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    Ukraine to the EU: Prepare For WAR With Russia

    Mac Slavo
    November 16th, 2021
    Comments (12)

    Ukraine has told the European Union to prepare for a war with Russia. Kyiv’s foreign minister, Dmitry Kuleba sounded the alarm on Monday during a meeting with his Western counterparts, saying that the West would have to avoid being tied up in bureaucracy in the event of a conflict.

    “If Russia starts acting, you simply won’t have time physically to coordinate, to go through all the bureaucratic procedures, to coordinate decisions,” he said. “So please do the preparatory work now, because if the military scenario happens, there will simply be no time,” he urged his French and German counterparts, Jean-Yves Le Drian and Heiko Maas.

    On the same day, Ukraine’s State Border Service, however, rebuked claims that Moscow’s forces are amassing there. A spokesman for the organization told Ukraine-24 TV that it does not “register any movement of equipment or military of our neighboring country near the border.” According to him, if there is indeed any action occurring, “it may be dozens or even hundreds of kilometres from the state border.” –RT

    China has also said that it is ready for “decisive measures” on Taiwan. “Some people in Europe seem to underestimate the Chinese people’s aspiration for a reunification of our country,” he added, noting also that the bloc must lift its sanctions if a new Sino-EU investment deal is to be ratified. Speaking on Tuesday, China’s ambassador to the EU, Zhang Ming, said Beijing would never change its position on Taiwan.

    War rhetoric is amplifying lately, and let’s not forget the migrant problems that could explode at any moment between Belarus and Poland.

    War Alert: “Major Shooting Incident” Is Possible, Poland Warns

    Hopefully, cooler heads prevail, but be ready for anything. War talk is all around right now and it’s only gotten more intense in the past few days. Never live in fear, just prepare and try to be ready for whatever they will toss our way at this point.




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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: November 16th, 2021

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      1. Anonymous says:

        Nothing to worry about, Biden will intervene and teach the Russians a thing or three if they are stupid enough to act up and try something.

        And after they see what happens to the Russians China will be terrified of attacking Taiwan, quiet down, and stay in its place.

      2. Anonymous says:

        The HELL with everything lets get it over with.

        • Marcy says:

          YES. There’s too many sheep in the world who won’t fight back anyways. Useless. They just sit back with their video games and material garbage and drain the planet. Bitching because they can’t get the latest toys. Bring the wars on.

      3. Bill says:

        All hyperbole. Though US neocons have tried drumming up hostility with Russia through Ukraine there won’t be war. First of all, no European nation is an advocate for war, and probably wouldn’t allow staging for logistics to take place in their countries as this would make them legitimate targets (and they are wholly dependent on Russian natural gas anyway). Therefore, the logistics would be impossible to support a Ukraine at war with Russia. Besides, Rus. simply wouldn’t allow supplies and material to get through. Secondly, the US would have very few allies, and is certainly no match for a Russia backed up with Chinese, Iranian, and NK personnel and resources. Thirdly, while the US is creating an even bigger mess in Ukraine the Chinese will take Taiwan. These are only a few obvious reasons.
        Does everyone remember in 2008 when Georgia received a huge amount of weapons and supplies from the US and the neocon McCain promised them the US would support them in a war with Rus. Georgia was humiliated in a war that lasted one and a half DAYS, and permanently lost a third of their territory.
        The neocons expressed no desire for a huge war directly with the USSR when it was communist. The truth is, neocons are actually sympathetic to communism (for the masses, not for them). The neocons have despised Rus. ever since communism was discarded. There are more reasons why American neocons hate Rus.: it is rapidly reChristianizing, it is vast majority of European heritage, Rus. is too powerful and cannot be bullied, Izreail wants to minimize or eliminate the Russians from supplying natural gas to Europe by building and controlling a new pipeline system to supply natural gas across the Mediterranean, and Rus. can stymie Izrailee plans for regional hegemony in the Middle East.
        The US would gain absolutely nothing in a war over there. Neither would the Ukrainians as they would be quickly overwhelmed. I am no advocate for Rus., and they are not angels, but it does not want war, it wants prosperity, peace and security. The whole thing is little more than a neocon created mess. Actually Rus. would prefer partnerships with the US instead of China but the neocons made that impossible.
        What legitimate reason does the US have in getting involved there. How would the US like it if Rus. decided to provoke us and build several large bases in close proximity around the US and tried to interject themselves in our national affairs. The US is borrowing more than a trillion dollars a year to support hundreds and hundreds of military facilities around the world, many in close proximity to China, Rus., and others.
        What another just f*cking fiasco.

      4. Frank Thoughts says:

        I would recommend NOT fighting with the Russians. They know how to fight and they fight hard and dirty. How do they win on the battlefield? Here is how:

        1) Conventional Western battle theory is constrained. We set objectives and then try and take them in a constrained way (think of the decades-long failure that was Afghanistan, or before that, Vietnam). Russians fight to take and hold, hard. First it is the Katusha rockets. These things are small, cheap and plentiful. They saturate bomb the territory to be attacked. Little tends to survive this first assault. After the Katushas whatever is left is subject to attack by waves of tanks and helicopter gun ships.

        2) Mopping up: The Russians then move to the next phase of holding the territory. The devastated and flattened landscape (think Chechnya) becomes a horror show of picking off remaining forces. They will use snipers to devastating effect, round ups of civilians, intensive psychological warfare and misinformation – few survive this after a year.

        3) If the Russians get bogged down in the first two phases they will not hesitate to use tactical nukes, chemicals, biological weapons etc. They also have very effective electronic warfare capabilities, where they can literally shutdown any modern military (ask the US Navy).

        • Anonymous says:

          If the Russians were smart they’d simply infiltrate us with propagandists and social influences to instill moral corrosion and political division in our population and in our military.

          That way they could win with little or no actual fighting, wars are generally won by the power that has the strongest set of unifying moral convictions in its people.

          • Frank Thoughts says:

            I hope that was a joke. How do you know they haven’t ALREADY done that? I would say today’s Russia is more cohesive than today’s USA. Most countries outside of Africa are.

            The America that could go to war in 2001 is not the America we have today.

      5. Prof Mudpie Dickens says:

        Sorry, Vlad, we can’t fight this month. All our soldiers are dead from the Covid shot, or are soy boy bureaucrats, or else in hospital getting sex change operations. How bout, say, in a year?

      6. Prof Mudpie Dickens says:

        Chinese people’s aspiration for a reunification of our country,

        I agree with this. Let’s re-unify the China… under the Chang Kai Shek’ original Taiwanese leadership. No? How about under Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s principles?

        Note to readers: If Taiwan takes out the 3 Gorges Dam in a war, and I believe they have the missiles to do it, it is gonna be a looong winter

      7. marcy says:

        And again, it will be the innocent who will suffer and die because some asshole ruler is in a bad mood. Where in the hell is God?