team certainly will.

      17. “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. She predicted this stuff close to fifty years ago.

        No one cared. No one will care until they try to eat their i-thingy for food.

        The sixth mass extinction is underway.

        Party til you puke.

        • JRS, I always like your replies. You are a smart man and an asset here, thank you 🙂

          • Back atcha, Genius.

            Except those Zeppelin lyrics you post give me flashbacks.

            • JRS, but it’s good to remember the good old days aint it lol.

              • sounds like what you two need is a room and some ” alone” time together.

                • Sounds to me like you need to pull your head out of your ass anon

      18. Twenty years ago this area was famous for it’s smallmouth bass fishery. River guides made a living taking fisherman out for their limits. Good eats.

        Now, they are hermaphrodites and cancer ridden from Atrazine runoff and hormones from birth control residue in the sewage water.

        This bass fishery is dead now.

        The trout have to be stocked every year since they can’t really hold over year to year. It’s been years since I caught a genuine native headwater Brook trout.

        • JRS, just for you!

          “That’s The Way”

          I don’t know how I’m gonna tell you,
          I can’t play with you no more,
          I don’t know how I’m gonna do what mama told me,
          My friend, the boy next door.
          I can’t believe what people saying,
          You’re gonna let your hair hang down,
          I’m satisfied to sit here working all day long,
          You’re in the darker side of town.

          And when I’m out I see you walking,
          Why don’t your eyes see me,
          Could it be you’ve found another game to play,
          What did mama say to me.

          That’s the way, oh,
          That’s the way it ought to be,
          Yeah, yeah, mama say
          That’s the way it ought to stay.

          And yesterday I saw you standing by the river,
          And weren’t those tears that filled your eyes,
          And all the fish that lay in dirty water dying,
          Had they got you hypnotized?

          And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers,
          But all that lives is born to die.
          And so I say to you that nothing really matters,
          And all you do is stand and cry.

          I don’t know what to say about it,
          When all you ears have turned away,
          But now’s the time to look and look again at what you see,
          Is that the way it ought to stay?

          That’s the way…
          That’s the way it oughtta be
          Oh don’t you know now, mama said..
          That’s the way it’s gonna stay, yeah.

          • Jimmy Page was my guitar idol back in the day. He was probably responsible for my learning to play guitar. Ha ha ha I remember going to the midnight movie “The song remains the same” and the whole place smelled like dope. No matter what the man did in his personal life he was a legendary guitarist/songwriter. Thanks for the motivation to play Jimmy 🙂

            • More good stuff..

              “My Sweet Lord”

              My sweet lord
              Hm, my lord
              Hm, my lord

              I really want to see you
              Really want to be with you
              Really want to see you lord
              But it takes so long, my lord

              My sweet lord
              Hm, my lord
              Hm, my lord

              I really want to know you
              Really want to go with you
              Really want to show you lord
              That it won’t take long, my lord (hallelujah)

              My sweet lord (hallelujah)
              Hm, my lord (hallelujah)
              My sweet lord (hallelujah)

              • “Kashmir”

                Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
                I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
                To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
                They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed

                Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace, whose sounds caress my ear
                But not a word I heard could I relate, the story was quite clear
                Oh, oh.

                Oh, I been flying… mama, there ain’t no denyin’
                I’ve been flying, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’

                All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
                And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land
                Trying to find, trying to find where I’ve been.

                Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace, like thoughts inside a dream
                Heed the path that led me to that place, yellow desert stream
                My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again
                Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin’ through Kashmir.

                Oh, father of the four winds, fill my sails, across the sea of years
                With no provision but an open face, along the straits of fear

                When I’m on, when I’m on my way, yeah
                When I see, when I see the way, you stay-yeah

                Ooh, yeah-yeah, ooh, yeah-yeah, when I’m down…
                Ooh, yeah-yeah, ooh, yeah-yeah, well I’m down, so down
                Ooh, my baby, oooh, my baby, let me take you there

                Let me take you there. Let me take you there

                • Hey genie, sorry to break this to you but I don’t think anybody REALLY gives a flying fuck about your dopehead days. If we want lyrics to any song, we can look them up ourselves. You’re really full of yourself, aren’t you buttplug.

              • Remember George had to pay out a lot of money for plagiarizing the melody of that song.( He’s so fine)

                • Oh well, I still like it and George is my fave beatle (rip).

      19. I will apologize to everyone here in advance for cursing so explicitly

        ahem F U K U S H I M A

      20. Uh – I live here in Southern California and from first hand experience I can absolutely guarantee you the water is not crystal blue. It’s murky green.

      21. Fukushima is obviously a planned event to reduce the population. This event was completely man made. The media silence is part of the cover up. Planted bombs blew up the reactors and bombs on the seafloor off Japan caused the earthquake and tsunami. You can guess who is responsible, the usual suspects.

        • aljamo, you are wise beyond my years!

      22. The die off is bad on the left coast and that is a shame.
        I have looked into it a little bit and I believe and I could be wrong, that happens for time to time, but I believe it the die off is caused by both “El Nino” and made worst by Fukushima radiation, plus, we also have to remember that there is a lot going on with earthquakes and volcanoes under the sea letting off deadly gases also.
        And that’s the way I see it, May 21st 2015, Reporting from central Illinois, USA…………..
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • What no one seems to be doing when blaming Fukushima for our west coast is give actual radiation levels in both the sea water and the dead sea life compared with the period before the Fukushima incident.

          Seems that if an argument is to be made for this, that is the way to make it and not being able to make it that way would negate the argument, at least as a factual one.

      23. Perspective is everything to the manipulators and nothing for the manipulated. Take global warming for instance. The science is that the greenhouse gasses, mainly carbon dioxide, are increasing and is the culprit to attack through taxation mainly. No credence is given to the deforestation happening at a rate of 18 football fields per minute. No credence is given to radiological contamination destroying the plankton. All oxygen producing organisms. At a certain point measure the relationship between atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide and then start reducing the oxygen. It looks like carbon dioxide is rising when in fact it is oxygen reducing.
        Observe the death throes of the Pacific and see that all heads turn away from Fukushima like magnets repelling each other. Look anywhere but there. The seas are warming, pollution is accumulating, plastic, oil and other things man instilled admittedly contribute. But the perspective is this. The Pacific’s “terminal” ills began at a specific time, March 2011.
        There are organisms that can absorb carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the atmosphere but there is no organism that can help us with nuclear contamination.
        The industry that developed this technology was war. Nothing is physically crafted from the imagination anymore unless it has to do with the killing or control of people. Any benefits to the citizen a convenient and profitable by product. The unbridled greed that allowed such dangerous industry as nuclear power without any safe guards is now heralded through secret trade pacts with no consequences of their past mischief putting no constraints on their future actions.
        We sealed our fate when we allowed corruption and greed to overcome truth and integrity to the point where neither are even recognized anymore. That the establishment seeks out and destroys both immediately tells me that they are human traits and not just a product of civilized activity. Traits perhaps that define civilized.
        Now that we have covered energy lets apply the theory to the financial industry. See any integrity or truth there? To the political industry, see any integrity or truth there? How about any thing? Medicine, pharmaceutical, auto, news, anything? Nope, just a rock, third one from the Sun. The one on celestial maps marked with a black spot labelled “There be dragons, stupid ones”.

        • yep.

      24. Now do you peeps understand WHY I want to get the fuck OFF this planet??

        Anywho, I’m gonna have a good HARD laugh at the TERRIFIED sheeple when they finally put 2 + 2 together.

        Great posts Genius, KY Mom, Thinker et al. It’s because of awakened netizens like YOU and MANY others (SixPack BraveHeart Satori PissedOffGranny DurangoKidd WWHTI MountainTrekker Hunter + too many others to mention) that I have SOME hope. You guys are AMAZING with your steadfast VIGILANCE. 😉

        But let’s be honest here…this planet is fucked up – more like ZOGged up. I don’t even feel the desire to have kids now.

        Times are too unpredictable and perilous. Well, I still have another 15 years or so of child bearing years left. But I will never bring children into this evil godforsaken world. I can’t! I won’t.

        -@RebelEyes1776 (Twitter)

      25. The earth has too many people on it but thats not the real trouble and all this destruction comes back to Bankers, Corporations and the greed of shareholders.

        We have god knows what being used on farms that come from the like of Monsando and Dell Chemicals with fukershema blowing up because they cut corners when building these nuclear power stations.

        Government, Science and bankers got us into this trouble and they won’t be the ones to get us out of it but they will use any excuse to up the taxes on gas so they can rob us even more.

        We need to cull the population but i know just where we should start before they blink first and try to save themselves.

      26. The planet cannot sustain the population. Humans are mammals with great survival instincts; will eliminate the weak then change society to a sustainable population. Our oceans are dying because we are a selfish species and we poisoned them with our own stench. We will begin another cycle of the same when the dust clears.

        Happy Happy Joy Joy

      27. So having a few pallets of beans and rice for long-term storage is not such a bad idea.

        Imagine how fast things would degrade when folks found out we had a crop failure from drought or some mono crop failure and then the oceans were dead too?

        All the preppers whom were stocking dried multi decade food are not fools, but wise old owls.

      28. I have some various works on bio-accumulation as well as being a 4 year expert on Fukushima. In fact I “broke” the story on Zerohedge way back yonder.

        Here is the bio-accumulate article, there is more too, use the search box, and the 20 tabs at the top


        Here is the original Fukushima notice at ZH in 2011

      29. One thing not mentioned in the article is HAARP’s effect on the ozone layer which is allowing in more UVB, adding to the die off of the plankton.

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