Prepare For Food Shortages: Meat Processing Plants Are “Hotspots” For COVID-19

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The upcoming food shortages are predictive programming at it’s finest.  The mainstream media is ramping up their stories about increased infections at meat processing plants. They are literally telling us what they are doing, and most Americans are oblivious to it.

    These food shortages will be completely concocted, and if you think for one second that any politician will be short food, you should put the mask on and stay at home afraid of your very existence.

    Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

    They have had this planned for a while now, but the fake “second wave” will now give them an excuse to shut down meat processing plants.   According to propaganda outlet, CNN, officials said Tuesday that 1,553 workers at the meatpacking plant owned by Germany’s Tönnies Group have tested positive for coronavirus. That’s up from 1,331 on Sunday. The plant is situated in Gütersloh, a city in the west of the country, which is now reintroducing lockdown restrictions until the end of June.

    Other processing plants have already said “the virus” has caused the food supply chain to break down.

    Tyson Foods Warns “Food Supply Chain Is Breaking”

    Even if you can buy meat in the coming months, the prices will be sky-high.  Not only thanks to the hyperinflation due to money creation out of thin air by the central bank, but the economic law of supply and demand. Meat processing plants are going to dramatically slow down production if they aren’t shut down due to the “second wave” as politicians try to desperately to get people to acquiesce in a state of fear.

    As I’ve said before, be mindful of what they are doing. Don’t exchange your freedom for a pork chop. It won’t be worth it.  Learn to hunt, be self-sufficient, and wake up and take notice.  The best thing you can do right now is to improve on any level your self-sufficiency, especially when it comes to food and water. Stock up on anything you can barter. I have been getting Quick Clot, olive oil, and coconut oil.

    Often these mainstream media outlets use predictive programming to alert the public to what will be done to them in the future. Pay attention, but don’t live in fear.  They need you to be afraid or you will not go with them willingly.

    None of this is being done by accident. It’s all by design.  It’s a war for your mind and spirit.  Don’t let them break either.


    Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages


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      1. Someone once said that the most civil society was only a few days without food from anarchy. You can guarantee that such domestic chaos effectively disabling government will be a catalyst for global war. Disruptions of this order of magnitude are not contained. It’s no coincidence that WWII came on the heels of a global depression.

        • When this covid hit mid March, I went and found a trailer of pallets to build cages. Gonna raise rabbits. Bought 6, 2 bucks and 4 does. Just bread 2 and now a month later, I now have 16 total. Will do more breeding. Easy, quiet, and lots of meat. Breeding to birth is just 30 days and they grow fast. Get prepared..

      2. It is no mystery or shouldn’t be that liberals are politicizing covid -19 in order to destroy the U.S. economy and usher in a new world order.

        Global pandemics are the new Global warming and our only possibility at redemption is “Greta Green Jesus” sayeth the haters of all things American

        Meat packaging plants and meat producers are at the top of the hit list while sleaze bars and(human) meat markets have become impervious sanctuaries of these masked bio- terrorist ,who threaten violence in responce to any restrictions of their decadent life style.

        One sure fire way of recognizing these opportunistic, haters of all things American is there online heart wrenching testimonial of how they are doing everything within their little ol power to fight this Nuevo virus.
        It’s all Bullshit.
        They are doing everything within their little ol power to take down this President and our great nation.

        However there is an element of truth that shortages may occur at tyson foods but only if ICE decides to raid their factories.

        • Trump is part of this. Time to stop making excuses for his startling lack of success on all of his promises, and realize he was selected over Hillary because the .001% felt he would best at creating dissent and division, presiding over the disintegration of America to usher in the NWO

          • I was in Chicago during the 1968 riots
            there has always been dissent and division
            It didn’t start with President Trump and if you are suggesting Hillary would have been a better choice ,seek medical attention immediately.

      3. 4th of July we will have a BIG get Together.
        Family and Friends together. (I’ll be very suprised if anyone under 65 is wearing a mask.)
        No we will not “social distance”. No masks. Plenty of handshakes and hugs.
        We reject YOUR “new normal”. Your INSANITY is Cancelled.
        No we will not be isolated and “stay safe”.

        My house. My Rules.
        No TV Media or “sports” will be turned on. (No NASCAR. No overpaid knee takers will be viewed.)
        We don’t need you.

        We do NOT Obey.
        We do NOT Comply.
        “Stay at home orders” will NOT be complied with.

        We Celebrate America’s Birthday.
        We Love America. We respect American History.
        And yes there will be American Flags and plenty of Burgers.

        Be of Good cheer
        Be strong with great courage
        God Bless America
        Long Live the Republic

        I hope you too are with Family and Friends. Laughing, eating, and enjoying America’s Birthday.
        What are you doing to celebrate our Great Nations Birthday?

      4. Now is a time to get tough, and see your Truth, and Reality.
        Time to put you BIG BOY / BIG GIRL PANTS ON .
        Learn to hunt, fish, find natural products, and grow food.
        Most of all learn try to trust yourself, and others.
        We are all in this together.


        • HC and those that read this,
          Things are great. America is strong.
          Weather has been good for crops. Our garden is wonderful this year. My friends with cattle say the herds are doing well, grass is nice.

          Unplug your TelLieVision. Unplug the internet of “sky is falling”.
          Go exercise. Get outdoors.Take a dog for a walk.

          When you think it is time to “Saddle up”.
          That is the time I often use to polish my boots. Even in the field I polished my boots. Caused lots of laughs and ribbing me. All in fun. “If I die, the pick up crew will find a leg, maybe two, with a nicely polished boot.”

          Polishing your boots gives you time to think. Time to calm down. Thinking is often the Best thing to do when it gets interesting or tough. (When you are tired, hungry, cold, thirsty, missing home, and you have a ten minute break. taking off your boots, fresh socks if available, and polishing boots makes just another day.)
          Go to YouTube. Friend has a YouTube channel called “PrepMedic”. Take the “Stop the Bleed” course online. Learning useful skills and boot polishing are good.

          Calm down. Don’t react to stimulus like a fearful animal. (Yes there is a time for that. But not often. These are Not those times.) So chill. Be cool. Have a hot tea, as the Brits do. Have a beer as a Southern gent does. America is doing well compared to most other places.

          Ready yes. Panic, NEVER.
          Be chill, Frosty cool. Squared away is good.
          Life at this time in history is good. We have it easy.
          Best to you and everyone on this site. Enjoy your day.

          • i prefer polishing my gun but yeah same thing ,,,,very therapeutic

      5. I’m in Southwest Missouri. They’re selling live hogs for $150 or else they’ll be euthanized. Claiming there aren’t enough employees at the processing plants and the cost to sustain the animal outweighs the profit. Private processing businesses have a 6 month waiting list. So if you don’t know how to butcher yourself, you’re SOL. The two chicken processing plants we have locally had positive cases last week. Even if there aren’t anymore infected, they’ll probably decrease production by half in order to create a split shift/one week on – one week off schedule. They may not be sick, but the precautions they’re putting in place are hindering availability.

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