UN Official: Food Shortages Are Going From “Bad To Worse”

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Headline News

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    A United Nations official said that the food shortages people are experiencing globally are going to go from “bad to worse.” The rising food prices (thanks to inflation and fiat currency creation) are also making it difficult for people worldwide to afford to eat.

    This shortage of food is threatening to “destabilize” economies around the world, a UN official warned. The number of people acutely hungry has dramatically accelerated since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 135 million people faced acute food insecurity before the pandemic, and that number has more than doubled to 276 million over the last two years.

    This all began with a deliberate effort to destroy the food supply when processing plants were shut down over the COVID-19 scamdemic. This is all a part of a much bigger plan. There isn’t much most won’t do if their children are hungry.


    We warned back in 2020 that this was all going to come to a head:

    Prepare For Food Shortages: Meat Processing Plants Are “Hotspots” For COVID-19

    Of course, the rulers and mainstream media cannot stop blaming Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, but anyone paying attention noticed prices rising and emptying shelves months before February of this year. While this conflict is making the food shortages worse, it certainly didn’t start there.

    Ukraine and Russia collectively account for 30% of globally traded wheat, 20% of maize, and 70% of sunflower supplies, according to the WFP. A shortage of supply has pushed prices higher, even as global energy prices have added to the cost pressures with sanctions limiting Russian oil exports, a key global supplier.

    A shortage of fertilizer coming from Russia, one of the most important suppliers, has only added to the problems, driving import-dependent countries with higher costs and less food to eat. -Yahoo Finance

    “It’s the story that keeps getting from bad to worse,” U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) Chief Economist Arif Husain told Yahoo Finance Live. “When the World Food Programme is setting records, that’s not a good thing for the world. And we have been doing that since at least 2021.”

    According to the WFP, 50 million people across 45 countries are already on the verge of famine. Another 345 million people are approaching starvation across more than 80 countries, Husain said, a 25% increase from the start of the year.

    Droughts have also depleted crop production. In 2022 alone, these events are expected to result in a deficit of roughly 15-20 million metric tons of wheat and corn from the global supply, according to research by McKinsey. That number is expected to nearly double by 2023.

    That means this crisis is not going to get better. In fact, prepare for it to get worse. We may see the “famines of biblical proportions” many were warning about.

    NWO Rulers Warn Of “Famines of Biblical Proportions”

    Global Famine Is Not Just A Theoretical Scenario Anymore

    Prepare now while there is still food available. Learn what you can about preservation and growing food as well. Any little bit is going to help when this all comes crashing down.


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