United Kingdom Is “Outlining” Harsher Lockdown Restrictions

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Get ready. This could still happen again here: a second lockdown. The United Kingdom is outlining new harsher and more restrictive lockdown measures as cases of coronavirus continue to skyrocket amind this scamdemic.

    The British government is set to outline further restrictive measures for England on Monday, including stricter local lockdowns, as it attempts to curb a rapid increase in coronavirus infections, according to a report by CNBC. It would be wise to not assume this couldn’t happen in the United States again, even though support for lockdowns has warned. The ruling class does not care what the public wants.

    Liverpool and Manchester and other parts of northern England could see the strictest measures as they have seen infection rates soar since the national lockdown was lifted in the summer. British media reports suggest that pubs, restaurants and gyms in the worst-hit areas could be forced to close for four weeks as the government scrambles to put a brake on a second wave of infections.

    The measures are likely to heighten tensions between regional politicians and the national government in London, as local economies come under additional pressure and thousands of jobs are likely to be affected.

    As Johnson held an emergency meeting with top officials to finalize the measures, the U.K.’s leading medical experts held a press briefing. They warned of increasing hospitalizations and said several “Nightingale” hospitals, built especially to deal with an influx of Covid-19 patients, had been put on standby. –CNBC

    Head medical tyrant Dr. Antony Fauci has already warned the U.S. to “hunker down” for the “darkest winter.” This isn’t even taking into account the election chaos and violence we’ve been promised already.

    Election 2020: “It’s Going To Be Hell No Matter What”

    These upcoming months could get much more intense and chaotic quickly. Brace yourselves, and continue to prepare.  This is not over yet. They will push this narrative for as long as it works, and it is working on many people right now.


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      1. The partisan media has increased disinformation in America. Many Americans do not recall a time when 24/7 partisan news outlets did not exist because they were not alive. CNN was the first, and was extremely left leaning in its treatment of news coverage as well as its treatment of guests, which was countered with the creation of Fox News, which was also countered with MSNBC.

        There was a gradual decrese that happened over the past few decades of News casters or Show hosts debating blatant lies and guests using evasionary tactics of questions asked by show hosts. The hosts usually do not intervene as they had in the past. The other extreme is the White House Press confrerences where the reporters refuse to stop shouting down the White House spokes person, and the reporters themselves are actually blatantly lying and demanding the the White House spokes person agrees with them, for example the false allegations of Assad using barrel bombs on Syrians, when he was not. They simply will not stop in some cases, amd simply refuse to intervene in other cases. 

        I apologize for such a distant example, but disconnected my tv because of it because it was literally driving me crazy! 

        Considering that it was also extremely expensive, I just was not going to pay so much money to be tortured to find out was going on in the world, and just by watching it, there was no way to find out what was actually going on in the world because nearly all of it was disinformation.

        Since the partisan shows exist, guests and politicians usually only appear on shows that will not intervene when the guests are lying or using evasionary tactics.

        The politicians and policy makers now have an air of superiority and believe that they are exempt from being questioned for blatant lies, or for refusing to provide direct answers to pertinent questions.

        This has spilled over into society as a whole. It has made our entire society more dishonest, and it has also made our entire society less likely or incapable of being able to demand the truth and debate policy on its merits. 

        Debating has almost become a lost art in America as a result of partisan news. 

        People are literally shocked when people confront them for lyimg over the air waves, as if it is their right to just blatantly lie about current events and demand that those that are telling the truth be censored, or even worse, imprisoned like Assange, Manning, Schulte, and many others.

        These individuals are truly narcissists and believe that they are exempt from criticism and the world literally cannot go on this way.

        They contradict themselves constantly and are not questioned about it.

        Anthony Fauci is a perfect example who said himself in a New England Journal of Medicine article that covid-19 would be similar in transmission and fatality to the flu. In another medical journal article, Anthony Fauci said that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for covid-19.

        Does anyone seriously believe that the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC do not know what Anthony Fauci is writing in medical journals?!

        The media has failed America.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Great comments Andrea. I think what you have related about the downward spiral of journalism is very true. Especially in that there are no limits to the communist lies. My take away on this article is that things will be much crazier under Biden than Trump if the dems win.

      3. The UK’s problem is its population. It has the wrong mix for weathering these sorts of public health crises: lots of unfit oldies, lots of unfit men and women post 25 years old; lots of low Vitamin D, diabetes afflicted dark ones (who shouldn’t be living in a low-light country). Its public health system goes into a crisis every three months during the good times, let alone when there is a pandemic.

        The culture of endless boozing and eating junk food is absolutely not what you should do when people need strong immune systems. It’s going to be hell for them but on the plus side, on the other side, they will be fewer, fitter, and cheaper in the end: perfect for working in Chinese factories post-2025.

        • And the lockdowns aren’t about protecting old whiteys but about protecting non-whites, as they openly admit here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8846873/Ethnic-minorities-twice-likely-die-Covid-19-white-people-poverty.html

          The reality is this: the whole economic growth programme since the 1990s has been based on bringing cheap brown and black labor from the third world. But they didn’t consider the health consequences. They are now facing the prospect of higher death rates for these groups because a) low Vitamin D levels, b) white Europeans have an epic genetic inheritance from all the past pandemics in Europe so that most are resistant to the ‘Rona. Sadly, governments are willing to completely destroy Western economies to protect these peoples when the best thing they could do for them is to fly them back to their countries of origin to get some sunshine

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